Is This A Real Leaked T-Mobile Roadmap?

The guys over at Androidspin claim to have been sent, via one of their sources, a leaked T-Mobile roadmap showing off 16 devices coming the Magenta way. Let me just say right now, I don’t know if this is real, it most certainly doesn’t look like the roadmaps I have seen in the past…that’s not to say it’s fake, just saying I’m suspicious of its validity. Which means, for those of you who will inevitably manage to skip over this sentence in the post, these dates, phones, codenames and pretty much everything seen above is subject to change and/or confirmation. I will say this, it’s been made very clear to me that LG is in the T-Mobile game this year and will showcase a number of devices by years end and this roadmap shows only two devices coming at years end, so I’m skeptical at the moment.

Let me tell you what I know is coming, I was planning on doing a separate post regarding this but I’ll tell you what we believe is coming up. The HTC Vanguard is scheduled for sometime in September, so that lines up well. As well as the single BlackBerry launch scheduled for this year and we hear this one is “worth the wait.” Whatever that means, I have no idea but it better be something that gives BlackBerry the swift kick in the rear it so desperately needs. The true successor to the G1 is scheduled for launch before November, aka G1 V2 for those of you who remember back that far that was the originally rumored name. Well we don’t know if that’s the case anymore but we hear that the phone itself does exist and will be releasing sometime on, or before, November. In fact, let’s go a little further and say that the HTC Vision and the G1 V2 might indeed be the same device

Along with the phone release dates, the myTouch 3G, Cliq and Cliq XT look to be getting their Éclair updates sometime in August. That’s just under a month away but long enough to likely not calm the masses already screaming at Motorola for the lack of information regarding future updates.

The HTC Emerald, which conjures up ideas of our first leaked Project Emerald story is slated for November 5th. Also slated for a November launch is the Motorola Jordan and the Begonia and then HTC has the Schubert planned for November 17th.

So far, we can verify some of this sounds pretty accurate but the image itself just looks far off from the typical roadmap. We’ll chalk this up firmly in the rumored but hopeful category for now and work our own sources to confirm.


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  • alex32

    i hope its true

  • OH BOY!

    Man I need to lay off the mobile blog sites because now i’m not so sure about getting the Samsung Vibrant! lol, Decisions, Decisions!

    • Bobomo

      By the time November rolls around and all those phones are being released, they’ll be another leaked “roadmap” with a whole new collection of awesome phones. It’s a continuous cycle.

      • soon2TMO

        it’s inevitable! LOL

      • pimpstrong

        exactly. so buy now and buy later. then sell and buy again and again and again…

    • Lerch

      I feel the same way

  • tmobluv

    hmmmm time to wait and see what tmobile rolls out this year i hope that one of those lg is the one i read about its lg android flag ship phone with i think a 3.9 inch screen runing 2.2 or 3.0 hopefully they will be hspa+ phones i read that htc is droping an hspa+ phone and a few other companys so time to wait and see i would not buy any phones unless they come with android 3.0 or 2.5 what ever they are calling it these days. just remember that unless its hspa+ and 3.0 dont touch it it will be out of date before you turn it on for the first time

  • iT3chboii

    Hopefully T-mobile has a nice Windows Phone 7 device

    • zapote21

      There is only one on that map… 5 Android, 1 Winmo… Can anyone say Kin?? LOL

      • pimpstrong

        LMAO I wouldnt be suprised tho!

      • dustin

        The kin was scrapped entirely less than a week ago due to sales and to focus on windows phone 7

    • John

      As far as I know HTC Schubert in this leak is Windows Phone 7 which you can see it is coming to T-Mobile around November.

      So if this is a real leak T-Mobile gonna get Windows Phone 7 device around November like others.

      So far HTC was so quiet and secret about their future phones specially Windows Phone 7 devices. But from a source that I know it seems like HTC gonna have some big surprises at the end of this year specially with Windows Phone 7 devices.

      Well we have to wait and see how much of all these news are correct.

    • Manny

      Isn’t the Dell Lightning supposed to be coming out for TMO…

  • t-swaggr

    I believe this roadmap is only for T-Mobile’s upcoming smartphones.
    If you see really closely, you can see the android logo next to each name.
    HTC emerald, and the HTC Vanguard have it except for the HTC shubert, which i believe is a windows phone 7 device..

