T-Mobile Looking To Step Up Android Push?

I have to admit I’m not sure if this page is new and I just happened to stumble onto it last night or if it’s old and I just happened to stumble onto it last night anyway. Either way, it looks as though T-Mobile is going on an Android offensive looking to showcase its Android diversity and strength, not to mention place as the original Android carrier in the US.  Head on over to android.t-mobile.com and you see an entire page dedicated to the Android and T-Mobile world.  With tips, tricks, how-tos, comparison guides and so much more, T-Mobile is definitely readying an Android offensive with this new page.  With the T-Mobile G2 right around the corner, their timing couldn’t be better.


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  • JoshL

    Yeah, it’s been around for a few months. But I am really excited about their ‘all-in’ attitude! I really do think T-Mobile is trying to do a 180.

    • David

      Has it, I NEVER noticed it until now…I’ve never seen it on the homepage until now?

      • NiiDiddy

        NEVER seen it until right here, David. And I was on T-Mobile’s website most of the morning yesterday paying my bill and just browsing and never saw this. Pretty cool though…

      • JoshL

        It wasn’t on the homepage, but I found it while searching for phones (around the time the vibrant launched).

      • Bimmerz

        Haven’t seen it before now either David, so thx for sharing. :)

      • Shawn

        Ya it’s been there a while, it just doesnt pop up on the homepage everytime. Usually pops up when u go to tmobile and search android devices.

      • Yeah, it’s been on there for like the past 12 years, lol. Yes over-exaggerated sarcasm. But, yeah..

      • the1stjester

        I saw this last week while doing a search on the website. I thought it must of been new.

      • EA575

        Yeah, I saw that page a few weeks ago. T-Mobile is very dedicated to Android it’s as if it’s their baby lol.

      • Presto117

        I found it on the homepage a week or two ago, but I’d say it’s worth reporting, especially when that page gets filled with devices that are just as powerful as the Vibrant!

    • sorandkairi

      or going to your account and look your phones, if you have an android,

      really ppl yall have never seen this…..

    • Rob

      It’s been under the discover tab for a while now

  • kinoy

    I think its good that tmobile is finally making a push. Bring on the G2 .. :)

  • Ehren

    Too bad it’s impossible to get a simple text message to go thru when you’re @ a major event anyehrere in the Twin Cities…& nevermind even making a simple phone call. A buddy of mine experienced this on 3 separate occasions, & myself for the first time last night…

    • Shannon

      I thought I only had that problem here in Las Cruces! That’s about the only time I have problems with T, though.

      • zazou

        I have been noticing this a lot lately.. It seems to have started about a month or two ago…

    • juan

      I noticed the same problem here in Phoenix about 4 months ago and it persists…

      Concerts, conferences…anything I go too, a dead zone!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    What I do most of the time is click the T-Mobile ads (and even the other carriers) to see what T-Mobile is up to.

    Web ONLY promotions are a popular advertising medium and I noticed that T-Mobile, just like others, is starting to use them with more frequency.

    Below is from a small display ad I saw on a politics page, where the discussion was the economy. It’s more than coincidence that T-Mobile is pushing free phones and unlimited text for the entire family on a page where hard times is the subject.

    I will just paste my comment I posted on other pages:

    Here is T-Mobile advertising an unlimited text plan and free phones, for families.

    What’s important is that this promo indicates an emphasis on families and getting three or more phones in their hands, for free.

    This is targeting the dad on a budget (“dad” meaning the typical American family).

    Note that all these phones are FREE. Like I said before, to a dad struggling to pay each month’s bills, this sounds a lot better than paying even $100 for a smartphone. Not everyone rushes out to pay $600 to $1200 to outfit every family member with superphones.

    Moreover, is this the start or evidence of T-Mobile’s “The Family Network” campaign?


  • I was at a Sam’s Club on Friday and the cell phone kiosk guy told me that TMo is going to start losing their towers soon because of an agreement with ATT is about to end. Anyone heard of this or know something about it. Thanks.

