HTC Shubert On Video, Coming To T-Mobile?

With only a few months away till Windows Phone 7 formally unveils itself to the world, we’re expecting the handset rumor mill to churn away with information. Thanks to the folks at we have a look at what might be T-Mobile and HTC’s first entrance into the Windows Phone 7 world. The handset name being tossed around here is “Schubert,” a name that will sound familiar to those who have seen the leaked T-Mobile roadmap and memorized the future devices. “Shubert” (which might also be known as the HTC Mozart) as it was called on the T-Mobile roadmap is definitely looking more and more like the first Windows Phone 7 to deliver itself on Magenta. As the only HTC phone without the Android logo present in the roadmap image, it’s safe to say that HTC and T-Mobile will deliver at least one Windows Phone 7 device before the years end.

Say what you want about previous generations of Windows Mobile, the new software looks pretty good and yet it remains to be seen if it can be a true competitor both through overall sales as well as application offerings. Catch the video up top and comment below and please, let’s keep the Windows Phone hate and Android cheering to a minimum, mmmmkay?

247windowsphone via BGR

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  • DavidinJax

    Why do we get all the gorgeous looking Windows phones?!?!


    • Patrick

      kill yo-self lol j/k seriously though…a LOT of ppl use WM phones….as the IT industry. It’s either WM of Android all the way across. And I’m finding that it usually ends up being a WM device with Android on top lol

      • Ural

        T Mobile wasting resources on a useless product. T Mobile understand, Windows on smartphones is DEAD. Use that money for something with HSPA+ on Android and you will see your fortunes turn.

        Wasting resources on products like:

        – HDII (WinMob 6.5)
        – GarminPhone (Android 1.5)
        – Samsung Behold (Android 1.5)
        – iPhone 4g (iOS 4. – buggy phone).

        Is a waste of money. Investing that on more usefull products that run Android 2.2 or Android 3.0 or an IOS4 that actually works is worth the money.

        But Windows 7, you are just throwing money down the tubes, like Garmin, Behold and HDII.

      • pjs

        correction to Ural’s post. Garminfone is Android 1.6 and the Behold was recently updated to 1.6. And no one knows if Windows 7 will be a flop yet. That is like saying Android was going to be a flop (in 2008) because it was a copy of iPhone. I know quite a few Android hold outs that want to see Windows 7 phone in action.

      • Mestphisto?

        Yes, WM is a big phone for techies, even the craptastic versions of 6.5 and below. WP7 is going to be a much different experience, and for Tmo to invest into a TOP tier WP7 device like this… it’s going to sell super well. Heck the HD2 sold out for months and it was pretty lame, so this isn’t a bad investment at all. In-fact… I <3 me some android, I own 6 android phones and attempted an android blog (-1 for laziness) and miiiight buy a WP7 phone… partially because I'm changing my major to CNS lol.

    • pimpstrong

      Man as sucky as Windows Mobile WAS! A significantly high amount of people used it. WP7 is light years away from WM. Even though I don’t like it I gotta give it its props.

  • pimpstrong

    Thats one sexy phone right thurr. I hope we get it first since its Tmo’s style to get first dibs on good stuff… BUT then here will come VZW with a 4.3″ version.

    • Scott

      > its Tmo’s style to get first dibs on good stuff

      That hasn’t been true for at least a year, probably more.

      • Lysol

        You completely missed the joke bruh


    Probably sucks just like the first batch that Tmobile always gets and VZ and others get the best.

  • Justin

    Looks like the HSPA+ phone outline that T-Mobiles website was teasing.

    • keele8

      That is exactly what I thought when the guy turned the phone to show the back. Looks exactly like the picture on the HSPA+ website. Boy is that going to make a lot of people mad if the first HSPA+ phone is a windows mobile device. Guess we will see.

      • Scott

        > Boy is that going to make a lot of people mad if the first HSPA+ phone is a windows mobile device.

        Well said. That would get me to switch carriers, guaranteed.


        @scott Wow scott, just leave. Switch carriers just because a phone comes out. WOW.

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting for you.

  • Andy G

    Anyone know any specs on the phone???

  • efjay

    Hope it misses T-Mobile, with a phone this ugly you can bet no one will buy it. I will be looking for a Samsung or Dell Lightning myself.

