MyTouch 3G Slide Coming June 2nd

Mark your calendars, because June 2nd is the day.  The latest Android phone on T-mobile’s network is launching on June 2nd in T-Mobile stores with complete availability on June 16th.  The MyTouch 3G Slide will be available in black, white or red (not new) and will set you back $179.99 after $50.00 mail-in rebate with a two year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan (SHOCKER!).  That isn’t what we heard it would be, and to be honest, we aren’t happy (Hint: you shouldn’t be either).  Are you getting this device on June 2nd?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • rushmore

    Price is too high for old tech like this. Should have been free for two years and $180 for one year, after rebates. It is withing $20 of devices with far batter features. Then again, MTS does have a keyboard, for those who want one.

    • rushmore

      “within $20 of devices with far better features” I meant that, but SUCK at typing.

    • Seamus

      That’s very wishful thinking. Should have been $149.99 with no MiR; when did T-Mobile start (re)introducing customer unfriendly policies like MiRs, pay-per-use data that’s automatically selected for new accounts, etc?

    • Brandon

      Fat chance a “free” with two year contract. And there ARE NO one year contracts anymore. Tmo is adding MIR’s to ALL their smart phones unfortunately. I thought that $150 was realistic. Very disappointing.

      • mad dog

        1 year contracts are still offered, you just have to ask for it.

      • LuVmYbBuRrY

        And if you do get a one yr contract, you have to pay full price or if not, almost full price for your device but most all places only offer 2yr contracts though.

    • Ryan

      Verizon is selling the LG Ally which is VERY similar (less RAM), for only $99. LMAO.

  • Ricardo

    I Knew this would happen. When i got the availability email, the first thing i looked for was pricing. Tmo loves pulling that oki doke move every time. Fake low, sell high. And the $50 mail in rebate is just insulting. So basically i need $250-260 after taxes at the store to buy the phone. LMAO. Thats a near $70-80 more then what was expected.

    • Shannon

      You forgot about shipping (if you buy online or through cust care) and the $18 upgrade fee. So now you’re looking at having to initially fork out about $275…

    • bryan

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the mail in rebates are back for almost all smartphones.
      This is no different than any other carrier, they all have mail in rebates. The reality is that all carriers do this because they know that many people will not redeem the rebates. The last time I heard MIR redemption rates were around 10 percent.
      I don’t like it as any more than anyone else (it makes it harder for me as an employee to sell high end handsets because of the higher upfront cost), but I realize that any other carrier is doing the same thing (verizon droid $100 after $100 MIR, Sprint evo $200 after $100 MIR).


        Interestingly, I didn’t need a mail in rebate when I upgraded to my hd2. Just played the upgrade fee=] for a little bit over 200.

      • bryan

        Phone freak,
        the mail in rebates for smartphones began on 5/18 pr 5/19 (i forget which off the top pf my head). Current price on a HD2 is $199 after $50 mir. Some stores (my store is doing instant rebates for the people who are already on the waiting list) are honoring instant $199 for people who have been waiting on that phone to be in stock.

  • James

    I would have been buying this one on june 2nd was it not for those rumors about project emerald. if that really turns out to be what its rumored to be, big amoled screen, snapdragon, and 2.0 love, ill be getting that one.

    • Fred

      Use your brain. Why would T-mobile release this so-called Project Emerald phone just to compete with this phone?? That doesn’t make any sense. This is the Project Emerald phone. Sadly, T-mobile just failed with this adolescent designed underpowered garbage.

      • En2Mente

        The MTS is just to keep the G1 users happy. T-mobile still needs a phone that can go up against the Incredible and Evo, and that’s what the Project Emerald is rumored to be.

      • 2FR35h


        No this phone can not be the Project Emerald Device, it does not fit the rumour.

      • mad dog

        @En2Mente…I have a g1 and I can tell you that this phone won’t keep me happy. This phone is a minimal improvement over my g1. I’ll just wait for the nexus one to finally arrive in the stores.

      • TMoEmployee

        @ Fred, you really don’t know T-Mobile, do you? They just do dumb stuff. I work for them, I should know….

