myTouch3G Users, Your Wish Is About To Come True

So many of you have written in, asked on Twitter or really just begged for information regarding the possibility of future myTouch3G updates. While HTC has been pretty clear regarding Android updates for phones released this year, myTouch3G users have been left wondering. Well wonder no more as the above screen shot gives you all the answers you want. You may now rest assured that Android 2.2 aka Froyo is coming your way. It was just early May when T-Mobile’s VP of Product Innovation Andrew Sherrard gave hope for a 2.1 update. Guess that idea went right out the window as you are getting 2.2!

Lets just recap before the questions flow where it specifically says “Coming soon,” which means we don’t have an official date but we’ll keep you updated as we hear more!


  • mytouch

    First….. This is exciting cant wait :D

    • mmaxxsooner

      And the behold 2 will get 1.6 WOOHOO! what a joke galaxy s BITE ME!

      • JaylanPHNX

        You know what, you can bite me with this Galaxy S is the same as Behold II B.S.! The Behold II sold like cold ass, why would they waste time upgrading all ten users? The Galaxy S is the company flagship being released on over 100 carriers worldwide with a multimillion dollar PR campaign. There’s a big damn difference. Get over your pity party, Behold II owners and let us enjoy our anticipation of a great phone.

      • pimpstrong

        @ JaylanPHNX THANK YOU I’m tired of these Behold II people bitchin about how that failed device isnt getting brought up to speed. BH2 FAIL, SGS FTW

      • jake

        X2 on the bite me galaxy s, it is the same as the behold 2, when it launched it was one of their most powerful android phones, the SGS will get the same left out in the cold treatment, Jaylan you can bite me, there were 10s of thousands of people who bought that phone you douche, whatever 7 months down the road we told you so.

  • tom

    finally the my touch is getting an update and i thought it would only get 2.1 but its getting 2.2
    it cant get any better than this

  • Derek

    HECK YES!!!!!!

  • Meredith Haynes

    I hate to see such a terrible grammar mistake in a headline like this. It should be “Your wish is about to come true”, as in the possessive “Your”. Not the contraction “You’re” for “You are”. Come on.

    • David

      Meredith, worry about stuff that matters, I couldn’t correct the mistake quick enough as the site kept going down…Sorry, I’ll do a better job next time.

      • jmts80

        Gotta love the grammar Nazis. BTW what is up with the site lately? It seems to go down a lot lately…

      • Meredith is what you name your kid if you want to raise a grammar nazi. Mission accomplished.

    • SayaX

      Get over it, Meredith!

    • pimpstrong

      Meredith Haynes is fail

      • Jack

        Seriously, you guys are going to rag on someone for pointing out a mistake? I guess it’s safe to assume you all don’t even know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’ Did you guys make fun of the smart kids in school too? Because that’s cool.

        If the mistake was in a comment post by someone or a message board reply or something like that, then no, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But this was the headline on a fairly major blog/news site. Yes mistakes happen, and I’m sure the writer knows correct grammar. But there’s nothing wrong with pointing out the mistake.

        On a side note, so many idiots don’t know the difference between your, you’re, its, it’s, and so on. Sure, we’re grammar nazis. But if people actually learned how to read & write then we wouldn’t be pointing out these mistakes so much.

        • David

          You know, it was an honest mistake and I didn’t catch it in my battle to post the story while the blog was suffering under heavy load. It took me more than a few minutes to get the post corrected because I couldn’t access the page. It’s not really worth discussing anymore.

    • cellmate

      rage, rage, Meredith – good for you!

  • kast

    Now all I need is Tmo to get Motorola on board with updates and the entire family will be Froyo’d!

  • Deadpan

    Yeah? Where’s BB 5.0 for my 8900, you #$%^$^s!?!

    • RayBean

      I have a 8900 too and you should just consider it in the same boat as the G1. Its dead to Tmobile. It does suck that they discontinued the 8900 before they even upgraded us to 5.0. But I’ve come to the realization a long time ago to not worry and just upgrade to another phone! Its our only option.

      • jabombardier

        its dead to the manufacturer. t-mobile doesn’t have control of phone software upgrades.

      • TonyJohns


        Yes T-Mobile does. RIM pushes out the update, it’s up to the carrier on how and when they want to release it. There are 5.0os released for the 8900, but T-Mobile didn’t pass it on to their 8900 subscribers. The 8900 is still selling on AT&T, so it’s not dead to the manufacture (RIM). It’s dead to T-Mobile.

