MyTouch Slide Video Review Hits The Inter-Webs

While we imagine this is just the first in a series of video “reviews” we will be posting in the coming days, this video which is courtesy of gives almost 13 minutes of MyTouch Slide goodness. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in a room where I can’t use any sound right now so if this video is not in English I wouldn’t be the wiser but I imagine some of you will spend the next 13 minutes wiping up drool, some will complain about the higher than expected pricing and others will just complain. Either way, stay tuned as we add more videos to this post as they appear!



  • nadia

    i cannot wait. looks awesome.

  • tato22

    phones looks really nice

    • lol

      you dont..


        Damn, thats cold.

    • deez

      i 2nd that!

  • John

    fist they make an all metal smartphone (HTC Legend) and now switchable homescreens? Is HTC stealing ideas from Nokia now?

  • John

    first they make an all metal smartphone (HTC Legend) and now switchable homescreens? Is HTC stealing ideas from Nokia now?

  • frank

    forget this phone…TMO needs to bring the desire or the nexus one to stores!

    • DUB

      What are you talking about the Nexus One is hitting stores..

      • J-Hop2o6

        Google is gonna send them out to carriers.. in the US, i think only Tmousa will officailly carry it cuhz 1, there is not CDMA version.. 2, im preddy sure AT&T will not carry it.. so the last carrier is T-Mobile.

      • Ryan

        Google is going to start selling the N1 in physical stores and close their online store. Check the official google blog for details.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Google is gonna send them out to carriers.. in the US, i think only Tmousa will officially carry it cuhz 1, there is not CDMA version.. 2, im preddy sure AT&T will not carry it.. so the last carrier is T-Mobile.

      • frank

        I already know about that…but when???

      • frank

        Maybe June 2 Nexus one will be in stores officially, along with the mytouch slide, and official TMO 2.1 will be released…

  • I’m not feeling this phone at all. Tmo needs to bring a phone out like the EVO.


      Here we go again. With more complaints.

  • trees247

    wow HQ youtube video just like the evo 4g!, can the sense UI be turned off?

  • chris

    That phone looks really slick. It seems like it is really smooth when he is navigating through the menus etc, it has a 600 mhz processor so probably noticeably faster than my motorola cliq wich i love. Looks like thats my next phone im getting tired of waiting for my android 2.1 update to my cliq the my touch 3g slide is already running that so why not! I give it a 9 out of 10 wish they went with a bigger processor for the 180 dollar price tag.

  • Ryan

    what kind of idiot would pay $180 for a 600mhz 320×480 phone? N/M sometimes I forget the 80/20 rule. I’m sure 80% of the people waiting for phones will jump on this… too bad for Tmobile the other 20% will leave and get Incredibles or Evo’s for $20 more. Can’t wait to see the 2nd QTR bleed numbers.

    • Jeremy

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. If the Nexus one doesn’t come to T-Mobile stores, I’m off to Sprint for an EVO.

    • laphoneuser

      true that.

    • Dave

      LOL @ yet another idiot that thinks the general consensus on message boards like this apply to even 10% of the general public, let alone 20%.

  • Come on! Where is the 1 ghz HTC android phone with a huge display??? Step it up like Sprint and Verizon! Take care of your loyal android customers already!

    • nnd

      First off know your processors and boards. Most 1ghz processors are doing everything such as bt wifi etc, the mtslide is using independant 600 for processing with independant antenas… thus the processor doesn’t focus on the air wave processing. Therefore I believe it to be faster. Btw I own both and its smooth. Pancakes.

  • lewminous

    I think it all boils down to what is important to each individual person. Although I won’t be going out & buying this phone because A) I’m happy with my Cliq & B) It IS a little pricey. I think its a little much to call those who choose to buy it idiots… I for one, don’t think the N1 OR the Galaxy S OR the Evo are attractive. Mainly because they don’t have keyboards. I like this phone, looks pretty cool.

    • Ryan

      But do you think it’s worth $180? I think this is a $125 phone, $150 maybe. $180 AFTER REBATE is a slap in the face to Tmobile consumers. This is why I said idiots.

