Samsung Galaxy S Release Date Leaked?

Stop the presses for this one but a trusted source has pinged us and told us to expect a Samsung Galaxy S launch for Magenta on July 21st. We’re chalking this up firmly in the rumor category (as we haven’t had anything officially say this phone is actually releasing on T-mobile) right now until we get further confirmation, however it definitely coincides with the previous rumor that T-Mobile and Samsung are gearing up for a major product launch in July. Hang tight while we work to get this one moved further into the confirmation territory, which can’t come soon enough!

Check out the official Samsung Galaxy S website!

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  • jdog

    Well thats it Nexus One for June 19th.

    • Reece

      yea, if nexus one for June 19th is the -big thing- for that day then I’m probably jumping on that since it’d DEFINITELY have a longer lifespan then the slightly better spec’d but iffy support of Samsung which still will have to wait for the Froyo update & possibly not as easy for modders to fiddle around with.

      • Ryan

        I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being a Tmobile-UK phone in July and then later released in the US in 2013 just in time to battle with the quad core 2ghz phones that will be dropping on Verizon.

      • mratx512

        I’ll be lmao when I see something other than the SGS on july 19th. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the Samsung Gravity T and Smile.

      • john

        Gravity t and :) are confirmed for june 23rd already, back to the oija board for you.

    • The June 19th early opening is the “Official” Launch Day for the MT Slide, straight from the horses mouth.

      • Seamus

        your horse lies, the soft launch was June 2nd with the official launch date of June 16th.

      • 16th, 19th..its all semantics :-)

  • Mohammad

    How much is the price? $199 on contract? And do I have a gurantee it’ll be officially upgraded to android 2.2?

  • Jim

    A T-Mobile employee told me last week that there was going to be a major phone launch during the second half of July. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was it.

    • phonegeek

      atleast they talked to you the manager i talked to was like im not supposed to answer that lol

  • Robert

    Hopefully Samsung will stand behind any “guarantee” they make on this phone better than they did for the BH2…

  • Jazz

    I was debating this or the Nexus 1, but the more I see this phone, the more I love it.

    • Closetoupgrade

      We’re in the same boat. If the N1 is a definite as well, I’m going to have a hell of a time choosing. Thankfully if the rumors on both are true comparing them side by side in your hands will help a ton.

  • Hmm that’s later than I would have liked to see the SGS being released, but patience is a virtue I guess..


    another phone to add to the arsenal

  • Joe

    NEVER AGAIN SAMSUNG!!!! RIP my Behold 2

  • DannOfThurs

    I am very happy to hear this…my wife told me the other day about me thinking about an EVO that if I left TMO i’d “leave her all alone on TMO”. LOL

  • Roger

    This is what I’ve been waiting for. If this doesn’t happen, I’m definitely leaving T-Mobile for Verizon.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well I have changed my speculation so many times even I am confused as to what I said. Hmm… that means I can say anything in here and no one will be the wiser. So:

    This is right in line with my predictions. I am so wise. I am truly master of all I survey (that at this time happens to be a computer monitor. Oh well).

    Seriously, with that SGS video tour showing the SGS appeared ready to go to T-Mobile for a debut some time soon, coupled with all the other evidence, July seems THE date.

    It makes sense for all the reasons previously stated (including that Samsung would not debut the SGS at the time that Apple, Evo, and the Slide were showing up. (While Samsung may give a rip about the Slide, T-Mobile cares. It would not allow the SGS to steal the Slide’s time in the spotlight.)

    It makes more sense for the SGS to be T-Mobile’s “July-August” phone, a time when phone debuts are not as prevalent as the June or Holiday launches.

    Here is the video, if you missed it:

    • watbetch

      You can stop smelling your own farts now

      • Ryan


  • quikzilver

    I feel safe buying this phone since it is a high end phone it has launched all over the world. Samsung cannot afford to let this phone go into android obscurity.

    • AndroidMaster

      I agree, Samsung will NOT abandon the Galaxy S because this phone is a beast! The Behold II is a lot different than this one.

  • raymond

    well this is good we knew samsung had a phone coming in july just wasnt sure it was the sgs

    july 21 -_- way to make us wait maybe project emerald will get more info by then ;)

    yeh tmobile is trying to advertise the slide -_- mehhhh

  • BoomBoomBang

    Im not really a fan of Samsung phones, blah.

