Motorola Phone Passes FCC With AWS Goodness


While most of us have geared our attention toward the HTC HD2 or  HTC Nexus One, the FCC  has just passed another unknown  Motorola phone (FCC ID: IHDP56KC6) with T-Mobile AWS 3G bands ( 1700/2100 ). Could this possibly be the Android powered Motorola Sholes/Sholes Tablet that was rumored to be heading Magenta’s way? Or could it be another wannabe “iPhone killer”? Only time will tell! According to the FCC these are some of the specs the Motorola Phone includes:

-Quadband GSM/EDGE 850, 900, 1800 and 1900

-HSDPA/HSUPA up to 10.2 Mbps

-Standalone GPS


-Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR

-WiFi b/g

-Battery model BP6X / SNN5843A / 1390 mAH (same as the Cliq)

Leave your hopes/dreams in the comments!


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  • Coco

    Oh I hope that this is the Sholes tablet or at least a Moto that is better than the cliq. I broke my Blackberry and put all my hopes in to the Nexus one, but since I have a family plan I am not getting it. I would love to get something decent in the next few months. Fingers crossed!

    • Bugdog

      Ditto, except my bb is not broken, but showing its age–and I’m sick of bb and want an android.

      • Coco

        Ditto Ditto. SO sick of boring Blackberry or else i would have picked up a 9700

  • Coco

    Wonder if this would come out soon. Didn’t the Nexus One just complete FCC testing in December and now here it is……oh please please please please please. And done.

  • fort

    I’m looking for the droid with nexus1 processor. If not then the nexus is it.

  • newspeak

    WouI ld be happy if it was the droid …but does this have hspa 10.2 …cause all the phones so far have only had 7.2 and it almost seems like it would be a sure thing that its a higher end phone and not just another g1/magic clone

  • moboss

    stop this talk of “iphone killer” already … my head hurts in continued anticipation, my ears hurt with all this noise, but no real killer!!!!
    Cant they JUST copy the icandy icons? All the powers be in the world couldnt
    design a DECENT looking icon? No wonder fanboys make stevie rich all the way to
    the bank, all the time !!!!!!!!!!! I grudgingly admit they are doing *something* right !

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I hope it’s that concept Motorola phone that was shown a couple weeks ago. I can use a 4.3 inch OLED screen, Snapdragon Processor, Android, Etc.

  • SpanDee

    I suppose nobody undetstands that NOT one single person is supposed to get 21 MBIT, but rather capacity for many a peoples at the same time with full speed. Damn greedy people!
    So all you people with IPhones soon to be wont turn TMO into another gAyT&T

  • Noel

    Oooh yeah i love it..Magenta is fast becoming the hub of Android and Smartphones. Two mega phones down (Nexus one, Htc HD2) many more such has Sony X10, Nokia N900, a Motorola android phone etc to come. Keep them coming…choices galore for all the patient magenta loyalist. Personally i’ll get the Nexus one unlocked, but i can’t seem to loose sight of the power house Maemo Nokia N900..i will get it as a second phone. Finally…see ppl, good things eventually come to those who w8. patiently.

    • john

      Didn’t rogers lock down SE X 10…?

  • money mo

    T mobile knows i get every good phone that comes out, Y”ALL tRYING to banKrupt me??? my nexus one is coming monday, i guess that motorola phone will be my spring phone, myTouch for sale $100.

  • Usman

    @money mo Is that MyTouch in good shape? I’d be interested if it was in mint condition… if so, email me at uansari1 at hotmail dot com.

  • rushmore

    Getting very tired of every Android device but Droid NOT having a keyboard.

    When will Tmo have a TRUE replacement for the G1? HTC does not have a keyboard device for Android in 2010. They showed their hand at CES and no keyboard devices using Android.

    • JMTS80

      I know how you feel. I have wanted to jump on the Android bandwagon for a while now but i need a real keyboard. I am almost ready to give up and get a Nexus One or HD2.

      • moboss

        If you NEED a real kbd, how is the Nexus One going to help you ??????

  • NiiDiddy

    Coming form Motorola, it better be a great device. At least a device better than the Cliq…or any other Motorola devices out there [ahem…Droid]. This year is shaping up to be a great year for Magenta already. We still don’t know what the other phone companies are brewing up…and frankly I don’t care…!! :p

  • Wicked1

    If the scholes is the droid for tmo, I’m gonna be mad because I already used my upgrade on the Cliq, and I will be spending $400+ on it

  • Wicked1

    *will Not be spending…

  • frank wolk

    Just another phone that long time customers will be unable to get a break on! See:

  • Bigg

    Battery failed?

