T-Mobile Launching Promotional Data Family Discounts On March 7th

We’ve just received this little goody in our inbox highlight a brand new promotion T-Mobile is set to launch March 7th. So what is this plan I speak of?

T-Mobile’s new Promotional Data Family Discounts “…will be available to help family plan customers lower the cost of adding data to more lines. Family plan customers add data more often to their first two primary lines than add-a-lines due to the cost of data for multiple lines.”

Let’s break this down:

  • For Value Plan customers: Get $10 off for 3 months when you have $35 worth of data on your family plan
  • For Classic and Legacy Contract: Get $20 off for 3 months when you have $65 worth of data on your family plan
  • For Even More Plus: Get $15 off for 3 months when you have $50 worth of data on your family plan

This offer is good for all existing family/pooled customers, family add-a-lines and existing customers converting to a family/pooled plan. Customers must add/upgrade a data feature on at least one line — which leads me to believe that this promo will not apply to customers already with data plans on existing add-a-lines. Discounts will apply following the first FULL bill cycle after the promo is added to the family plan. Customers will receive a total of 3 months worth of discounts, starting with that first full bill cycle. The discount is divided equally among each line on the family plan, for example: a Value customer with 4 lines on their family plan will see 4 bill adjustments of $2.50 per line, totaling $10.

Sure the promotion only last 3 months but we’re never one to ignore even the slightest bit of savings received from any wireless carrier. It’s nothing like the “Kids are Free” promo T-Mobile ran at the end of 2010, but we’re happy to put any money back in our pockets.

What say you?

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  • Drepope100

    3 months huh? Almost pointless……..

    • Jarrod

      How is it pointless when you already have the cheapest data plans in America out of the major 4 operators and on top of that you will save a couple of dollars?

      • GinaDee

        Probably because with each quarterly results T-Mobile has proved that Americans POSTPAID wireless users don’t exactly flock to what’s the cheapest.  

        However if you allow customers to buy a block of data:  5GB / 10GB / 15GB etc. and allow them to apply it towards any wireless line or device on their account (and let them use it anyway they want within reason) then all of a sudden the power is back with the consumer and it becomes much more attractive. 

      • Yaddamaster

        Because you get what you pay for. I pay $20 /mo for unlimited data. Whoopdee-doo. Cheap, unlimited, and free-tethering is worthless if I can’t actually get the data. Magenta has the most worthless data network imaginable. I was sitting in a conference on Saturday and everyone around me had data coverage – except for those with t-mobile. Happens all the time. I’m sick of it. Switching to Verizon as soon as they come out with a shared family plan.

        • Realcool2000

          They were all on wifi, but you are just too ignorant to know this, man!

          U need someone to show you how to work your phone, “smartphones” arent for every one…..

        • UMA_Fan

          Every national carrier has their spots where they are better than the competition and vice versa

        • True, but at least where I live (suburban Los Angeles) TMO’s coverage was quite a bit better 2 years ago than it is now.  I think what we’ve gained in speed with HSPA+ we’ve lost in coverage.  There are a lot of places around my house I’d be thrilled to get EDGE, nevermind HSPA+

        • Nox0202

          It is true…You get what you pay for. I live in Brooklyn, My service is bad. Almost no data service in my apt, dropped 4g down to 2g all over Brooklyn. Tried many phones from Galaxy S2 to Amaze, to Radar, BB 9900…etc. Doesn’t matter.

          But they are the cheapest. I could go to verizon, but the added monthly rate isn’t worth it for me. But Yeah… If you need reliable service, T-mobile isn’t the best. Also for traveling…. Tmo sucks. I drive to upsate NY and Out west alot, and half teh time, I hear people with VZ or AT&T say, just get a better service lol. Because Tmo wont get reception.  

    • Ash

       And what other carriers are doing this….at all?

  • Deadeye37

    That sounds like a decent promotion.  My wife was actually asking about getting data added to her line and maybe *gasp* upgrade to a smartphone.  It’s about time she got rid of that old Sony Equinox.

    • tommy

       Samsung Blaze sounds really good for some of my family members.

  • caramel s

    no no no

  • GinaDee

    I think T-Mobile readers are more interested in a Family Pooled Data Plan.  

    Instead of playing defense the Magenta team needs better offense.  Verizon is planning to offer a Family (pooled) Data Plan any week now.  

    Verizon also has been pushing the double down data plans where users get double the data for the same price. 

