T-Mobile Asks FCC To Stop Shot Clock On Verizon Spectrum Purchase

T-Mobile, along with Sprint, DirecTV and the Rural Telecommunications Group have filed a letter with the Federal Communications Commission requesting that the FCC stop the clock on Verizon’s proposed AWS spectrum purchases. The groups primary concern surrounds the amount of redacted material in Verizon’s own FCC filings leads to an unclear picture of its agreements with the cable companies involved with the purchase.

The groups wish to stop the clock until Verizon and its cable partners show all the terms and conditions of the spectrum purchase and associated cross-promotional components. The FCC typical reviews days within a 180 period and stopping the review clock amounts to a delay in the official review process.

This is the second time T-Mobile has taken action to stop Verizon’s move to acquire the AWS spectrum from the cable companies. T-Mobile’s first statement was met with a Verizon response highlighting their more efficient use of spectrum over T-Mobile.


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  • Tbyrne

    I don’t know. I don’t like the idea of T-Mobile holding hands with Hesse over something like this. I hope Humm & Hesse aren’t gonna be best friends now. Wait a minute! Humm & Hesse? Oh crap!!!

    • Auser72

      Has nothing to do with friendship. Business is about mutual interest. In this particular case, its in both their interest that Verizon is not allowed to buy anymore spectrum to sit on.

      • Tbyrne

        Phuew! Thanks Aus. I feel better already.

        • Auser72

          Well Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Tbyrne

          Not good. It was sarcasm!

        • Auser72

          Sarcasm recognized….. And,……Good!!!!!

    • JBLmobileG1

      Humm and Hesse…. or Hesse and Humm LOL Sounds like some comedy show when you put them together.

      • JBLmobileG1

        Even better… The Law Office of Humm and Hesse…. Attorneys at Law. LOL

  • tommy

    Yay! Verizon is the pittts. Where is AT&T in here? And why would TMO and Sprint be such a problem together…?

  • ericdabbs

    Tmobile and Sprint have no choice but to help each out at least on topics of spectrum.  Its not like they are buddies who go out for drinks after work so I don’t see what the big deal is.  Tmobile made friends with the enemy in AT&T and you should be thanking AT&T since they are helping Tmobile fund their network improvement project, and additional spectrum and a roaming deal. 

    Verizon and AT&T have plenty of spectrum that they are just sitting on.  There is no need for either of the 2 companies to continue to buy up spectrum to starve out the competition.  This is a very important battle in the wireless industry because I hate having a duopoly.  To be honest, I would rather have Sprint and Tmobile both buy up the cable companies AWS spectrum than having either Verizon or AT&T have their grubby little hands on it.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Sprint has none, and Tmo has a minimum of 20MHz nationwide already, so Tmo should get it since Sprint will need a great amount. Sprint should just request to do a LTE network sharing agreement with TMo over AWS. Of course pay Tmo a bit to use it.

      • ChadBroChillz

        IMO , that makes no sense. I agree tmo should be able to offer the same amount and buy said spextrum, but a network sharing between tmo and sprint is dumb. They are using different network frequencies( tmo aws/ sprint pcs). Also sprit already has a partner for over capacity. And spectrum for in building penetration. Sprint really has no need for this spectrum.
        Sprint could be trying to force Comcast to sell its shares of clear to them for a nice discount. Would explain trying to halt the sale and suing them for patent infringements.

  • Hjf

    Tmobile get your game up or be left behind even worse than you are now

    • DeezNutz

       They probably would have had the AT&T debacle not happened….and by debacle I do mean the AT&T attempt to purchase T-Mo.  AT&T didn’t even screw us and they screwed us. 

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      It looks like they are trying to get on top of their game again!

  • TMoFan

    Glad they are getting heat for this. Vzw swooped in just as the at&t/T-Mobile was imploding, obviously to keep at&t and T-Mobile from buying any additional spectrum.