        @ mad dog, you damn near pissed me off with that premature dumb ass statement! Have you touched the MyTouch Slide!? It kills the G1 in every way! Take a picture, a good one! You can’t!! Try to hold more than 15 downloaded apps without your phone stuttering like a virgin on prom night!! It’s only 1.6!! Where in the hell did you come up with this. It’s no Nexus, spec wise but, it holds it’s own. Shut up until you actually compare!! Minimal improvement… I guess you think the sun isn’t hot, do ya son? Dumb ass!

      • GlockBuster

        T-Mobile needs a full QWERTY Android phone, and I don’t think the CLIQ will be around much longer anyways (plus, I personally like HTC Android phones better anyways). The price is a little too high, but this will sell. I have people every day who still want to buy the G1 because they want the touchscreen and the QWERTY. As of last month, we had the myTouch, G1, CLIQ, CLIQ XT, and Behold 2… FIVE Android devices. So to assume they are worried about competition of one particular Android device is not the case. It is very feasible we end the year with the myTouch Slide, CLIQ XT, Samsung Galaxy, potentially the Nexus One and the Project Emerald phone.

    • LuVmYbBuRrY

      I was told that project emerald WAS this mytouch slide. I work for tmobile and my training module said Project E and emm this mytouch slide was the training course :/


    Mad about the price but people will buy. Just like the HD2…They will probably send out a limited amount and have them on “back order”, for a month and then watch them fly off the shelves. lol

  • sidekickuser

    there’s basically no upgrade from my motorola cliq…

  • Ace

    Price to High For Hardware. I’ll Wait For The “SideKick Twist”.

  • I would have to agree entirly!!!! Look at the specs? processor is still slower than my bold, screen res is lower than my bold, and gurantee the keyboard can’t beat the famous BB layout! AND NO UMA CALLING FOR ANDROID YET??????? WTF? Customer care said UMA will be on android soon…. so why not intro it w/ their flagship MTS? This is not enough to take me away from my bold / at all! Sounds like a my touch 3.5 that just has a keyboard and newer android software? With that being said, I agree PRICE is insulting! Get the bold for only 129.99 W/ no MIR, You’ll more “PHONE” for your money!

    • Comparing BB to Android is like comparing apples to hot dogs.

    • bryan

      As of 2 days ago the Bold has a $50 MIR also.

  • Anthony

    Engadget summed it up perfectly:

    “What makes us less happy, though, is the notion of paying $179.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate for an Android device that now has the unenviable job of lying in the massive shadow created by the brilliant EVO 4G. Granted, the two phones are for very different carriers, but that doesn’t really excuse T-Mobile from offering up a phone with a lower-class processor, 40 percent of the screen resolution, and three megapixels lopped off the camera for just $30 less upfront, does it? Time for some serious price correction across the smartphone landscape, wethinks. “

  • bagel

    so much for this leak

    why would they raise the price by $30?


      Is thirty dollars really that much?

  • I’m kind of worried about the battery life, it’s similar to the G1 on the TMobile website…

    mytouch slide:
    Talk time: up to 4 hours
    Standby time: up to 6 days
    Talk time: up to 5 hours
    Standby time: up to 5 days

    and the regular mytouch:
    Talk time: up to 7 hrs
    Standby time: up to 17 days

    I get a full day out of my MyTouch, was hoping the slide would be similar but doesn’t look like it. I guess the bigger screen sucks the juice right out.

    • bryan

      The battery life on the mytouch slide is at least as good if not better than the original mytouch. I got right at 1 day (6am to midnight or 1am) with the original mytouch and it was consistently down to around 10-15%. The mytouch slide with the same usage is usually between 20-25% after the same usage.
      Both of them are MUCH MUCH better than the G1.

    • bryan

      The battery life on the mytouch slide is at least as good if not better than the original mytouch. I got right at 1 day (6am to midnight or 1am) with the original mytouch and it was consistently down to around 10-15%. The mytouch slide with the same usage is usually between 20-25% after the same usage.

      Also the responsiveness of the phone is much better than the G1, Mytouch, Cliq and Cliq XT. The processor is not much faster but it is a newer generation processor, the phone is much more responsive than the older android phones. There is no more lag between when you press a program and when it responds, everything is much more fluid and just feels quicker. The upcoming garmin android phone running the same processor is similarly responsive.

      The Mytouch Slide is much more impressive in person than it sounds like on paper, It is a big upgrade over the existing android offerings from T-Mobile.
      There are things that I would like to improve but I can say that about any phone.

