Samsung Says “Nuh Uh” For April Galaxy S III Launch, Will Tell Us On Twitter When It’s Really Happening

So…about that whole Samsung Galaxy S III April launch rumor? Samsung says nope, not going to happen and took to their Korean Twitter account telling everyone not to believe rumored press releases. Furthermore, Samsung says once a specific launch date has been decided, they’ll tell us via Twitter first. The Verge received an official statement from Samsung basically saying they aren’t ready to announce the phone quite yet:

The successor to the GALAXY S II smartphone will be unveiled in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product. We cannot confirm the detailed information at the moment.

So there you have it, the Galaxy S III will be unveiled in the first half to the year, of course that could mean June at the latest. That gives us plenty of time to continue lusting over the rumored spec sheet.

Samsung Twitter, The Verge

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  • Stupid

    Who cares? A new stupid phone ever second.
    I will stay with my stupid sensation, ever phone is stupid after one month.

    • Black

      Did you mean to say “every” or you really meant “ever”..? I’m confused.

      • guest


        • HOUSTON TX GOD

          What I find funny is that the people that can’t afford the phone seem to always say have bad things to say…oh another sensation look alike or I hope it don’t have bugs…IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD THE PHONE JUST BE QUITE

        • Nigger

           Learn to spell, douche!

        • cubanito151

          Lol since we are correcting people its Quiet not “Quite”

        • Frigadroid

          What is even more funny is someone who is so ignorant that they think their phone is a status symbol that makes them feel superior in some way. Considering most anyone can qualify for t- mobile credit I can’t understand why someone would think like that. I can only assume that their simple minds have been brainwashed by politicians and religious leaders, God help them.

    • WirelessRefugee

      That’s quite a skill you have there, Stupid, using the word “Stupid” as a screen name, then three times in a three sentence comment. Most impressive.

      Hmm… on reflection I am going to ban you from using the letter “s.”

      “Who care? A new tupid phone ever econd. I will tay with my tupid enation, ever phone i tupid after one month.” This sentence makes more sense than yours, don’t you think, Stupid.

      • Stu Pid

        Why you so stupid.

  • JQuest

    That’s great news for me, as it falls just in time for my upgrade… S3, I lust you! HAHA

  • Frigadroid

    Ha ha the sammy fans got samsunged again ouch. Yeah I heard they were still waiting for apple’s plan so they would have something to copy. All kidding aside I hope they are working out the bugs before dropping another disappointing turd like the vibrant. The reality might be that they are working to get the cost down knowing samsung.

  • Taron19119

    So what about the event they are haveing this month

  • Fixxmyhead

    i dont think this phone even exists

    • WirelessRefugee

      So the three SGS III buildings on the Samsung campus are facades to disguise Samsung’s “Behold II T” project?*

      *”T” = “turbo” and I hear that the Behold II T will have a green square button labeled “Turbo Mode.”

    • Tbyrne

      It’s no doubt in some Samsung techs hand right now getting a once over. Sucks to be wrong.

      • Fixxmyhead

        i know it exists i was joking

    • JBLmobileG1

      I believe it exists in some form or another. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if they are working on a 4 already… at least on paper anyways. Maybe have a whole bunch of ideas lined up for future versions just waiting for the price to come down.

  • WirelessRefugee

    I don’t see Samsung debuting the phone until they know what Apple is doing, so for one thing a marketing response can be formulated. Besides, the SGS II are still flying off shelves. Why bring out a new product if the current offering is still considered the best handset in the world. (Google that. Just about every tech site has declared this. It is not simply Samsung fanboys.)

    So assuming the iPhone 5 debuts in May-June, that should be when we hear exactly when Samsung will introduce the SGS III. I would not be surprised to see a June announcement and July-Sept. launch. If later, in Sept-Oct. this will be Samsung’s 2012 holiday offering.

    That’s all good for me, I want to enjoy my SGS 2 for a few more months. So if this is delayed until August-September, I am fine with that. (Yeah, that’s right, I don’t care if you are stuck using your Behold II).

    •  You mean iPhone 6. There will not be a #5 for the same reason there was never a #2 or #3. The 4S is the 5 without a redesign.

  • jonathan3579

    David, you’ve got mail. ;)

  • AhhYo

    The hell with Apple iPhone. Samsung Galaxy is the bomb and it keeps getting “much” better than iPhone.

  • Loueradun

    Anyone else pick up a dual core phone in 2011 and feel completely satisfied?  I keep looking at these awesome new phones being debuted at MWC, and i keep asking myself, what does this thing do that  my Sensation doesn’t.  Only thing I can come up with is a higher resolution screen.

    Also considered the FFC being higher res, but honestly, I’ve only used mine a half dozen times.  Also mine is rooted so I’m already loving ICS.

    Just don’t see myself buying a new phone in 2012… Bring on some NFC and Mirasol displays… I want something new!

    • Stu Pid

      I made the mistake of getting a LG Nitro HD while being on tmobile. I just want the top of the line tmobile phone that comes out so i can feel special and not be downgrading to a worse screen. 720p is a minimum now. So beautiful, hope it comes with 1080p. Doubt it will. 2g ram would be nice too

    • WirelessRefugee

       I am very happy with the speed of my SGS2. And it is quite noticeable, the speed difference.