    • Jarrod

      Yet with the Plans you pay more and get less data even when they do double it. And you have to pay overages. And they only apply to LTE devices so if you were to go get a iPhone you would have to pay more to basically match the double your data plan and it cost $50. $50 is way to much for data alone compared to what other carriers charge and what the standard is for other countries.

    • Gwapo

      I agree with you!!!!GO Tmob we need family data share plan!!

      • Family shared data is coming, when VZW comes out with it everyone else will have to as well.

        IMO that is the reason for this promotion, they are offering people a paltry sum to renew their contracts now before they come out with the family shared data plans.

    • Yaddamaster

      Completely agree – although it’s probably too late for me. I’ve been with them since they were voicestream and I’m done with the crappy and never-accessible data connection. You get what you pay for and I’m willing to pay more for Verizon and (gasp) ATT when they get shared family data plans.

      • Agree completely, I used to be a huge defender of TMO but I’ve had it with their declining coverage, I dumped the old AT&T Wireless almost 10 years ago for TMO but I ill be looking hard at AT&T when my contract is up in a year.  I’m willing to pay more (and may not even have to due to discounts through my work) to get improved coverage.

    • Smashley719

      True, Verizon is offering that promotion where you get 4gb of data for $30 instead of the 2gb that you would normally get. T-Mobile isn’t offering a promo like that because they already beat it – you get 5gb of data for $30 plus they are giving tethering (normally an extra $15) for free with the 5gb or 10 gb plans. So…..where does the better value lie?

      • ERIK

        Aside from more reliable network + greater speeds…vz 450+4gb=40+30=70…just checked tmo 5gb+500 min is $80 (Yes inckudes text) so for many its comparable or cheaper & vz these days has much better reputation than Tmo

  • Wilma Flintstone


  • None

    I feel sorry for the employees that always have to explain this random stuff TMO comes up with. It has got to be torture. And no I am not a troll or an employee (I work with monkeys). It just seems that TMO has no idea what real people want from their provider and scheme after scheme must be hell on the people that deal with a confused public constantly. Thank god the monkeys do not talk back.

    • Go_Tmo

      I know right, God forbid they offer a promotion that might save people money!


      You’re an idiot

      • Guest

        you’re the idiot. their plans are confusing as hell. they need to revamp their plans rather than offer extremely short term deals like this. It’s a slap in the face and the same old tricks tmobile has been playing since that tool ceo took over. so what if you save a few pennies for a few months when it’s only temporary and every other carrier is coming out with real pooled data plans. plus, the fact that tmobile’s network has more holes than swiss cheese is no help either. instead of killing gprs/edge in 2G areas… tmobile plans to use that for a useless, battery draining lte.
        you fanboys are insane to still defend tmobile’s pathetic actions! they have gone to complete sh*t and doesn’t look like they’re gonna recover or even service.

        • Jose Hernandez

           Wow, just Wow. First of all, T-Mobile is a company. They are in business to MAKE money. If they where always giving stuff away they would not make any money. And I think they Would Like To Make Money Out Of Their Customers, just like any other business does. I Mean, is not like AT&T or Verizon are any nicer when they suck you dry every month.

          Having said that, I am sorry you are having problems with their network. But, do know what you are talking about before you post. They are not killing off 2G, they are re-farming to allow for better HSPA+ speeds and upgrading to a better king of LTE than AT&T and Verizon are using. T-Mobile is jumping to LTE 10, the others are using LTE 8 (or something to that matter, if I am wrong I am sure someone will correct me) This should allow for a more efficient LTE experience and not having your phone die in two hours.

           We are not defending T-Mobile for their actions, I would not participate in this offer, but other people would probably like to. If you are this happy with their network, service, offers and just all around experience, Why are you still a T-Mobile customer? It sounds like you would be happier with someone else. Or if you are not a T-Mobile customer, then Why are you posting on this board at all? I don’t understand that.

           Just because You do not like or see the benefit of something does not mean other feel the same way. And if you are this unhappy, go to another carrier that can offer you better service for the money you pay. It’s your choice, no one is making you bee this upset. You can make any changes you see fit to better your wireless experience.

        • tommy

           Complicated maybe but if you are too lazy to figure out the plans and the $$$ saved by the rules then just ignore it. Who has a problem? No-one.
           That said, the overage throttles, not-unlimited-data-unlimited-data plans, etc. are dummy I don’t like that. Other than that it’s OK and the network has problems, the frequency does not penetrate walls well, that’s why you’re saving money but only if you spend the brain’s capacity to figure it out. So maybe it is rocket science.