  • Hinano

    With rumors about the new samsung touchscreen coming to Tmo, I think I’m gonna wait. I already have had enough disappointments with the original mytouch -_-

    • 2FR35h

      Don’t waste your time with samsung they have a trend of not supporting firmware upgrades my behold 2 will forever be stuck on Android 1.5 :.(

  • rolo

    how bout we ignore the launch, t-mobile gets no buzz, inventory backs up, then they follow up with real pricing like free (instant rebate) with a 2 yr contract and $149 with a 1 year contract on this new jack…

    • 30014

      Sounds like a plan to me.

  • akawik

    hell no this sux

  • Everyone needs to go over to and look at the irony!!!!! Google announces Android 2.2 froyo and the article under it is T-Mobile announces MTS w/ 2.1? What The Mother F$#@ T-Mobile???????? Way to be behind again! And you want us to pay what for another Dinosaur?????

    • AJ

      no phones at the moment have froyo. plus this phone was announced a while before 2.2 was even known about

    • ryan

      While I do think the pricing on this phone is ridiculous, you’re being completely unrealistic about the version of the os. It has a custom UI on it, and whenever an android phone is released with a custom UI, it’s always the previous version because that’s what it was optimized for.

      What version is the HTC EVO 4G running? Oh, that’s right… 2.1, what have the motorola motoblur ui phones run when released? 1.5 maaaaybe 1.6…

      Get what I’m saying?

    • bryan

      2.1 was anounced in January with the Nexus one and only now are other phones are just now updating or rolling out with 2.1. It will likely be around 5-6 months before any handset other than the Nexus one has 2.2. That is the big advantage to buying a Nexus one, pure Google Android experience and updates straight from Google. If you are concerned about having the latest software release you should have bought a Nexus one, or root.

  • namo

    WTH!!!! $179 after the annoying MIRB. Good job Tmo! Please………..

  • tato22

    all of you cry about the price and at the end all of you guys get the phone just like the htc hd2 sorry phone and every one buys it because of the screen size this is a good upgrade for people who still have the g1

    • dirk diggler

      Why would anyone get this mid range phone at this price point. It’s not hard to see why tmobile lost 77k subs.

      • that guy

        Have you ever even touched a MTS???

        just out of curiosity, because this thing blows the G1 WAYYY out of the water, and the cliq? its a freaking TOY compared to the Slide, its not even a comparison.

        Its priced EXACTLY where it should be, quit bitching and wanting things for free.

      • jabombardier

        I am getting it. And I will pay $400 for it.

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  • mike

    tmo is flat out dumb. they lost 77k customers during the 1st quarter, and how much do you want to bet the majority of those left to get better phones. tmo’s response: let’s continue releasing mid-range phones at high range prices (see above). i’m not ready to jump ship just yet, but the Incredible is looking pretty tempting, and it’s an actual phone available now, not just a rumor. i’ll wait a little longer but that galaxy s better come and better come quickly.

  • J

    I have had a chance to use the mytouch slide for awhile and it is worth it. The battery life is amazing. Driving for 4 hours with gps on getting voice guided turn by turn directions the battery wills still last me all day. With normal use it will be at around 65 or 70% by the end of the day. Normal use for me is checking facebook, making a few calls and texting all day. It has the genius button, which is my favorite feature. It comes in really handy when you are driving and want to send a text, you just tell the phone what you want to send, and it does it! It is also much ore accurate than the voice stuff on the G1. I never used that to Google stuff because it hardly ever found what I had asked for. The mytouch slide gets what I am saying right about 90% of the time, and the rest I am sure is because I say some words weird. The processor isn’t a Snapdragon, but it is still fast. I haven’t noticed any lag. I tap on something and it opens very quickly. It is also running Android 2.1 which is really nice. Play with the phone yourselves before you judge it. You may like it better than you are expecting!

    • Ryan

      “I haven’t noticed any lag. I tap on something and it opens very quickly.” Great, let me know how snappy it is in a year when you’re still 12 months away from a full upgrade discount and you need at least a Cortex A8 CPU to run the latest applications.

