T-Mobile gives some employees a $1/hour raise + other incentives

Last year, T-Mobile promised its employees that they will be earning at least $20 per hour. The Un-carrier is making good on that promise today with news that it will be increasing the pay of its frontline employees. 

The T-Mo Report obtained documents regarding the new pay that most of its frontline employees will receive. The document reveals that most of these employees will be getting a $1 per hour raise on their base pay along with other incentives. 

The workers who will be getting a pay raise include the standard Mobile Experts (MEs) and Retail Associate Managers (RAMs). Additionally, ME “Keyholders” will now be entitled to a quarterly bonus amounting to $300. This amount will be prorated in December.  

T-Mobile will also be giving its MEs a $5 “SPIFF,” or a one-time bonus for every new account that they assist in becoming Digital Ready. This refers to customers who sign up for an online T-Mobile ID/account. The accounts qualify if a new account’s Primary Account Holder (PAH) logs into their online account within three days since their account was created. RAMs and Retail Store Managers (RSMs) will also be receiving a $1 SPIFF for each account that gets activated in their store.

More interestingly, the original employee who set up an account will get a bonus when the account holder adds lines or buys a new device over the next 24 months.

This is pretty good news for the employees of the company. After all, T-Mobile has implemented a $35 Device Connection Charge to online orders. 

Source: The T-Mo Report

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