  • enianen

    It’s very difficult to get excited about this after the Behold II fiasco. I’m certainly not going to jump on anything without a firm commitment from Samsung about what kind of support this phone will be getting.

    • kakyak

      I love when big companies fail and miss small but important things like thinking it’s okay to leave out a camera flash. This is as fail as the original MyTouch that didn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

      • Toro

        Flash is not a deal breaker for me. I rarely use my flash on my blackberry and I have a better Canon camera if I want high quality pics in the dark.

  • Lamar

    might just skip this and get the streak. that phone/tablet is too awesome for me to pass up

  • Green Robot

    I’m excited about this. SGS is going to be a great phone and I have no qualms with buying it. T-Mobile is really testing my patience with this July 21st release date. I really wonder what kind of pathetic fiasco June 19th is going to turn out. Do they really expect that many people to get up early on a Saturday for the mT3G Slide sale? Dotson must really be completely out of touch with reality at this point.

    • kakyak

      I think that it’s pretty clear that people are beyond a FREE phone campaign. That was so 2001. People want the most advanced phone and cost is secondary. A handset lineup of mid-tier crap for free is not going to get any wireless company out of the gutter.

  • I researched the heck out of all these new power phones and the Nexus One is still the best power phone made. I went and ordered mine Friday evening and will have it today before 3:00. Waiting for the delivery right now. Samsung Galaxy S is a good phone from all the specs we have seen but like HTC and Google combined. The Nexus is just a great, great phone. Snag one up before they are all but history. With T-Mobile’s new 3+G fast internet service this phone flies. Live in Suburb of Boston with great 3G signal right now and the new service should be here sometime in the next week or two.

    • DJ Indigenous

      enough sead

    • You said it! I did some research as well and that’s why I purchased my N1 a few days ago bcuz it’s still the top power phone out believe it or not. Plus being able to be first in line for the latest sweetness from Google doesn’t heart either :-)

      • john

        Whaaaa?!? You dumped your briq? Thought you were gonna marry that thing.

      • john

        If this dub posts, my bad but I feel it’s odd you gave me the opinion that you were gonna wifey the briq

  • teesquared

    I hope it’s true! I’d gladly sign a new contract if and when T-Mo releases this phone….they really need to up their MARKETING game! This phone could very well be T-Mo’s answer to the EVO

  • Spencer

    Is it running 2.2???? The picture shows settings that say default memory….

  • ObsceneJesster

    I don’t think this phone will be in the same boat as the Behold II. This is Samsung’s flagship phone being released to 115 country’s. They did not sell a lot of Behold II’s so they figured it wasn’t worth it to have there developer’s commit to making a update for it. There has already been lines of people waiting for this phone over seas because of this being the first mobile device with a Super AmoLED display paired with the fastest smartphone processor available today. It’s a shame that Behold II owners have a bad taste in there mouth from Samsung’s spoog because they will not get to experience on of the most powerful Anroids’s poised to release this year.

  • ObsceneJesster

    I don’t think this phone will be in the same boat as the Behold II. This is Samsung’s flagship phone being released to 115 country’s. They did not sell a lot of Behold II’s so they figured it wasn’t worth it to have there developer’s commit to making a update for it. There has already been lines of people waiting for this phone over seas because of this being the first mobile device with a Super AmoLED display paired with the fastest smartphone processor available today. It’s a shame that Behold II owners have a bad taste in there mouth from Samsung’s spoog because they will not get to experience on of the most powerful Anroids’s poised to release this year.

  • Gerber

    Man, im so pumped!!!! I’ve been waiting for this phone since the beginning of May. I neverleft T-Mobile because i knew they were gonna surprise me with something like this. I kind of wished it would come out earlier, but patience is a virtue. The temptations (Evo 4g, Droid Incredible, and MyTouch 3G Slide) certainly were tempting, but this phone looked too good to pass up on. July 21st it is, i begin my countdown now……

  • Gerber

    Man im so pumped!!!! I didn’t leave T-Mobile becuse i knew they were gonna surprise me with something like this. I’ve been waiting for this phone since the beginning of May, and don’t get me wrong, the temptations were difficult to overcome (Evo 4G, Droid Incredible, MyTouch 3G Slide, etc.) but now i know that July 21st is the day. I wish it would come sooner, but I guess it’s ok. Patience is a virtue. My countdown to July 21st starts now……….