    • Danny P.

      Your most likely right. Especially since the LG dlite and other entry level phones (samsung smiley , grav 3 , etc. ) aren’t listed which are right around the corner. I must say though, I’m much more excited now about waiting for something better than the vibrant. I honestly, didnt think anything was coming down anytime soon, but yet here we are waiting for atleast 4 or 5 phones that could potentially shake up t-mo’s lineup. Another thing to look at is the cliq and my touch upgrade to 2.x . This tells me that t-mo knew motorola wasn’t gonna make it by their deadline.

  • NiiDiddy

    Whoa there! Good stuff. Still getting the Vibrant; but this is GREAT STUFF. I have 3 lines due for upgrades, so I am not too worried! Wow! Go T-Mobile. Thanks for sharing, David.

  • iT3chboii

    The Glaxy S aka the Vibrant looks nice but im really not a fan of Samsung and their ugly ass UI… Android really needs to step up with their upgrades its crazy you have to wait 6 months for the newest OS they need to do something like apple or DON’T allow HTC, SAMSUNG, and Motorola to put their custom skins on the phone. The only way I’ll buy a new Android phone is if it’s a non custom UI, sense looks nice but I want to always have the latest and greatest OS…

  • Naveed Cheraghi

    A true G1 successor, sounds like that’ll be REALLLLLLYYYY good. It’ll probably feature the amazing keyboard of the G1, maybe the dual core processors everyone has been hypin about, and it’d be nice to see an 8mp cam wit 1080p! That is truly the IDEAL PHONE! Oh and it’d be rockin FROYO!

    • remister

      All the features would be cool, but we don’t want it to charge every 30 min. I hope they up the battery mAh on it!

    • pimpstrong

      all that is on the Emerald. Vision is N1/Desire with KB no doubt

  • I hope the shubert really is a wp7 device, Im dying for one.

  • Magnego

    Begonia = Beyond

    Is that a Mytouch All MR in August that I see? Could that be the Froyo update for the original, 1.2, and Fender Mytouch? Here’s hoping.

    Also: Emerald! *fanboy squee*

  • WXman

    August.. awesome. That gives me time to sell this Cliq XT and switch to Verizon.

    • mikeeeee

      50 bucks us postal money order and 1 prepaid priority mailer.

      just in time for the droid x rollout.

  • Stillwaiting

    Okay, so what is the HTC Vanguard???

    • pimpstrong

      the Vision

  • 007

    wow lot of cheap phones…
    good job t-mobile

  • gorillaghost999

    this has got to be good news for all them cry babies out there

  • mZimm

    If all of this speculation is true, for the first time in my 12 years with T-Mobile this fall I may truly feel like I have a decision to make as to what high end phone I want…so that’s what it feels like to be a Verizon customer…

  • Digitalthug

    I hope the HTC Emerald and Sidekick Twist are one in the same. Although then again it wouldnt make sense to name it HTC Emerald since Tmo is reviving the Sidekick line but with Android. So then that begs the question, where is the Sidekick Twist in that roadmap!? Would suck if it will exist and isnt comin out till 2011.

    Also, wheres the Dell Streak!? Maybe it not being there confirms the rumor that Dell will be selling it unlocked on their site (since it passed FCC with Tmo bands)? Which doesnt bother me since im on the EMP plan. I HATE ALL THESE RUMORS/SPECULATIONS AHHHHHHH!

    • tande04

      None of those are going to be the marketing names.

      The Emerald could well be the twist.

    • pimpstrong

      Good ? where IS the Dell Streak already? not that I want it with that FUGLY UI!

  • mZimm

    I have to believe that after all of the rumors indicating it as such, the Twist and the Emerald are indeed the same phone. I would bet that the Vanguard is the leaked Vision or something similar, and the Emerald is the Sidekick Twist superphone that has been rumored.
    There is the Dell logo on the roadmap that indicates netbooks, which we also haven’t seen anything about, so its possible that the Streak will be released with those, but I’d be willing to bet Dell will be selling it unsubsidized.

  • SoonerSaint12

    This is all crap. Seriously. T-mobile doesn’t even appear to be trying.

    • Reece

      with at least a few of those being high end smartphones… do explain.