    • 007

      SAms club cell phone guys is dumb…..

      • Bobert

        How do you know ?

      • Presto117

        the grammar fail in your sentence is astounding.

    • eYe

      I sure hope that’s not true. T-mobile doesn’t have good enough coverage as is, if they start loosing towers…. we’re all screwed. I love the fact that HSPA+ is super fast, but seriously, I rarely see it here (Twin Cities, MN) and I cant even stream Pandora because coverage is so sparse, it switches between 3G and E all the time, sometimes dropping to G altogether. T-mobile picked up quite a few good phones lately, now they need to work on coverage so we can enjoy everything that those phones can offer. I would gladly pay another $10 per line to have my signal as good as ATT’s coverage around here. You hear that T-mobile?

      • Mr. MN

        If you think reception is bad in the Twin Cities, try St Cloud.

    • NiiDiddy

      definitely not true!!!

    • It might be the case that TMo is loosing their free-roaming with AT&T/Cingular. Currently you can roam on AT&T freely (and vice-versa). Perhaps that agreement is ending?

      AT&T towers are not HSPA+, so loss of AT&T tower rights won’t affect HSPA+. It could affect roaming, however.

      I wonder what is going to happen. My phone switched from TMo to AT&T if it can’t get good TMo service at a spot at school. If they lose their roaming agreement, will I start being charged?

      • Rilesman

        This is what I was wondering….if true I would suspect it would be either

        1) The roaming agreement between T-Mobile and AT&T would end or not be renewed
        2) Towers owned by AT&T will no longer lease to other carriers which could affect more than one carrier. This could be a bad precedence for AT&T as they would most likely lose towers in retaliation.

        It would be bad for both companies as it extends coverage or other issues. Perhaps AT&T has all of the areas covered now and no longer needs T-Mobile but I SERIOUSLY doubt that.

      • Rilesman

        Oh and I don’t believe it….it would have hit the news by now if that was the case.

      • Rilesman

        For Spectrum information….for the super nerds out there.


      • Brandon

        You’re half right… ATT and T-Mobile have what’s called “roaming-partner agreements”… meaning if ATT doesn’t have a tower at location X and T-MO does, ATT customers can roam off the T-MO tower.. and vice versa. Some of these agreements have expired in VERY FEW locations in the U.S. and ATT no longer allows T-MO to roam off of those towers. Same goes for the T-MO towers in these areas as well, so both carriers are affected. This “spectrum” sharing is something Sprint and VZ have tried to fight in the past because they considered it to be unfair. It is still an ongoing battle.

    • dvd05

      Yeah the Sams club kiosk guys don’t sell T-Mobile they only carry sprint, at&t and verzion, they also work on commission, there gonna tell you what ever it takes to buy something they sell

      • Yellow Nigro

        No Shiit Sherlock

    • I think he lied to you. Unfortunatly T-mobile has some haters out there, I noticed when I used to work for them. I had seen employees of retail stores speak against T-mobile by lieing and I had a customer try to say out loud in front of other customers that T-mo is going out of business but I proved hem wrong in front of everybody.

  • Omeer

    Well I hate to say it but T-mobile is once again the runner up even in the android game. Verizon’s been on an android frenzy lately, landing one top notch android phone after another. Not to mention that they promised a lot more to come by year’s end while we await G2 specs. I know T-mobile promised more phones too but it’s taking too long! Come on T-mobile launch these bastards like rockets…

    P.S. I hate Verizon and I would never go to them even if they had the first phone that walks my dog and makes me breakfast…

    • Verizon’s android lineup is impressive indeed, but it will come back to bite them. Its like a little fat kid with ice cream, just keep eatin and eating ice cream and you’ll barf….keep releasing android after android devices, your customers will get sick of it, theres no choice….they’re not good with apple, you’re not good with microsoft, and google and rim is your savior…all other carriers use a variety of phones that most have something special about them. verizon, droid 2 and droid pro is a ripoff same phone just a global roaming difference, the droid x is a evo ripoff, they dont even keep a phone for a full year. look at the eris..not even a year old and discontinued..i guess with thier huge customer base they can afford to waste money…But yea i’ve seen that page on the tmobile site a while ago, never really used it or paid attention to it, i just go on the tmobile site to pay my bill and check my upgrade options…

      • Scott

        AT&T has yet to barf on the iphone and they been pigging out on that one for years.

