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T-Mobile gives some employees a $1/hour raise + other incentives

Last year, T-Mobile promised its employees that they will be earning at least $20 per hour. The Un-carrier is making good on that promise today with news that it will be increasing the pay of its frontline employees.  The T-Mo Report obtained documents regarding the new pay that most of its frontline employees will receive. The document reveals that most of these employees will be getting … [read full article]

T-Mobile Continues To Train Frontline Employees On Churn-Reducing Efforts

T-Mobile’s churn-reducing efforts for 2012 continue with new frontline employee training highlighting “four non-negotiable customer standards.” T-Mobile is looking for frontline employees to cover four basic steps to help make sure a customer leaves the store happy and smiling. The first step is a personal coverage check to determine if the future T-Mobile customer will have a good signal at their home or office. … [read full article]