    • Daedalus

      Ohh it is there my daughter is running 5.0 on her BB8900 just had to storm the walls and pull a version from another company.

    • Cyberpyr8

      If you really want 5.0 for the 8900 it is available and easy to upgrade. Granted, T-Mo never delivered it but I was running it from the time it was in early beta and you can get a stable version for your phone from Rogers or Orange.

      I am glad to see that T-Mobile hasn’t forgotten the MT3G users in upgrading to 2.2.

  • effdee1121

    yesss!can’t believe a phone like the mytouch is getting android 2.2! i guess it was worth the wait.

  • mingkee

    Will examine what’s new with updated 2.2 version.

  • joe

    “no phones left behind….” except for the G1, witch is dead to us – T-mobile

    • jabombardier

      you mean HTC

    • Jrsykind

      Exactly!!!! Can’t upgrade until November. Hope they have a super android phone w/ snap dragon and front facing camera by then.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Ans the six month old behold 2 dont forget those poor bastards!

  • Awesome news for us rooted G1 users. The MyTouch and G1 share so much hardware that the ROM should be very easy to backport to the G1. Eeeeeeexcellent. :-)

    • frank

      Yeah and there’s a 2.2 froyo version floating around the internet for the MT3G/G1 and its only a matter of time before everything works lol

  • Andy

    “No phones left behind.” Except for the G1.

    • Wunako

      except the samsung behold2 of coarse

  • Luy2010

    Liess… will not happen….

  • Finally.

    PS Meredith, your lame. :)

    • Rob

      joke fail

  • John

    Amazing!! Can’t wait! Thanks TmoNews, you guys rock!

  • 30014

    What about us g1 users that can’t upgrade yet? Tmo could learn from at&t and let us g1 users upgrade early. It’s the least they could do if they aren’t going to support the hardware.

  • J-Hop2o6

    I applaud Tmo for this.. they didn’t hold back and settle for 2.1.. they went ahead to 2.2 (FroYo).. and im actually surprised.. but it looks like it will have “Espresso” SenseUI (same as the mT-Slide), but with 2.2 underneath.. The Slide should get 2.2 soon after.

    i cant wait to get the mT-Slide (hopefully FREE on June 19th) cuhz i need to hop on Android that has a keyboard (currently using a HTC TP2 with EnergyROM w/ CHT1.8 & i have Android 2.1 AOSP on my SD card).. The Slide will hold me over until i get a Android superphone (like the rumored HTC Vision/sidekick Twist).

    • pimpstrong

      Hey hey a fellow TP2 EnergyROM user. I was hoping the Slide would hold me over for a while as well but thats just too much $ to spend for just 2 – 4 (hopefully) months of usage for me.

  • sorandkairi

    Time to send mine back in because it is having “problems” :)!

  • The Observer

    to be clear, this includes the very first mytouch 3g also?

    • yes, “No Phones Left Behind”

  • Enzio Diaz

    This is excellent news as I just traded my BB Bold 9700 for a MyTouch w/ a 3.5mm jack. Looking forward to some frozen yogurt.

  • Waitng for my replacement, 3rd one in the last 4 months :/. hopefully update is out by friday haha .

  • phonegeek

    hopefully this includes us 1st gen users

  • BC

    Now my question is, will mobile hotspot (mi-fi) be implemented in 2.2?

    And will someone please give Motorola a swift kick in the ass and get the Cliq and the XT upgraded already?! I had to go back to my G1 because it did more!

  • Bruce

    This is not true until it is confirmed by T-Mobile and posted on T-Mobile’s website. To present this as fact without a link to T-Mo’s web site is basically lying to your readers.

    • David

      Not at all, and if you knew anything at all about the concept of this website or websites such as this I did exactly what my readers expect me to do. Lighten up.

      • Bruce

        If you’ve trained your readers to accept lies then that means it’s OK to go right ahead and continue lying? Your logic there is faulty. I agree, though that it is typical of websites like this one to be full of distortions and half truths.

      • CinFul

        That’s right, David. Keep up the good work. :-)

    • thegreatcity

      Bruce, you are an idiot.

      If you think thats the case, then why are you here?

      • Robert

        Haha, yeah… Brucey should stick to the site if he has a problem with this website, or any others like this one for that matter.

      • Bruce

        Um, to get news about T-Mobile? If I’m not mistaken, that’s the name of the web site.