        • None

          Difficulty in understanding a multiple complicated plan scenarios does not make someone lazy.  Unfortunately the person explaining the program (employee) may not fully understand either.  That was the point I was trying to make; that these constant plan schemes must be hard on employees because they are the ones that have to take the face-to-face or phone-to-phone screaming due to a complicated plan.

        • tommy

           Yes you are right except the employees are paid to understand this stuff and explain it (probably paid minimum wage right?) But they do a better job of keeping the price lower than the competition.

        • ERIK

          Bait & switch/false advertising/misleading reps etc. Consumers want something easily understood with clear savings like Amazons’ discounted phone promos or VZ double data promo. That was one reason I originally signed with Magenta. They had a $10 off per month promo..easy..immediate gratification..and u feel like youre saving $ every month. Their own employees cant clearly explain their current plans

        • Go_Tmo

          This is not bait and switch, if you don’t like the promo, don’t take it! What the hell is peoples issue, Tmobile might as well not offer promotions at all!

        • None

          I agree this is not bait and switch.  More like daze and confuse.

        • Go_Tmo

          Um, apparently all the terms are laid out, you are fully educated, and it’s up to you to accept. If you don’t like it, don’t take the deal. That sounds a lot easier than blabbing a bunch of unintelligent garbage.

      • None

        I have a doctorate (DVM) and find these constant strategic shifts (read shots in the dark) confusing.  I was merely commenting on how difficult this must be for employees to explain to the general public.

    • ERIK

      Good point that contributes to customer dissatisfaction because employees usually provide wrong information that in the end pisses customers off. Its appalling to me how little most employees I deal with know @ their own companys policies

      As an aside, I wish some of you would just state your opinions and suggestions without all the attacks & namecalling. It just is childish and ugly & doesnt help your cause. Most pple here are Tmo customers..it doesnt do any good to blindly defend them. Even in complaints, most are trying to help the company survive and have them think from a customers perspective. 800K pple didnt leave last quarter by accident

      • None

        My entire comment was centered around your first paragraph entirely.  Customers who are not satisfied even when THEY were the ones that are mistaken on how the promo works creates a poor customer experience and it is the CSR or front line that has to deal with the fallout.  All I was trying to say.  God forbid I wish the employees an enjoyable day at work.  Wow.

  • What’s the point if the discount lasts for 3 months and has to be $65 or more? What about the 21 more months, this is too much of a gimmick. People will sign up for this and probably think it’s for the term of the contract, just watch and see. Now if it was for 12 months and then reverts back to full price for the remainder of the contract, that would be more of a better deal to lure people in. I just don’t see this being a big hit.

    • Phozfate

       either increase the duration or increase the discount. Those discounts aren’t great but would be nice for a long period of time. If it needs to be a short term duration then increase the discount amount.

    • WirelessRefugee

       Carriers are like any other business, with come-ons to get you to sign up, then they sock it to you. Nothing wrong with that, it is the American way.

      For example, credit card offers where there’s a low introductory rate, then when you are loaded up with debt they hike the rate up to 21% APR or more.

      For example, self-storage where they let you store your stuff for $1.00 a month, for six months, knowing it is out of sight and out of mind, and laziness, and far easier to pay $60 monthly for the next three years, until you wake up and toss all the stuff into the dumpsters conveniently located on premises.

      And with carriers, getting a $300 discount and agreeing to pay $1200 extra in monthly plan charges for that “loan,” that makes no sense to me.

  • Liz

    Why 3 months and not make it permanent?

    • Go_Tmo

      Because it’s a for profit business

      • WirelessRefugee

         LOL… I thought T-Mobile was a non-profit.

  • Realcool2000

    Its great that tmo is giving a discount to their customers and this is another example of how Tmobile is a step above the other carriers by offering their customers something the competition wont.

    Thanks Tmo and Tmonews, some of us appreciate the discounts and the news that lets us know the discounts are out there!

  • RotaryP7

    $105 for 2 lines on value w/ 1 line having 5GB for 3 months. It’s not a bad deal. It’s still way cheaper than the rest. 

  • Wesblogger

    do blackberry plans count?

  • TMOSince2003

    Things that expire and have complicated rules are what is STILL wrong here.

    Family pooled data, a shared bucket. It has to be able to start on the next bill and be permanent. Or forget it.

    It’s almost bait and switch. Only the less informed are enticed by offers that expire. But that seems to still be the important segment.