  • josue cifuentes

    Sprint & T-Mobile vs Verizon….this should be a interesting fight lol

  • Let the wireless war begin! These giant corporations need to be stopped or they will destroy the little competition there is left!

    • Jose Hernandez

       I agree, they want it to be just the two of them, then they can charge all they want and you would just have to bend over and take it. They are so full of toxic crap is not even funny.

    • jon

      at&t is opposing this by proxy. Remeber directv and at&t have a bundle service agreement. It gives directv the ability to offer bundled services to its customers and it gives at&t the ability to offer tv service where u-verse isnt present…which is almost everywhere. At&t just doesnt want its name in the headlines because of their recent failure to buy tmob. But they are surely behind the scenes here…

      • I guess that could be a possibility… You might be correct.

  • macman37

    Although it’s great to see Sprint join in on this opposition to Verizon Wireless acquiring some AWS bands, it’s very ironic that they opposed their CEO Dan Hesse’s wishes to buy MetroPCS due to their network use of the AWS bands.  They were only hours away before finishing the deal, but Sprint’s board nixed the deal due to integration issues.  It may be great to see that they are keeping this issue in mind knowing how much of a hassle it was after merging Nextel, but they have to realize that the AWS bands help ease some issues that carriers like Verizon are afraid of when it comes to LTE.  Clearly, they should have bought MetroPCS to address the same issue that Verizon has.  AT&T isn’t joining this because they were trying to hold onto their AWS bands if their acquisition of T-Mobile went through.  Hopefully, the FCC will see how the use of the AWS bands will help carriers with their LTE and set a limit to how much each carrier acquire to be fair to all of the carriers.

    • “AT&T isn’t joining this because they were trying to hold onto their AWS bands if their acquisition of T-Mobile went through.” Well the acquisition of T-Mobile USA failed, they should now be fighting Verizon for that AWS spectrum because AT&T claims it has a “spectrum crunch”.

    • ChadBroChillz

      I think a lot more factors went into stopping it than just they have some incompatible AWS. one being that they gained very little spectrum for how much they were going to pay. they would only gain an avg 10mhz of PCS, plus some AWS, which would be useless, since its not nationwide and sprint would not have enough. Even if they bought the cableco spectrum, they would still not have enough for nationwide AWS. what would they use it for? PCS has better capacity and ESMR800 has better building penetration, plus Clear’s spectrum holding for even more capacity.

      I highly doubt the buyout was about spectrum, I believe it was about Customers. Metro has around 10million customers, and average around 1billion in profit a year. those numbers could really help sprint improve their margins, but with the iphone deal and Network vision, the board did not see this as the right time.

      If it was about getting spectrum, I believe it would have been smarter for them to just buy the rest of Clearwire. I believe they already own around 54-58% of the company, and some of the other investors( like google) seem to want to sell their shares, so sprint could buy them for cheap.

      Sprint including itself is rather perplexing, because they really have nothing to gain from this. Heck I would say this could be a negative, since Verizon would probably now attempt to block anything they try to push( buying clear or another company for spectrum), plus if they force verizon into refarming early, then Sprint will have more competition during the PCS “H” block sale, which happens to be adjacent to Sprint’s G Block.( they could combine to create a 10X10 network instead of their curretn 5×5 plan.

      • J-Hop2o6

         Exactly, couldn’t of said it better. Tmo has more of a use for this than Sprint, even Verizon since Tmo already has nationwide AWS. A bit more for Tmo wouldn’t hurt.

  • Lee

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    • in2android

      You said it best……

  • Ooshiewooshie

    Tmobile needs to focus on refarming on its 1900mhz spectrum so I can get 3G on my darn iPhone!

    •  Relax! They are focusing on that, but they also cannot allow Verizon to gobble all the scarce spectrum that is left.

    • iphone hell no y would Tmobile pay apple all that money wait thats prepay apple and wind up like Sprint 1.5 billion in the hole and a lot of unsold phones.