      • lewminous

        No, I don’t, thats one of the reasons I listed that I wouldn’t buy it. If it turns out to be worth a switch from my Cliq, I would trade or sell my Cliq & pay the difference for one. Thats what I’ve almost always done, lol. That way I could somewhat justify spending so much for a phone. for instance, I only paid $22 out of pocket for my Cliq. But I digress… I understand where you’re coming from.

  • Omeer

    Wirefly guy and Julia sitting in a tree K-I-SS-I-N-G! Lulz…

  • ahh

    pinch to zoom im convinced

  • Henry

    idk i have been waiting for this phone to come out cuz im tired of my mytouch 3G (the first one dat came out) but after watching this video i dont think i will be getting da slide i dont really like the sense UI and im not a big fan of da whole $180 blah… i think i will wait n cuz wut happens with the “Project Emerald” n c if its really a sidekick =]

  • KG

    Huh? $180? no thanks, i might as well a bit longer and get N1 for the same price or just pick up SGS for $200..

  • JaylanPHNX

    I have a Cliq XT and I’m getting this for my wife, but after seeing this video, maybe she can have the XT ;) I’m really jealous, but then again I have to remind myself that the Galaxy S is looking really sweet (though I think I’d mess my pants if the Galaxy S had this version or any version of Sense). Plus they also announced that all HTC phones launched this year (including this one they said) will get froyo by the end of Q4. Damn! The price tag w/plan may be steep, but I’ve got the EvenMore+ plan so I’ll be paying full price anyway (which I’m betting will be more in line with the competition than the subsidized price).

    • Nick281051

      the galaxy s could definitely not run sense because it isnt made by htc, just saying

      • JaylanPHNX

        I know that, I was just dreaming for a moment ;)

  • JethroGibbs

    The snapdragon is a 1ghz chip set with a 600mhz processor so it is exactly the same as the Mytouch slide. I own an hd2 and can tell you having used both phones that the mytouch slides is ALOT faster by a long shot. Thats part processor and part software efficiency. Having spent alot of time with this phone today, I can tell you that the web is very fast and the keyboard on the phone is incredible! TMO worked hand in hand with HTC to design the UI and it shows because it is highly polished. There is zero lag on the phone as well.

  • moonmoney

    I’ve done a lot of research on the upcoming phones and the my touch slide is for semi-new android users… thats it im waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S which from my research should be out by late July, beginning of Aug. It will be worth the wait. I like N1 but in the area i live with just ok 3g coverage i dont want its crappy internal antenna screwing with my life ha.

  • Nexi

    I don’t think the price is so steep, I payed $199 for my G1 and that didn’t work out. The chin for typing was annoying and the android os, was still new and not like it is now. I also payed $200 for my cliq that I have now. So for android 2.1 and some HTC Sense, I think it is worth it.

  • MrTeddybear

    I dont care that its at the price its at. I paid more than that for my G1 and I was happy with my G1. Still am. It is time for it to be laid to rest. Yeah, there are better phones out there and faster phones, but none of which have a KEYBOARD. yeah, the Droid but whtev. I like the look of this phone, love the Sense UI with Espresso. This a great upgrade for all current G1 users and I would def recommend any and all G1 users to get this phone. If you got a problem, zip ya lips and go to Verizon or Sprint. Tmo dont need ya.

    • targa9932001


    • jabombardier

      +1 I am getting it in august. This ore the nexus one.

  • badaphooko01

    There is a bunch of haters that follow this blog, nothing will ever make some of you happy. I personally think this phone is sweet and seems super fast especially runnng sense and all those widgets. I too am waiting to retire my rooted G1 running eclair and will qualify for a full upgrade come July. I hope there will be an announement of a super phone by then if not, I’m getting this in white. And all of you saying if Tmo. dosen’t this or dosen’t do that then “I’m going to Sprint”. Well don’t let the door hit ya! Enjoy paying $10 bucks extra a month for 4g that won’t even be available in your area.

  • Alejandro

    this is the same price that the G1 launched at two years ago…

  • john2

    All I need to know is can the HTC sense stuff be turned off??

    • Zee

      no built in



  • Wilco

    1GHz chip and 600MHz processor? Dude, you got it wrong. The chip IS the processor. They call it the CPU, or central processor unit.

    In any case, I can “almost” accept the processor on the slide. But the screen is not working at all. Why didn’t T-Mo go with a larger, AMOLED screen?