  • jmts80

    Samsung Vibrant, HHT Vision, or Motorola Motoroi oh my! How am I to decide? I hope I can be patient and wait for all of them to be out so I can compare them

  • Barry

    I’m with OhBoy this roadmap is making hard to get the Vibrant now lol but like someone said earlier this should keep the cry babies quiet for a little why or just go get your evo, Droid x, or w/e else and stfu. Oh I’m curious as well about the Dell Streak, wassup with that?

  • tmopro

    TMO is going to have a bunch of big time devices coming out towards the holiday season. Finally getting back into the game!!!

  • soon2TMO

    how come the Dell wp7 is not on there?

    and what are those devices? begonia,shubbert,vanguard??
    what are those ? to be honest, im kinda tempted by these phones whatever they are and makin me want to wait! hhahaa

    but no, im getting the vibrant! errr

    • Peter

      I know HTC Schubert is Windows Phone 7.

      But I am like you also wondering where is Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7 in this list?

      If T-Mobile doesn’t get some cool new Windows Phone 7 devices this holiday then for sure I am gonna switch all my 6 lines to another carrier.

      Let’s hope they come with some cool WP7 devices from HTC and Dell or they gonna lose one loyal customer for sure.

  • tmobluv

    i think the dell logo is for the streak cuz its a mini tablet/phone sooo im thinking thats it cuz the netbook has been on the site for a long time. like i said read up l.g. is supposed to drop a ton of droid phones this year i hope t mobile gets there flag ship phone.

    • Negtne

      It says netbooks underneath

  • Barry

    Oh ok I missed that Dell logo. its possible that’s the streak. And is that Samsung in October possibly the sgs pro? hmmm….I mean why not they can’t be shoving any more gravity’s or other low end stuff our way, or can they…lol hopefully not.

  • Alex

    Awesome news. I will definitively hold off for the one phone that has stock android 2.2 or beyond…

  • D’Oh

    WTF… no Sidekick coming this summer? Gotta make decision if I really wanna stay with T-Mobile any long.

  • GreenTea

    Could be a rumor but this just made me more willing to keep my G1 a little longer instead of jumping ship for Sprint or Verizon.

  • McKay

    any word on whether the vision or emerald will be HSPA+ phones?

  • tmobluv

    just remeber tmobile thinks before they do anything the store manager at the tmobile store in my area which its a corp. store told me that with hspa+ roll out they would put edge in were i live which they have and in about 9 to 12 months we would have hspa+ just remember its not hard to make a tower hspa+ and with them waiting is smart before they release a hspa+ phones wait till they hit that 185 mill foot print unlike sprint with wimax i mean how much of that is around not a lot

  • Negtne

    Look at November on the top 11/5 emerald

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Two Words: “MOTOROLA BEGONIA!!!” HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAhahahahahaahaahahahahaahahahahahahaaa!!!!! XD

  • Dbuck

    so nobody mentioned the dell

    • BeyonceKnowles

      the Dell is a netbook

  • BeyonceKnowles

    Did anyone notice that all the devices bringing android has the little green droid…so the two HTCs at the end of the year one is android and the other is obviously a windows phone, and that LG is bring one of their new android phones…praying that its not the Ally

  • HaVoKTEK

    Hell, I work more than just takin’ care of the family…Looks like I got some mobile geek love comin’ this winter!!
    No bashin’ tonight! Just droolin’…

  • HaVoKTEK

    Oh yeah notice the small footprint that windows mobile have…..Looks like no matter how good they say their device is, it fallin’ waaaayyyyy behind the curve.
    Damn, and I’m a microsoft man too!

  • Shawn

    RIM Blackberry… there is a BB phone coming out in september to t-mobile, please does anyone know what BlackBerry phone this will be?

    • Getreal

      Probably an out of date slow processor one is my guess. RIMM is dying a slow death. It is too bad because they had a nice product.