        In other words, your analogy is idiotic and your point is wrong. Verizon will not suffer because it’s offering a lot of excellent Android handsets.

  • David Thomas

    The page is slightly updated, but has been there for months. However, this is the first time they showcased the page on the homepage.

  • The Cliq XT in the picture looks like its running stock 2.1 :P

  • bretttttt

    Look at the mans CHIN!!!!

    • john

      He’s the father of the g1, he molested jay leno, and the g1 was the offspring.

  • mtnman

    Tmo is gearing up for the Q4 push. It’s going to help their bottom line coming up for 2011. Their going to push there “The Family Network” and all of their hot new smartphones as well. Along with the smart phones. Get the family plans, because we all know how the ecomomy is going and a lot of business’s arn’t hiring because if the uncertainty of if this ecomomy is going into a double-dip recession. If it is, then Tmo is on the ball. Getting people “Locked” into family plans for the next two years. That’s guarantee’d capitol and with all the new smartphones coming that’s also guarantee’d data plans. And at $30 a phone, that’s a lot of money in Tmo’s pocket.

    We (well I for one) would love to be in the board room when decissions are made, just like all of us would be as well and let them know what we think. But I suppect that Tmo looks at the forms, or has someone paid to look at them and see what people are say’n. Also Tmo has to look at the ecomomy, they have to look at “Future Trends” to see what’s coming down the pipe. You have to market you business to what’s coming as well as what the people want now. You may want the Ultra Super-Cool phone now, but if the economy tanks and you’re left with a phone you can’t afford then a lot of people will default on there bills leaving Tmo to write off a lot of money or spend a lot on collections.

    What’s coming in 2011? I don’t have a clue, but people a lot smarter that I have resonable idea of what’s headed this way and are preparing for it. If I knew the future, I’d be so rich Bill Gates would be asking me for loan. :)

    • Rilesman

      If they truly are trying to work the bargain bin for families they should probably pick up more phones similar to mini X10 types. They already have introduced CHARM which is a start.

    • Brandon

      Insightful, and right on point. Average families are spending smarter these days and are willing to make sacrifices to save money. Losing cell phone service in very rural areas to save tons of money on a monthly cell phone bill is a great way to start.

    • Frigadroid

      The biggest drawback for tmobile with people my age ( dads ) and who I’m around most is the coverage. People would love to save money with tmobile but need a phone to work when they take the family to the parks and lake on weekends. The hardcore tech geeks who want the latest greatest super phone are a small percentage. Tmobile knows that and that’s why they try to market to a family 3>1. They have been doing this for awhile now. I wish we could get the ultimate fantasy phone, but I’m realistic. The vibrant serves me very well and I love customer service my only wish is more and better coverage.

    • Cell phones companies are still huge money generators even in a bad economy. Like you said though if customers can pay their bills then the company will suffer. This may explain why T-mobile is focusing on families, they may have more than one source of income as apose to a single person who may lose their jobs and be forced to ignore their cell phone bill.

  • Is this a clue that much needed improvements to Android are coming? Iphone users say to me Andy is nice but too much stuff going on randomly. I think Google needs to put a little order in the ecosystem and still offer choice. Is that even possible? Stay Thirsty my friends…

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    It is about time somebody at t mobile did something. To be the first, then just left in the dirt with terrible releases such as the behold II, cliq xt ( too late ). Missing the motorola milestone release, and scorring the wrong exclusive (hd2). I love the fact that the network is open but DAMN! with the impending end of support for the older platforms, the onslaught should be amazing…

  • Tom

    I wonder if this means that the iPhone will not being coming to tmobile in the near future. It would be kind of weird if they launched a huge android push only to start selling the iPhone. Chances are, I’m getting the G2 when it releases. I lost my poor 9700 :(

  • Midori

    Yeah this page has been up since about the vibrant release but you had to fish for it though. I guess they are getting people who are unaware of android or haven’t used it ready for the g2 and other android releases.