      • jordan

        chances are the key demographic for this phone has no idea what a “cortex c8 cpu” is. let me know how much of a virgin u still are in a year with the stuff u are writing lol

      • Ryan

        Doesn’t matter what people do or don’t understand. The point is that this phone is a year into obsolescence and it’s not even released.

        PS: Smart guys like me get laid more than dumbasses like you. Enjoy all the LJBF convo’s you’re going to have for the rest of your life.

    • J

      Wow, what’s up with the rudeness? I was simply giving my take on the phone. There is no need to respond in the way you did.


        Some people are just immature

    • J

      Ha, that’s funny, sh*t talking a girl. Don’t even know what you are talking about. You must have a very sad life.

  • Geo

    I thought it would lower and they would adjust pricing down on their android phones to be more in-line with where the market is at. Competitors are coming out with super android phones and the pricing of the slide is too close. Putting things into perspective, its a mid-grade android phone yet it’s their flagship model for almost the same cost as the competitors top of the line phones. Hopefully they will announce or leak some pictures of the sidekick twist……if there even is such a thing. I have been using a G1 since it came out. This looks like a good replacement but I won’t get it just because its a mid-grade phone and like to keep my phones as long as possible. Bring us a super android phone this summer by HTC please!

  • JBLmobileG1

    All I can say is **** you Tmobile! **** you to h3ll!!! Why would you go and raise the price to $179 AFTER a crappy a$$ mail in rebate!?!? WHY??? I mean seriously! I can get a phone with better specs for less. Next thing you’ll tell us is that it will require its OWN plan and that no existing Android plan will work. I was actually looking into the Fender MyTouch way back when (I can’t stand the memory of my G1) and it was going to cost me almost $250 with tax etc. Bull crap! Is this how you treat customers who’ve been with you for 6+ years? I was thinking about this phone… and like always… I talk with my wife first because of finances. Now there is no way to even think about this phone. Basically I will need to tell her it will cost another $80… not including taxes. Ha! Yeah right! And what’s up with these mail in rebates anyways? Its dumb…. tell you what you waive my mail in rebate fees AND my actvation fee then we’ll talk. The way I look at it… sooner or later I will be losing my grandfather plan anyways… so I might as well look else where if I am going to get robbed. Those pre paid plans are looking more and more tempting. Once the nicer phones come along (and they will) it may be time to say goodbye to contacts all together.

  • AJ

    I wouldn’t pay $180 for this mid-range smartphone. There are far better options on the market, such as the EVO, Incredible, and the Droid, for just $20 more. This phone will cost the same as the full-featured Nexus One (on the T-Mobile plan) with a lackluster set of features.

  • RPS

    I have been with Tmo since it was Voice Stream, since ’99. I am now going to begin the move to Verizon. I have had it with second class phones, first class pricing, and steadily decreasing coverage in my area. If I wanted dropped calls, I would have AT&T. Thanks for giving me the final motivation to leave after 11 years of loyalty Tmo.

  • J-Hop2o6

    i bet you.. it will drop down to $149 a month after its been released.. they just wanna make a quick buck with them average customers/early adopters.. WATCH!

  • MarkV10

    I’m not happy about the price but there seems to be an across the board price increase rolling out. I was in my local Tmo store on Tuesday and most the Mytouch 3G’s were listed at 189.00 (with $40 worth of accessories) and a $50 MIR. One still had the old $149 price tag. Tmo/Samsung still owe me $100 on the last phones I bought with a MIR. Its a total scam. This price on the slide is too high – the HD2 with all its problems is a better deal at $30 more. Hopefully the Galaxy S will be out soon. I’d take the higher price but I really hate rebates.

    I’ll probably call customer care and wheedle a deal out of them or suck it up and get an Incredible from Verizon.

  • AndroidRRR

    ha HD2 was 199 out right with better specs… stupid move this phone should be 149 out right but unfortunately this is typical of what we have always seen from t-mobile… the only thing they priced right was the HD2..

  • fujitsujeff

    price not the issue, specs is the issue. y pay $179.99 for a phone with less specs than a $199 phone. A faster processor, better screen, and better camera is worth the extra $30

  • Sami

    no thank you t-mobile. You just lost a customer. I was really looking forward to buying this phone but not anymore after what i just heard what the pricing is gonna be. THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS!!!! the $150 with two year agreement that we all heard about was reasonable, but this pricing is not how much i intend to spend. NO THANKS!

