Walmart Reduces myTouch 3G Slide Pricing

Well, what do we have here? It looks like Walmart has updated its T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide pricing. If you may recall, earlier this week, we reported that Walmart was currently offering the myTouch Slide for preorder for $199.99 with a 2 year contract. As it turns out, Walmart has reduced its price from $199.99 with a 2 year agreement down to $129.99 for new activations with a 2 year contract. For existing users that are upgrading, Walmart is offering the Slide for $139.99 with an eligible 2 year extension. And for those that would rather just buy the phone outright, sans contract, it’ll cost you $499.99.

Anyone preorder yet?


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  • Wilma Flintstone

    Cool!!! That’s what I thought the price of the Mytouch Slide should’ve been in the first place. I’m still getting the HTC Twist Project Emerald Device though but still cool.

    • C

      Agreed and Agreed. I do think this will be my wife’s next device with that price tag.

  • eYe

    If I wanted a phone that I can’t touch or play with (yet) I would’ve get N! :)
    But really… I don’t see a point of pre-ordering, it’s not like you can’t make it to Walmart on the first day of sale and pick it up for the same price after you try it out.

  • so many phones in this world =O

  • going_home

    I looked at a 3G Slide this past thursday at a local TMO store here east of Tampa.
    While its a nice phone, its just not a huge improvement over my current G1 phone.
    Its not a “superphone” like an Incredible or Evo.

    I’m going just buy my next phone outright instead of extending a 2 year contract, and I might consider paying $350.00 for a 3G Slide, but theres no way I’d pay $500.00. No way.

    TMO will be selling the Nexus One soon the sales rep was telling me so I will wait on that phone or something equal to it.


    • JD

      I just bought the N1 outright so I could save my upgrade for later in the year…well worth the money. I also have a G1 and wasn’t impressed with T Mobs Android phones…ironically, I get better reception from my G1 than N1.

      I’ll save my upgrade for the next big phone, perhaps the Samsung S, or HTCs new device.

      • Motivated

        Thats what i’m thinking about doing, my G1 is just getting too old. I need something reliable when I go away for college. So i’m thinking about buying the N1, then upgrading to the galaxy S or another high end android device whenever it comes out.

      • tomato

        I did the same thing. I waited for the my touch slide for the longest time but something told me to go to the N1 instead. Now I’m out of contract, got a great phone and my options are wide open.

        I would lie it I didn’t say I am really tempted to get the EVO (also because the Sprint network is stronger where I live). Arrrrrghhh so many phones, so little money, lol

      • JD


        I love the Evo, but I was on Sprint for 6 years, and their customer service is atrocious, so I’ll never go back. I’ll just upgrade from the N1 whenever I see fit. It’s a good position to be in when you buy a phone outright.

      • david

        i have been thinking on switching ot sprint because they have the new evo coming out that no other cell phone company has anything to beat it and also they have that unlimited paln much cheaper than any other company

  • adc12356789

    can u turn off sense ui on this phone and does it have all htc widgets

    • J-Hop2o6

      i heard u can, but im not sure on the “Espresso” version of SenseUI.. and HTC will always include their widgets on their Sense phones.

  • Reece

    $200 bucks is the price for a good high end phone which this is not

    So this added discount seems more like something appropriate then an added bonus

  • watbetch

    cnet has a review of the myTouch slide, it’s favorable but a bit too favorable.

    • Anthony

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Especially these parts of the review:

      “The Slide is meant for customers making the leap to their first smartphone and offers a midrange feature set and a custom user interface from T-Mobile to aid in that transition. Overall, we think the carrier’s touches are successful, though some could use a little fine-tuning”

      “It’s not a powerhouse like the other smartphones, but it’s not meant to be either.”

      “It has an HVGA resolution, which isn’t quite as sharp as the displays found on the HTC Evo 4G and Droid Incredible. It’s still clear and bright, but the pixels are more noticeable and colors don’t seem quite as vibrant.”