  • kinoy

    This is definitely going to be a good phone, now the question becomes .. would you choose Samsung over Nexus One?

  • joe

    looks purty but am not going to let looks make my decision on my next phone. Between this and the nexus one.I would rather get the nexus one at least its guaranteed further os updates . I learned my lesson with the behold 2 .

  • bakaruru

    why the 21st of july? why is t-mobile yanking our chains? i’m tired of waiting for a great phone to be available with this carrier.

    • Bigs12

      so leave, One less customer to deal with…..

      • Green Robot

        Here’s a brilliant business strategy: tell your customers to quit. You should probably write to Dotson and let him know that he should try this next. Maybe he can get T-Mobile to loose more customers that way.

  • Jim

    I thought T-Mobile was supposed to have a Big Release sometime in the middle of June?? am I wrong about that?? Just wondering. I’m just nervous about a Samsung phone with all the problems of No Upgrades or slow upgrades. Maybe I’ll wait for a 1.5 gig snapdragon and Froyo (without an upgrade) phone.

    • Comicaze

      There were many speculations, but nothing concrete.

  • JaylanPHNX

    It’s later than I’d have liked, but still earlier than I can afford (LOL). I read on that the European models range from $499 to $780 depending on the internal memory. If T-Mobile can get the 8GB version for a total of $499, I’ll gladly snatch one up. Or ask my wife for one for my Sept. birhtday, at least. Maybe Christmas? Pretty please…

  • ObsceneJesster

    @JaylanPHNX….Just to clarify a few things. Those prices are the unsubsidized pricing. The subsidized price will likely be on par with the iPhone 16gb model($199) being that they have almost the same internals. Hummingbird processor, 16gb internal memory, and 512mb of RAM. However I am hoping that the unsubsidized price is around $500 because I don’t like signing contracts.

  • SteveBerman

    Not impressive at all. T-mobile is slipping. Unless the new DROIDkick woo’s me I’m out.

  • lev

    Is it me, or does this phone have an uncanny resemblance to the Iphone? even the OS looks similar with the icons

  • ali

    I would steer clear of any samsung phone. Based on how poorly they supported their behold 2, this would we another device with great hardware but no support. Samsung released the Galaxy i7500 with 1.5 which was their ‘flagship’ phone about 1 year ago and until this day, they did not upgrade it to 1.6. So a global release is no guarantee of any support.

    • Green Robot

      I think Ali that you are just plain wrong. People who bought Behold 2 and are staying away from Galaxy S are making 2 fatal mistakes:
      1) They bought Behold 2 when clearly it was a junk underpowered device
      2) They think that Galaxy S is not going to get updates because the junky underpowered Behold 2 didn’t.
      Galaxy S is in a whole different league and is much more future proof than Behold 2 ever was. It is also a major flagship device for Samsung when Behold 2 was a niche failed experiment. No comparison here.

  • Andy G

    I didnt think Iphones had 1ghz processors? Correct me if im wrong

    • Reece

      the new iPhone 4 does have a 1Ghz chip, same chip that can be found in the iPad

  • iBustcherries

    Sorry, I’m in no way excited about this phone. I have had some bad experiences with Samsung phones and the software that they put on them…. Pass on to the next phone

  • durte

    my question is is this the original I9000 or the t959? will it also have the SUPER AMOLED screen or a regular AMOLED screen? these are very important questions for the purchasing of this phone for me. if its the t959, i’m going to order my galaxy s from europe, nuff said!

    • J-Hop2o6

      the internal name for the unbranded version is i9000/Galaxy S.. once it reaches T-Mobile, they’ll change the internal name to SGH-T959 with the brand name either Behold 3 or Galaxy S.. and yes it will have Super AMOLED.. and if u order the European version, it will NOT work with TmoUSA 3G.. so just wait for another month.

  • David

    Did everyone forget the Nokia N8 has Tmo AWS freqs?