  • Pablo

    What the heck does full availability mean? will all colors be available june 2nd?

    • sami

      yes, all colors (black, white, and red) will be available on june 2nd. and idk what full availibility means. maybe it means like unlocked or something

  • I agree its not the price….WTF you cheap bastards….its like $20! It’s the specs! Give us a top grade HTC android phone already.

    • datITguy

      Agreed! Give us some better god d@mn phones T-mo! I wish they fire the T-mo VP of sales and marketing already for making such dumb decisions on hardware.

  • Bobomo

    Bottom line: For $20 more, you can get the EVO 4G. If you are a new customer, the voice/data plan will be the same ($80/mo – with the addition of unlimited calling to any cell network). I realize Sprint kinda sucks, but $20 for 10x more phone is probably too good a deal to skip out on.

    I’m starting to think that I am firmly NOT in T-Mobile’s target demographic and they are just going to ignore me until I go away. It actually insults my intelligence to charge this much money for a device that I know has a last generation processor in it.

    • Ryan

      Bobomo: You can read, you understand how much a phone should cost, you understand what a good phone is, and you can do basic math.

      You are definitely NOT in Tmobile’s target demographic. LOL

    • soon2TMO

      we think soooooo alike!!!!!!!

      isnt that funny??


      oh c’mon TMO..

      • soon2TMO

        ^ this was for bobomo..

  • rams

    Sprint Everything Data Plan – $69.99
    Spring HTC EVO 4G – $199
    Surfing at 4G speeds w/ beautiful 4.3″ screen on Android 2.1 – Priceless

    There are some things money can’t buy… for cheap plans and budget phones checkout T-mobile.

    Time to move on…EVO 4G here I come!

    • Nexi

      $199 might be good, but you still have to pay $10 extra a month for 4G, even if 4G isn’t in your area yet. So if you live in San Fran, which doesn’t have 4G, your still stuck paying the $10 a month. So that $179 sounds a lot better now.

      • dirk diggler

        The 4g add-on is optional, not required. You can use 3g just fine.

      • Robin

        @dirk diggler:

        The $10/month is required, not optional – Sprint reps have confirmed this.

        via Engadget:

      • soon2TMO

        yaaaa… but at least it’s the HTC EVO .. so you pay 69.99 + 10 for 4G = 79.99/month..

        but on tmobile??? my touch slide and you will pay 79.99/month..?

        you see the difference?

    • 2FR35h

      Bye have fun on sprint’s crappy azz network.

  • Eddie

    How sure are we that the Sidekick Twist is real and coming out?

    • Bobomo

      Not very. From what I hear it was a single source that leaked the information.

  • Doyle

    Calm down about the Price Everyone. Do u guys NOT know that Walmart Usually sells the same Phones for a Way sheaper price im Sure this will be 149.99 if not 100 bucks at walmrt a week after launch

  • SiriousBlack

    The price is average, I dont see why all of the complaints.. It’s amazing that so many people in this country expect such discounts, everyone wants something for free. Have you had time to use the phone? Have you at least had it in your hands? So you dont really know how the phone reacts except looking at specs on a computer. I’ve had the phone for over a week now, by far the best phone I have had yet. The HD2 has amazing specs, but what’s that really matter when the phone crashes on a every hour basis?

    • dirk diggler

      @SeriousBlack…don’t bitch about other people’s bitching. It makes you sound like a bitch.

      • LuVmYbBuRrY

        @dirk diggler….siriousblack has every right to bitch about peoples bitching cuz he/she prolly works for tmobile and we gta put up with people like you all the damn time so that just makes us wana bitch more!!

  • Mike

    LMAO…….Ummmmmm no.

  • BronxBebe

    Just found out theres a MIR of $50 with the purchase of the slide thats why it’s $179.99 and they decided to change it this week. No I don’t work for them.

  • What’s the real price? Is it still going to be $400 or will it be even more now?

    • BronxBebe

      About $400..

