BlackBerry Curve 3G Now Available

Right on schedule the BlackBerry 9300 (aka Curve 3G) is now available on and will likely be ready for you at T-Mobile retail stores bright and early. The Blackberry 9300 can be all yours for the low low price of $79.99 in any color you want so long as its Graphite Gray or Smoky Violet.

With a less than stellar set of features and only sporting BlackBerry OS 5.0 this won’t be a phone for the power user but for those still loving the Blackberry game, its got 3G. That’s gotta count for something right? Right! Maybe we should all wait for the BlackBerry Bold 9780.

Graphite Gray

Smoky Violet

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  • mtnman

    I’m waiting for the 9780. My Cliq is ready for an upgrade and since I have the Vibrant as my main line, and I don’t want to have to add another $30.00 data plan on my second one, this seems like a good choice. My CS Rep told me that the BB’s don’t have to have the data plan.

    Since I have 2 lines,(the other is mainly for a back-up in case something happens) then I’ll consider the 9780.

    There’s nothing about the 9300 that’s got a “WOW” to it. For the 1st time BB user, yes it will appel to them, but those in the know, will pass this one by.

    • Capt

      That doesn’t sound right. Eveey other BB and phone with wifi currently requires web if you get a discount.

    • Matt Hatter

      That isn’t true. BB DOES require the data package, as does Windows Mobile phones (excepting the Shadow) and Android devices and the E73. The only exception to the BB phone were the Pearls. Sorry, mntman, the rep you spoke with either misspoke or needs some coaching on the data policy.

      • tmobb

        Actually, no. Unlimited text would suffice (as clearly stated above).

  • Holiday

    thanks for not getting us the BB9800 tmobile

    • Vibrant Guy


  • aholmez

    What a crock! Give us the Pearl 3G TMob! Launched April 26th by RIM and still no sign of it by TMob! And they release Curve 3G! Does not make any sense!


      You would rather have a pearl, than a curve? Wow, you must be on something.

  • Matt Hatter

    I personally wish that RIM would give us something unique in the BB family. I love their products, and believe me they sell very well. RIM has a fabulous reputation. I am going to admit, I am grateful that we don’t get any of the “gadgety” phones that break down in the 1st 2 mos after purchase. I guess that’s why the other companies force their manufacturers into difficult positions. I.E. I had a conversation the other night with an individual who was upset about the Cliq updates (as am I) and I educated as to why this is taking so long – Motorola doesn’t want to force an update and have it not compatible with the Blur 100% and have a fiasco ala the Droid updates. I believe RIM’s relationship with us is similar. Perfect what we have and do trial and error on the other companies who don’t care about the customer experience *(Storm). IMHO

  • mikeeeee

    how about the 9800?

  • JFisch

    After having the 8900 I don’t think that I am going to get another Curve series phone. Both my Curves gave me problems, and I would like something a bit more out the BlackBerry experience. The 9800 is a phone I would like to have, in it’s second generation though. I am really not a fan of the slide out keyboards on any phone at all, but the Blackberry keyboard is the nicest one out of all of them. And after playing with the wife’s MyTouch 3G Slide the touch screen is nice and some of the Android (google) features are sweet and work better then they do on the Curve. But nothing beats Blackberry e-mail in my opinion.

  • MW

    Why oh Why are you still releasing 3G phones??? The network is HSPA+, this is how you keep your customers loyal and get the most bang for your buck, have the fastest network, and no phones to support it???

    Also come up with a new name for HSPA+, that really makes the average customer want to come on over.

    I know you don’t want to say 3G+ because it will sound inferior to 4G…maybe you can call it the Faster Then Sprints Network:)

    T-Mo, please WAKE UP

    • Drew

      Maybe that’s why you don’t work in advertising…. Why would you need another name for HSPA+?? Wifi is two words but HSPA is 4 and sometimes 5. Not much to do with that. I agree with you saying why is TMO releasing just 3G phones on a HSPA+ network when the phone doesn’t support it, and then you went on a silly rant about advertising=FAIL

      • MW

        Guess you ain’t in advertising either…like to see you say HSPA+ 3 times without getting tongue tied.

        Sprint is using Wi-Max, but they are calling it 4G, much easier for us common folks to associate with, you sophisticated folks can stick your pinky in the air and say HSPA+ til your hearts desire. Sprint also had at least one phone available the same day the network went hot, which gave them big bragging rights. I don’t even follow Sprint, but knew all about this because they got the word out at the right time

        I support T-Mobile, but they need to wake up if they want to grow to bigger then the fourth mobile carrier. They should be taking advantage of the good work they have done; adding HSPA+ phones that can truly take advantage of the network, how well would they be able to advertise with phones and a network that can blow everything else away, however now they can’t say too much, because first they don’t have phones to support it and second, nobody can pronounce HSPA+