FCC Approves Motorola MB710, Next Stop T-Mobile

Remember that Motorola handset that passed FCC with AWS goodness in January? Yesterday, the folks over at the FCC updated the FCC entry with new pictures and a user manual in which there are mentions of T-Mobile USA services, specifically, MyFaves (now discontinued). Almost identical to the Motorola MOTOROI, the Motorola MB710 user manual also shows the handset will include MOTOBLUR, a 3.5mm headset jack, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and microSD support. Similar to the Motorola XT720 (an improved version of the Motoroi), the images displayed on the FCC site show that the MB710 has an 8 megapixel camera with xenon flash. Let’s just hope the extra time it took Motorola with the MB710 went towards improved specs, maybe a 1Ghz processor? A man can dream right? Sound off in the comments!

PhoneScoop Via FCC

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  • Mohammad

    When is it coming out?

  • hmm what’s that side chin/love handle thing that’s going on? I don’t know how I feel about that…

    • Eddie Android

      Its where the camera controls/LED indicators are at

  • alex32

    what is the screen size?
    and what kind of motoblur? is it the kind of motoblur that looks like the droid x?
    im desperate to ditch my curve 8900 and my contract is over
    i dont know if i can wait till project emerald

  • bfhmd68

    Droid like device for T-Mobile!! I really wish T-Mobile would step away from the boring “family oriented” ads for all their phones. Verizon is really good at advertising to make their phones seem badass. It would be nice if T-Mobile could do the same for a change. They might get more attention.

  • Housetek

    no one cares about moto blur….

    • JaylanPHNX

      I care. Some of the features of motoblur are excellent. Yes, it needs tweeking, but with some work (like what’s on Droid X) it could be great. It may not be as sexy as sense, but it’s more about functionality. I’ll miss some of that function when I move to the Vibrant.

  • Bobomo

    Couldn’t it be that the FCC just updated with information originally provided in January, because the confidentiality requirements expired? I guess what I’m saying is that it doesn’t necessarily mean this phone is going to be released… it’s been this long already, and Motorola has already re-designed this phone.

    • erik

      i just read through the released documents.

      the confidentiality agreements definitely expired. the manual is really old in terms of services (myfaves etc.) and motoblur versions. it looked like it was all set to come to t-mobile but didn’t for whatever reason.

      i doubt it’ll be coming our way.

  • alex32

    i am waiting till november 5 for the HTC EMERALD (:

  • NiiDiddy


  • mailman13877

    Is that three sensors or a FFC? The screen is 3.7inches btw.Think this phone may keep me in the TMO talks lol

  • SoonerSaint12

    This would be a nice phone…but I’ve had it with T-mobile’s coverage (or lack there of).

    • mpv

      so why are you here… seriously

  • Jose Medina

    I prefer this one over the samsung galaxy

  • jmts80

    I want!

  • Barry

    I saw a trailer of this on YouTube I’ll post it if I find it again. its very similar to the Droid commercials Verizon airs. This would be a step in the right direction along with the vibrant. And hopefully this gets an upgraded processor like the DX and D2

  • soon2TMO

    this device is one helluva phone too! i wonder when this is coming out?

  • Green Robot

    This would be a great device to get for all those complaining about the lack of camera flash on the Vibrant. 8MP camera and xenon flash: definitely a device for those focused on using camera on their phone a lot. Hope the camera sensor on this thing is decent enough. For someone like me that averages about 10 pictures taken with their phone a year, Vibrant will be more that good enough.

    • 3g rules

      No, they will find something to complain about on this device as well. They just can’t help themselves, they have to complain or they just aren’t happy.

  • mingkee

    3 cool Android phones for/from T-Mobile
    nexus one with froyo
    samsung vibrant

    We T-Mobile customers will go bankrupt!

  • Barry
  • Chad D

    MyFaves is NOT Fav 5. It is the new feature seen on the Slide, its just a way to organize your personal favorite contacts.


    i just cant see tmobile with these kind of phone

  • Wunako

    Maaan i would luv to get this phone hope. It really is coming

  • g

    tmobile usa is know for having lower spec android offerings, so I doubt this will be any faster. Look at the fisher price lineup they currently have.

    • 3g rules

      @g Ugh…shut up already. Nobody cases what you think. Really.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have or had BlackBerry, Touch Pro2, HD2, G1, Slide and getting the SGS.

      I’d go in to detail, but I’ll just sum things up for you:

      You don’t know what you are talking about.

      Now go get a prepaid Tracfone and stay off of here.

  • TMOprophet

    This will make a nice addition to our lineup

  • Barry

    Did you not see what’s coming on the 15th and even as much flack as it gets HD2 has been here.

  • quikzilver

    Screen looks small from that picture. Like a 2.8

  • Vlad

    Too little, too late. Am on Sprint now.

  • truth is

    Who wants a phone that’s nearly 5 ounces and over an inch wide? noone

  • truth is

    i meant tosay thick not wide