  • Garret

    Guess a July 21 date would fit considering AdroidGuys is reporting that Samsung is sending out Save the Date emails for a June 29 announcement…

  • GreenTea

    Thinking about saving up for an unlocked iPhone 4. TMo’s phone selection blows into the foreseeable future. I’ve waited about as long as I could for a power Android phone. I don’t want crappy Sprint or ATT and Verizon is too expensive for me.

    N1 Schmin 1…that was so 6 months ago. Lost its luster plus I don’t have an upgrade. Just MY opinion.

  • jmts80

    If I can be assured (in writing) that Touchwiz can b turned off, it will be upgraded to the latest Android version, and that it has a camera flash I will b first in line to buy this phone :)

  • BlueNinjaMonkey

    I’ll be getting this fo sure.

    Question: My wife wants the MT3G Slide. we are on a family plan, if i use the discount to get her the MT3G Slide this month, will i still qualify to get a discount on the Galaxy S next month? Assuming that it won’t be sound under a special plan and that it actually comes out.

    • Elric

      I also have a family plan and the upgrade will just affect your wife’s line not yours. You would still qualify for the upgrade discount when the Galaxy S is released. However, your two year contracts will be off by a month.

  • Nocomment

    Having played with the phone I have to say it’s nothing like the behold 2’s glitchy system and ruins faster than the n1 on speed tests. Definite buy! Good call on the release date and the june early opening is just a big sale no major phone launch sorry n1 users but that’s not to us till already november when verizon gets it too

  • ObsceneJesster

    Samsung is no worse than other manufacturers when it comes to updating there devices. Are you guy’s forgetting that the MyTouch is still sitting at 1.6. That doesn’t even have a custom UI. The MyTouch GEN 2 has more than enough power to run Android 2.X. I know because I am running 2.1 right now.

  • anonymous-x

    This Galaxy S is CDMA, right?

  • B

    Nothing but hilarious to me that everyone is yelling abandon ship after the Behold “fiasco” lol what a choice of words.

  • ziggy

    The Galaxy i7500 is the spica… completely different from this phone which by the way is quite impressive… the spica was released too long ago to be considered a “major release”

  • anonymous-x

    The N1 is a year old.

    • Reece

      actually it’s 6 months old. This time a year ago the G1 was still the only Android phone on the market

  • ObsceneJesster

    @J-Hop2o6…No I didnt miss the post. Did you read mine. I said the MyTouch (is still) on 1.6. I don’t believe anything posted on any website until I see it. You know, it’s amazing what people can do with a program called photoshop.

  • alex

    i’m debating between This, slide, or n1. i know the Galaxy S beats them both spec wise, especially since it supports dvix(avi) video, which BTW all movies on my ps3 are=), but after the behold 2 thing ‘m afraid that if i get this phone i will have to wait for froyo, i want a touch screen monster, hopefully the twist does not have a keyboard, but most likely it will be this phone, although the My Touch franchise does get a lot of support like accesories, but this phone is a powerhouse with Super Amoled screen, atmelMax touch sensors, dvix(avi) video support with many mores, fast processor up to 16bg internal storage, latest version of android(i know froyo is, but officially it has not been released)hd video capture, with flash(rumor, just AT&T version said not to have flash),getting froyo, and etc.=) Can’t wait chances are im getting it.

  • tecjunkie

    Can this be used to tether out of the box? Looks nice still a little hesitant to give up a physical keyboard like my TP2 has.

    • soon2TMO

      yes it does! MOBILE AP

    • soon2TMO

      yes it does.. mobile ap!

    • john

      Pdanet is your android friend, you will probably have to dl the samsung specific drivers, but once you get froyo you can delete it.

  • DH

    i won’t hesitate 2 buy this phone IF it has a camera flash!!!

    • 2FR35H


      • JL

        The Galaxy S does not have a flash

        Now that being said Im Still Gettin it!!!!!!!

      • 2FR35H


        Not necessarily true YET. They may add it to the United States version the only videos and models we have seen are the promo version and the european version. There has yet to be an American Version released.

    • jdog

      Yes but does it give you an option to record video in the dark with the led light like the Nexus One does. Far as I know the Nexus One is the only phone that does this at the moment but I also heard that Apple was also going to enable this on the new iPhone 4(trying to play catch up).