      • Robert

        Bruce, if you’re looking for confirmed T-Mobile news…. and you want it confirmed by a post on T-Mobile’s website… why not just just look there for the news?

      • Robert

        And, last time I checked, is “The Unofficial T-Mobile Blog” and unless I’m mistaken about the word “unofficial”…..

    • Jrsykind

      Bruce, you’re nuts!

    • Alvin B.

      You must be new here. The internet tech news industry, especially mobile phones, consists in a major part of rumor and speculation. That’s how this whole thing works. Companies keep consumers in the dark for reasons that are not always in one or the other or even both parties best interests. Companies sometimes leak information as a way to let people know what’s coming without making any official “commitment”. Sites like this allow those who really want to know to have a clue. To accuse the admin of “lying” would require some kind of proof that the site admin here wholly fabricated the document in question, which is something is not known for. Yes, it could be a faked document. Them’s the breaks in this biz. If it is, time will tell. Until then, such as it is, it is the information we have.

      • Bruce

        No, I’m not new here. For this site to get people clued in is OK with me. Presenting “the information we have” as absolute truth is deceitful. As you say, many of the posts on websites like this turn out to be untrue. This one looks more solid than most, but this site sensationalizes all of the information they get. They to make it seem more important than it is. That gets old after a while.

    • Bruce Hater


      You are absolutely right, how in the world could someone just go off and post whatever they want on the INTERNET! This is just downright ludicrous! Haha, you’re (<–that's a contraction for Meredith) such an idiot. This is "Unofficial Tmobile News"

    • pimpstrong

      Yeah Bruce that picture is just a big photoshop job made by the Tmo Emoployee’s just to F@#K with us. It will never come true and Tmo succeeded at screwing us over once again….right.

  • Alan


    I might actually unroot for this

    • Alvin B.

      I would be very careful unrooting for any update. Keep in mind, the update will likely also come with a perfected SPL that will then need to be re-cracked before you’ll be able to get root again. It would probably be a matter of days, maybe even hours, before the released ROM would be available as a clean pre-rooted image which wouldn’t lock your SPL.

  • zmoboss

    Motorola? Forget it …… they do great things to other carriers, but somehow treat magenta (users) bad ….

  • PsychoKilla666

    That is actually a devastating grammar mistake, I understand that it was posted quickly with the intention to fix the post once its up for everyone to see, but all the members downplaying and hating on such a huge mistake do not realize how sad this world will be when all the teeny boppers grow up
    GJ Meredith

    • Andrew

      So says the person with a grammatical mistake in their rant.

    • David

      Could you be a little less dramatic? Devastating…almost as devastatingly dumb as the gif you posted? Not to mention your run on sentence.

      • sorandkairi

        run-on, LOL……. sorry just funny

        Anyway I think that you’re doing a good job!

      • Rob

        Seriously, could you be more defensive when people point out a mistake you made? A simple, “Caught the mistake after, will edit/update shortly” would have sufficed.

        Instead you take to telling people to worry about ‘important’ things and calling others out on their own mistakes. And now here I am posting this because it’s unbelievably frustrating to see people ragged on that pointed out a mistake that, wait for it, you made. Grow up.

        • David

          You know, it’s incredibly easy for you to make that statement, it’s not you receiving the criticism. A lot of incredibly hard work goes into making this happen day after day and for people to rag on the least important aspect of their entire post is frustrating and incredibly so. It’s not about being defensive and I’m not saying my job is harder than any other job so boohoo for me. What I am saying is that it’s easy to armchair quarterback and do it with no respect at all. I do this for the readers and when their only concern is a grammatical mistake, it’s frustrating.

    • YourDaddy

      @psychokilla666- I’m guessing you meant to say, “…once it’s up…” right? You forgot the apostrophe. Where is the period at the end of your sentence? If you’re going to make fun of someone for something make sure you’re doing it right.


    • pimpstrong

      LMAO @ the his .gif

  • grog

    Just as I was contemplating dishing out the ETF and switching to the evo or iphone 4, this comes out :) I wonder why it took so long? We should be getting the news that we’re being upgraded to 2.2 from 2.1 instead of 1.6, but nevertheless this update will be a great reason to hold on to my MT3G until the contract expires.

  • RyanLittle

    i have the mt 3g with 3.5mm jack, and it’s constantly freezing, force closing, etc. anyone else have this issue?