  • Davidohio

    I guess nobody read the last sentence of the post lol

  • Garet

    looks like the nexus one and vibrant mixed into one and you get the this phone


    sounds good to me. I use both wm and android phones because I get board so easily. can’t wait to see what wm has to offer tmo.


      was that a 4.3 in screen?

      • alex32

        nah looks like a 3.7

  • alex32

    almost looks like an iphone 3gs in a way. Good looking phone but i dont use winmo. the htc desire hd looks nice though. now its time for them to show the blaze (: pleasee

  • androidstinks

    All you Windows haters are going to be jealous of this phone. Looks like it will blow away the wimpy android phones by far. And for $15 a month you get unlimited music for it with Zune pass. Watch and drool android suckers!!!

    • robnoxious

      No one’s gonna be jealous of this phone unless you’re stuck with a Behold II or a Cliq. And $15 a month for unlimited music is gonna be the killer app? really?

    • Garet

      I get unlimited music for free with my android LOL Dang it I could of paid for it…

  • robert

    I hate to say it android is taking over the market. This would be a bad move for t-mobile to carry.

    • David

      Why, do you really think everyone wants to use Android…people like options.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      There’s momentum for Android, that’s for sure Robert.

      But the smart/super phone market remains an overall low percentage of cell phone users. In fact, more people use feature phones than anything else.

      While carriers are pushing customers to phones that use data, aka smartphones, the market is still in its growing stages. There’s about 70% of the billions of cell phone users ripe for the picking.

      MS knows this and is gambling that it not too late for it to capture a large piece of that market.

      While Android is becoming the more popular OS it is not even close to taking over “the market” (assuming the market is the world. I’m not sure what your’s is.)

  • Droidfan

    Hey, Androidstinks with android you can download more free apps and that includes ones where you can download free music!!!!

    • cirrob

      @Frank: No they are only free on the surface. you still pay for them by providing demographic information and eyes to stare at ads with. I prefer an ad free world and am more than willing to pay 10 times the cost per app than what they are charging now to ensure I am not forced to see an add everytime I turn on a monitor (no matter what the size).

  • NiiDiddy

    I like the looks of “Shubert”…more options of smartphone on t-mobile if it lands there. Wouldn’t mind to play with a Windows phone and use it as my work cell [with Android as my phone/play cell].

    • cirrob

      nothing is free my friend. the price you pay for those “free” apps is your privacy

      • Frank

        There are free apps but not music LOL, his business.

      • BackAlley

        I agree with you 100% there cirrob, that’s the main reason I haven’t jumped on the Android bandwagon. I don’t like someone being in complete control of your privacy. Having to enter an email address to even use a phone is crazy. They want all of your info.

        As for this WP7 phone, I’m first inline to buy it. I think these phones like the HD2 are for the well-educated smartphone user, unlike the other phones that hold your hand for everything you do on the phone.

  • beastly

    The design looks hot (in my opinion) and the WP7 interface is slick as snot. But what I’m reading about it online is a little disappointing. Apparently it’s very user-friendly, and there are a lot of neat functions built in, but some of the capabilities of 6.5 are just not present, like simultaneous web browsing and music player. o_O

    Plus, the OS looks so different from previous versions of WM that I wonder whether any WM .cabs will work on it, not to mention all the straight Windows programs that you could actually run on previous incarnations of the Pocket PC. All in all, it’s probably going to help Microsoft recapture some of its lost market share, but I suspect it’s going to disappoint many of the tech geeks who enjoy everything you can do with current incarnations of Windows Mobile.

    Still love my 9700, but I’ve been thinking about paying it off early and grabbing something new and different. WP7 was on the consideration list, and this one looks hot, but I’ll need to try it out in a store first, and the online reviews have me thinking maybe not.

  • Don’t tell me? Wow!! I just can’t believe my eyes!!! HTC + Windows Mobile 7 = Awesome combination. I was trying to get HTC HD2, but now i would wait for this new dashing smartphone!

    • robnoxious

      Keep waiting then. They’re taking entirely too long to bring WP7 to market. It’s not gonna be pretty when it finally makes it and every thing else has left it in the dust. D.O.A.

  • Tito!

    Wow, Window 7 looks sexaaay. I’m blown. (:

    • Scott

      Windows Vista looked seriously sexy too, until it shipped. It took the respin for MS to get it right.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happened here.

