Pre-Order Your myTouch Slide At Walmart?

While you will not be able to get your hands onto the myTouch slide until June 2nd, those fine folks at Walmart are you giving you the chance to pre-order. We should mention we didn’t actually go through the sales process but  we’re hoping this “pre-order” will ship in time for a June 2nd arrival. Otherwise, well the pre-order becomes a silly idea. It’s unusual T-Mobile itself hasn’t done a pre-order for this device considering their high-profile myTouch launched back in August of last year with a pre-order. On the other hand, the Walmart pricing is $20 more than the T-Mobile price of $179.99 after rebate. If you absolutely positively hate the idea of a rebate, perhaps Walmart is right up your alley.

Of course, if you do not want a pre-order, you can always stop by Best Buy and donate a kidney (maybe a liver) to purchase the myTouch Slide outright at $549.99. Let us hope the new customer/upgrade price is a significantly reduced number.

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