  • Tokinotabumblb

    Guys, it is not the end of the world. All these phones are not out here to please YOU. Everyone has different tastes, and want a phone for different reasons. I understand T-Mobile doesn’t have a “superphone” yet, but it is nice to be patient. Go ahead and leave to Sprint for the EVO 4G. Who’s to say T-Mo won’t surprise us out of nowhere with a great phone? You know carriers come out with a different phone every month. You guys don’t know what kind of phone will come out this fall, winter, etc. I am using a MyTouch, and it would be nice to have the MyTouch Slide or maybe the rumored Sidekick Twist, but I do not want to purchase full price for a phone. Maybe if I were patient, like some people should be, when I’m into a year after my renewed contract, there will be a phone just as great, if not better, then the phones that are out now.

  • Taaars

    Man, what they think here?..they have some cutting edge device?..its marinally better than the MT3G. Now, I dont expect the phone to be free, but you have to wonder one of two things..Tmobile is trying to make a better margin on these phones thinking a slide keyboard is VERY high in demand, or they are dumb enough to pay HTC a premium price for these units and HTC is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Taaars

      Man, what are they thinking here?..they have some cutting edge device?..its marginally better than the MT3G. Now, I dont expect the phone to be free, but you have to wonder one of two things..Tmobile is trying to make a better margin on these phones thinking a slide keyboard is VERY high in demand, or they are dumb enough to pay HTC a premium price for these units and HTC is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Taaars

    Man, what they are thinking here?..they have some cutting edge device?..its marginally better than the MT3G. Now, I don’t expect the phone to be free, but you have to wonder one of two things..Tmobile is trying to make a better margin on these phones thinking a slide keyboard is VERY high in demand, or they are dumb enough to pay HTC a premium price for these units and HTC is laughing all the way to the bank.

    Thank God there is some hope that the Galaxy S is comming, hopefully they wont shelve it for a while as tehy wait for these mid crap phones to sell down.

  • Dingo

    from my understanding the CPU is different that the original Mytouch, not just in speed but in core technology, so the 600mhz is actually a much better experience than that of the old 528mhz. Plus, besides the iPhone, AT&T has much worse Android handsets than T-Mobile for as much or more. Backflip (give me a brake), and the new Dell Aero is a laughing stock, plus AT&T charges way more for plans. So go ahead and get the EVO, Sprint needs to have at least one good quarter this century :)

  • bigal

    Let your money speak for you, it’s the only thing that will make T-Mobile change. Be proactive people :-)

  • myg1

    the sprint 4G evo data is required for the $10 regardless if u dont have 4G its a requirement go read some more!

  • zazou

    Do you guys know how many ten year olds that would kill for this phone??? You know, the T-mo demographic….

  • MJ

    What are all the people bitching on here? Morons? T-mobile announced all the MTS will have 2.2 on it. Also, with the speed of 2.2 4-5 times faster, the MTS will be phenomenally faster than the MyT.

  • Special K

    After playing around with the phone, it isn’t outrageously bad to be honest. I think this is a good phone that will give you all the features you NEED. Will the hardware hold up to how some people use their phone? Of course not, and for that, they will need to find another phone or provider for those options.

    Secondly, this is being pushed as a “franchise” phone, but I don’t think that this will attract other people to T-Mobile, or change their perception of T-Mobile. Again, it is not bad; but it simply isn’t a value at that price. I think T-Mobile overcharges for phones personally anyway.

  • BKJames

    Ha ha ha @$179.99 price point and that’s after a $50 mail-in rebate. Tmo just doesn’t get it. The Ally is $99..this is $180? Come on..Tmo was the first to get a Android phone and are last in selection (I have a N1 but had to pay full price) If they charge this much for mid range phone, how much will the rumored Twist cost? How about the Samsung if they get it? How about the N1? If they bring that phone in stores for $179..what phone will you think will sell more? I doubt TMO sells the N1 in store anyway as it will overshadow this crappy phone. My $0.02

  • joel

    The problem is that T-Mobile thinks that people will see the features and not the specs. Notice the focus on the genius button and faves application. Don’t get me wrong, the interface and usability of the phone is second-to-none. Call it bloatware all you want, when you use it you will be impressed. For instance, have you seen the genius button in action? It’s really something. BUT with the market shifting and MANY more people wanting smartphones, the buzz is specs. Big screen, best processor. That’s why the HD2 has been such a big seller for T-Mo. People read online that it’s top-of-the-line and they’re sold. They don’t care that it’s a Windows Mobile device until they get home with it and it’s crashing 3 times a day.

