And It’s Official, Blackberry 9300 Curve 3G Coming September 8th

Well, chalk up another Blackberry on T-Mobile and while we can’t say we didn’t call this one, it’s always nice when T-Mobile officially announces the date.  The Blackberry 9300 doesn’t have any of the “wow” factors of, say, your typical Android phone but for Blackberry lovers (and there are Blackberry lovers still out there), the BB OS works just fine.  Though we have to say again we don’t understand why Blackberry is releasing any device with OS 5.0 these days even if they are promising future upgrades to 6.0.  Just doesn’t make any sense to me.  Give the people what they want!  For $79.99 and a 2-year agreement, you can walk right out the door of your local T-Mobile store with this and, all in all, that’s not a bad a price, even if its running an already outdated OS.

Check below for two press shots!

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