T-Mobile Officially Announces Blackberry Curve 3G

Almost out of nowhere, T-Mobile has officially announced the availability of the Blackberry Curve 3G (aka Blackberry 9300), just hours after the official RIM announcement.  Available in two colors, Smoky Violet (see image below) and Graphite Grey (shown above) the Curve 3G will be available in the “coming weeks” to T-Mobile stores as well as T-Mobile.com.  With the usual span of Blackberry features, it looks as though this will replace the Blackberry 8520 giving T-Mobile at least one more choice on the Blackberry 3G front.

Hit the list for the full rundown on features and we’ve highlighted some of the highlights:

Key Features of the BlackBerry Curve 3G include:

  • Full QWERTY keyboard and touch-sensitive optical trackpad for responsive typing and easy navigation
  • Available in two color finishes – smoky violet and graphite grey
  • Premium phone features including calendaring, voice-activated dialing, Visual Voicemail and Bluetooth 2.1
  • Advanced media player for music, pictures and videos, with dedicated media keys and a 3.5 mm stereo headset jack, plus BlackBerry Media Sync, which makes it easy to quickly sync music from iTunes® or Windows Media Player with the smartphone
  • 2-megapixel camera with zoom and video recording · Built-in GPS with location-based services by TeleNav
  • Access to BlackBerry App World, featuring a broad and growing catalog of mobile applications developed specifically for BlackBerry smartphones. Categories include games, entertainment, social networking and sharing, news and weather, productivity, and much more.
  • Web browser delivers a desktop-like experience, including HTML e-mail
  • BlackBerry Internet Service support for access to up to 10 e-mail accounts including Yahoo!®, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL®, GmailTM and most popular ISPs; and BlackBerry Enterprise Server support, which provides advanced security and IT administration features for corporate deployments
  • Six popular instant messaging clients preloaded, including AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ®, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and BlackBerry Messenger
  • Fast 624 MHz processor, 256MB of internal memory and hot-swappable microSD/SDHC card slot with support for up to 32GB with a pre-installed 2GB memory card
  • BlackBerry OS 5; support for BlackBerry OS 6
  • Model number: BlackBerry Curve 9300
  • Wi-Fi enabled (802.11 b/g/n) for data and voice
  • Quad-band GSM world phone: (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Tri-Band 3G UMTS/HSDPA world phone: (Band I, Band IV, Band VIII)
  • Dimensions: 4.3 inches x 2.4 inches x 0.55 inches; 3.8 ounces; 2.4-inch screen, 320×240 pixels QVGA
  • Rechargeable/removable 1150 mAhr battery, for up to 4.5 hours of talk time and 19 days of standby time


  • ThisGuy


    who am I kidding, this is pretty much exactly like every other blackberry out right now.

    nothing to see here folks….move along.

    • Brian


  • cellswag05

    Blackberrys are a snore zzzz. Rim Needs re do on their boring os. Os doesn’t seem like much. Plus They need to put more processing speed in their phones.

  • Luis

    Does anyone else care about BlackBerry anymore? I know I don’t.

    • WXman

      BlackBerry? What’s that?

  • Jazz

    This isn’t exciting at all. 2 MP camera, no flash … why is is that the BB Pearls have had 3.2 mp with flash and these new 90XX series don’t. On top of that the screen resolution is lame, as compared to the 9700, which is 480 x 360.

    The only plus i see is the faster processor and the OS 6.

    Anyone agree?

    • pjs

      Pearl does not have 3.2 (maybe the brand new one does) but the 8100 had 1.3 MP with no flash and the 8120/8220 had 2.0 with flash. Check yourself before you wreck yourself

    • J. Edgar Hoover

      I completely agree. T-Mobile seemed to take a step back when they released the 8520 curve models. They go from the Blackberry 8320 with 2.0 megapixel camera and flash to the Blackberry curve 8900 with 3.2 megapixel and flash then to the Blackberry 8520 with 2.0 megapixel and no flash. I don’t get the trend there.

  • DavidinJax

    Why can’t we get the Blackberry Torch on Tmobile!! Grrr that phone is gorgeous!

    • Presto117

      have you seen the reviews? It might as well be a myTouch 3G launching along with the Galaxy S or EVO. RIM’s losing ground and they’ll be dead before you know it.

  • monicooo

    I just want the bold 9780 to come out already! I don’t care if thies phone comes out. If tmo doesn’t release the blackberry 9780 before october I’m so switching to virgin mobile or att cuz they both have/will have the torch. And tmobile should get the torch! IT is gsm, which makes it work on att and tmo.