  • derrickps3

    yes i agree with david, why do people think android is the TOP dog??? i owned all phones with android, winmo, and now blackberry. winmo was good when i owned a tp2, both winmo and android have their issues every now and then, but there are alot of people out there who love winmo, and so do i. if this phone come to tmo, i would probably get it. it does look sexy, especially after being screwed by smasung along with tons of other behold 2 owners, that made me want to take a break from samsung phones and android itself. i was really glad for the behold 2 getting a 2.x update, but it didn’t get one, and that made me want to take a break from android. but i love both winmo and android. but right now i am staying with blackberry for at least until my contract ends next year, i am loving blackberry currently and can’t wait for blackberry os 6 to release. i love trying new os on phones :P

  • derrickps3

    idk, this phone is making me want to go back to winmo. that and the fact that this phone is sexy as hell!!!! i always loved winmo, and since there hasn’t been any good looking winmo phones on tmo’s market yet, the hd2 being to dang big.

  • Jshin

    The device looks hot! Just don’t think I could go to a screen smaller then a 4inch coming from my HD2, not to mention that I am running nrgs newest wm 6.5xx and Android Froyo build. IMHO duel booting makes the HD2 a keeper for a long time.

  • Ibustcherries

    A lot about the look of this phone reminds me of The Nexus one for some reason… I can’t be the only one… give it a track ball and paint it brown on the back and there you have it… Not that thats a bad thing :)

  • Blake

    I really hope that T-mobile gets this phone. I am sick of android. It is and will always be a near complete os. Having 1 or 2 force closes a week is unacceptable. I welcome change.

    WP7 will be a great success.

    • J

      Having 1 or 2 force closes a week is unacceptable, yet you are excited about a Windows device? I’m not sure I’ve ever had a windows device that did not freeze up at least that much. Winmo is hardly the poster OS for stability.

    • Yyevo

      A force close is usually caused by an app or combination of apps. It’s due to sloppy coding of apps, not Android.

      • Blake

        Have you seen or read anything about windows phone 7? It has zero relation to windows mobile os aside from sharing the name “windows”.

        @Yyevo My point exactly. Android is filled with sloppy code. There really isn’t a quality control.

        It’s just like linux. And as a programmer i can completely appreciate android. Devs make good apps and the users report bugs, a new better build is made and your app is updated. I feel the same approach is being done with the android os it’s self. Build a stable release, put it out, bam 3 months later another stable release. BUT i want my phone to function as close to flawlessly as a phone as possible. Android is a computer first and then a phone.

        Windows Phone 7 will change that. A phone is not a computer, it’s a phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    And then you have to wonder what Microsoft is up to with the “Menlo” project:

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I doubt we will see the Menlo concept soon, unless Google or Apple copies the idea now that Menlo has been made public.

      I do like it, an “activity-based” navigation where the phone (that includes a barometer!) senses your activities and the phone OS reacts accordingly with functions.

      But I see this expanded way beyond navigation. (You heard it here first):

      For example, when you want to drive to the store. Your phone would:

      — Sense you are approaching your car, unlock the door and start it.

      — NAV would kick in for speed limit reminders, etc. (It would know the speed limits along the route and warn with an audible tone when you are exceeding them.)

      Pull up to a parking garage, the phone would sense it and open the gate.

      On leaving then phone would compute the correct charge and automatically pay the charge.

      On getting home it would sense when you are supposed to be hungry. Two menus would pop up automatically, based on past activity. If staying in it would come up with recipes based on what you have in the kitchen (a shopping list would automatically be created on the phone based on eating habits and what has been consumed from the kitchen, so it needs “restocking.”

      If choosing to go out, the phone would give restaurant options based on budget (the phone would know what’s in your checking account, remaining card limits, time of month in relation to payday, etc.) and favorite foods.

      On getting into the car, again, the phone would remind you to get fuel since it knows the approximate fuel capacity of the car, and through sensors determines how much fuel has been consumed.

      At the restaurant the phone will tell you at a glance what at the healthy menu choices based on your physical activity that say and for the week. (That the phone also has sensed and keep track of, e.g., calorie burn.)

