And It’s Official, Blackberry 9300 Curve 3G Coming September 8th

Well, chalk up another Blackberry on T-Mobile and while we can’t say we didn’t call this one, it’s always nice when T-Mobile officially announces the date.  The Blackberry 9300 doesn’t have any of the “wow” factors of, say, your typical Android phone but for Blackberry lovers (and there are Blackberry lovers still out there), the BB OS works just fine.  Though we have to say again we don’t understand why Blackberry is releasing any device with OS 5.0 these days even if they are promising future upgrades to 6.0.  Just doesn’t make any sense to me.  Give the people what they want!  For $79.99 and a 2-year agreement, you can walk right out the door of your local T-Mobile store with this and, all in all, that’s not a bad a price, even if its running an already outdated OS.

Check below for two press shots!

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  • hotrod

    blackberry phones are so…..corporate!!! BLAH!!!

    • sean

      not true at all. last time i checked my phone has a camera, music, video, email, web, games, im, gps, apps, themes, customization…how is your android so different? function over fashion.

      • hotrod

        and an outdated operating system!!!

      • Frank

        Andorid phone’s UI is way better.

      • Carlos

        Hey hotrod, our android devices are also outdated. Only rooted phones and a couple of devices had been updated. Blackberries are excellent smartphones dude.

      • Rifleman

        And as a bonus the BB 9300 has a cutting edge 2 megapixel camera to die for.

  • dr.alliw

    this is sweet! but i love the torch better! too bad its coming to att. i hope tmo gets it too.. is there any internal upgrade for this one? or is just the 3G service?

  • Max

    Blackberry is overrated

    • Bigs12

      not really, it works every time….. I just got the vibrant a few week ago and I love it…. I’m just saying that BB works every time no force closes etc… i’m not a hatter of android i’m just defending my good ol trusted sidekick(BB 8320, 8520 and the 9700)

      • mad dog

        Force closings on android are due to devs writing bad code for their apps, it has nothing to do with the os. Blackberry on the other hand makes you do a battery pull because the actual os freezes. So tell me how “it works every time”. You’re right when you say bb has no force closes, but I’m right when I say android doesn’t require battery pulls.

      • Bigs12

        i have never had a problem, i did the battery pulls to keep it running fresh… i have had to pull the battery a few time the vibrant so every phone has to pull the battery….


    Cool, more BlackBerry news w/ OS 5 (sarcastic). C’mon T-Mobile blackberry is slowly dying that its painful to watch. Now give us info on the Pre-sale of the G2 :)

  • RJ

    I’d still go back to a blackberry in a second if somehow they would figure out a way to support Exchange out of the box. Not interested in BIS or BES.

    • David

      I’ll give my 9700 another go around with Blackberry 6.0, if and when it arrives!

    • AS

      There is a product called AstraSync which allows synchronization with Exchange. It is not out of the box solution but works great. And of course, users will have to pay yearly subscription of $49.

  • tortionist

    Android is serious function over form and totally destroys BB. Android has email push, sure there’s one more button to push than a BB and it takes a little bit more to set up, but it’s only one button more and who cares about set up. It’s easy enough. I don’t think one button is going to matter. You can’t really customize the user interface for a BB, at least not like you can for an Android phone. I won’t even go into SWYPE, Bar code scanner, Documents2Go, Scan to PDF mobile, etc. Android has all of these. How is BB a better corporate phone and Android more fashion oriented? Yeah I thought so. Do some research first. I owned a couple of BB Pearls, good phones, but not nearly as good as a G1, MT3G, MTslide, etc. Besides, Android is actually more user friendly. Android for the win.