  • TMOprophet

    This is some of the best stuff to pop up lately..if this is true and real anyway, I think I will be sticking around to see what the Vangard and Emerald turn out to be, although, it seems that the emerald may be closer to what I want, so I guess I have a long wait ahead of me :( but then again at least something is gonna happen :)

    • NokiaN900user

      The Vanguard = HTC vision = froyo version of nexus one with a slide kb (a G1 replacement) September 9
      Emerald = T-mobile’s twist which is a successor to sidekick line November 5

  • Wilma Flintstone

    and the best part is, at least for me, is that there is NO iPHONE in sight!!! WOOHOO!!!! GO TMobile!!! Show them that we don’t want their secured Jobs. I realize that it’d attract customers though but still…

    Bring on NOV 5th!!!

    • Getreal

      If this isn’t sarcasm, then this could be the dumbest comment I have read. Why wouldn’t they want an iPhone. I would love to have an iPhone on tmobile. I think that thousands others would too.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        read the last line in the statement. Takes a pretty dumb person to not understand that and basically respond by saying the exact same thing as the statement says. It basically means that yes the iphone would attract alot of people like you apparently. K, have a good one buddy. I know I will. :)

      • Getreal

        @ Wilma. I am crying. I am sad and hurt.

  • KB

    I can see why you’d question this…from a business design seems “thrown together”. I’d love to see it be true and then maybe I can consider more possibilities when my upgrade comes in October.

  • fatboy97

    New Blackberry… more than likely it will just be the new Curve 9300… it’s just the 8900 with a trackpad.

  • NokiaN900user

    It doesn’t matter if it looks thrown together or professional or not. Every single phone on the map (at least the released ones plus samsung vibrant matches up).
    To give a full analysis of picture here is what I think:
    Remember all these dates are tentative!!!!!

    We know samsung vibrant is coming out on 15th / 21st (15th soft release, 21st full major release)
    Mytouch slide looks to be getting 2.2 uppdate
    My touch looks to be getting 2.1
    Mostly 2.1 updates for Moto cliq/cliq XT,
    ZTE is a laptop HSPA+ USB or Mifi device

    Moto charm getting 2.2??
    HTC Vanguard = HTC vision shown in leaks = Anroid 2.2 with new HTC UI (looks like its a 1 Ghz nexus one with 8 megapixel camera + flash and slide keyboard) Sorry NO FFC lol
    Rim is most likely a refresh to curve line but you never know

    Samsung phone release which is not an android OS. My best guess is either BADA or WINMO 7

    Moto Jordan = Motoroi = Droid XT (lets hope Moto is wise to keep this phone as a 1Ghz processor) November 11
    HTC Emerald – This falls in the sidekick rumors section and also seems to be coming out with froyo unless Google comes out with Ginger bread b4 then but it should be upgradeable to ginger bread regardless- November 5
    HTC WinMo 7 phone – November 17
    Moto Begnoid – november 3 android 3.0 maybe???

    Stay tuned

    • NokiaN900user

      I forgot to enter the two LG phones. One is an anroid all touch screen phone and the other is some cheap non android phone

  • mZimm

    To the person who asked if the Samsung launch in October could be the SGS Pro, I would say that it is very unlikely because you do not see the Android logo next to the Samsung logo.

    I will agree that this image looks a bit “unofficial” even if it were properly focused, however as somebody pointed out, it definitely looks like a crappy camera (phone) shot of a presentation, which would seem to indicate that it has some credibility.

  • J1

    @nokiaN900user thanks for the breakdown as well as your insight.. I really hope this so called “road map” does pan out and lead us to the promise land lol..

    Maybe this proves good ol Magenta is actually listening to us, as they seem to have a fix for the phone junkie in us all.. beit winmo7, droid, and even Rimm..

    The Vangaurd/Vision sounds pretty tempting, but I think I’m gonna hold out for the Emerald/SK Twist.. think i might have to treat myself to a early xmas gift.. but hey I been a good boy this yr lol

  • Barry

    One mistake he made was saying was MyTouch getting 2.1 I’m almost certain its getting 2.2 FroYo. I was saying maybe the Samsung in October was the sgs pro didn’t even think about the missing android but if it’s not that it must me a low end device.

    • NokiaN900user

      Thanks. I meant 2.2

  • tony

    isnt the my touch 3g supposed to get 2.2 not 2.1

  • dubya504

    ACTIONS speaks louder than WORDS! Put up or Shut up!! I don’t want to hear it, be like NIKE and JUST DO IT!!!