      Bottom line: IMHO activity-based phones will make a front facing camera and LED flash look like “who cares” issues.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Excuse the typos and word choice. Did not proofread and the cursor was on submit. A fur bearing creature, aka the CAT, walked on the keyboard and pressed enter.

        No worries, it won’t happen again because the cat is on the way to jail.

  • jmts80

    I understand that Windows 7 is completely different than any previous version but I just have absolutely no interest in a windows phone…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here’s something to read late at night, if you can’t sleep:

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    All these phones are great, just a matter of what YOU like. I love my Vibrant, but can see us selling our Slide and getting a WP7 phone, not because of the hardware since all the phones are physically excellent. Nope, I’d like to simply try out WP7 to see what MS has come up with.

    Sidenote: WP7 phones will not be as “open” as WinMo phones are. Microsoft sees the problem with mobile phones NOT working as intended is that the OS is too easily hacked. So it intends to “lock up” WP7 and control the “user experience” much the same as Apple controls iPhone users.

    So that’s something to think about. You won’t have much freedom with a WP7 phone.

  • efjay

    Keep the Windows hate coming guys, makes for a fun read as usual :)

  • Inhuman

    tmobile gets the mid level version as usual :/
    Verizon will get the better top range version …

  • Steven

    I actually like the design of this phone. The screen could be a little bigger (4 inches is my sweet spot), but I think it looks good. Who knows, if these Win7 phones are good enough, I may just buy one.

  • Cybersedan

    I hope this phone comes to T-MO, I hope the iPhone comes to T-Mobile, I hope T-Mobile brings some Nokia goodness to their lineup. The point here is, the more options the better… I’m an Android head, and after the HD2 it would be a cold day in hell before I buy another WinMo phone…

    But hey, sometimes it does snow in hell, so bring it on cause you never know, bad products can turn around and get better.

  • molten

    @efjay,thats right,people always want andriod this and andriod that but what we all want is choice.What really makes it funny is that android fanboys are acting like iphone fanboys. Different OS makes it great for us,the consumers. Most people havent even used the new WM7 OS and is bashing it already.It looks promising and do people even remember how andriod even looked like when it first came out? Give it a chance and upgrades before talking anything, that in my opinion.

  • Barry

    Hardware wise that’s a sexy looking one as for software I would have to play around with it first. Definitely not gonna bash it though.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good comment Barry. And that’s right. People should not bash a phone they have not seen, touched nor used.

      And they should dispense with the typical T-Mobile / TMoNews bashing. Those comments are like dog turds on the sidewalk.

  • coolMANDINGO


  • derrickps3

    agreed, this just might be tmo’s best winmo phone to date, and i’m talking about software wise. again i always loved winmo, installing apps onto the sd card, etc….we need to give microsoft a chance. and i have a feeling if this phone comes to tmo, it would do good. i am not for all this competeing and comparing phones too much. as long as the phone isn’t too slow, don’t drop calls, and works perfectly good. it doesn’t matter which os i am using.

  • derrickps3

    omg, is that xenon flash on the back? thats another plus for me :D

  • mingkee

    I’d wait and see what WP7 will do before making conclusion.
    I didn’t like Android until 2.2 came to nexus one and I think it’s ready for prime time. Since WP7 is a totally new platform (you can’t run 6.x and older applications this time), I’d wait and see.

  • TonyJohns

    Jeez people Android isn’t the almighty of all operating systems. Just because a phone isn’t being released with Android, doesn’t make it any less of a phone. Believe me, not EVERYONE wants or is using an Android phone.

  • Relikk2

    I haven’t read all the comments so im not sure if someone mentioned this but the video seems to blur out the top left corner of the phone. Almost likes its hiding an FFC. Check out the video again to see what i mean. Phone looks cools, but I’m not a big fan of the GUI’s looks.

    • J-Hop2o6

      no.. its hiding the Prototype number

  • Minimal design.
    I like it.
    Let’s hope the specs are up to expectations.

  • derrickps3

    agreed, can’t wait to see the specs :P

  • raymond

    really os is that big of a deal i could care less android windows doesnt matter as long as the phone is good os doesnt matter so windows bring it on :)

    • Ashish

      OS does matter – my manager got the htc tilt 2 from AT&T and it is running Windows CE. It crashed on the first day & won’t recover till batter was pulled out.
      In 4 days it crashed several times….She was literally cursing :-)
      I haven’t heard such complaints from Htc Incredible or EVO since they are running android.
      Even if the phone specs are awesome, the OS is bad, you will keep rebooting the phone every now & then.

