“Kids Are Free” Promo Ends Today, Will Be Replaced With $5 Add-a-Line

This past September T-Mobile launched one of its most aggressive promotions with the “Kids Are Free” family plan promotion giving you the ability to add up to 3 people to your Family Plan account for free (until January 2012) with a qualifying rate plan. Well today is the last day of that promotion and beginning tomorrow, it will be replaced with a $5 add-a-line offer. Starting tomorrow, customers with Even more rate plans will be able to add an additional line for only $5. The $5 add-a-line promo will be available to both new and existing Even More customers and will require a 2-year contract extension for each line on the account.

Qualifying rate plans include the 750/1500/3000 minute Family Even More plans but of course the unlimited plans will not qualify.

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  • Walhaddi

    This promo was BS if you ask me. Because its $0/line the first 12 months, then $10/line. Or you can just get the $5/line forever.

    • alex

      actualy it was 16 months

    • JustSaying

      And, it goes up to $15/line after the 16 months, not $10/line…

      • dannyb91979

        No, it does go back to $10 after the promo period. It was a good deal to get people in, and FREE always sells, but yes, the $5 add-a-line is the better deal in the long-run.

  • jkspike3

    eh oh well

  • Jimmy

    Not if you are the even more plus plan. After one year I’ll just switch back to $5/line

  • Thanks for the update. I just called and switched over 2 lines. Now saving 10 bucks a month!

  • DFord

    I bet somebody gonna Sue cause it didn’t go til 2012.

  • Jordan Jefferson

    The aal is still free until 2012

  • king kong

    lol. sue because it didn’t go til 2012? lol if you sign a contract, it’ll continue to be $0 until 2012. You idiot.

  • Damien

    Its been extended until 11/4, then on the 5th the $5 a line promo begins

  • t-mo 9081

    its been extended till the 5th