Pre-Order Your myTouch Slide At Walmart?

While you will not be able to get your hands onto the myTouch slide until June 2nd, those fine folks at Walmart are you giving you the chance to pre-order. We should mention we didn’t actually go through the sales process but  we’re hoping this “pre-order” will ship in time for a June 2nd arrival. Otherwise, well the pre-order becomes a silly idea. It’s unusual T-Mobile itself hasn’t done a pre-order for this device considering their high-profile myTouch launched back in August of last year with a pre-order. On the other hand, the Walmart pricing is $20 more than the T-Mobile price of $179.99 after rebate. If you absolutely positively hate the idea of a rebate, perhaps Walmart is right up your alley.

Of course, if you do not want a pre-order, you can always stop by Best Buy and donate a kidney (maybe a liver) to purchase the myTouch Slide outright at $549.99. Let us hope the new customer/upgrade price is a significantly reduced number.

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  • Melissa

    Best Buy my ass.

  • Aston

    i’d rather pay full price from tmobile for 399.99. best buy is ridiculous.

    • JaylanPHNX

      Is $399 the confirmed full price? Yeah, no way would anyone knowingly pay Best Buy more than the price of a Nexus One for a MyTouch Slide.

      • Melissa

        I think the full price from T-Mobile is $429.99

  • djdarkknight96

    Best buy? No way! I just played with this phone at work (tmo care rep) and all I can say is… Damn it’s fast!! Just as fast as my Nexus 1….blew me away what it can do!

  • Whaaat.?! Since When Does Best Buy Sell T-Mobile Devices.?

    • 2FR35h

      They have since last year or 2 I do believe. They don’t sell contract t-mobile they only sell subsidized though.

    • phonegeek

      best buy mobile has a slew of them

  • If you switch the pricing to “phone only” the price jumps to $499, let’s hope the price from T-Mobile isn’t that high.

  • Matt says $129.99 when I click on it.

  • pimpstrong

    First off BB’s price is beyond rediculous. Second off I want a boycott of this phone entirely because if we buy it up then TMO won’t have any need/rush to give us a truely high end Android with a QWERTY keyboard and a 3.7″ or more sized screen… I would LOVE to get this phone to replace my TP2 BUT technology has far surpassed this level already. Unless rumors are true for Tmo US (Sidekick Twist, HTC Vision, Nexus One Enterprise) it will be 2011 before such a phone exists. X-O

  • rich

    So TMO is expected to sell this $179 after MIR for new 2 yr contract. Choosing new contract on Walmart the price is $129 after instant discount.

  • Trill

    Prices always change and I doubt that BB will be selling it outright for that price although time will tell also its funny how whenever news is posted or a rumor everyone gets there panties in a twist instead of actually waiting to see what happens but I may get a Nexus after all

  • Ceddy Ced

    I’m sorry but GOOGLE can u guys quit f*ckin around and bring the Nexus One to the t-mobile retail stores already thanks smh

    • 2FR35h

      Agreed +1

  • Matt Smith

    I’m seeing $129.99..
    T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide – White (T-Mobile)
    Phone Price $299.99
    $170 LetsTalk instant discount -$170.00
    Shipping FREE
    Price Today: $129.99
    Your Price* $129.99

  • JBLmobileG1

    Too bad Tmobile customer can’t doesn’t match online prices. I am not eligible to get my upgrade yet however they made a note on my account where I can upgrade early and get it at the full discounted price which should be $179. Hopefully they will at least waive the upgrade fee.

  • I’m confused. I have a TP2 right now that I’m not too fond of (and I’ve been a Windows Mobile buff since the MDA days). I’m thinking about buying the MT3G Slide to hold me down until the new super slider phone (Project Emerald?) is going to be released.

    Any thoughts?

    I’m not on contract, so I would probably buy this phone off of eBay or something…

    • pimpstrong

      I’m with you. I also have a TP2 and I would say if you can affort this now and that later then go for it. I’m sure its a great phone but I just KNOW that within a month of buying the MTS, our elusive Superduperqwertyphone will materialize itself X-O

  • The street price for a kidney in a black market is $1000. You would actually net some cash after getting the phone.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Funny…. I work in a WalMart Connection Center and this phone is no where to be found on my kiosk. I wonder if its something only available in certain areas? Doesn’t make sense… then again not showing up in my computer doesn’t make any sense neither.

    • hello27

      Actually the mobile phone piece of is operated by internet dealer- let’ or something- not by Walmart – might be the reason you don’t see this..

  • Sly

    Here is the link to Wal-mart cell phone site. $129 after instant discount