      • The tilt2 comes with Windows Mobile 6.x installed not CE, no wonder it had problems. You can’t even blame the OS for that problem, the phone wasn’t designed for CE. If you installed android on it and had issues, would you blame android?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    On the video I posted on YouTube in July 2009, the Microsoft rep in the UK was using an ASUS phone. At Mobile World Congress at the Qualcomm table the rep was showing off its new dual-core superphone, it too was an ASUS.

    Here’s a spy shot of the new WP7 ASUS superphone, note the three key WP7 requirement. These will probably be a European release first, and maybe not the U.S. at all.

  • wp7

    seriously windows mobile is a 5 year old os. don’t compare it to a 2 year old android os.
    wp7 is brand new.
    xbox live
    sky drive etc.
    ms office 2010

    minimum specs.
    1ghz processor
    256 RAM
    512 ROM
    dedicated graphics

  • wp7

    oh check this out….. microsoft has tons of money. mock my words this will be a hit. they will market the heck out of it. just watch

    food for thought: if windows mobile is so bad y do they still have 10% market. and if android is so great than y only 13% share. y not 100. n wp7 is not even released.imagine after release its uphill from here. :)

  • Reece

    Well, we have a couple potentially kickass Android phones on the roadmap that should be out by the time this is released so I welcome a little diversity of WinMo7. Being a serious Android head, I’ll enjoy playing with this thing to see what it will bring to the table.

    it’ll have it’s vices once it’s released but not for what some folks are saying about it (“WINMO SUCKS IT’S SLOW AND LAGGY!! HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE T-MO?!”) in comparing it to a WinMo phone they may be familiar with since WinMo7 will be light years different from even the almighty HD2 for better & worst.

  • techromancer7

    Thats a sweet looking device! Its mine upon release! It will be a great compliment to my android booting HD2 and Iphone 4. Yes people, its called choices and sim cards.

  • Blake

    Been confirmed that the HTC Shubert is going to AT&T and ORANGE.


    So far no WP7 devices are going to t-mo. That concerns me.

  • Deke218

    I am a Windows Mobile fan but from the looks of it, WM7 SUCKS as bad as Android. They look as if they made them for kids.

    “food for thought: if windows mobile is so bad y do they still have 10% market. and if android is so great than y only 13% share”

    And how many Android devices are out now? 6-7 hundred? And they only have a 13% share? Did android get core player yet? how about a REAL file manager? No, still not ready for prime time yet. I’ll wait for Android 27.1 before I buy.

  • Brodie

    Great looking device!! Now, release it with Froyo and I’ll be the first in line in my city to get it!

    • wp7

      y would somebody wait in line for a android device. ROFL. this is a new joke. its google for gods sake…..wp7 is another story.

  • derrickps3

    so is there a wp7 coming to tmo, regardless is this schubert comes to tmo or not?

    • dwillistyle

      yes, but more than likely at the VERY end of the year.

  • IBuyCrackAtMYLocalTmoStore

    this phone looks very nice but i wish the screen was bigger its going to be hard to go to a phone with a screen smaller then 4.3 in the meanwhile im still loving my hd2

  • sixseven

    It’s probably way too early for anyone to know, but what is the likelyhood that t-zones will continue to work with Microsoft OS-based phones?

  • chotpy
  • JR

    The fact that it’s a Windows Mobile phone makes it absolutely useless. Waste of a phone.

  • Blake

    This is going to ATT not T-mobile. In fact no WP7 phones coming to t-mobile this year.

  • I like the HD2 better unless this can do things the HD2 cant.

  • volcanic515

    I liked the design of it on the tmonews article i just came from (HD3/HD7/Mozart) which this phone doesn’t look like but it still looks good.

  • I’ll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

  • rico

    tell you what, I found my HD2 to be a bit too big to carry in my pockets (heavy) and this bad boy here looks as big as my NEXUS ONE” which I think it is the perfect size for almost any phone, bigger than the Iphone and smalller than the HD2 I really hope that t-mobile USA gets this baby” if not guess I will have to order it online,which not really too thrill about doing..