    • tortionist

      Enjoy the crappy service and speeds of AT&T.

  • nerd lust

    Finally a 3g curve. The 8530 on verizon is 3g but the 8520 on tmobile is edge only. When the price drops this should be a very nice entry level blackberry. Hopefully tmob can get feature phone users to switch to this. Great for text,email,and Instant message.

    • Charlie

      The only problem with that is you have to pay for blackberry web, which is 30/month. And feature phone users won’t like the sound of that…

      • tortionist

        Did it go up from 10$ a month?

      • pjs

        @ tortionist

        BB web has been $30 since T-Mobile launched the Even More plans back in Oct of last year. Before that it was $25 (mid 2008- oct 2009) and before that it was $20 (in 2005 – mid 2008), but never less that $20 if I can recall.

  • mike

    tmobile always gets assed out, att gets the torch and tmo gets this???

    • J-Hop2o6

      AT&T has exclusivity on it.. but i don’t think for long tho.

  • NiiDiddy

    Nothing really to see here…well, except for it’s a 3G Blackberry. One good thing I liked about Blackberry is the battery life. [then again its because the one t-mobile carry aren’t touchscreens]. Would be nice to see the Torch here though, but kudos to ATT.

  • beastly

    Nice. Lower-res camera means a lower price. So this one has 3G speeds, the same processor that made the 9700 into such a beast, and is upgradeable to OS 6, all at a lower cost than what we’re likely to see from the 9780.

    And before you say that a 624 mhz processor doesn’t make the phone a beast, remember that BBs have streamlined (okay, fine, downright nerfed) functions, and don’t require the same kind of processing power that an Android does. With that kind of processor, this phone will be able to run a half dozen simultaneous apps, switch back and forth between the seamlessly, and have nary a force-close message.

    The big disappointment to me is the battery. 1150 mah will mean that it’ll run as long as most other smartphones, but it won’t be able to take the kind of abuse I put my 9700. It’ll be nice for folks who want a purple BlackBerry and don’t want to spend much more than $300 retail on it. Actually, I don’t know why RIM doesn’t release all their phones in at least four colors right out the door. Color matters a lot to some customers. My wife actually passed on the 9700 and picked up something entirely different, even though she liked the features on the 9700 because it was only available in “boring” black at the time. It may be sad, but RIM could probably recapture a good chunk of its lost customers by making sure every BlackBerry is available in a bunch of different colors the way they used to with the Pearl. Heck, if I could get a good model of BB in green, that might cure my wandering eye, at least for awhile. *Nobody* sells green phones.

  • Droidfan

    Hey retards…the Blackberrys are designed for business people that pretty much just want email and don’t care about all the latest features, do your research. But, when Blackberry OS 6 comes out it is going to be more competitive to Android. Once again if you did your research you would know.

    • Reece

      Business people can find many enterprise features such as Exchange servers on the ever so evolving Android and iOS along with the many other players out there from WinMo6 & upcoming WinMo7, WebOS, and Nokia’s smartphone lineup.

      RIM’s hardware is archaic even with their OS6 darling the Torch featuring a slow CPU & crappy screen. Thus even when OS6 is available for this, the (much improved) web browser will be compromised by the hardware limits on this thing.

      Outside of BBM (only because it’s hardware specific to BBs in general), everything the BB can do enterprise wise can be handled by their competition who also offers other benefits whether it’s apps, multimedia, faster CPU and better screen resolution which could actually have someone *gasp* do business stuff!

  • mikeeeee

    att gets the torch. we get this.

    another triumph for the marketing department.

    thinkin’ about trialing a DROID.

  • NiiDiddy
  • BerryGoodPhone

    Droidfan nailed it. Rim makes Blackberry phones that primarily target business business users who don’t need all the time wasting fluff but may want to partake in some of it. Any casual, full time users that they acquire are just a bonus. They ARE covering all of their bases while they observe what the rest of market is doing and will remain competitve in the areas where they need to be.

  • Tito!

    Blackberry 6… When it comes out, its gonna be competitive with Android? Blah, blah, blah. No its not! Nothing can beat android right now. Not when 325% from the last quarter, come on?
    & T-Mobile. Seriously? Wow, bad move. A phone you actually, had to have to happened with the phone manufacturer who is losing fans like crazy. We’ve seen these phones before! Come on, there’s more phone out there then umphing the ones you already have. Who likes the sound of a curve anymore? It doesn’t even sound appealing. People are interested in more, in Bolds, & Torches! You get stuck with a stupid curve with slapped on 3G. How’s that gonna sound?