    I can only hope that T-Mobile will see the light and release a device that’s a joy to use like the MT3GS, but has Nexus One-like specs. That’s the rumor, but who knows. T-Mobile always seems to be 2 steps behind.

  • Diana

    slide quick, running 2.1, fixes mistakes of g1, don’t need gmail account, contacts/sms backup auto to sd card, flash player 9(sux), camera flash nice, no moto blur account needed

  • soon2TMO

    i think tmobile is focusing on their prepaid plans and want to expand it, promote it.
    hell, overpricing their devices may be their subtle way to lure the customers to sing-up for even more plans, tmobile would prefer that better as it is more beneficial for them.. so they want the customers to pay for the phone full price which is a win situation for them, and of course the customers will have no choice but to use that unsubsidized phone on their network,EM+, as their plan is cheaper compared to what atnt offers.. they want you to pay the phone in full otherwise , be on their expensive contract and pay the high subsidized price of phone..

    just my 2 cents..

    i’ll still be on t-mobile when the samsung gs comes out anyway.. hhhhahahah

  • soon2TMO

    oh does atnt have a plan similar to tmo’s EM+??

    • andrew

      are u talking about att. and hell no att or atnt does no have em+ its att ok

  • soon2TMO

    why do i have a feeling that the samsung galaxy S will be retailed for 299.99 on contract?

    hopefully it wont be 600 bucks for full price on the EM+…. errrrr!

    • andrew

      why bring up the samsung galxy s for we are talking about the mytouch slide

  • Joe

    What it seems like people don’t realize is these phones actually cost $360-$720 more than the retail price depending on how long you keep them due to the data plan. That’s the majority of the cost of a smartphone, so the $30 price difference between smartphones makes very little difference when you take that into account.
    That being said, if i know I’m going to be paying that much over two years, why would i settle for a phone with subpar specs unless they at least make an attempt to give me a price break upfront? Given what else is available at this price range, the fact that new phones are coming out all the time, including the new iphone which is coming out with specs that are better than all current Android phones, this is not a very compelling phone, even with all its new “features”(can you call it a feature if it’s just software enabled and anyone can get it by hacking their phone?)

    • DannOfThurs


    • flfny

      “cost $360-$720 more than the retail price”

      I hear people say that. I would like to see actual proof. If that was the case, why would an HTC Desire sell for $599 on newegg unlock as an import(or pick any number of smartphones sold retail)? Are you saying that newegg is selling a $1200 device at a 100% loss?

      People and the cell companies like to inflate prices of these phones because let’s face it it’s in their best interest to lock you into a contract guaranteeing a source of revenue for 2+ years.

      Yes these devices cost a lot of money. If a phone is sold at MSRP then the seller is making a profit on the unit. That’s what an MSRP is for. Its what the manufacturer believes its device is worth on the market and gives retailers leeway to discount the product.

      I’m not denying these phones aren’t expensive. I just think too many people take things for face value. If offering these subsidies on the devices was bad business trust me they wouldn’t do it. They’d change the model. Don’t feel bad for them.

      I’ll end by saying the job of consumers is to bring prices down by 1)demanding lower prices 2)by forcing competition by shopping around. The job of businesses is to find ways of making money off the sheep that are consumers. This usually ends up creating a nice little equilibrium.

  • jabombardier

    I am still getting it. The preocessor is still fast enough to do what it it needs to do visually, which is what I learned recently compelling me at this point to not care for a snapdragon processor. $179 was the price of a G1 when it came out and this seems worth it. I will make a purchase on june 2nd. G1 is out.

  • fujitsujeff

    i look at it from this perspective. Google is testing their OS and all their applications on a Nexus 1 which runs a 1 ghz snapdragon processor, better internal memory, high resolution screen, and high mega pixel camera. The nexus 1 will continue being the “developer phone” for Android OS and applications until they release a new 1.