  • Jake

    Funny thing. If you go to “Compare Phones,” the specs for the Vibrant lists it as having 256 MB of RAM. LOL. TMobile Fail.

  • mtnman

    T-mobile was the first to introduce Andriod to the world and it has become the 2nd largest behind iPhone as far as platforms. Then Verizon and Sprint is the one’s that are taking the ball and running with it. It seems that T-Mobile needs to really do an advertising push to let America know “We were the first” Sprint has their “1st is” commercial, well Tmo was the first to give us Andriod in the “Be you” commercial. No one looks at Tmo anymore for hot Android phones anymore because they droped the ball on it. All anyone know’s about now is “Droid”.

    • David Thomas

      I’m willing to bet that T-Mo didn’t take it seriously when they got offers for more Android devices. I’m wondering how in the world we were first, yet “Verizon” is pretty much synonymous with “Android”. Part of it might have to deal with T-Mo’s lack of advertising power. You always see Sprint, Verizon, and even AT&T commercials and billboards, but rarely can someone recall the last time they saw one for T-Mobile. And while word-of-mouth is great, clearly advertising and good selection helped VZW.

      Hopefully the Q4 2010 and Q1 2011 devices will at least boost T-Mobile’s Android presence. Any more devices like the Cliq, Charm, and Behold, they’ll be losing the Android customers faster than AT&T.

      • mtnman

        Word of Mouth advertising can only get you so far. After all negitive word can do even more damage than positive. Because someone can say how bad Tmo is that never even used or had Tmo service, just hearing it from a friend that said they heard it was bad. Positive gets you so far because even though you might say how wonderful Tmo is, that don’t translate into sales. But negitive will affect you bottom line. So to counter-act the negitive you have to advertise and push all the wonderful aspects of you service and phones.

      • dustin

        I strongly believe that verizon became known for android because they marketed the name droid on the motorola phones, I talk to so many people that refer to android phones (doesn’t matter which one) as the droid. Its frustrating

    • Rilesman

      I like that….in all advertising they should mention something to the effect.

      We brought the world the Android phone……

      • Scott

        … and have done diddly squat ever since.

        While the rest of the world pushes the Android envelope, we bring you trailing-edge phones like the NEW Charm, Garminfone, and MyTouch 3G Slide!


    why do our phones not receive android updates like the other carriers. the htc hero came out during the mytouch era, and that phone has been updated to 2.1. i got a mytouch and im still rocking 1.6. why do we have to pay for another phone to get an update when other carries update the phones they already got out!!!!! WHY!!!!

    • mtnman

      Bobby it all comes down to money. Tmo don’t have the capital like the other carriers do to spend to update everyone’s eles phone. They could, but to do so they’d no longer be the low cost carrier and they’d have to raise rates.

    • ihatefanboys

      dont listen to mountainman or whatever his name is….the mytouch is not so different than the g1, it isnt equipped to handle anything beyond 1.6 with its current configuration…besides name one phone on another carrier that started at android 1.6 and suddenly jumped to 2.0 ill admit i may be wrong, but its def not about money….i kno for certain that my G2 (when i get it) will get the once a year update that android will be doing starting this year..

  • AL

    ” not to mention place as the original Android carrier in the US.”
    Yea they where and they dropped the ball. Every other carrier is beating their ass with better Android phones. They where handed a chance by google and they sat on there assess!!!!!!!