    T-Mobile rep:”Hi, would like a Blackberry Curve. . . 3G!”(: Thanks mofos. Exciting.

  • Bklyn Bruiser

    Does it come with Froyo????

  • mtnman

    Blackberry is trying to get back in the “Game” after falling to #3 behind Apple and now Android. But it’s not going to do it with this phone. Sorry Tmo, but this isn’t going to get a whole lot of customers running back. But I supect that Tmo is more focused on the higher end HTC Shubert WM Phone and the “Project Emerald” phone coming out in the next few months.

    If I was working at Tmo that’s were I’d be spending my ad dollars at. Let AT&T have the Torch on there crappy droped call network. Right now Android is the way to go, and as far as Window’s 7 phone goes, Tmo led the way with Android and it want’s to be in the forefront with the relese of Window’s 7 as well. Plus the fact that it will be on the HSPA+ network.

    Heck I live here in Colorado Springs, and I’ve talked to both the Tmo store and customer service, and both have said that the Springs will have HSPA+ service by the end of the year.

  • pimpstrong

    BB fan or not, these specs are as good as a phone over 2 years ago.

    • 30014

      Exactly. This would have been a contender 2 years ago, but its already outdated before it releases. Rim’s slow and steady approach may work on the enterprise side of things but it’s getting their ass handed to them by Google and Apple on the consumer side of their business.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I bet that Motorola Charm is starting to look really good for some of the heavy BB users. I’m not a BB user at all but I know the Charm sure does look much better than this.

  • Hasheesh

    wow..even though i actually prefer this spaced out keyboard over the bold 9700’s, the rest of the phone screams low quality and affordable.

  • pantlesspenguin

    This phone isn’t for the hardcore user. This is a very entry level blackberry, which actually still has somewhat of a market. Are android users going to switch to this phone? Nope. Are 9700 users going to jump to this phone? Nope. This phone is for people that are just getting into the smartphone game & don’t need all the bells & whistles just yet.

  • AgDon

    I have a BB8900 Curve now and will not be replacing it with another BB. I like what it could do but the speed and screen size will not work for me.

  • fatboy97

    2-megapixel camera???? Are you kidding???

  • Jake

    Wow the rate of Innovation for Black Berry’s is astounding, maybe they should slow down before these things start competing with the Flux Capacitor!!

    • Joshuakprice1

      Hah! Maybe BB will release some atari games for it. And what is with the 624 mhz processor? Now THAT’S innovation. I didn’t know they even made those…:)

  • Jake

    A Brand New Blackberry, this thing may even compete with my Nokia 2330!!!

  • Rifleman

    Why would anyone want the BB 9300 when T-Mobile is offering buy one get one free for the BB 9700?

  • watbetch

    The only other phone that could be a bigger disappointment is the 9800. Same old Blackberry, just new icons.

    • TheRealWatBetch

      Look who it is, the know it all ass wipe.

  • PatrickHuey

    i wish there WAS word on the 2.2 FroYo for the mytouch 3g. im getting really fed up with it. i wish i had gone with my instinct in the beginning and went with a nexus one..all these high end 1GHZ phones coming out makes my mytouch 1.2 seem useless, and WAY outdated.

    • Matt

      I’m still waiting, as well. I wish we’d get any concrete date rather than “soon”

  • djdarkknight96

    Blackberry android with Gingerbread 3.0, my dream phone! Mytouch with froyo will not support flashplayer ever! Only 1ghz phones can handle flash….running froyo right now on the Nexus and mytouch, developer is cyanogen! Adobe says get yourself a gig android phone to ever see flash on your cell! Fyi

  • jdog

    So does this phone come with Froyo or whatever you call it?

  • Claude

    A Blackberry with Froyo? Do you even know what Froyo is?

    Froyo is codename for Android 2.2. Thats the latest Android software for the Android phones. Only Android phones run Android software. Blackberry phones do not run Android software. Blackberry’s have their own operating software.

  • TonyJohns

    Not everyone wants a 10 inch screen, 30 meg camera, front facing back facing side facing camera, with super “secret of life” glass screen and a Tiger/Giraffe/Hippo processor. Where the battery lasts 4.3 seconds.

    Some people just like a simple phone that gets the job done. Blackberry isn’t going anywhere. It may not be leading in the market anymore, but it’s business user base will continue to keep it a float.

    That is all.

    • Mohammad

      I agree. Only 6.5 miilion t mobile users are using smartphones. the rest of the 27 millions are not!

  • Yes!

    The phones you crave! Woot!

