T-Mobile Asks FCC To Stop Shot Clock On Verizon Spectrum Purchase

T-Mobile, along with Sprint, DirecTV and the Rural Telecommunications Group have filed a letter with the Federal Communications Commission requesting that the FCC stop the clock on Verizon’s proposed AWS spectrum purchases. The groups primary concern surrounds the amount of redacted material in Verizon’s own FCC filings leads to an unclear picture of its agreements with the cable companies involved with the purchase.

The groups wish to stop the clock until Verizon and its cable partners show all the terms and conditions of the spectrum purchase and associated cross-promotional components. The FCC typical reviews days within a 180 period and stopping the review clock amounts to a delay in the official review process.

This is the second time T-Mobile has taken action to stop Verizon’s move to acquire the AWS spectrum from the cable companies. T-Mobile’s first statement was met with a Verizon response highlighting their more efficient use of spectrum over T-Mobile.


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