    • RodneyKing

      yeah, it’s called the Android OS. You can only fix it by not buying the beta products that HTC and Google offer T-mobile.

      • RyanLittle

        sorry… i’m kinda of slow, what are beta products? i just bought it like a month ago..

      • RyanLittle

        sorry, i’m kinda slow, what are beta products?

      • Matlock

        Dude seriously STFU, with your stupid comment. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! Android is an amazing OS, so if you dont have anything to contribute get out of here!

  • Sandy

    The mytouch 3g can barely handle 1.6…2.2 would be devastating

    • Cyberpyr8

      I am running 2.1 on my rooted Fender Edition and I can tell you it runs much better than 1.6 did. The screen transitions and app loading is much better. I was concerned about going to 2.1 because of performance but I feel like I have a new phone. I have a co-worker running a rooted non-3.5mm MT3g and his is running good too.

    • Somebody

      This is NOT WINDOZE where every newer version takes a stronger machine to run. This is MUCH MORE INTELLIGENT than that. Every newer version requires LESS machine to run.

  • effdee1121

    where did the screenshot come from?

  • Solidus433

    So no 2.1 in the mean time? Dont get me wrong, I cant wait for 2.2, but I have been hearing rumors of 2.1 for the mt3g since november of last year, and im getting bored of 1.6, I need something new. And does this update include all mt3g users, even those of us who got the phone day one?

  • Cody

    Please, just give us a date.

  • Zomb131

    Soon, soon, soon; why no release date? I got fed up finally and rooted my MT3G last night. I’d like to see the 570~MHz processor handle the 2.2 update.

  • RyanLittle

    i don’t know what’s wrong with this website but i’ve tried posting this a couple times, lol… what are htc/google beta products?

    • The Observer

      it was a joke! jesus!!!

    • covert

      Don’t listen to the idiot troll… odds are the reason you are getting force close errors is due to excessive sms (text) messages on your phone. Try keeping each thread below 100-125 messages at most and you should see a huge decrease in errors.

      • SteveBerman

        yeah, don’t use the phone to communicate. as long as you don’t do that, it should work fine!

    • Shannon

      It’s most likely a bad app that you installed that is causing your headaches. Always read the comments before downloading apps and see what others are saying about it. Check the t-mobile forums, you can find a lot of useful info there too…

  • Sloan234

    I second effdee- Where did the screenshot come from? I’m not trying to be smart, just curious. :)

    • David

      Do you honestly think I’m going to tell you that??

      • BC

        The screen shot looks like a scan from a brochure. I wonder if this notice is going to be popping up with upcoming billing statements?

      • WhatdoIknow

        It came from the upcoming edition of the myTouch magazine that tmo sends out to people who bought the MT3G.

  • Sloan234

    Meh. It was worth a shot…

  • going_home

    Meh. Got a 3G Slide off contract thursday. Gave my G1 to mom. Now I have decided
    I dont see enough of an improvement over the G1 to keep the Slide so its going back for a refund. Too bad it took almost two years after the release of the G1 for TMO to come out with it. Whats pathetic is its barely an upgrade from the G1, and its sure not worth $429.00.


    • pimpstrong

      yeah I feel for you G1 owners having this “upgraded/updated” phone as your only choice to buy a new comparable styled phone. I’d stay put as well.

  • tortionist

    There’s several things you can do. First Clear out the Caches of your apps, like the web browser and the Market app.Get rid of all the Email spam and junk you don’t read. Use more multi purpose apps( you know, that do more than one thing). Use small apps, as well as fast ones that are less problem prone. Just to name a few things you can do to speed up your phone and its transitions.

  • Uchenna

    Yeah the phone is not really that good, very small and looks like a small toy. I would never consider buying it, even if they get 2.2 update

  • No phones left behind …

    … except, of course, for the G1.

  • MrIzzy

    I think it’s awesome that the mT3g is getting Froyo… just when I had decided to buy the mT3G Slide! Oh well, I guess I’ll save those $180 and a contract extension.

    But as it was mentioned earlier, I’m also worried about the mT3G hardware being able to handle Froyo… can anybody get a little technical and give some details?

    • JaylanPHNX

      I think a lot of the people with this concern are forgetting the huge speed boost provided by Froyo’s JIT compiler. It’s exactly because of the old hardware that you should be thrilled by the 2.2 upgrade news. I’m insanely jealous because I know my Cliq XT will never get past 2.1, even though it’s newer than MT3G. Curse you Motorola! I wish T-Mo would put some pressure on them.