    • hotrod


    • ulysses salcido

      i work for tmobile…
      Email push is completely different from BBs true push email. Android is the #1 least reliable phone out there (besides windows OS on HD2).. Youd be surprised the amount of people who dont even have apps on there android devices and still need resets due to “force quits” and “android is not responding”. Battery issues allll day. Now every phone has its problems, just android has more. I love BB and think android is amazing but give it maybe a year till its perfect. True push email, BBM with groups, long lasting battery, international use while all being encrypted is why its the best corporate phone, thats why Government officials from around the world use it. BB is the #1 selling smartphone in the US and #2 in world :) BB does have bar code scanner/ documents too.. maybe you should “do some research”

      and your comparing a pearl.. (5 years ago) to android phones, good job!

      these were my own opinions and not of tmobile.. (sorry have to say that lol)

      p.s. the marketing department for t mobiles the one who says its fashionable..and its true!

      • tortionist

        I did my research. I actually had a BB pearl 8120, brand new to T-Mobile in 2007 or 2008. check your math because that’s less than 3 years old, not 5. Yes I also know that the BBs have the documents to go type editing and creating docs as well as other stuff. Yes I know it’s different from true email push, but it’s still more than good enough. The BBs tend to feel less than solid, or rather plasticy(the pearls that is). I’ve never had a problem with any of my Android phones G1, MT, MTSlide. They were better than my Pearls(8100 and 8120). my Android phones were more reliable. The battery for the G1 did have a short life, but I bought the long lasting one that was slightly bigger and it lasted forever it seemed. I don’t hate BBs, I just think they are going to go the way of the DODO, since RIM can’t seem to get their act together. Android may be fashionable, but you can do a lot more with it. Android is not a phone by the way. It is an Operating System for smartphones. The Android phones I had were all HTC. They are truly among the best snartphones made. Hence their saying,”Quietly Brilliant”. BBs have been around alot longer than Android phones, so of course the government is going to use them, besides the government does bids for stuff like that and RIM was probably the lowest bidder at the time. Lowest bidder doesn’t necessarily mean highest quality. In this case it could. Anyways…now i’m starting to ramble. I do my research, obviously.

  • b4k3d

    What’s so great about this? Why would I trade my 9700 for an outdated device…comon Tmo and RIM give us something to be excited about. With all the sweet phones on other carriers….its getting really hard for me to stick with RIM and their sane old phones with no innovation.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      b4k3d… why would you compare this phone to your 9700 much less think that T-Mobile or RIM want you to consider trading one for the other?

      You apparently are not aware that RIM is advertising this as an entry-level BlackBerry. There’s pop-up ads all over the Net where RIM says exactly this.

      As a former Curve owner (in 2007) this is obviously a 2007 Curve with 2010 improvements. No one is touting it as a new, exciting, or great BlackBerry handset, so neither should you treat it as such.

      In fact, if one liked the Curve and lamented that it not being updated, those people will appreciate the 2010 Curve with trackpad and 3G capability.

      Since you have a 9700 you should not even be commenting on this phone because it’s not meant for advanced BlackBerry users like you.

      Sidenote: Yes, RIM knows it needs to come out with another hit, especially since the Torch is getting bad reviews (IMHO because it mimics the Pre’s failed and unaccepted vertical sliding keyboard.)

      • Rifleman

        So why is T-Mobile touting an entry-level BlackBerry phone when they already have the BB 9700? T-Mobile has a fixation with entry-level everything and that’s probably why they are losing so many customers.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    yay… this has GOT to be Project Emerald. It’s just gotta.

    • pimpstrong


    • dajuan

      no hun project emerald is the g2 and the mytouch hd

      • David

        No, its not…

  • derrickps3

    i am owning a bb device for the first time in my life (the bold 9700) and i have to say it is not for business people alone, blackberry is for everyone these days. i have a few friends who own the same phone i have, and we all are witnesses. i am staying with blackberry until a better and i mean better touch screen phone comes out. but for now i am currently awaiting blackberry 6. they need to hurry up and release it already lol

  • sergio

    bleh….blackberry is an overpriced texting phone unless you actually do corporate email.

  • Patty

    Now, if only Mobile, Alabama had 3G. We aren’t a small town, what’s the freakin’ holdup? Its 2010 dangit, not 2004…..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Contact your city’s planning department, utilities, or whoever handles “cell phone towers.”