      • Dalton

        Uh.. My girlfriend’s Samsung Moment from Sprint lets you record video, and have the LED Flash on.

  • Dave

    Got it. Once you guys confirm it, I’m booking that date clear for the entire morning. :D Seriously, I can’t wait for this phone. It will be epic, to say the least, and I’m truly hoping that it will be on the big Magenta (though I don’t see why it wouldn’t, since it’s being released on a billion carriers at once, and T-Mo is GSM).

  • soon2TMO

    this is the best news of the day! i cant wait for that day to come, and it’s right after my birthday.. a nice gift for myself..

  • Barry

    Two questions. Does what happened to the behold II scare anyone? Also is anyone concerned about the removal of the humming bird processor ? Someone made a great point about they can’t not upgrade since this phone is being so widely distributed to not get 2.2.

    • Homey

      Worries me.

    • SEFan

      1. Yes

      2. Not sure.

      • jake

        SGS sucks, not ever getting a samsuck product again..behold 2 owner

    • Fender

      It is going to have the humming bird processor

  • wasup1

    Andy Rubin, Google Vice President : “Samsung Galaxy S, the new super smartphone is going to be a big hit. And that success is going to create opportunities for third party developers.”

    Google’s vice president attended the galaxy s’ launch in South Korea today, I think this is a big sign that samsung and google will definitely be working on keeping this phone updated, I mean, it’s not a small thing when google’s vice president attends a phone launch, just my two cents.

    I have been waiting for this phone since it was first shown in March, and checking everyday for any news on it, and I got to say that I am pretty stoked about this news that tmo is getting it, I will DEFINITELY be getting it, worldwide it will be a smartphone battle between the “S”, the new iphone and the N8, in Singapore, first country to have launched the “S”, it is already sold out, so glad to see tmo at least carrying one of these devices.

    also, here is a video that shows that you can hook up the “S” to your tv with a cable even, not to mention wirelessly with DNLA:

    ps: thanks TMONEWS, for using my picture :D

    • soon2TMO

      this definitely indicates that the SGS will be supported, obviously samsung will exert effort on having google’s future android OS on their next gen android smartphone.. do we smell gingerbread’s aroma? LOL and perhaps more?

      let’s hope so!

      • soon2TMO

        oh and froyo LOL.. don’t let us down samsung..

  • iceman
    european review of the samsung galaxy s… sounds good

  • RockTripod

    I am really considering picking this monster up as my next phone. If Samsung actually supports this phone after it has been launched, then this phone has the specs to be viable for a long while.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I have a question David, since the Galaxy S is basically coming out July 21, is it safe to start assuming that project Emerald is a good ways off?

    I ask that because I don’t see why Tmo would release Project Emerald befofe the Galaxy S because based off what is rumored of project emerald, it is just an all out better phone than the galaxy s and it would destroy the selks of the galaxy s if released before it.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I meant it would destroy the “sells” of the galaxy s. I’m on my HD2 now typing so bare with me.

      • Comicaze

        one more time… “sales”

    • watbetch

      Project Emerald was training for the myTouch slide.

      • Jimmy

        Project emerald has nothing to do with MTS…

      • Wilma Flintstone

        if it was training for the mytouch slide, then explain the rumored specs of 4.3 inch super amoled screen, 1-1.5ghz processor, the “twist” codename, and other things. Please do explain.

  • Brandon

    Samsung reps were in my store today, and said June 19th is not the Galaxy S.. they said “we arent allowed to talk about it… but that date is too early.. it will come late July”

    • 2FR35H

      Definitely matches the post.

  • YourDaddy

    *sigh* Looking at my G1… I’m not sure I can wait! I was holding out for this whole June 19th thing thinking here comes the love. Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and get the evo. Too worried that July will turn into Aug to September… not sure what to do. I love Tmo’s customer service though!