  • Unfortunately I won’t be sticking around with T-Mobile after September 23rd when my contract is up. I want an IPhone and yes I know it’s not T-Mobile’s fault they can’t offer it. T-Mobile has been lacking in the phones department for a long time and I just don’t see it getting better in the near future. Hopefully in two years they will have the IPhone the same time everyone else does, and I can switch back.

  • Dave

    Cool that Tmo is taking care of older phones.. Is this a good sign for Cliq??

    • Ummm… it says “Good News For Existing myTouch Users” Not “Good News For Tmobile Androids.” So Idk.

  • Peter Shore

    I’m still on my G1 from launch like a lot of people and I’m waiting patiently for a super phone. I like that I can have a pretty great phone/data/text plan for around 80 bucks, but Sprints pricing is similar and they’re offering the Evo for 20 bucks less than the Mytouch Slide? Anyone who has played around these two phones can’t possibly think that they even compare. The Mytouch looks dated out of the box. Froyo is great and all, but if Tmobile can get it this fast, I’m sure Sprint is working hard on optimizing it for the Evo given the response it has gotten. I’m gonna try and wait it out to avoid paying the ETF, but unless I hear something about “Project Emerald” or some other game changer, I think the Evo is gonna be my next phone.

  • They always lie for no reason. i’m about to go to Verizon and get the htc droid incredible.

  • Taaars

    I have a rooted MT3G, so this is good news for most, For me, eh, Ill have 2.2 way before TMO gets it out…But Kudos to TMO and HTC to helping these older models et some lovin. Now release a super android phone like all the other carriers, before Metro gets one better than you all (they are already getting one equal to the slide, minus the keyboard)

  • RS

    Pretty cool. Can’t wait to hear how 2.2 runs on the mt3g with the performance enhancements I’ve been reading about. I’ve been considering the slide and the fact that tmobile is still supporting this phone gives me some piece of mind.

  • Mystro

    I call Tmobile’s bluff on “no phone left behind”. My girl’s Blackberry 8900 they refuse to update it to 5.0. Sorry, had to rant. Anyway, good to hear that the MT3G users aren’t left in the cold. I am soon to leave Blackberry for Android, just waiting for that Galaxy S, updates or not!

    • Matt

      pretty sure that no phone left behind is more on the google end so grats you are an idiot, and since blackberry is not opensource like google phones your gfs phone may not even be able to boot that os version properly so grats again you are still an idiot.

  • J

    At this point, I’ll believe it when I see it on my phone screen…

  • ecdy

    What’s the actual original URL for this announcement?

  • Jonathan

    I had a dream and I was buying the HTC Desire on June 19th from a Tmobile Store.

    • Jared

      You won’t be”buying”anything on the 19th. All phones are free with a family plan. No desire til the earliest july.

  • Dodanafoneium

    will there be htc sense involved, becuz i am a die hard fan for sense. 2.2 FTW!

    • D.C.

      I love my slide its great but do we get live wallpapers I love that stuff even though it sucks battery

  • Richard

    Wow, since when did folks on here get so snide with each other. Take a breather folks, it’s a blog, not a Doctorate Thesis.

  • K, K

    What about the G1 users? Will they get any update ever? Yes, T-Mobile forgets its existing customers and that is the fact.

    • john

      G1 is dead, move on

      • Dashi

        The G1 Will Be Around For 5 More Years Easy Since People Like To “Hack” It LONG LIVE THE G1!!!

    • soriggs

      you can root your g1 to 2.2 but your warrenty is gone if you do that,just upgrade to the mytouch instead

    • D.C.

      To me they don’t well I suggest don’t get a contract at the rate the market is going with theses new phones but I do annual payments and I get a new phone evry year tmo been good to me and sorry but g1 can’t support it ,that’s like puttin water in you fuel tank the poor thing would choke everytime

  • richard

    its about time cause im about ready to throw mine on the ground and jump up and down on it till its shattered into little bits, iv had nothing but trouble with it for last few weeks, this up date will at least be a little something to make it worth the money im spending, and thats the dang truth,

  • Charles


    • D.C.

      What you can do is purchase the slide at your nearby tmo store for anything between 30 and 60 dollars and the rest go to your bill 22:50 a month for twenty months I paid 54$ and that was the lovely deal I got and I’m happy with this baby its so powerful

  • joji

    I loveeee my mytouch slide =]

  • Adi

    Really hope that this is happening because they were supposed to relies 2.1 update first Q. LETS HOPE

  • harrisc2h

    Im just a little made that t-mobile was the last one to get a 2.0 or better i thought they started it all with the G1 people say that 2.0 is now big deal but why is everyone that has a 2.0 love it just feel left behind.