  • Nokia N900USER

    Update on the Samsung phone coming out in October. It looks like it might be a WinMo 7 phone. Microsoft is giving out Samsung prototypes

  • Barry

    So do you have any insight on windows 7 phones. Its obviously gonna be different but its gonna take a lot to get me away from android. I loved my tilt but when I bought the G1 it was a wrap for windows.

    • Nokia N900USER

      WinMo 7 phones are going to be first gen software phones since microsoft is doing a “complete” rebuild of their mobile OS. Complete is in quotes because I dont think its a complete rebuild. As for the OS, Ive seen demos and screen shots which look promising and unique but Im not sure the OS would have as much developers from the start. This might change since I heard microsoft is giving devices to developers and also money to developers that adopt WinMo 7 early. I wont make any judgement call on WinMo 7 until I see and experience the OS on an actual phone sold to consumers.

  • abcd

    when is the my touch 3g going to receive the uodate to 2.2 froyo

    • TMOprophet

      TBA in August…according to this map.

  • TMOprophet

    I wanna hear more on the Emerald. And from someone who actually knows something. I already know all the rumors and speculation, but someone has to know some details for sure.. Please be a 4.3in, without keyboard, and some decent power specs. I think the mods here know more than they are letting on.

    • NokiaN900user

      Nobody knows for sure but I can only speculate. Here are some facts that I know:
      Google is releasing Ginger bread aka Android 3.0 aka android that requires a minimum processor of 1 Ghz unless its dual core (which qualcomm already has shelved and ready for 4Q) two weeks before the Emerald date above.
      Here is my speculation “Feel free to drool”
      I am simply guessing that Emerald will have 3.0 ginger bread.
      With Ginger bread comes these specs:
      Screen at least 4 inches with HD resolution higher than 720
      powerful single core or most likely dual core processor
      bluetooth 3.0 ADP2P
      True HD recording with an 8 MP camera
      HSPA+ which might temp to finally include FFC
      and more…..

  • Eric

    T-mObile to sink in 2011? I am sure the rumor has been around a bit but now the cell carrier shares the spot with blockbuster and others. The only worth while carriers in the US are AT&T and Verizon is what the article mentions. I would think that most on here are huge T-mo fans so am sure there will be doubt with “concrete” reasons why they wont but what does everyone think.

    For me, it is always about phones, and if it was just based on just that, I forsee them going down the toilet.

    • 3g rules

      just because some yahoo writes it does not mean it’s true.

  • BBSwany

    So.. Where’s the Dell Lightning on this roadmap?

  • Exec4Future

    LOL. T-Mobile will never disappear. Not in the U.S. anyway. Whether you love them or hate them, they have the best network, the cheapest plans and the best customer service. Personally, I am starting to hate T-Mobile but as an actual analyst with an actual degree (unlike the moron who predicted T-mobile’s 2011 demise), I can assure you that if anything, T-mobile will soon knock SPrint out of 3rd place. Sprint= terrible customer service, limited coverage, mostly awful phones(except the evo). that of course does not spell good news for sprint. Then there is Verizon: Decent network, mediocre customer service, but the absolute worst selection of phones. Noone has more depressing phones except maybe US Cellular. The only decent phone on Verizon is the Droid and Droid X and lets be honest: not the greatest Android phones on the market. And lets not forget AT&T who has basically no customer service, spotty and congested network, and has one decent phone, the iphone(which is most likely headed to T-Mobile anyway). it does not take a genius to do the math on this one. The most promising network right now is T-mobile. Dont believe me? check the stocks right now. They arent going anywhere. If anything, they will be absorbing Sprint within the next 4 years.

  • T-Mobile is spending money launching HSPA+ cities across the nation, why would they do that if they intend to dump it one piece at a time, that just doesn’t make sense. The only massive change T-Mobile is going to undertake in 2011 is a changing of the guard, Phillip Humm will become the CEO. Do you think Sprint could even afford T-Mobile? I would wager they could not.

  • willie1

    Sprint does not have enough to buy tmobile. What seems likely for 2011 is a merger/joint venture with a company lookin to get in the wireless game. Phillip Humm is bringing merger experience from his latest stint with Tmo. Europe.

    If this happens, TMobile will be a REAL player in the industry

  • Abcd

    yeah theyd be a real player and lots of people would get fired…good smarts