      “In addition, it has a built-in accelerometer and proximity sensor, as well as a light sensor, but the display still washes out in bright sunlight.”

  • This phone does look nice and all, but $500 outright for this phone? Yeah, not even WORTH it, not even close. I would consider possibly paying $350 MAXIMUM for this phone outright, but it is in no way close to a $500 phone. And if this is the case, pricing wise, then I’m scared to see what the Project Emerald/Sidekick successor phone will be at (what, a $1,000???).

    • watbetch

      It’s walmart, not T-Mobile.

      Get a grip people.. Lets Talk and Wirefly price phones higher than what they retail for directly from the carrier, this is nothing new.

      • Kickstar13

        If you want a decent smartphone, get ready to pay $400+ if you’re buying retail price. And this is the case for all 4 of the major carriers (ie. Verizon DROID Incredible= $529.99 retail, Motorola DROID= $559.99 Retail, & Samsung Moment= $429.99 retail).

        Btw, the myTouch Slide through T-Mobile will cost you $400 without a contract.

      • jabombardier

        Thank you for poimting that out for these jumpy people

    • @Kickstar13

      oh, I know that I’ll have to pay around $400 for a phone outright (without a contract). I just think $450 for a mid-level smart phone is a bit much, that’s all…

      I really am curious to see what this Sidekick Successor/Project Emerald thing is EXACTLY…

  • lemon

    Paying $500 outright is nothing new. It’s either that or buy a used one off of craigslist.

  • Supa

    we need a super phone… my touch slide is OK for new android users but its not worth upgrading from my g1… i guess ill just wait some more for a better phone

    • going_home

      Exactly my sentiments. I’d consider getting one if they were @ $350 while I was waiting for TMO to sell the N1, but its not that much better than my G1 to pay any more than that.


      • Malcolm

        agree with you Supa and going_home. while i don’t want the nexus one though due to the lack of a physical keyboard. the mytouch slide is just a slightly upgraded G1 (and I love my G1). thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy S (but only after it is upgraded to 2.2) although i wish it had a keyboard. hoping project emerald comes to fruition soon and that is not the Samsung Galaxy.

      • God

        our G1s were $499 off-contract when they came out.

    • Supa

      i like the galaxy too… theres not much info yet on project emerald so i think i might just go with the galaxy… tmobile just needs to get it together and give us more!

  • BronxBebe

    I was thinking of going with the BB 9700 cos of the iprelay, using files etc, cos the SKLX09 won’t let me look at attachments and more. The slide is looking better each day considering the Froyo 2.2 will be updated on it as well. Using Google apps for my documents will be a big help for me instead of paying for the sk apps.

  • jabombardier

    I am still undecided between this and the nexus one. Slide Pros. Fast operation tactile keypad, sense, and nice size screen that is not too big and not too small. Cons….. no AMOLED screen and I can do without sense. Nexus on pros. Fast sleek, Amoled screen, straight forward android experience. Cons. No keypad and possibly still has 3g connection problems.

    • 2FR35h

      Well if it was me I would wait for something way better than this and Nexus One

      Its not too long from now that Nexus Two should be arriving Nexus One has served its time imho for a flagship device. Google needs to hurry up and drop the next Nexus this year. Maybe in October or something but more than 3 phones are passing this hardware wise Nexus one is only hanging in due to it receiving the latest firmware, selling in stores will help it a little but not much.

  • fidget

    I saw a TMO photo (pricing info) on one of the blogs a few weeks ago that had the full price of the mytouch slide at $399. That sounds more realistic and about right. I’m off contract in a few months and TMO custsvc has indicated I can’t get full discount but probably $50 off price if I don’t want to renew my contract. So, $350 would be reasonable but much more and I’d buy the unlocked nexus 1. Hope an HTC 1 ghz sidekick comes out later in the year.

    • David

      That was this blog.