    Why choose a phone which has less specs than the phone they are developing on? To me, it only seems, as the OS expands, apps become larger (Google Maps went from 4 MB when G1 first came out to almost an 8 MB app), your phone will need the specs to handle it. Purchasing this phone, specs wise, already puts you behind. It may be moving snappy now brand new, but 6-12 months later with more downloaded apps, and updated OS’s, that processor isn’t going to cut it. My thoughts at least …

    • Cory C

      You are dead wrong. Google doesn’t just test the OS on their phones; they test them on all of the android phones or at least one’s with similar specs to another. Why do you think they know that the G1 won’t be able to handle the new updates? Google would be an idiotic for only testing the new OS on the N1 because less than 10% of their customers that have android have a N1. That would mean that the Droid, Hero, Mytouch 3g,Pulse, Samsung Galaxy, Tattoo, Moto Cliq, Samsung Moment, Behold and more that I am missing that don’t have a 1GHz processor won’t be able to get proper updates. That would force customers to switch to new phones like the IPhone because their phone has become too slow or won’t receive updates. Of course they release the update for their phone first and that’s because they are in the business of making money. How do you sell your android over the other androids? Easily make sure you get the updates months before the other phones. Verizon and the Droid did it with 2.0. By the time any phone not named the N1 gets 2.2 the G1 (up to date with other phones not named N1) will have been around for almost 21-24months. Interestingly enough no IPhone or any other phone gets updates that long after they have been released. That means the Mytouch slide has at least a year of updates just based upon it having a better processor than over half the phones I labeled above still getting updates.

  • SEFan

    I think previous comments sum up the situation nicely. Nice phone, better than the previous Adroid offerings on T-Mobile. I hope it does well. But not a flagship phone, not the equal of Android offerings for other carriers. Not for me. Still waiting for that killer Android phone. Imagine an HD2 running Android. That’s the phone, more or less. So what’s up, T-Mo? Any chance at all?

  • JBLmobileG1

    While I have been playing the waiting game for a killer Android phone… like the HD2 running Android, I have made up my mind and figured the MyTouch Slide is PERFECT for me. It seems snappy… it has a good camera with a flash (nice to have an 8mp… but really I am not going to be making posters)it has a standard headphone jack (which does come in handy if you use a FM turner in the car and stream your music to your radio) and of course…. it has a keyboard! While Swype is Awesome… Its not for me and writing emails or long messages (like this.. LOL) It has everything I could want without having to go through the pains and risks of rooting… and the fact that it will get Android 2.2 makes me REALLY happy since I will finally be able to run apps from my microsd card. Even with a 600mhz processor… it has enough ram to do what I need it to do. I just started getting into Facebook and I know this phone will be the ultimate communicating device. I think this phone will satisfy my needs (atleast for the next few years) While I do like my G1… it was just limited as far as ram and I think thats what held me back from keeping it. Plus I always had a thing for the screen… it always seemed like it was going to break off. (sqeeked and made noises) While the Slide moves as well… I know its more like my MDA as far as the sliding screen goes and I never had issues with that phone. I don’t think the 2nd will come fast enough. So… whos getting it and what color?

    • Janet

      White, it looks nice and sleek!

  • darkwingduck20

    any idea how much it will be without contract?

  • gadgetguru

    For $179.99 with subpar specs, it is expensive. If it comes on at $149.00 may be tempted too buy. But if it comes at holiday special for $99.00 or BOGO (must have family plan to take advantage- data plan pricing will hurt on each phone) then this will easily sell like hot cakes. The phone design is okay nothing to rave about.

    I just don’t understand why they charge $30.00 for data plan. That is still 100% profit. It would be nice have family data plan or $20.00 for unlimited data/text. If someone is subscribing data plan the text with mms should be free. Now that will drive TMO business and put competition to shame. So how about reducing data rates and include txt TMO?

    This year’s wish list I have Apple 4G for TMO? Can TMO CEO make that happen?

  • es88

    Doesn’t the Slide come pre-installed with a 8gb memory card? T-mobile sells it for $50 so if it’s like buying the phone for $130 and buying the memory card along with that. Sure the Evo has much higher specs but only internal memory (as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong)So the actual price when thinking about it comes out to $130, I personally think this phone is cool, and I understand people want their superphones, but this is a great replacement for my bogged down g1.

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  • Pingback: Pre-Order Your myTouch Slide At Walmart? | TmoNews - Unofficial T-Mobile Blog - News, Videos, Articles and more()

  • Abuh_giggles4

    I have gone threw two mytouch slides and they were both defective and when I just got my third one it doesn’t have its own memory I need to buy a memory card ? Its suppose to come with some memory on its own and I didn’t get any with a brand new phone ..