    I know it’s non trivial to implement but the first to market is going to score big.

    • NuShrike

      Exactly. I only pay $10 for Family data (rest don’t use or on WiFi). What’s the reason to go higher for only 3 months?

      • Erik Neu

        Agree. 1) Hate complexity. Among other things, T-Mobile tends to foul it up. (I have to call every month to get my “free data for 1 year” from last Father’s Day. EVERY MONTH.) 2) Hate short-term teasers. Not worth the trouble (especially in light of point #1). 3) $10/month for the kids, **with no overages** is very fair and hard to beat. I have goodwill toward TMo for that, wish they wouldn’t undermine it with crap like this. 

        I might consider a real family data plan, but only if it doesn’t net cost more. Which is probably not what TMo is after, since it is no more ARPU for them. But it would be leadership and loyalty. I have to believe there is room for a Wal-Mart kind of brand in the carrier-space. By that, I mean everyday low prices, no sales gimmicks.

        • Aaron Peromsik

          There is Wal-Mart Family Mobile… which happens to be a T-mobile reseller. $45 for the first line, $35 each additional line, for some definition of “unlimited” that stops at shared 250MB. You can add more shared data, which is more than you can do on T-Mobile Prepaid. Of course, unlimited minutes isn’t right for everyone.

    • Warpwiz

      Agree TMo could go a long way pooling the family resources. My wife is the talker, daughters are the texters and I’m the data user. 

  • steveb944

    What’s the purpose of this? I rather save my time and not go through all this just to save…$30? I’ll pass, try again T-Mobile

  • ERIK

    When will Tmobile FIRE the folks that run marketing & customer service and bring in some top notch people with insight on what consumers really want and need? I will be among the 2012 churn statistics. Been with TMO for 9 years & watching A company self destruct/constantly shoot themselves in the foot and treat existing customers like GARBAGE. Still waiting for ANY Tmobile employee to treat me in accordance to Humm’s ‘reduce churn/increase loyalty’ mantra. (Just yesterday chatted with tmo walmart rep & like so many, he was totally misinformed on everything he told me)

    • guest

      You chatted with a walmart employee, not a tmo rep. Two very different beings. Go talk to a rep whose pay is based on you, and Im sure it would be a night and day difference.

  • Mattcat03

    Most likely you cannot take advantage of the discount unless you renew contract for 2 more years. Another Marketing ploy to reduce the churn.

    • Go_Tmo

      Ploy would indicate something dishonest, this is far from that. Please retain from posting non sense.

      • Mattcat03

        if you don’t like ploy than I’ll use “gimmick”. And don’t tell me what do. who the f…k are you.

  • I hate these “sign up for 2 years, get a discount for 3 months” kind of deals, they are designed to prey on the stupid people who don’t even read not-so-fine print.

    • Go_Tmo

      Then keep your mouth shut and don’t take the promotion. Sounds as silly as offering a one time discount on a phone with a 24 month contract, should Tmobile do away with phone discounts to?

      • donnyc.

        Get rid of phone discounts? T-Mobile is getting pretty close to doing just that. Almost no new customers sign up for classic plans. All Value Plans, which is a 24 month contract WITHOUT a discount. Just a quick tip for you Go_Tmo: blind unquestioning allegiance wont make T-Mobile a better company, and neither will your jadedness towards its customers. People should NEVER keep their mouth shut – just the opposite in fact- we should be providing constant feedback about what we do and don’t like about the company we are spending our money with every month. The most successful companies know that feedback is one of the most valuable resources you can acquire, and this is the only way T-Mobile will evolve into something better than it is today. 

        • Go_Tmo

          My bad, I just know a witch hunt when I see one. Your non sense isn’t feedback, it Peebles you are a cheap a>> . If you’re unhappy do to Verizon

        • donnyc.

          I’m not entirely sure where to start here, you obviously don’t read very carefully or think before you type up a comment.

          A) I wasn’t giving feedback to T-Mobile, I was providing you with some desperately needed basic education about customer/company interactions.

          B) Literally nothing in my comment could lead you to believe that I am cheap or give you any insight into my spending habits. I also never said or even alluded to being unhappy with T-Mobile.

          C) This is just the kicker, if somehow my comment did “prove” that I am, as you so eloquently put it, a cheap a>>, then why would I be unhappy with T-Mobile (a value company) and go to Verizon (a premium company)? 