  • Hmmm

    Tmonews is fantastic for the information it provides, but the trolls that follow it are almost too much to stomach. So many ill informed people (read angst filled teens) You are looking for this “super phone” what do you see it doing at 1ghz that you can’t equally replicate at 600mhz? Mind you the snap dragons 1ghz is not solid. Get over clock speed morons! It is a mobile device it isn’t a replacement for a home PC.

    • Mack

      Thank god for you. You are the only smart one in here. People are too crazy on the numbers with CPU speeds, when it’s not that big of a deal. The slide is a solid phone and is very quick/responsive. Just because it’s not 1GHz, doesn’t mean it’s disappointment. I guarantee you that 95% of the buyers of the Slide won’t even care what the specs are.

    • Supa

      if people spend money on a smart phone why not get the best thats out there…with all the big releases coming out from the other carriers this phone already seems dated.. definitely not worth my upgrade

    • lev

      In the trolls defense its more about processor speed, how bout 8 mp cam with flash, how bout 4.3 inch 800x 480 screen(the HD2 is windows, I am talking android)how bout hd recording, or hdmi output, maybe a kickstand for watching videos, maybe a front facing camera for video calling, 4g possibilities for the future, I stand by the trolls as you call them, its simple math really, and yes, I am talking about the Evo, the mt3g slide, a good phone I am sure is not meant to compete with it, point being tmobile should have had something with similar specs to compete with the Evo, even the tmo store rep said the same thing

      • Reece

        Thank you

        I actually like this phone, but it’s pretty much tiring to see T-Mobile’s name not coming up whenever a new “super” smartphone is brought up. This phone being “THE” phone for the summer falls on deaf ears with the Evo & Incredible being the objects of Desire (no pun intended since that’d be nice)

        and no mention of the Nexus “Not for your plan so switch it and sacrifice your 1st born while you at it” One being an alternative please

  • Deaconclgi

    Gladly spent $529 for a N82 in 2008 and $561 for a N900 in 2010. Will NOT spend that much money on ANY device unless it has a powerful graphics card inside or an amazing camera and Xenon flash. Otherwise you are wasting your money for a smartphone with feature phone technology and hardware.

  • Deaconclgi

    GPU power is what matters in PCs and is what is going to matter in Mobile Phones in the near future. Phones without an adequate GPU will miss the amazing games, flash videos, HD recording and playback and rich web content. THAT is what matters spec wise. You can have a 332MHZ processor with a OMAP GPU like in the 3 year old N82 and that will play media better than a 800-1000MHZ processor without a strong GPU. From the UI to the web, it is all becoming hardware accelerated.

    • going_home

      Sorry to break it to you but your N900 ARM Cortex – A8 superscalar microprocessor core running at 600 MHz is not a superphone by any stretch of the imagination.
      Its no doubt a nice phone but 1 GHz is the 1000 pound gorilla on the block at this point. 600 MHz is all the 3G Slide is. Thats why I will probably be watching for the next phone release from TMO.


  • jake

    I will wait for the HTC sidekick twist thing, screw the galaxy S and samsung altogether, the slide looks like a nice midrange phone with a high end price? Yeah emerald will probably push 700plus, but I will wait and see, emerald for me.

  • cellmate

    girlfriend and i have decided to go BOGO on the 16th on this one…i have my name in for a red one…

    i am proud target market on this phone – not concerned about the high pure atmosphere of the edges of technology and ready to enjoy an upgrade from my 2-year old, *gasp* Samsung flipper…

    it has been great hanging out with you guys – always interesting to read all the comments in my spare time, and overall very helpful in doing the research for what to get next. after 2 months of it I feel ready to get off the “what’s coming out NEXT month” bandwagon.

    peace out

    • john

      Honestly, having played with one of these since the days the first pics leaked, it’s a great device. For those comparing it to the evo, try to push a button, compose a whole text message by voice, and have the evo read any incoming text messages to you with its genius butto….oh wait the evo doesn’t have the ability to do that..preloaded nevermind lol.

