Introducing The PhoneDog Official Smartphone Rankings Guide, I’m An Expert!

Look out, it’s the newest feature the boys at PhoneDog are adding with the official launch of their Smartphone Ranking system. You’ve seen the billboard charts for music right? It’s exactly like that, except this is for smartphones and not only am I part of their “Mobile Expert” team, but so are all of you. Rankings consist of two charts, a “People’s Choice” chart (that’s you) and a “Expert Ranking” chart (that’s me). PhoneDog and their editorial staff will nominate the top devices each week and they and I urge you to agree with us or tell us why we’re absolutely crazy for nominating the Blackberry Torch 9810 as one of the top smartphones of the week.

All nominee devices must be for sale in the U.S. market to be eligible for voting. Weekly rankings will be posted live every Monday by 12:00pm. Submit your vote for your favorite overall smartphone each week and catch what was number 1 the following week. PhoneDog will have guest experts taking part from across the tech blogosphere and we know you want to share your votes and work to get your favorite phone ranked at number 1.

Of course you can always read my summary for why I chose my top 5 and I’m sure many of you will like to tell me why I’m absolutely crazy for selecting the iPhone 4S ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Seriously though, there are no T-Mobile smartphones in the top 5, will you help me change that?

Smartphone Rankings <~~~~~~ Use this link



Votes are tabulated weekly Monday through Sunday Eastern Time with final ranking results posted Monday morning.


Users can submit one vote per week through a linked Facebook or Twitter account.


A select group of top mobile-tech reviewers have been invited to participate and become expert panel members.

How it works? Peoples Choice Rankings

Each week a user with a valid facebook or twitter account may cast one vote for their top smartphone from a list of nominee phones. Votes are tabulated Monday through Sunday with the final weekly results posted each Monday by 10am eastern time.

How it works? Mobile-Tech Experts Charts

Our exclusive panel of mobile-tech experts submit rankings for their Top 5 smartphones. A point system is then used to determine the weeks top rated device based on the expert votes. Each editors personal Top 5 and a summary of their ratings can be viewed on each experts personal ranking page.

  • 5 points for each editors #1 phone
  • 4 points for #2
  • 3 points for #3
  • 2 points for #4
  • 1 point for #5

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  • Cool idea to help us chumps sort through all these phones.

  • Taron19119

    I just hope apple dont win every week


    Man I’m sick of hearing about a iPhone it’s over rated to the fullest ANDROID Is much better go to Craigslist everybody in HOUSTON are trying to trade that crap for a android or they selling snapple ops apple for android

  • Maierchebus

    david beren votes for the apple iphone 4s? thanks mr.Tmonews

    • I don’t get it? Didn’t I say I did?

      • Maierchebus

        Just saying, cause u said u wanted to see a t-mobile phone in the top 5. Voting for the iphone does not help.

        • I still don’t get it, there are four other choices…two of mine are T-Mobile.

  • Theshadow

    I like how the poll is done every week as to appose to every month or q longer period of time I guess seeing as though as there’s always new phones coming out all the time that makes sense.

    • plus new users as well, not everyone will have the same opinions.

  • antoine harrison

    its kind of crazy that tmobile doesnt have a phone ranked in the top 5. some times i wish tmobile would step there game up and just get better phones if nothing else at least do that. 

    • JBLmobileG1

      They have had plenty of good phones. While they may not be exactly what the others have they still are good. I myself am using the Amaze 4g and its pretty top of the line I’d say and already it’s EOL. But why? To make room for even newer and better phones.

    • RotaryP7

      Based on those rankings.. The SII for TMO is ranked 3rd I believe. Better than AT&T’s and Sprint’s version.

  • Delusion_FTL

    Kind of dishonest for them to not break out the iphone 4s amongst the various carriers but the other phones are broken out.