  • Going_home

    I get excited over weekend news even if its not news. ;)

  • currator

    first off a lot of you jump on every little think tmobile is sitting just right. some of you either slept thru math or dont know how to run a company. point one big red in q2 reported a 200 mil net loss. and they are spending around 2 billion for the first part of the lte rollout let along all of it. stop and think they are not going to be able to put all there cust on to lte for a couple of years. 2 att as a whole copany made a profit of 4 bill in q2 thats a whole company landline broadband and wireless. sprint had a net loss of 760 mill in q2 a whole year of that and they wont make it to 2012. tmobile 4.7 bill in profit no losses in q2 they have more money because d.t. owns them you might better know them as the 2 or 3 largest telcom company in the world not usa world. so as d.t. spend money on clearwire for lte. they will aquire sprint for pennys on the dollar. not to mention with there heavy rollout of hspa+ and expansion of current coverage. in a few years i see tmobile as the us largest wireless company its simple mathe they have like 33 mil cust and sprint has around 50 mill add that plus all those people that we will get as cust because the hspa+. we will have to wait and see and we will. i for see tmobile usa have about a 100 mil cust by the end of 2012. oh remember wimax 2.0 will work on current sprint 4g phones and its a software upgrade for current towers oh wimax 2.0 has a max speed of 1gbps with realworld speeds of a 100mbps eat that big red with you cheap 4g with only a max of 14 mbps. remember sprint cant pay for all this clearwire rollout so i see tmobile using lte off wimax fiber. thats my rant

    • mad dog

      Currator you’re smoking some potent crack aren’t you.

    • Like you said T-mobile is a world wide company so they are not going anyware anytime soon. Lest wait and see what Q1 proffets are like before we say anything.

  • oil

    Dustin I feel the same way you do about people calling any android device “droid.” Great advertising for Verizon but it left the first carrier (T-Mo) in the dust. T-Mo’s advertising of the G2, if they ever advertise, should include that they were the first to bring Google’s Android. Just set the facts straight.

  • ihatefanboys

    ok this may sound weird but i want that goddamn shirt !!!

    • eYe

      That’s what I said!!!!!!! I’d be willing to pay some money for it!!!

  • chico

    i have noticed it on there for some months now…and the reason i remember is that that guy that they have on there is a dreamboat. everytime i call in to technical support i imagine its him that im talking to…and i will admit, it is one more reason i am sticking with magenta…their very attractive tech support men…

  • Robert

    This website has been up for quite some time….you guys are extremely late.

    • somebody

      late is not the right word lol

    • David

      Well gee Robert, thats why I said I wasn’t sure how long this had been up for. You know sometimes it helps if you guys give me notifications for this stuff so I don’t have to hear comments like “you guys are extremely late.”

      • Rilesman

        I guess they expect you to do all the work David….they are slackers.

      • Frigadroid

        This news site is free and unofficial why bitch people if you didn’t pay? Some of you are worse than indians haggling over a nickle on a item that only cost a dime.

      • sorandkairi

        @ frigadroid

        I get your point but you could’ve pick a different anology… that just sound kinda racist man, just tidbit!

      • pimpstrong

        full racist, not kinda racist.

      • sorandkairi

        correction…. full

  • mtnman

    Com’on guys give David a break, when it comes to finding the lattest news about what’s going on with Tmo, it’s not going to be on the Tmo site. After all they only relese news when they want to and by then, it’s after something has already come out. The best places to find out about what’s happening with any Cell phone carrier is all the PhoneDogs, Wirefly and all other sites. Do you really think that Tmo is going to let all us pee-ons know what the heck their doing behind the sceens?

  • sergio

    My only disappointment is that on twitter david told me to add two other guys and the three of them post the same exact news so now that I have all three on twitter, I get triple posts of the same news

    • David

      That’s your ONLY disappointment, I think most sites have people that post alot of the same news spread among their staff, not to mention it might be another avenue for you to reach out and ask questions, find news and just interact. Sorry to have disappointed you. The comment section totally disappointments me now. I really wish there were alot less of the “you guys are extremely late” stuff, that’s equally frustrating. The lack of decency in the comments lately toward our work is totally disappointing.