      This phone is a phone for the masses, and there will be other phones coming soon if this one isn’t for you.

  • timmyjoe42

    Radio Shack has it advertised for $150

  • anonomystery

    Well, heck I want that price. I don’t mind extending my contract for that smexy phone. I am totally getting it in white, that way, it reminds me of a storm trooper. LMAO XD

  • bryan

    ok im trying to pre order the phone but $140.00 but it keeps making me choose a plan. why do i have to do that if im upgrading my line.

    Should i just wait until the phone comes out at walmart?

    • bryan

      sorry i ment FOR $140.00 not “but” lol

      • BronxBebe

        Best to go to Walmart when it comes out

  • Tarik

    Now the price of the Nexus One doesn’t look as bad…lol.

  • christian

    As a tmo sales rep and mytouch champion, i had low hopes for this phone. Ive gotten tired of selling low end crappy android phones for so long, almost to the point i felt bad pitching them to customers (i wouldnt let a customer buy a behold 2, they would just return it).

    This phone however is awesome. I ran a benchmark test and it exceeds the moto droid in performance. I know the droid is old already but quite honestly i was still very surprised. Ive loaded all 7 home screens with widgets and multi tasking between snes roms to android games to sms and to the browser is flawless.

    I know this isnt the superphone everyone wants, but defn a worthful upgrade over the G1. The old mytouch was a worthless piece of crap compared to this. Theyre so different performance wise and software wise they shouldnt have even kept the name.

    • BronxBebe

      Christian is it good for the deaf/vision impaired community for sound and larger fonts?

      • Christian

        The speaker is the best ive heard on a mobile phone. Really loud and clear. As far as the fonts go its pretty much the same as any other android phone but Im sure there are apps on the market that allow (or roms that will be made) where you can adjust fonts by making them larger, smaller etc.

        I feel this phone defn suits deaf/vision impaired more than the sidekick does.

  • Bubbles

    The device looks good, i want to play with one in person. From the videos I saw this phone runs very fast. Oh by the wat the idiot who said the n900 was not a superphone, u my friend r an idiot, there is not much the n900 cannot do.

    • going_home

      Yeah that would be me you are referring to there automaton. 600 MGz is the processor on the N900. Yeah thats a superphone just like the 3G Slide is a superphone. Uh huh. Sure it is.


  • I understand I am not the target audience for this device, but how do you think it will hold up in the 2 years that you are under contract for? Other manufacturers are hard at work already designing/building devices with 1.5GHz Snapdragon and even Samsung *grimace* has the Hummingbird with 3x the power of the 1GHz Snapdragon… I am an Android early adopter (G1 FTW, although I earned my geek stripes the hard way – bricking it after modding -Cyanogen rules- it for the 5th or 6th time) but I don’t want to look forlornly (anymore) at other powerful Android phones whose owners stood by as Android rose to prominence while I brandish my relatively underpowered and “unsexy” antique. Nope, this ain’t for me. I’ll pass and wait for whatever comes of Project Emerald and/or the Sidekick Twist (can’t & won’t trust Samsung, not after how they’ve handled the Behold II), and if disappointed yet again by Magenta (loyal 6 year customer here), sadly jump ship and hop aboard the evil V.

  • 30014

    I won’t be getting this phone. I personally don’t have a problem with t-mobile selling it, but I do have a problem with it being our flagship phone. Sure this will be a few peoples upgrade phone but who would change carriers for the mytouch slide. If tmo is gonna get subscribers from the other carriers they’re gonna have to offer comparable phones. Cheap rate plans aren’t getting the job done. Verizon’s plans are more than $20 higher but they’re nearly 3x as big as tmo.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Fair enough and good points 30014. I am sure 99.9999% of the people in here agree that T-Mobile needs some high end Android-based phones in its lineup. But yeah, not counting the T-Mobile Nexus One, this is in fact for the moment T-Mobile’s best Android-based phone.

