T-Mobile “Kids Are Free” Family Plan Launches Today

As expected T-Mobile launched its “Kids Are Free” family plan promotion today. With a price of $0 dollars for qualifying family plans now through November 2nd, you can add up to 3 people to your family plan for free. Lines 1 and 2 are the standard pricing and lines 3,4 and 5 are free! Of course taxes and activation fees do apply but considering these rate plans will remain free through January 1, 2012 it’s handily worth the price of admission. With Even More Family Plans starting at $60 dollars a month and Even More Plus Family Plans starting at $50 dollars a month this promotion is just another card in T-Mobile’s deck for showcasing itself as the best value in the wireless game.

Some details do apply so you can jump back to this post for more detail or hit the T-Mobile website!

Full Press Release:

Special deals on the latest devices. Starting today customers who purchase a Samsung Vibrant receive a second Samsung Vibrant for free after a $50 mail-in rebate with a two-year service agreement. Also, T-Mobile’s new line of messaging phones are all under $75 after a mail-in rebate with a two-year service agreement. Adding unlimited texting for the whole family is just $20 per month.

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  • Jed Clamped

    I need cheaper plans for family :o)

    • ginger rogers

      Your sexy Jed.

  • pimpstrong

    Good move! Suck people in and have em pay $30/mo for data and a few bucks for text because these kids arent on the phones anymore, they’re texting and Facebooking.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Sure they say kids are free but have you seen how much those things eat?!? No way! You can keep your kids. :P

    • John

      Anything to help in the cost of those children is much appreciated though.

    • Galen20K

      omg they’re MONSTERS!!! just leeches and that’s IT. plus they’re loud and they smell… yeap.

  • AgDon

    Need cheaper family data plans, the only phone my daughter want is the LG envy whick TMO does not have or anything close to it. She would like the new G2, but I don’t really want to pay $30 a month extra so she can get on face book. She wants a slider with a full touch screen and the only one that TMO has is the samsung T. Sorry but only one color and not nice looking. Also this is only good for the new plans and not the granfather plans. Need a cheaper data plan.

    • john

      There’s also the cliq, who cares about an update if it’s for your kids. Speak with them, they may be able to build you a better plan and make data cheaper.

    • stickeywicket

      If your daughter wants all that I think it may be time for her to consider a part-time job ;)

    • Yyevo

      The MyTouch Slide also has a full touch screen and keyboard. So does the Charm. I think you need to actually look at the site.

    • sean

      @agdon…try craigslist. mytouch slides aren’t hard to find for much more than the 2yr contract pricing ($250),also try cliq and g1 easy to find and super cheap

    • shush

      I don’t understand why you and you’re daughter are so demanding. If your daughter wants the phones with a data plan and you don’t want to pay the 30 per month then why does t-mobile have to bend their prices? the $30 is an average standard with all the companies. The gravity T is one color and not good looking? well tough cookies, beggars can’t be choosers. go to verizon and pay twice as more for your plan

      • ricka

        I agree with that I don’t understand why u are complaining bout 30bucks for data it about the same with all companies. I have sprint and I pay 69.99 +tax a month for everything unlimited text 450 min talk unlimited data. I thought that was a good deal! So its the same with you. 30 bucks a month + 30bucks for data. Its all the same. If you really got a problem with it then tell her to get a part time job. Times are hard now a days!

  • happydance

    Pimpstrong your right- kids dont need the airtime as much as texting and web. But it does still save money.
    This doesnt help me as I only need my line and a second line. hubbys work pays for his phone. Guess not a big enough family for a family plan…

  • jdub

    @agdon dont knock that samsung T my wife has it and loves it and she is always on facebook and web surfing it full packed phone and the web for it is only 10 bucks it comes in two colors btw try it

  • Matt Smith

    I thought I read on a previous post that it would go back to the recent $5 a line in 2011? When I go to change, it says: “Note: After 1/1/2012, the standard plan pricing per additional line, per month is $10”

    • sean

      the $5 aal was just a promo plan that expired today when this $0 aal promo started. standard aal pricing for pooling minute plans has always been $10. if you want to keep them $5 don’t switch.

  • Acacia Strain

    I hope people realize that “kids” is a lose term.

    100% positive that if you walk into a store and look to add on your 35 year old son or your 28 year old neighbor at $0 the rep is not going to care that he/she is a kid.