  • Not a BB person,
    but they do look professional
    with a stable OS.

  • raymond

    tony if i hear one more person say “not everyone wants a high-end phone”

    then why the hell is tmobile in last place
    they can win awards all day that doesn’t change anything -_-

    t mobile users are crying out for a high end device not mid range phones

    • pjs

      DO you consider the Vibrant and HD2 low end phones? I know not everyone likes WM phones but some do and that caters to them. The Vibrant bests pretty much any other “high end” Android phone on the market.

  • raymond

    you can no longer sit and say t mobile caters to the “average phone users” -_- if t mobile has over 40 phones all of them are mid range and low range phones.

    it is about time tmobile gets one of those 30 mp 10 inch monsters before they look up and see a going out of bussiness sign

    • Deadinditches

      Say hello to the vibrant, bud.

  • Jimbo

    Raymond your a fing idot 10 inch screen who the f would carry a phone that big maybe a few people not a lot ur a retard and tmo is fine

  • Rifleman

    My BlackBerry 9700 has a 3-megapixel camera. What reason could there possible be for stepping backwards for BB that only has a 2-megapixel camera. One of the reasons T-Mobile is losing customers right and left is because they have lost their vision of what the customer wants.

    • Deadinditches

      The curve isnt supposed to be a replacement for the bold. Why are people on this forum so trivial or downright stupid?

      • Rifleman

        Reviews say the BB 9300 is “nothing that will shake the earth, but at least it is functional”. Translation: It’s obviously not a replacement for the Bold.

        Question is why would anyone want it when T-Mobile is offering the BB 9700 buy one get one free?

  • rolo

    Blackberry only needs 1 phone. Release this 1, dump the rest & go back in2 your hole RIM. In my iphone/evo add voice, idontcare

  • alex32

    hopefully “out of no where” we get more info on tmobiles hpsa+ device coming in september. We are almost halfway in august and still no legit news or a leaked picture of the product. Tmobile has to be like verizon in a sense where they tell their devices early prior to release. Verizons droid 2 doesnt come in another week and they already put a 360 degree view of the phone on their website.

  • Droidfan

    Guys once again I will say this…the BB are not designed for you tech fans, it is designed for business people that don’t want all the bells and wistles and just want email and now with 3G in the new Curve it allows those people that once again just want email but do some internet browsing since it is faster now. So just accept it BB 9300 is not a phone for most of you people, it is more designed for business people. Oh, by the BB is number 1 in the market…you guys need to do your research. But, by 2012 Android should be number 1. Oh and I am a Android fan (hinse the reason to my username). I am like all you guys here who are Android fanatics but I just had to straighten you guys out. But, if you guys were true “technology geeks” you would already know all this. So…you guys are just wanabees!!!! Do your freaking homework before you try to put down other phones/OSs!!!

  • Brodie

    Yawn!!! I think RIM is coming to an end soon! TMO better step it up or their next!

  • Cyberkinetic

    @droidfan actually android is number one rim number 2 then apple. Googlle it.

  • Hater

    I am seeing everyone teenage with blackberry. Blackberry is the new sidekick now?

  • XenomanX

    I’m with Droidfan, BlackBerry devices are not most tech blog reader wet-dream phones. These are phones designed for people, like myself, who want a nice looking device with tightly integrated messaging/email functionality and the ability to web browse. On the corporate side these are the most secure devices, so while Android and iOS might be making headway into corporate integration they’re not nearly as secure as a BlackBerry on BES for a business, and thus businesses will continue to use BlackBerry’s for their business needs instead of defecting en masse to iPhone and Android devices. I’ve personally used Android and Windows Mobile devices and found that I prefer my Blackberry; I absolutely hated WinMo 6.x, and while I’m not going to diss on Android because I do believe it is the mobile OS of the future, I just don’t really care about applications and all the other flash hoo-ha. I found that I use my phone for SMS/MMS, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, listening to music through Pandora and/or mp3s, and reading blogs. The BB is primarily a messaging device, plus it has BBM which I isn’t available on WinMo/Android/iOS/etc., and any other applications that I do use there is a version available for my BB.

    So is BlackBerry cutting edge? Yes, for 2008. Does RIM need to step up their game? In the consume market they most certainly do, and it wouldn’t hurt to do so in the business market as well; the Torch 9800 was a STEP in the right direction but it still missed the mark. But the point still stands that the BlackBerry is not the device for your average tech junkie, it’s a device for a very specific kind of user, and those users love them very much.

  • Spineless

    2mp camera, no flash, 256MB ram… No thanx… I’ll stay with my 8900