      Because it’s public record, they have to tell you what T-Mobile is doing in terms of erecting towers or getting 3G improvements going. (Not only does city govt. issue tower building or modification permits, govt. also taxes carriers “so much per tower” based on the amount of business each tower generates.) So govt. likes to keep tabs on what carriers are doing. LOL.

      The govt. entity will tell you what the delay is, in getting 3G. Usually it’s someone or a group saying they don’t want a tower in the neighborhood.

    • tmobilenatl

      if you go to and click on coverage Mobile is listed as “coming soon” under cities with HSPA+

  • pimpstrong

    Never owned a BB and this just seems like something I could already buy. If I wanted to buy a BB then I would want the Torch at this point in the game…

  • phoneking13

    what’s the retail outright cost for this phone?

  • Coitus

    That’s about as exciting as a new Atari 2600 game being released!

  • Roger

    whats the 3G support with this thing anyway? find it really sketchy that its not said beyond 3G, meaning another inferior HSPA 3.6 instead of at least the 7.2 the network is capable of on all ends.

  • Josef

    You do realize that you don’t have to like every single phone that comes out right? I myself am an avid Android lover, but I know plenty of people who would enjoy this phone just fine. It’s a matter of preference. Don’t fault T-Mo for trying to have something for different kinds of people. If you don’t want one, don’t buy one. End of Story

  • MW

    T-Mobile…What are you doing??? Why yet another new phone that is only HSPA+ capable…missing out on a big marketing campaign…not to mention your letting your faithful customers down by not having devices that cannot take full advantage the HSPA+…not sure what is going on here but ya need to wake up!

  • pimpstrong

    IS THAT A FFC?? That better be a FFC cuz thats a Deal Breaker. No FFC = No Deal. FCC said it should be an FFC.

  • Just wait that $79.99 price will be about $30 in a month or so and then free by the end of the year. Blackberries are nice phones to have but they need to stop making low quality phones and return back to the business model of having only High-tech top of the market devices.

    • A_O

      Naww man, i disagree, you gotta think beyond the ‘business’ people, i know many, many high school friends who LOVE these bb curve phones, the keyboard is amazing, and they just use it for texting, facebook, and of course BBM.

      Think of that crowd, as the crowd RIM is targeting, and trust me they are being successful, everyday i see more and more girls, especially, go from iPhone to Blackberry curves.

      i do how ever agree that is about god damn time RIM introduces some heavy power CPU’s and higher RAM and ROM to their high end devises xD for the tech savvy like me and you.

    • Roger

      They should introduce this in standardized blackberry colors(Black, White, and maybe Red) and discontinue the curve. the curve isn’t a bad phone, but the lack of 3G really hurts when you’re still paying 30$ a month like everyone else. its like the evo users on sprint paying 40 for no 4G.

  • mike

    Everytime i hear people saying they want hspa+ it get to me that New Mexico probley wont see any hspa+ for like 2 years. be happy with what you got ill probley be on edge for 10 more years where i live.

    • Roger

      3g may come sooner than you think, T-mobile is seriously going on the offensive with HSPA+.

  • Mike

    This is an entry level Blackberry, not meant to compete with Evos,Droid X’s and Iphones…thats why it is 79.99, not 199.99 like those phones….compare apples with apples, you Android/Iphone fanboys. As for the gentleman that said he had a couple of BB Pearls awhile ago, you aren’t serious comparing phones that are a few years old(without full keyboards, I might add) with brand new MyTouch slides, Evo’s, Vibrants,and the like…its like comparing a Ford Fiesta with a Mustang…it doesn’t apply…of course newer technology blows away older technology…

  • Chrissy

    I’m an avid BlackBerry user….AVID… Have been since 2002. Last upgrade was to 8900…

    Yes…this is definitely entry-level smartphone…and I think there is a market for it. BBM and the message alerts for young people on multiple social networks are amazing….

    Still as much as I love BB’s I’m waiting for a something to really wow me… The Torch came close but sadly it’s not at T-Mobile.

    Come on RIM…please step up the game….just a bit.

  • jonathan

    when they going to come out with a phone with a front face camera

  • Help

    is it better than samsung galaxy Q