  • LSxChevelle

    Well that image is from the first page of the Summer 2010 T-Mobile Android guide now named “100% you.” When you open it the left page is “You’re going to love the new Slide” and the right is the page above. I think this makes it very likely to be seen soon!

  • Clint Shepherd

    UTUAll the guessing games can stop: late this afternoon, I received an OTA upgrade which brought my myTouch up to 2.2. Although it seems that quite a few T-Mobile customers seem to have been frustrated by what has appeared to be the provider not getting a wide range of phone’s, while I too started to get that same “itch,” it’s reassuring to know that the roll-out wasn’t put out on the market until the developers were confdent that it was suitable to do so.

    • Cody

      Sorry, I’m calling BS.

      • Rey

        OMG OMG OMG ME TOO !!! J/k i wish tho, if that screen shot is from the magazine then im guessing the update will come after the magazine has been released.


    Seriously is it out?

  • Coiler



    At T-Mobiles offial site people start to report that the update have rolled out to random people….

    Its some kind of “public test”… Final version will be out usually 1-3 weeks after public test has been released!

    • Coiler

      ^^and by people you mean one person that has posted a total of 5 times on their forum. Don’t get me wrong I am hoping this is true.

      MyTouch Fender – just waiting to be Froyoed


    Someone at droiddog posted the same :o and one here too…

  • going_home

    Bought a Mytouch 3G Slide off contract ($429.00), had it for a week and returned it.
    Picked up a used Mytouch 3G off Craigslist ($114.00) to use till TMO comes up with a better phone.
    Was thinking about buying a used Nexus One till I saw this announcement.

    I wonder if I will get the 2.2 Froyo on the used MT3G ?

    Might be a dumb question…but can the update tell I didnt buy the MT3G from TMO ?


  • Nexus

    hey it says no phone left behind is their pledge… what about the BH2 that was a android ph that was left behind.

  • matt

    g1 users u will not be getting the update bc lack of memory. just root ur g1 with cyanogen. he does really good work.

  • Whiner

    When is this supposed to go through? T-Mob is making us wait forever

  • Don

    I just received the Summer 2010 issue of T-Mobie’s MyTouch “100% You” magazine, and the “Good News for Existing MyTouch 3G Users” article is page 3 and signed by Cole Brodman (Chief Technology Officer of T-Mobile). So this is official, but still no specific date… or word on whether it will be OTA.

  • Kevin

    I still haven’t gotten my update to 2.2 for mytouch 3g. I’m getting pretty pissed off!!!

  • I bet this will be released the same day as the iPhone 4, that is this June 24th

    • Kevin

      Wrong! It’s the twenty eighth of june and still no friggin update!

  • Erg

    It’s about time!!!!!!

  • christian

    How will the upgrade come? Will we have to keep looking for it or will we be notified?

  • Jack

    I’m calling it; this rumor is bull, just like all the others. My iPhone wielding brother doesn’t have to deal with this crap. No “update Q2, 2010.” His was 11am on a specific day. Why can’t we know if it’s coming this month? If it’s not coming, tell me so I can re-root and enjoy some non-1.6 features for once.

  • julian

    its talking about mytouch phones not android phones.

  • Scoota

    I just got my T-Mobile connections book and this exact screenshot is page 2.

  • Whiner

    Mytouch phones ARE android phones.

  • Reg Ridley


  • Alicia

    It’s August 12…. Still no update…. Add I LOVE my phone!

  • Kumail

    It is said in this article that MyTouch 3G will get Froyo soon, HTC Magic is also similar to MyTouch 3G, so will HTC Magic also get Froyo soon or they both have separate OS???

  • dubya504

    The mighty G1 has fallen to the Tmobile Corporate Giants and yet to try and save it is the Mytouch 3g! The MT3g has yet to transform into the mighty giant it was claimed to be. The Tmobile monster has began it’s onslaught with blows to the MT3g still yet waiting to receive it’s SPARK to transform into the Mighty Giant it was claim to be. The MT3g received words in the form a magazine stating that the SAVIOR FROYO 2.2 was coming. Will the SPARK crumble or will it reach the Mighty MT3g so it can transform into the Real Android Telecommunication device to serve the human race and save T-mobile the saga continues…..