          I am a T-Mobile employee and sometimes they (like most companies) do things I don’t particularly agree with. One example is changing peoples billing due dates and adding “restore from suspend” fees in the same month – NOT cool. I am afraid however, that T-Mobiles worst offense is having uneducated, uncaring, short-tempered, jaded employees like you. On the off chance that I am wrong about you being an employee- THANK GOD!

        • Guest

          What is the typical cost difference on the same product between Value and Classic?  Seems your comment “All Value Plans, which is a 24 month contract WITHOUT a discount” should be revisited.  More often than not the Value plan a customer pays less over the life of the rate plan contract is my understanding.  That’s even after accounting for an equipment plan on the value rate plan.

        • donnyc.

          Guest, your right. 99.9% of the time value plans save customers money, which is a good thing. I was referring specifically to phone subsidies, or the lack of them on value plans. This isn’t a bad thing although Go_Tmo seems to think it is. I thought it was a bit ironic that T-Mobile already is doing what Go_Tmo sarcastically asked in his OP.

      • Actually I’d LOVE to see them do away with equipment subsidies, start charging real prices for devices instead of marking them up by >100% and then giving people a “subsidy” to make them think they are actually getting something for signing a 2 year contract.

        Oh and no I don’t plan on “keeping my mouth shut” anytime soon, I will continue to call out shady sales tactics wherever I see them, thanks for the super helpful suggestion though!

      • Mattcat03

        Don’t be rediculous. You’re comparing apples to oranges. Discounts on phones are much more substantial savings than what they are offering here. And you get to play with a new toy.  With that I would be less hesitant to get a new phone for a two year contract than $20 savings for 3 months with a two year contract. Get the picture.

      • 21stNow


    • Guest

      Great thing about this offer, a new 2 year contract is not required unless you want to take advantage of the new ‘Classic’ and ‘Value’ and are not already contracted on these rate plans

  • Angeldevil75

    pieces of S++T promo

  • Gorga

    David…fix the forums…nobody can register

  • Hey ya’ll, I’ve been keeping you all updated about my trials and journey with tmobile – and I said if tmobile did the right thing, I’d update you on that as well.

    Since I said that – here it is, finally, I got a refund.

    To re-iterate the story, my wife dropped a phone in some water, and I called tmobile support.  I ended up buying 2 new phones, but I had confirmed with the rep I wouldn’t have to change my plans.
    Well after buying the phones i found out they did change my plan on my wifes phones, and they refused to honor their original word on that subject, well I returned both phones in order to get my old contract back – and basically I wanted the old contract back so I could cancel with tmobile without paying a higher ETF fee.

    Well, they didn’t reactivate my wifes old phone for 4 days – she was out of service for that.  Then they didn’t post a refund for the returned phones immediately.  They took a month to refund one of the phones, and for some reason I had to call them back and get them to refund the second phone separately.  And another call to get the contracts returned to the original.

    Here we are 5 weeks later, and they – yes – did refund the second phone as well, returned me back to my original contract, and I’m close to the last step of cancelling and being ex-tmobile.
    From here on out, I may not necessarily update ya’ll any longer, thanks for being here.

    Tmobile was a frustration – I’ve downgraded this incident from unbelievable disaster that should involve people going to jail –  to tmobile merely being a company that is frustrating and to be avoided.  It’s a fair assessment.

    Later guys

    • Realcool2000

      Sounds like u r leaving out a lot of details with this story, and trying to make yourself sound like a victim.

  • epauli

    We have a Classic plan.
    5GB data on my phone, 5GB on my sons phone and 2GB on my wifes phone.  I figured I’ll need to bump the wife to 5GB to be able to get the promo which was ok since the net would still be $10 off our bill for 3 months.  $10 is $10…
    I stopped into the local T-Mobile store. Talked to the associate and he looked up our account and said “Nope, you’re already paying over $65 for data so I’ll just activate the promo discount.  There you go.”
    I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Gchao

    luke warm at the best.

  • JustSayin

    This benefits TMO more than the customer.  In essence, they will take a hit for marketing and sales expense (SG&A) right to the bottom line, and then in the out quarters, this ends up increasing their ARPU.  

    Since I already have 4 lines with 4 data 2GB data plans, this promo doesn’t affect me – I’m waiting for the shared plan – but that’s a few years away – and by that time, my kids can get their own plan.

    • epauli

      We have 5GB on 2 phones and 2GB on one phone and we got the promo without having to add or upgrade anything.

  • ItsMe

    This does me no good. thanks T-Mobile for screwing your long time customer pool.