    • Max

      Dude I know how you feel.We are in the same boat.It seems like T-mobile likes to make some his customers suffer

    • sheshe

      I know! My g1 is gettin too old but I think I can wait another month

  • soon2TMO

    “Google’s Android is the only one that can compete against a company (with a name) that starts with the letter ‘A,’” said Min Kwon, senior manager of Samsung’s product strategy team.
    Although the first batch of Galaxy S runs on Android 2.1, Min assured consumers that Samsung is already redefining its codes for the upcoming Android 2.2, which would be offered to Samsung Galaxy S customers as a free OTA (over-the-air) upgrade. ”


    • Wilma Flintstone

      You mean Acer? surely you just.

    • pimpstrong

      Oh THAT’s what OTA stands for…

  • soon2TMO


    “This smartphone will be a major success. Android is the fastest growing platform worldwide that supports wide localization of applications while Samsung is about open platform. The other reason that indicates the Galaxy S’ success is the fact that Japan’s NTT DoCoMo already partnered with us, as well as US operators which rarely sign up all at once, but they did for the Galaxy S,” Gregory Lee, president and CEO of Samsung Asia Pte Ltd., announced during the launch ceremony.

    Lee added that there are already a total of 100 operators worldwide that signed up for Galaxy S. In the region, Samsung’s partners for the Galaxy S include SingTel, Optus, Maxis and Globe Telecoms, among others.


  • soon2TMO
  • watbetch

    The only thing we should all hope for is better reception. Samsung has such awful reception, and it being on T-Mobile will not do anyone any favors.

  • TMO

    Im looking forward to this phone im just not too sure about samsung’s interface, I don’t usually like too much on top of stock android. Anyone know what to expect in a display comparison against the new iphone??

  • lev

    I read on some blogs that July 21st would be way too late to release that phone because by then The EVO, and Iphone 4, and whatever verizon has up their sleeve will be out way before then, so I still feel this month something big happening, but if it is July 21st, Tmo will be way behind, and the last one out of the gate, by then most people will have made their choices on what to get

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Which is exactly why Tmobile needs to quit crapping around and release the info on Project Emerald. If Tmobile waits too long, then their “could be” customers will become “could’ve been”.

      That’s why I’m hoping that June 19th will be the unvieling of Project Emerald.

      • jake

        I dont think they will on the 19th, mainly because it would be superior to the SGS, emerald is likely to be revealed by august or september, although it could be later. If released to soon it would undercut the SGS and kill the hype they are trying to bring to it. I really am interested in emerald and plan on waiting for it, if it is in fact what they say. However it may be some time before we know.

    • Max

      I guess being 4th place there is nothing to loose…LOL

  • Byron Jenkins

    several employees have confirmed that project emerald was training for the mytouch slide. Why are people so consistently wrong in this forum? if ten employees confirm something, that means it’s true.

    • VitaminV

      They should have just called it ‘Treadstone’ instead of Emerald…

  • derrickps3

    i sure hope this phone be a success, unlike the behold 2, samsung really screwed that phone and the bh2 owners over

  • J

    Just let the “Project Emerald” stuff die. Though I doubt it was just the training like some people said, it is very likely just one of 100s of project names that are floating within the company. It could just be the name given to the entire MyTouch Slide campaign (phone release, training, marketing, and etc). There is really nothing to support any hype.

    • jake

      Yes there is……….look it up dude

  • Comicaze

    Found this this morning. Thought you guys might be interested. It basically says that samsung is holding a press conference for its U.S. Next Gen Android Release. The pretty much solidifies that the 19th will have nothing to do with a samsung release, as they would not release the device before having the press announcement.

  • Satellite

    I’d love to have this phone but if it goes exclusive to TMobile I won’t do it. TMobile’s network is too flaky where I live. My friend has a G1 and in the past six months he has had two outages lasting from 3-8 hours. I don’t have a land line so outages like that are unacceptable.

    • J

      The ironic part of that statement is that the outage is likely due to AT&T or Verizon’s (depending on the location) transport network.

  • swoosh042507

    hey guys look at a quick UI video of the samsung galaxy S im starting to love this device and i cant wait until magenta grabs this handset …heres the link

  • badaphooko01
  • wtf

    bring this fn phone out already, we’re lagging way behind these big boys but I guess tmo is in 4th for a reason. I actually rather have the new CEO in earlier too.

    • Ninja

      If you had used this phone you would understand why out has not been released yet. It is a good phone but it is not ready.

      Oh, a little birdie told me the new ceo is taking over next month…just not officially. Rumor is they just don’t want to make Dotson look like he is getting canned.