  • ERIK

    Still don’t understand why Android people are so hateful toward Apple.  If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Ive had an Android and on paper, I like a lot of what it offers…from free GPS text to speech to free Google Music streaming, many free apps, Amazon FAOTD, variety of choices, customization , 4G LTE faster speeds, bigger screen sizes etc   but I don’t like all the bugginess…I don’t like that I have problems with my phone on an almost daily basis and no one to support it; I don’t like that the manufacturer blames Google who blames the manufacturer and the carrier blames everyone and so on and so forth…  I don’t like that every time I contact Google with an Android Market problem, they tell me its a ‘known issue’ and apologize while sending me a link to a very long list of ‘known issues’ (I don’t understand how a company as large as Google can have so many problems- and that is not something they can blame on the individual manufacturers).  After resets and repairs and hours and hours of phone calls, Im waiting to become a fanboy and get the iPhone 5.  Interestingly, I recently read a lot of tech columns from previous Android fans who said they were switching to the iPhone cuz ‘it just works.”  And thats what I want.  I want a phone to work and do what I want it to do and not have to waste my time constantly troubleshooting.  And I want to know that if there’s a problem, I can call Apple or go to an Apple Store.  So all of you who love Android, congrats.  It seems it works really well on a lot of handsets, but with all the fragmentation, sadly many of us have bad Android experiences and we don’t know whom to blame – We just know we’re not having a positive experience and need to try another OS. So maybe the millions of iPhone users are sheep as you like to call them, but everyone I know with an iPhone loves it. Ive been using a Mac since last summer. When I had a problem, I was able to get it fixed. The customer service experience was hands down better than any other PC. (Yes I realize its different because they make the hardware and software, but it makes a big difference if you’re having a problem)

    •  sounds good if you ignore the “your holding it wrong” thing or the antennagate ya apple was all very open about that wasn’t they?

      • Yeah, because Google has been soooooo open about all of their privacy issues with Android. Nice stretching of the issues.

      • Spanky

        As a dedicated Android user since the release of G1, I feel compelled to play the devil’s advocate here. Need I remind you of the pervasive GPS issues with the original Galaxy S phones? Samsung pulled a PR stunt similar to Apple, stating that “under certain conditions, the GPS doesn’t perform optimally” and that they are working on an update to fix it. The update did nothing, as the issue turned out to be hardware-related. It actually caused me to swear off Samsung phones, until the Galaxy Nexus came out.

    • Snobrdr152

      I couldn’t agree with you more.  I had an Iphone on Tmo for several years and loved it.  But I decided to try an Android phone because everyone said the devices had caught up and I was tired of using Edge data speeds.  But now that I’ll be able to get faster data on the Iphone I will be getting one probably when the next model comes out.  I miss being able to easily sync everything on my computer to my phone. I’ve tried several apps for my Android and haven’t had any luck syncing my music, photos and videos.  Not to mention the update process for Android is excruciatingly painful.  The newest Android version is out for a few devices but most are at least one, if not two updates behind.  And eventually each device stops getting updates!  I do like that Android is a bit more customizable, esp with widgets that iOS doesn’t have.  However it doesn’t make up for the bugginess, freezes and overall experience that Android provides.  

    • Bratty

      I have no problem with Android (own one) but I find it amusing that some Android users are so insecure with their choice. They have to tell everyone it is the best! Consider this: buying an iphone is an informed choice. People such as Erik have tried alternatives and feel the iphone is better. Its his choice.

  • chumlee46

    This lacks all credibility by having iPhone as as the #1 “Experts Choice”.


    All credibility down the drain because they have the iPhone 1st on both list? How does that happen? What is it with people and the iphone, I don’t get it, apple could make a dog leash for the iphone and people would buy it and call it the best way to carry you’re phone. The iphone is old news, old tech, but it keeps hanging around.

    • Spanky

      One word – MARKETING. That’s all it is.

      • moises1204

        But that doesn’t make it better though.

  • guest

    Why David do you support iPhone? My email is going to be on this post so please explain to me why you still can say iPhone is best and email about other things I have very breaking news that i think you should no about

    • guest

      Know not no sorry

      • I’ve emailed you, I know what you meant!

  • Samsuck overload.

  • Auser72

    I can definitely see why T-mobile doesn’t have a phone in the top five. Other carriers offered a better version of every phone that came out on t-mobile over the past year. And though I am a fan of Android, Iphone can’t be beat when it comes to simplicity of use, system integration, and product support(by Apple and third party). And its looks like the majority of people prefer ease of use over customization.

  • Juncho

    Well the Droid RaZr Max does last up to 32hours of talk time with a single charge and about 16 hours on 4g LTE. I average on a speed test anywhere between 7-16MBPS here in Houston on an average day. So I say it’s product+ network, which network is what T-mobile lacks.

  • Mark

    It would help if they would also provide per-carrier rankings for at least the 4 nationwide carriers, in addition to the global list.