      While we all are waiting for some Android-based superphones to arrive, T-Mobile does not think the Slide is a T-Mobile flagship phone. In contrast, even reviewing sites have referred to it as a mid-level phone, which is what it is.

      Give it a few weeks or a month, I suspect that from July forward we will see five to eight “flagship caliber” phones coming to T-Mobile, some running Android, others BlackBerry, and the long awaited/anticipated Windows 7 Series super phones (that will run 1080p HD video and have mini HDMI-out ports. Woot!

      Sidenote: The Slide is getting great reviews on all the Sites that matter. It’s a great phone at a great price.

  • hellboy552000
  • sdfsdsf

    hold all the presses droid shadow look it up all those not in a tmobile contact

    • going_home

      Verizon ? Um. No. Verizon will never be my provider. Legendarily horrible customer service and a new charge for any and everything they can think of ! No thanks. I am a TMO customer for a reason, great customer service, and extremely competitively priced plans.


  • cellmate


  • Jay

    I hope no one buys a My touch 3g slide and teaches Tmo a lesson… Why keep releasing s*** phones when HTC has such better phones they could have branded Mytouch 3g slide. This phone is way too close to the same phone as a G1 to be worth the upgrade. Thats why they aren’t updating the G1 to Froyo so that you have more reason to want to get a new phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Review of the Slide just posted over at Engadget.

  • Kris

    I agree T-Mo should have come out with something to directly compete with the Evo and Incredible besides the HD2 etc..

    BUT everyone here is missing the point. Its a business, they sell phones to EVERYONE. If you ran a business that had over 30 million customers and only sold Bad A phones that fit half a million people, you’d be holding a cardboard sign in no time… Don’t forget about the hip mom or the old dad trying to be young, they don’t want these killer phones but their the ones with the money. Its the market that makes the phone.

    For those of you complaining about the pricing of cell phones, do you even know what your talking about? Think of everything your getting all in one: my only GPS, MP3, 5mp camera, video, wifi router, phone, my only alarm, yellowpages, wikipedia, weather station, in hand banking, bible, compass, facebook, mouse for a computer, free music, free games, etc etc… I love android, grow up people, thats all..

    • rob

      @kris i love my android as much as the next guy but the point is 180@ is stuipd you cant even compare the evo or the incrediable to the mytouch so why are they only 20$ more??? they just need to sell the damn nexus instore already my g1 is barly hanging on for dear life and i REFUSE to have a 600mhz processor in 2010 when theres the snapdragon and there will be a 1.2 dualcore out soon, this phone will be great for normal people im sure of that but they are ignoring us power users and its a shame

    • “Its a business, they sell phones to EVERYONE. If you ran a business that had over 30 million customers and only sold Bad A phones that fit half a million people, you’d be holding a cardboard sign in no time…”

      ->Sudy in contrast: the iPhone. Seems like AT&T is not hurting by putting most of its eggs in that one basket. Incidentally, and as a matter of fact there is this “perception” that they’re crippling Android on their carrier by not joining the OHA and having only one Android phone – and a crippled one at that… sure, they “have” the Nexus One but if they were committed to it why don’t they subsidize it? Since the iPhone came out, T-Mobile has had the most churn of all the telcos. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I am a G1 early adopter, an Android fanboy, and a very loyal T-Mobile customer (of 6 years) but now they are becoming complacent industry laggards. All this despite being the Android visionary they are/were. But to pay that much for a mere 72MHz improvement in processing power (among all the other 2 year-old technologies in this phone) is, quite frankly, an insult to us loyal customers, especially Android lovers. As everybody and their mom have pointed out, Sprint has the best specced phone in the EVO 4G, Verizon has a bunch of serious phones in the Droid series (have you seen the Shadow/Extreme/Droid 2?), and AT&T has the iPhone. Whenever I think about all of these things I go to a corner and weep while I cradle my G1 and stroke it while saying, “It’s OK. Just think that they’re all your babies. You’ve done a lot for them and now it’s their time to shine. Let it go and go off in the sunset thinking how much you’ve changed the world for the better.”