  • kakyak

    If you’re going to have a flagship phone, it’s no longer acceptable to have a full plastic hunk-a-junk and no flash. The iPhone 4 and the EVO are the new bar, and this device is below that bar. This phone will be forgotten within one week of its launch.

    • Ninja

      The word flagship has never been uttered along with the galaxy. It will be a strong selling phone if the t-mobile version had the bugs worked out. T-mobile has strict guidelines so I imagine they will be. Beyond that the screen on the galaxy makes the evo’s look a generation behind. It beats any new phone ive had my fingers on. The battery life is being improved and it already beats the evo’s. It isn’t a perfect phone but it is a relevant competitor to all the top smartphones.

  • Mark

    I have to say, as a Behold 2 owner, I will never purchase a Samsung phone ever again. I know people have been overly freaking out about it, and I’m trying to keep a calm perspective on it. But HTC just announced that the MyTouch 3G is being upgraded to Android 2.2.

    The MyTouch debuted on July 8, 2009 with Android 1.5. It has since been updated to 1.6, and will soon be updated to 2.2.

    The Behold 2 was released on November 18, 2009 (over 4 months after MyTouch, and days before the 2.0 release.) It has received no updates. If we wait long enough, it MIGHT get updated to 1.6, which will be nearly a year old by the time we get the “upgrade.”

    I just don’t understand why anyone would continue to reward Samsung’s bad behavior by purchasing their products. There are better phones available, from better companies who provide better support and better customer service…. all for the same price or lower.

    Thanks Samsung, you have turned me into a loyal customer of HTC.

    • Mark

      Ah, and a note to T-mobile. I understand you have contracts and such to fulfill with Samsung, and it’s impossible to time these releases to perfectly keep pace with the rest of the market. But seriously… you need to act as a better filter for your customers. Samsung has failed you too many times now. Stop marketing junk as the greatest thing in the world, especially when those products are outdated, outperformed, and out valued the instant they are released. I think your service is a fantastic value, I absolutely adore the Even More Plus concept, and I really want to remain your customer. But you seriously need to improve your phone offerings.

      Thanks for caring. (not being sarcastic!)

  • dAVE

    BEST ANDROID PHONE hands down!!!! EVO 4G has better camera but i noticed that HTC’s devices have poor camera resolution… it looks better, smaller, faster, brighter!!!! i can’t wait!!!

  • Matlock

    My HD2 and might be having another phone to keep it company, if indeed this does come out on july 21st. I know there is a handset launching on the 21st, but it doesnt say which phone. So this would be awesome.

  • swoosh042507

    here comes yet another great device guys! hit the link
    Motorola Milestone XT720 Gets T-Mobile Bands

  • swoosh042507
  • JD

    Could the major samsung launch be the wave?

    • mratx512

      wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

  • RICO

    T-Mobile please release it unlocked!

  • ah
  • anonymous-x

    Add me to the list, this will be my 1st Android & the S seems good enough to bring me around.

  • Bubbles

    This is my next device, the resolution on this is insane, tmobile_usa u have redeemed yourself. I also heard the new ceo is taking over soon so i exspect alot of new devices and things will changee for the better.

  • abs

    I’m not a huge fan of Samsung but tmo has NO good phones. I was loving the g1 for the 1st few months, but since it has come out (also when I got it) I’ve been thru 4 phones already. Complete fail! I’m ready for better, and hopefully Samsung doesn’t screw that up! I’m running out of patience tho! Hopefully there’s a new CEO asap, cause at this point I’m ready to go back to my blackberry (yes, that desperate!)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The way I see it, another reason to stick with T-Mobile’s smart and superphones is its data pricing. As far as I am concerned an unlimited data plan has now become a very important feature when considering which phone to buy and carrier to go with.

    AT&T’s recent data plan changes have made the iPhone a very expensive device to own. Basically, AT&T is selling the iPhone with super high powered data capability, but telling purchasers that if they intend to use it to its full capability, it’s going to cost them thousands of extra dollars. IMHO no phone is worth an extra $2,000, for example, to use as intended.