  • this couldnt be the Backflip right?

    • nforcer

      No, it can’t be. It has the T-Mobile 3G bands.

      • Trill

        It could be tmobile band supported version.

    • Coco

      I don’t think that T-mobile is going to carry both the Backflip and the Cliq. They are practically the same phone. Plus there were rumors a while back that we would get a high end Moto device.

  • andrew

    I think that att is going to smock tmobile. they going to get 5 Android

  • JBLmobileG1

    I wouldn’t mind getting a version of the Droid with a Snapdragon processor in it. Maybe a slightly better keyboard as well. I really wish HTC would release a keyboard phone but with the Nexus One specs. Basically an updated G1 is all I want. I am really into the old school gaming emulators for the Android… they are Great and bring back memories… and to play them with a keyboard is a must. I always thought the Cliq would be a perfect fit because the directional pad is almost like a D-Pad… but I want something a little more powerful and with more memory. Let’s hope this device is something like the Droid. I’d hate to say it… but playing with the Cliq keyboard… it doesn’t even compair to the G1… and I would actually like a trackball. Does anyone other than BlackBerry and HTC use trackballs??? Doesn’t seem like it but it would be nice if motorola did for a change… even an optical one is better than nothing.

  • Jesse

    I’m kind of shocked its been kept such a huge secret when its not even that big of a deal. The new windows mobile is going to by far a bigger deal then this one.
    Its pretty much expected at this point to have the Motorola Backflip.

  • foo

    teeheehee i know what it is

  • T

    I hope it looks like Verizon’s Droid and runs 2.0!

  • First of all i happened 2 purchase da moto click, & I’m pretty happy wit it. My only complaints R dat it should of came wit a flash, a little roomier key board, & better battery life. I wasn’t 2 thrilled when da moto droid came out cus it had a bigger screen, higher resolution, a flash 4 da camera & it is thinner & sleeker, but i’m not a hater cus I even recomended it 2 my friend dat has verizon service. As far as verizon I wouldn’t mind havin verizon cus we all know they have better coverage & more bars than any oda service, but then again dat service comes wit a very high price. I mean u can have 3 lines on tmo for da price of one android on verizon. For all u knuckle heads dat don’t understand marketing there will always be anoda phone by da same company 2 top their last phone. I mean really think bout it 1st da click came out, then da moto droid, now da backflip is coming, & soon yet anoda moto superfone in da works. How da hell do u think they keep all of us spending our $$ by coming out wit new phones. If it wasn’t dat way we’d all be at home wit wired rotary landline phones. Everybody stop complaining & buy wat u like. If u can afford to when it comes out, & always keep in mind THAT ur next phone will be topped by anoda phone to keep u spending $$ & interested!!??

    • Bugdog

      That has to be the most annoying post I have ever (attempted) to read. Don’t do that anymore; it’s not cute, and your mother is not reading this.

  • x10

    how come moto phones that came out in china are more superior than this one?
    motorola xt800, with hdmi jack, and all that other goodies, and runs android 2.0…

    i wish its this phone…

    • x10

      sorry, what i meant was more superior than motorola’s coming out in US…

  • anyone figure this one out yet? Im on the fence about buying a new phone and trying to figure out what to buy.

  • OMG!!!! I just found out that verizon has just dropped their prices down on their plans. As of 01/18/10 verizon has announced their price drop!!!! Not just announced it either, i mean affective as of today. I hate 2 say it but i think TMO is introuble. Even with da google N1 & oda new phones coming for tmo, i don’t think they will be able 2 compete unless tmo drops their prices on plans even lower. U see i think verizon is gonna also get a nexus one version & anoda moto update & get the Iphone, plus oda androids also. Verizon has more customers, more $$, more bars, & better coverage. Put dat in da ring with almost da same rates as tmo & dat my friends spells trouble for all oda phone carriers!!!! I myself being a loyal tmo customer might consider verizon if tmo doesn’t drop their rates even lower than they are now. I guess da 1st & 2nd quater will tell da tale???? What ever da rest of u loyal tmo customers are doin right now i suggest u log on & be prepared for wat ur about 2 see!!

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