      • mtnman

        Thank you David. I think you guys to a great job. Keep up the good work.

      • JM

        Don’t let the ungrateful few get you down! Remember David lots of people use and enjoy your site everyday that never use the comments section. So allow me to comment on their behalf:
        Thanks T-mo News staff for all the hard work and dedication! Briging all the T-mo rumors and latest news together on one site saves us from having to scrounge for info from all around the net thus making our lives a little bit easier. Keep it up!

        And how about a plus/minus system for comments? I for one would love to see worthless comments downranked into oblivion! Thats always satisfying.

      • pimpstrong

        You guys with these comments bashing the site are like family members talking !@#$ about their own family. This site is like a community and there’s way too much negativity going around ALL THE TIME. Let’s cut these guys some slack and if you cant be a lil more positive then just find another site huh?

  • mingkee

    NONE of T-Mobile Android phone is appealing as nexus one. This is a right phone for the prime time.

  • Usman

    That’s great… now if only T-mobile would start bringing sexy, high-end Android handsets to market. Verizon has already taken the top spot, despite coming to the game a full year after T-mobile!

  • big Jake

    David!!, just keep doing you chief I for 1 appreciate all the footwork as well as agree wit some of you who says Tmo really needs to step it up w/ the selection with sexy looking handy andys that are powerful… on second thought I think I’ll pass on the midrange G2 & wait on tbe highend Tmo gear… P.S. samsung’s are subpar thx you

    • Rilesman

      I could only hope T-Mobile gives you the latest and greatest before release…you absolutely deserve it. They get to keep their distance yet get great feedback from the comments….all from you.

      Let me say…Thank You.

  • Charles Xavier

    I wish T-mobile would step up their Iphone game……

  • currator

    im am not on anything. i am just looking at whats happening and make a thought process. thats all its either gonna happen one way or another. remember those big companies have major over head moto and big red spent something like 200 mil on the ads for the droid so i mean blow money lots of money. and sprint the way they are losing money is that of somebody thats bleeding out. and there is no way to stop the bleeding. and i mean thats around 50 mil cust right for the picking. im just saying. i mean once they drop a few good hspa+ phones and with all those markets that have it will be selling out in most major cities its all about the data. and with att and verizon networks so maxed out its slow. heck in orlando,fl with 3 bars of signal i did a speed test on my phone and i was hitting almost 6mbps. so i cant wait for hspa+ in my area once att is done laying fiber to the towers in this area hspa+ here i come. they are putting uverse in almost all the county i live in. in florida. so by sometime next year from what one of the att guys putting wire down told me that they will does most of the fiber layout in 2011. i cant wait.

  • bjjoseph

    finally fast phones!!!
    ugghhh i hate my mytouch right now…..

  • Vincenzo

    If they’re looking to “step up”, they’ll need to do better than their current craptacular selections of phones. C’mon the Vibrant as their only high-end Android handset? T-Mobile….yawn.

  • wojax2

    yeah, tmo need to step up big time in the android game.I’m trying to hold off switching to sprint on my wifes contract. just had a chance to play with the epic, and evo for a while and its killing me waiting for something from tmo on the same level as those 2 phones.My wife keeps begging me to jump on her sprint contract with her to get either phone and she will pay for it. she has been with sprint for 10 yrs and wants me with her..I just dont like sprint,can someone keep me encouraged to stay with my beloved magenta? Im trying to be patient but damn, can tmo stop bullshtin around and “leak”some upcoming powerhouse phones! give me hope tmo ,protect me from the evil grasp of sprint!(that epic is still pretty nice though).

    • WinkyDinkyDogg

      If your wife is gonna pay for it, you’d be a fool not to leave.

    • If you like the epic then why not the vibrant. Only real difference is a keyboard and duel cameras for video calling, something still not widely used.

  • SexyNexy
    • john

      Grammar douche…huh, what, I’m just sayin’.

