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T-Mobile gives some employees a $1/hour raise + other incentives

Last year, T-Mobile promised its employees that they will be earning at least $20 per hour. The Un-carrier is making good on that promise today with news that it will be increasing the pay of its frontline employees.  The T-Mo Report obtained documents regarding the new pay that most of its frontline employees will receive. The document reveals that most of these employees will be getting … [read full article]

Introducing The PhoneDog Official Smartphone Rankings Guide, I’m An Expert!

Look out, it’s the newest feature the boys at PhoneDog are adding with the official launch of their Smartphone Ranking system. You’ve seen the billboard charts for music right? It’s exactly like that, except this is for smartphones and not only am I part of their “Mobile Expert” team, but so are all of you. Rankings consist of two charts, a “People’s Choice” … [read full article]