    • pimpstrong


  • Skeptical

    I think this is a sure enough sign that tmo is not getting the iphone and verizon is. This is a proactive effort to try to stop people from an exodus to verizon this time around. Clearly this does nothing for tmo in getting money revenue. Just losing money. And being for people to do even more fraud.

    • Acaciastrain

      Or maybe the fact that for the next month they could increase their customer total by a few hundred thousand or more. This leads to higher revenue in the future as well as climbing the carrier ladder from a total customer point of view. When the promo ends next year they are going to see all those lines have a $10+ increase at least.

      That concept only applies for people who are going to do nothing but talk and text. You have to figure at least 45% of them are going to have the web or some additional feature.

      Also when their contracts expire most of them aren’t going to abandon ship to a different carrier if their family is still on Tmo. They will already have phones at Tmo as well as be familiar with their plan.

      Also the added increase of phone sales this will bring. All those new lines will need phones.

  • Paul

    I just added a line in the store today. This is not for “Even More Plus” plans.

  • Paul

    …Oh, and so I got it for $5.

  • sickman

    i’m on the even more plus plan and they added me for free. you may want to call cs and request they take off the $5/mo fee

  • jymmyb

    HEY can somebody tell me about us the loyalty people plans.>>>…?????? ineed lines too :'(

  • Acacia Strain

    This will ONLY work on Even More Plans.

    If you have a grandfathered plan the only way you can take advantage of this program is to switch to the EM plan. Not Unlimited Loyalty/Myfaves 500/Even More Plus.

    Has to be Even More Contracted Plan with either:

    750 minutes
    1500 minutes
    3000 minutes

    It does NOT work on the EM unlimited minutes plan.

    Should clear some confusion.

  • Magenta Magic

    OMG people… stop the damned whining! Is FREE not FREE enough for you?

    If you don’t want to pay $30/mo for data, then tell your kid to shut up and deal with a Gravity style phone.

    If you are on EMP plans, you are already paying LESS than contract customers. Waaaa!

    I’m so glad I wasn’t at work today…

    • Acaciastrain

      I seriously think people are only going to stop complaining about a promotion when Tmo starts giving them money.

  • jymmyb

    hey but the flayer said unlimited Plans too …???

    • Acaciastrain

      They are free if the added line only wants 200 minutes. Any more than that and they probably get bumped up.

  • herromoto


    Previous Promo: $5 AAL for 24 months = $120

    Current Promo: $0 AAL for 12 months then $10 for 12 months = $120

    Different promo new name.

    • herromoto

      I mean…Same promo different name.

  • nikki

    If you have em plus and are on flex pay its 30 dollars to add a line i guess you have to be post pay or something. i would like to put my ten year old on but i dont want to pay 30 when i know all he will do is text.

  • sswerewolfss

    tmob is a bunch of a holes service is horrible and at home service is a joke. I have been with tmob for about 7 years because of cheap price but you get what you pay for.

  • Zin

    Again Smart Move from T-Mobile to get more New and Existing Customers to sign-up for two years contract. They will stuck with it for two years , 1 years free , then 1 year later 10$ again instead of 5$ add-a-line plan . I wish it could be 5$ again after the deal 2012 were done. After 2010 , everything is just like old day. Maybe by then , better monthly plan would come out such as 69.99 for 1000minutes again, maybe data plan only 20$ by then. Sigh , Trying to get some money from people. Sigh !

  • i like the idea of kids being free for t-mobile cell phones so yall betta shutup who eva dont like da idea because im 10

  • are the phones free to?

  • heyy ppl!<3 these palns so suckk,bro like foreal nd yea these are really expensive!//
    it dont evan tell me the deals for kids for free plan it sucksszz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3//

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  • tasha

    what age do you need to be for kids are free plan i am 20 years old wood i be able to get the plan kids are free family plan

  • evony

    i got it as a early christmas present i am 11 and the phone was free so was my bill and unlimited talk and text

  • Jennifer

    awesome im 11 and im getting one 2

  • Jennifer

    i have to get a phone. I want to tell my mom about how she can get me the KIDS ARE FREE PLAN but i don’t know how to tell her what she has to do.They don’t give you enough information WOW!!!

    Im going MAD!!!!! somebody please give me details!!!

  • luna

    i like the idea of kids being free
    at tmobile

  • ree

    i thnk tmobile rockz
    cuz the idea of kids being free
    wait wat is free the phone or the bill ?
    or both well idk but it still rockz

  • brandon

    jus the kid wit no family is it still the same

  • brandon

    jus the kid wit no family is it still the same

  • jahquontay

    im 12