  • mmeyer4663

    How about an official, supported Android release for the HD2!?
    At least something where everything “works”!

  • Detroitking02

    I done had it with T-Mobile I been with this company for 6 years and I’m tired of them putting out the crappiest phones for ex. I bought the HD2 it had windows 6.5 and no front camera and sprint releases there version and they get android 2.2 , front camera, and 8 mega pix cam. I just bought a samsung vibrant I like the phone but sprint has there version coming out tuesday and it has a front camera, 5 mega pix w/ led flash, and more. Why does t-mobile choose not to make there phones with all the bells and whistles I don’t seem to understand . I bought a Evo two weeks ago and I choose sprint over t-mobile I’m sorry. Sprint is cheaper $59.99 with my company discount for 450 mins , free incoming calls , free sprint 2 sprint calls, data & unlimited txt , and sprint tv

  • Stream

    Tmo did decent advertising with the g1 though I thought it was horrible at first until people started coming up to me and asking me if that was the “google phone”. whether that is the correct name or not, it always brought a smile to my face :D I hate how verizon advertises their android phones because most of their “highlights” sections is filled with the things that ALL stock android phones can do and basically market it as if they’re the only ones that have it. Its a good marketing strategy for them but I’m surprised TMO hasn’t retaliated like AT&T did a while back with Verizon’s false coverage claims.

  • mtnman

    You’d think that Verizon owns the Android platform. Android was invented by Google, and is marketed by Verizon as “Droid” to which they have to pay copyrights to George Lucus everytime they play it. Also I have to agree with Stream that Verizon makes a big deal out of Andriod and what it can do, but Android is on every carrier.

    Its such a nice marketing campagin that you hear people ask you “is that a droid phone?” no matter what carrier its on. Google brought Android into the world, Tmo gave it life, and Verizon stold it and now claims it as its own.

    When the G2 comes out, no one will care because its not a “Droid” phone, even thought it is a Android in the true sense of the word. Not totally Vanilla, just a little sense overlay. And yet Tmo won’t do the advertising needed to push the phone. They’ll just do what they always do……word of mouth.

    • Rob

      What drives me nuts is the radio stations in my are push they’re apps as “download ____ for your iphone black berry or droid”

  • Peter K

    I for one am glad I can come here to get my tmobile news. David and his crew may not break every story but atleast they post it on this site and give the credit to those that did. We get all the relevant info displayed on this site without having to bounce around to 5 different places. I love coming to his site multiple times a day to see the new stories as they are uploaded and I know I don’t have to go elsewhere to see of anything relevant was missed.

  • Perry

    Wish the “android expert” would hurry up and update the original MT3G handsets. You know the ones that are languishing on ver 1.6?!

  • Its about time they finally realize that android is the future of smart phones.

  • T-mobile needs to let people know that they were the first to have android. They do need an android push so far Verizon as has a major push with the droid, droid incredible, droid x, droid 2 and so on. Though T-mobile was the first to have an android they are not bushing as hard as Verizon.

  • This page should probably have started with the G1 was coming out.
    But, better late than never.

  • Robert

    AT DAVID<<<<<< Hey you didnt have to go all anal on my David, lol it's really not that big of deal I just said you were late that is all. No harm no foul dude geez. I understand you post what you can which is perfectly understandable, I find the site helpful and informative. When I posted the comment I was actually just hassling you. On a more serious note the site is fine, hell it is all we have since no other site provides anything and T-Mobile doesnt either. Besides tmonews, there are engadget, cnet, and other sites none of which are fully dedicated to T-Mobile. Tmonews.com is and I appreciate that seriously. Keep up the good work.

  • Dubya504

    T-Mobile Looking To Step Up Android Push? And this means WHAT? They came out with a magazine mentioning No Phones Will Be Left Behind and MT3g will be getting Froyo 2.2 love soon. Soon was in May, then June, then July, then August and now September. Stop with all the lies!!!!