HTC Shubert On Video, Coming To T-Mobile?

With only a few months away till Windows Phone 7 formally unveils itself to the world, we’re expecting the handset rumor mill to churn away with information. Thanks to the folks at we have a look at what might be T-Mobile and HTC’s first entrance into the Windows Phone 7 world. The handset name being tossed around here is “Schubert,” a name that will sound familiar to those who have seen the leaked T-Mobile roadmap and memorized the future devices. “Shubert” (which might also be known as the HTC Mozart) as it was called on the T-Mobile roadmap is definitely looking more and more like the first Windows Phone 7 to deliver itself on Magenta. As the only HTC phone without the Android logo present in the roadmap image, it’s safe to say that HTC and T-Mobile will deliver at least one Windows Phone 7 device before the years end.

Say what you want about previous generations of Windows Mobile, the new software looks pretty good and yet it remains to be seen if it can be a true competitor both through overall sales as well as application offerings. Catch the video up top and comment below and please, let’s keep the Windows Phone hate and Android cheering to a minimum, mmmmkay?

247windowsphone via BGR

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