  • dubya504

    Hey T-maybe It’s August 19, 2010 do you know where you UPDATES are at? I Know one there ARE Not and thats my phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cbrown

    Simply put T-mobile, WTF? Obviously you can’t produce an update for the mt3g, how about just letting us all know a definitive yes or know and WHEN! Soon is not acceptable, maybe I’ll pay my bill soon! Just tell us were can handle it! !

  • William Smith

    t-Mobile LIES! either that or they have no concept of what “soon” means.

  • Gary

    tmobile lies and doesn’t care about existing customers. I called yesterday and asked them. They said NO PLAN to give myTouch 3G any 2.2 update, only for myTouch 3G slide. I told them tmobile needs to listen to our needs and really pay attention to us, or tmobile is forcing us to leave them. You know what? they didn’t care what I said at all, kind of ignore. Basically I am really going to leave tmobile soon.

  • Reg Ridley

    When there are two other cell company’s just as good as T-Mobile, It seems t/mo. is testing the loyalty of there customers with the promises and no action for so long, while coming out with a new phone every week. B/S

  • Happy @ Verizon

    I only have this stupid t-mobile phone with crappy 3g coverage because of my work. I can tell you that if/when I get a personal account again, it will be with Verizon instead.

  • tony

    Still waiting for mytouch 3g update……………..

  • Lud

    My patience has ended. I’m gone as soon as I can unload this mytouch 3g on ebay for cheap.

  • Dunky

    Still no Froyo on the myTouch3G… we’ll be farting dust by the time that damn upgrade comes.

  • BP

    It’s October and still no word. I wish they would at least tell us which month/week it will arrive. I don’t really like blind anticipation. If I know IT IS COMING THE 3RD WEEK in October, then I don’t have to blindly stand by.

    • sorandkairi

      i feel u. i wanted to let my phone get upgraded then sell it on craigslist… well without rooting it…. alot of ppl dont like that!

  • cm

    I just got a mt3g on Oct. 2, 2010 from t-mobile and they told me that this phone would only get 2.1, when I asked. They could not say. I have 14 days to take this phone back for a refund and a different one from my prefered carrier. I only went to t-mobile because, most people I know have them and I understood that it is free tmobile to tmoble calling. I also agree with the person who said “this is just a blog” and basically anything can be said, true or not. T-mobile, you have 9 more days left to do this or I will go with Verizon!

    • sorandkairi

      dude return the phone NOW and order the G2! NOW!

  • I’ve had CyanogenMod 6.0.0 RC1 for a month now… I’m tired of waiting, why won’t T-Mobile just accept that they’re not going to stick to their promise?

  • Patrick

    I am moving to Simple mobile in a bit to try it out..(.Monthly pay as you go. 60 bux unlimited everything on the Tmobile network..if you have not heard of it )
    I guess the updates get pushed via TMobile.If I am at Simple Mobile while the update comes down how do I get an official update instead of a ‘mod’?

  • Rstampa

    December 15th and still no 2.2 update. T- MOBILE doesn’t know way.
    Now how about that!

  • Galahad

    Yep. Still waiting…

  • Galahad

    Yep. Still waiting…

  • Galahad

    Yep. Still waiting…

  • Neffly4u

    There is no official word as to when the my-touch slide is getting the update but the my-touch 3g fender and 3.5mm will be getting it in a couple of weeks. i have seen the confirmation text sent from t-mobile saying you will be receiving android 2.2 in the next few weeks. The t-mobile no my-touch left behind is still true…they’re just slow at it. so far they have released froyo to the G1, the original my-touch and working on the 3.5mm and the fender edition. Be patient. very patient with t-mobiles speed.

  • Its here. I got it this morning

  • Blazer18727

    March 10th and still no android 2.2 W.T.F. Im really getting irratated i shouldn’t have to root to get a feature promised soon!!!

  • Aligrafix

    it is getting clear that mytouch 3G slide wont get froyo update. other phones have been updated but they are not updating it because if MT3GS get froyo update, this is the very great phone with 600Mhz and 512MB RAM, their other products may get devalued due to this nice and fancy economical phone. thats why they are not updating this phone and they wont. this marketing strategy. a lot of MT3G Users are getting their phones rooted with custom roms and they are happy. i am also thinking because there a lot of boundaries in official release while you can do much better in custom roms.