      An in interesting aspect of dual-core is the apps written for single core phones function too fast on my phone. I have a weather app, for example, that the screen animations zip by as if on fast forward. It seems an app written for slower processors.

  • Thecityboy781

    my piggy bank will be ready by June lol

    • josue cifuentes

      hahaha i agree with you dude…

  • truckeemike

    Ill buy the HTC instead…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    You know someone that I haven’t seen make a post in a while?  ItsMichaelNotMike.  That guy had a wall of text for every post he made.  Guess he actually did jump ship.  Lol

    Ah well on topic:
    I’ll have alot to decide in these next few months.  I NEED a new phone.  My phone has gotten sooo bad to where it now is rejecting calls on it’s own and sending them straight to voicemail without ringing yet I get the Voicemail notification.  I’ve called Tmo Cust Serv and they told me to change Bands, I did that and only could get Edge speeds after inputting the Epc Tmobile code and they told me that I had to power off and power on my phone every day to try to reset the signal to the towers.  None of that worked.  Then I find out that a friend of mine is having the same issues with another phone on Tmobile.  So maybe them Testing the LTE (which they are doing now) is interfering with the receiving on some people’s cell phones.

    I’m tempted to use my upgrade on something but all that I qualify for is the Amaze and after I demoed it, it didn’t Amaze me.  It’s not a bad phone, I just was expecting more.  And the Build quality isn’t very good.

    Now, I wish I could use my upgrade on that Galaxy Note but Merda (Crap in Italian – Yes I used Google Translate so what, I just wanted to speak Italian, you got a problem with that?  Take it up with Mario and “The Family”), Tmobile doesn’t have it.  There is the International version but I’m not filthy rich yet so a $700+ phone is a bit out of my range.

    So I got a bit to divulge before making that final decision.

    • Realcool2000

      Mikey, probably voiced his opinions somewhere that he shouldve kept his mouth shut, and got chin checked….hahhahaha. …..or locked himself in one of his weird party dungeons….have u seen his website….omg….

      • Tbyrne

        I want to start a campaign to bring Mikey back. Place ain’t the same around here without his groundbreaking, in the know expertise on everything!

  • I bet they announce it in April as reported. Samsuck is just trying to move the rest of their GSII units.

    • WirelessRefugee

      Seeing how the SGS2 is rated # 1 everywhere in the world, Samsung does not have a problem moving their SGS2 handsets. And every carrier is glad to have it in their inventory.

      It is now simply time to talk about and debut a Samsung flagship handset. These annual releases stimulate interest, excitement, and most important, sales.

      After the SGS3 debut I expect to see the SGS2 remain for sale at least for another year.

      Oh, I almost forgot, you misspelled Samsung.

  • WirelessRefugee

    Here is an interesting bit of news, cough, cough, I mean rumor, dunno about the U.S. release, sorry:

    Samsung’s Galaxy S3 will first launch in the United Kingdom in April, as part of a tie-in with the 2012 Olympics, of which Samsung is a sponsor. The launch details were leaked by ZDNet
    Korea, while confirming them with Samsung’s worldwide marketing

    The details are in comport with earlier leaks about
    the S3’s release date. Samsung’s OFFICIAL line has been that the S3 would be commercially available in
    the first half of 2012. 

    The UK S3 will have a quad-core Exynos
    processor and 4.8-inch HD display.

    This makes sense to me since Samsung said in mid 2011 that the London Olympics will be a “golden moment” for Samsung in the U.K.  Samsung Vice President Gyehyun Kwon told media that through its partnership with London 2012, double digit gains in U.K.
    consumer awareness are possible. Highlight of the Samsung London program
    will be its sponsorship of the U.K.-wide Olympic Torch Relay.

    “We want to be recognized by the British people as the preferred and
    most loved brand,” said Kwon about the impact of the torch relay

    In my opinion what more significant event to debut the S3 than at the 2012 Olympics. And you need something to make a splash, that something would be the S3, I think.

  • WirelessRefugee

    In line with my comment about the Olympics, it would follow that this worldwide event is where Samsung would announce the S3. So if that’s in April, the debut, it would launch elsewhere, including the U.S., in May-July.

    That’s my guess – June or July for T-Mobile.

  • funnyeehn

    Since my current phone is falling apart and due to the fact that my upgrade is available on 3/7/12, I think that I’ll stick with the SGII given that it could be a few months before the SGIII comes out.  I’ve had my Motorola Cliq for two years now… point is, I made it last, which I plan to do with the SGII for the next two years as well.

    • Guest

      Damn, I didn’t think anybody else still had the Cliq. I’ve got the same. For years now, too – got it right when it came out.. but I’ve been able to upgrade for a while. I think I’m gonna give in with the S2.

      • funnyeehn

        I should hopefully be getting the SGII on Monday.  I can’t wait to get rid of my Cliq.  It feels so slow after using more “modern” smartphones.  Haha.