    No way I’d buy an iPhone at AT&T now that they took away unlimited plans (and it’s only a matter of time before they take unlimited away from existing customers, via plan or handset upgrades = you have to get a new data plan; TOS violations; and for the die hards who refuse to change plans, invoking the clause that says the carrier can take away or change plans as it sees fit).

    AT&T says how great the new data plans are ($15 for 200MB, $25 for 2GB), pointing out that very few people use 2GB. That may be so under old uses. But what AT&T is not telling people is that they know full well that with superphones coming out and so many data-intensive features and services debuting, it will be impossible for the AVERAGE typical user to stay under 2GB per month.

    (For example, Netflix is coming to the iPhone. On a 2GB data plan one might be able to watch two movies max a month before running out of one’s allotment of data for the month. And that would be after watching carefully his other data-intensive activities for the month.)

    Simply put, what’s really going on is that with the introduction of data intensive services and features, AT&T is rubbing its hands together in anticipation of all the users who will incur overage charges each month because they are unaware of how much data they use.

    What a complete fraud, taking away unlimited data plans while introducing streamed movies, HD movie uploading, HQ audio (Pandora), live TV, clips of TV shows, social networking, staying connected to social networking 24/7 on one’s home page, 720p recording and uploading, tethering, etc.

    With such data intensive uses an important additional feature of any superphone should now be a low-priced unlimited data plan like T-Mobile offers. Although no data plan is truly unlimited, T-Mobile’s 10GB limit (before they throttle your connect to dial-up speed) is now more attractive than ever compared to AT&T’s $25 2GB plan.

    Remember the old days before unlimited talk how we would go over on minutes a few times a year? Remember those insane overage charges (I got hit for $200 to $300 at times when my GF was too chatty)? Well history is going to repeat itself, except this time around it will be with data overage charges.

    Today is Sunday. You best go to church and pray that T-Mobile does not follow the path of AT&T.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh, pardon my sloppy post. What I meant to also say was that when considering any phone, whether the SGS or iPhone, we have to consider the long terms costs of ownership.

    Granted, we have for years talked about the actual cost of owning the iPhone since it debuted in 2007. Most people agreed that the AT&T plans made owning the iPhone an expensive proposition.

    But now with AT&T doing away with unlimited data plans that’s a significant change in calculating cost of ownership.

    If you add AT&T’s uber expensive data plan costs to the list of things to compare and consider when deciding which phone to buy, IMHO the SGS through T-Mobile looks even more attractive. Certainly more so than before AT&T confirmed its unlimited plans were history.

    Sidenote: It will be interesting to see how the consumer responds to AT&T’s new data plan pricing. I suspect a few months of having to pay $200 to $500 in overage charges will cause people to have a change of heart about owning the iPhone. And it won’t take long for people to figure out that it’s cheaper in the long run to pay an early termination fee and move over to T-Mobile, for example, and not having to monitor bytes used during a billing cycle.

  • ali

    I wouldn’t get too excited about the current t-mob unlimited data plan. I bet by the end of the year, they put an end to that too and cap you at 2gb. Especially once adobe flash 10 starts hitting the android devices later this summer and data use goes through the roof. All good things must come to an end.

    • soon2TMO

      ..and that’s why stevie is against it…

  • wtf

    There would be no reason to choose t-mo once they cap their data, they would be just like everyone else but with spottier and smaller 3g service

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here’s something to give us all pause and burn our bacon, all at once.

    The Samsung Galaxy S PRO is confirmed and it’s going to Sprint!

  • Rome

    Spoke with a rep who all-but-confirmed july 21st for the SGS. Take it with a grain of salt, but I am pretty much certain that its true after that convo.

    Not a Sammy fan though so I’ll be passing. Stock Android over anything Samsung UI

  • Barry

    Sprint supposedly getting the Galaxy S pro ??? Idc just give me this bad boy lol but does this bother anyone ?

  • Lisarandyus

    just bought it and love it

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  • Ray

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  • is samsung galaxy s can support ice cream sandwich?

  • SGS is lost from market

  • HTC Touch Diamond 2

    TMobile’s network is too flaky where I live. I’d really love to have this phone but if it goes exclusive to TMobile I won’t do it.   I guess HTC Touch Diamond 2 is much better then than TMobile. 

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  • awewe