“Major” Samsung Launch Coming In July?

While Samsung may be in the dog house right now with T-Mobile Behold 2 customers, that isn’t stopping them from bringing more goodness to magenta. BoyGenius is reporting that Samsung and T-Mobile are working on a “major” product launch for the month of July. While they aren’t taking guesses as to what it might be, it falls conspicuously within the time frame of a one, Samsung Galaxy S launch in the US. Is that signed, sealed, delivered? Of course not, we’re taking a guess based on rumors, but we’d like to think it’s an educated guess. That and we can see the future.

I’m hard pressed to come up with another Samsung phone that we are aware of, that would qualify for a “major” launch. I’m drawing a blank. Bada? I think not. Well, July is less than 5 weeks away, we’ll find out soon enough if this pans out.


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