T-Mobile Blackberry 9810 Already End-Of-Life?

This is one of those unconfirmed but not at all surprising stories centering around the Blackberry 9810 on T-Mobile and the apparent end of its shelf-life. As its missing from the T-Mobile website, we can’t confirm that it is in fact gone, but a T-Mobile customer care chat transcript hints it was given the END OF LIFE due date of January 3rd.

In all honesty, I’m not surprised, disappointed or even remotely concerned that this is true. If it’s only been around for 8 weeks on T-Mobile and then disappears, so be it. It was an unfortunate launch that is far behind the times, Blackberry will have to do a lot more to catch our attention, something we’ve stated for a long long time.

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  • So sad, :(

  • Carol

    When u say u arent a Tmo cust yet, you probably shouldnt end the convo mentioning you are wanting to upgrade.

    • 123

      Att had the 9700 too. So everything lines up. 

  • 123

    Well, that’s what blackberry gets. This is coming from a bes admin and a blackberry fan. But Rim really priced themselves out of the market and offered a lack luster product that desperately needs QNX. 

  • 123

    One last comment before I hit the hay. I am sure tmo EOL’ed this phone because it was not selling very well. I mean, who would pay $250 for that? It was a smart business decision for tmo. You pull a product off the shelves (assuming they actually did) that wasn’t selling well and taking up too many resources in order to become more profitable and to cut down cost.

    Good move tmo. 

  • JM

    T-Mobile should have never picked this phone up in the first place. RIM shouldn’t have built it…again.

    • HannaBB

      They DID!!! Their new Torch is the 9860 which had pretty good reviews ;-)

      No idea why T-mo decided to carry the “old” model and not the new one….

  • JadedNYer

    I know a lot of people with the 9810 who are very pleased with it but they are all on AT&T and probably picked it up for $49.00 or less. The price that TMobile set is a stumbling block. The full retail price is also $100.00 more than it is on AT&T. Carrier IQ could be another stumbling block. I know that quite a few large NYC law firms use TMobile as surprising as that may be.

  • Tmo_employee

    i dont think we have sold one at our store 

    • JadedNYer

      I went to two separate TMobile stores to look at the Torch. Because TMobile only has dummy phones on display and the store was crowded I walked across the street and played with a working display model at AT&T. I went to the TMobile store I usually go to to pay of an EIP and again looked at the Torch. Another dummy model whose security attachment had come undone The sales people aren’t even trying anymore. I feel like an idiot trying to get a feel for a phone on a dummy and the lack of functioning handsets makes it difficult to compare models.

      • Anonymous

        You can usually ask a sales rep to see a live working phone. When I used to work for the company, we had about a 6 month stretch where we decided to try live phones out, and were consistently robbed. It wasn’t even our store only, it was the entire market. Safety of the employees and it’s customers > a few potential sales.

    • HannaBB

      Not surprised, it wasn’t all that great and the price was just simply outrages!!! I hope that if T-mo will ever decide to sell the 9860 it will be priced a bit more reasonable!!!

  • Platypus

    It is a good, solid phone for those who want a touchscreen and a blackberry.  Unfortunately, T-Mo priced it too hgh, and it was missing UMA/Wifi calling.  I wanted to buy it.  I kept waiting for a price drop and for wifi calling.  They never came.  So I didn’t buy it.  Actually, T-Mo and RIM deserve each other.  They are both falling behind, and to really save their businesses, both neeed to change their M.O.’s quickly and distinctively.

  • Anonymous

    My store would have sold some….. if it was priced realistically. Not sad to see it go.  also, upping the price of the 9900 isnt the best idea either… seriously $650?

  • My wife and I both got one via Sam’s Club because TMO’s pricing was so outrageous.  I really hope this doesn’t mean they will skip OS 7.1 for the 9810 because I really want WiFi calling.  I am tempted to try a leak of it if that’s the case, but I am not hopeful of how well it will work.

  • Fixxmyhead

    its a BB what did u expect

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking about getting this phone too,but price,no discount for classic customers. Finally had to go to Target to get SG2 for $99.00 in Dec.  When will Tm give their customers that don’t mind being on contact a deal? 

  • Sharpee465

    I have this phone, ordered it through best buy for 199 and sent my bold in to rim for $100 so the phone cost me $99. Cant beat that.   Love this phone and so does everyone in my office.  It out does all the driods and iphones in my office and is the only one that actually gets 4g.  My son who is 17 opted for this phone when he could upgrade to any other phone.  He said that it might not have all the games but it has better coverage and is faster for the net.  Tmobile just wants to push their other phones.  This is a great quality phone that would make them look good but they would rather sell the phones that need to be replaced all the time.  Cell companies do not like rim devices because rim updates all their phones and doesnt make you purchase the next generation.  Most blackberry users have the same phone forever and that doesnt benefit the cell companies. They make their money off of phone purchases.   

    • Jaygqitalia

      Coulda sold that bold for 300 on ebay instead of sending it to rim for 100. Just sayin

  • Dudznyc

    Of course it reached the end of it’s life… it was over priced at a whopping $249.99 after a $50 Mail-In-Rebate, which only turns out to be T-Mobile Store Credit, so really the phone is $299.99.

    If T-Mobile continues to over price these “4G” Blackberries with decent specs, but subpar considering you can get more specs and power for less with other smartphones like the iPhone or other Android handsets, they’ll never control their churn and RIM probably won’t gain any new or familiar consumers.

    What’s more ridiculous is that AT&T was selling the same device for $49.99 with NO Mail-In-Rebate and waived activation.

    • Anonymous

      Tm store credit??? That insane! They wonder why they have high turnover rate!!!  DuH!
      who running the company? Homer S or The 3 Stooges???

  • josue cifuentes

    you know what this means….BB OS 10 is just around the corner 

  • HannaBB

    I hope this means T-mo finally will get the 9860!!!!

  • interesting article)

  • Vodafone has told its partners to stop promoting 9810 only two days ago.

  • niknik

    NOT end of life! 9810 is back on the Tmobile website for existing customers!

  • Jlhoytjl

    @ David Beren  “Blackberry will have to do a lot more to catch our attention, something we’ve stated for a long long time.” by  the looks of the story you wrote Your attention obviously has been caught but is your attention even worth being grabbed if you your self can not realize it has been?