  • just me

    I asked tmobile on twitter: is this new “sidekick” I am reading about on the internet true?
    And they replied:Um no comment…lol all we can say is we are always looking at expanding our product line-up, stay tuned right here for all the latest.
    I think this is the biggest hint ever on this new sidekick

  • SteveBerman

    Other than someone stuck on T-mobile, why would you get this thing? The iphone kills its. The Evo kills it. T-mobile needs to realize people want and will pay for the killer phones.

  • Kris

    I guess I’m confused why everyone is comparing this phone to all the other big hitters that have come out recently? Both of which are in totally separate classes of each other. The phone came out yesterday to the public, the price WILL drop soon..

  • rob

    the price shouldnt have to be droped soon it just should have started out lower what were they thinkin only 20 dollars less then 2 super phones from other companys and yes the mytouch slide doesnt compare to the evo and droid incred. this is just like when the behold 2 came out i forgot but it was like 230$! or somthing similer when it came out and then got lowerd

  • Ramon

    why is everyone focusing on the 600mhz the original g1 had 528 MHz but with 192 MB of ram while the mytouch slide has 512 MB of ram big difference

  • GhostZodick

    My God! It’s too expensive. I’m in China I must buy the phone without any plan. It’s will at least $429.99 for me.

  • nikki

    pff… you can only buy it when you live in america..
    does anybody know a site where you can buy it for europe?

  • itsNitao

    for anyone interested. t mo rep say the new sidekick won’t be out for another 8-11 months but is supposed to have a touchscreen. I’m getting the mts soon and by the time the new sidekick is out I’ll be eligible for upgrade. I LOVE my sidekick but want to see what touchsrceen is all about. my husband has G1 and HATES it. he can never get signal and battery life sucks! so we’ll be trying out the mts,pretty excited!

  • KKrocks!

    yeah i heard about that sidekick … sounds good!

  • Jazziie9

    this is great now my non can by me this phone for less!!!

  • King Freeze

    you guys dont know shit about phones or tmobile…the hd is horrible. theres less then 1 gig internally which means you cant even watch a pre loaded movie internally it all comes off the MEMORY CARD and makes it lag and slow sometimes / number 2 the mytouch slide 3g is greatt..the 4g version with the dual core is hit or miss…not much different…but if your lookin into tmobile or an upgrade or buying a new one..take it from somebody whose worked there, and been a customer and had everyphone they put out….the samsung galaxy s 2 – BLACK NOT WHITE is for some reason the best phone on the market..better then its galaxy nexus competitior…and then id say it goes the htc one an the htc sensation And i guess if your a fan of the platform the lumias are nice now…the mytouch 4 g is a bit old and outdated but its a badass little phone all in all….the new lg optimus is nice. but

    galaxy s 2 =nices phone out  with its 1.5 dualcore snap dragon s3 priocessor – sumer amo led screen. 4.55 inch display…great battery life. thin and light….fast…1 gig of ram…2.0 megapixel front camera. 8 mp HD 1080p video – durable

    Htc One – amazing phone with all the features and 1.5 snapdragon S4 processor – (faster then samsungs s2)

    nice loud sound ;)

    amazing lcd screenbut the att versions so much better…at&t has a 4.7 inch display. 32bt 24.7 million hd colors. super powered lcd screen. better then iphone touch screen…good battery life…andriod 4.0  – 8 mp camera – 2.0 in the front – 1080 p HD reocrding and pictures. 1 gig of ram – again i cant stress enough ANDRIOD 4.0 – ICE CREAM SANDWICH  not to mention the addition of the BEATS BY DRE AUDIO SYSTEM IN IT – omgggggggg
    the MUSIC MUSIC VIDEOS – GAMING – MOVIES – TV – PICS VIDEOS an w.e else are completely  incredible and its 3d capable when its done right and reseaonably priced