    • JaylanPHNX

      I can totally accept the processor since it seems to be running very smoothly. Add to that the promise that it will get Froyo by the end of the year so it can benefit from the 2 to 5 X acceleration 2.2 has built-in and this will be a performance phone. But you’re right about the screen. Galaxy S here I come.

    • jabombardier

      Well I was thinking that though an AMOLED screen is sexy, I don’t think the screen on the mytouch is bad. If the the colors on the screen are more brilliant than the G1, then its still spectacular.

  • Bryan

    I work for T-Mobile and have been using Android since before it was released to the public…have owned a G1, MyTouch 3G(original and 3.5), N1, and a Euro Milestone. I was not at all excited about this phone when I first learned of its existence…specs are mediocre and on paper it really isn’t exciting. However, I received my MyTouch Slide a few days ago and have to say that so far, it is my favorite Android device of the ones that I’ve owned. It is as responsive and snappy as ANY Android device I’ve played with(which is almost all US models). Like most people here, I’m guessing, I usually hate carrier added software and graphics/icons, but the work T-Mobile did with HTC in developing the Espresso ROM variant gives it a very finished, well thought out, and fluid feel. After spending a few days with a physical unit, I’m convinced it’s a worthy offering. True, it’s not a “super-phone,” but aside from an Evo or Incredible, this is likely my 3rd favorite US Android phone as of current. I would have gawked and laughed, only a few days ago, upon hearing the preceding statement, but it’s true. I’m sure my copy will be rooted soon enough and I may completely change my opinion depending on how the hardware keeps up, but running this rom it’s a very nice package. Admittedly, as unlikely as it may seem, this will be replacing my N1…at least until I can get the Galaxy S or HTC who-knows-what.

  • HEber
    • J-Hop2o6

      yea i read about this yesterday.. Project Emerald = HTC “sidekick twist” superphone? = HTC Vision?

      I HOPE SO! and hopefully the keyboard will be similar to the TP2! THIS will be my next phone.. the mT-Slide will be for my girlfriend.. we both have TP2’s right now (since November).

  • Doc

    I don’t like the phone’s looks. After having the G1 (which I paid full price for and grew to love), I want a sexier looking, uber powerful android device. This ain’t it! What’s wrong with that? And don’t say N1 cause until I actually see one in a T-mo store and can keep the same contract without paying $530 for it, it’s not a T-mo phone.

    And when did it become a crime to express a negative opinion about something? If someone says they don’t like the phone, they get flamed and told to leave T-mo. Why can’t people want T-mo to come out with the phone that they would prefer? Is everybody supposed to want to make love with the phone? It says “submit a comment”. Not “leave only messages about how much you you want to marry this phone”. People should be able to express their disappointment or critizism as well.

  • fidget

    My contract ends at year end. My criteria for new phone:
    1. Android
    2. Physical keyboard in addition to virtual keyboard
    3. 1 GHz processor

    ok, so first two are easily met by mytouch 3g slide. I don’t tend to run many apps. Do you think the 600 Mhz processor will cut it, or should I wait a few more months for something better? Problem is, first 1 GHz phone may be Samsung Galaxy and I REALLY want physical keyboard. Otherwise, I probably would have gone with Nexus One.

    Also, do you think the mytouch slide will run better or worse with 2.2 over 2.1? Will the new features require more processing power, or will 2.2 optimize the processing power.

    What to do….what to do. If I knew for certain the rumored 1 ghz sidekick would be out by August/Sept I’d wait.

    I have a Blackberry Curve right now. Great for email/texting but terrible for apps.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Bryan

      @ fidget

      Just food for thought…It’s my understanding the the extra processing power you get when going from this 600Mhz processor to the 1Ghz Snapdragon is effectively all spent on graphics processing when you also have a larger display(above HVGA). This is part of the reason T-Mo/HTC chose a 3.4″ HVGA(480 X 320) display, with it’s less-than-superphone, resolution. This balance basically means that the processing power the MyTouch Slide can dedicate to the O.S. and apps is effectively the same as the current 1Ghz Snapdragon phones since they all have higher-resolution displays. The upcoming Galaxy S will be an exception, because even though it’s clock speed is 1Ghz as well, it is significantly more powerful, especially in the graphics department. You’ll note that everyone using/reviewing this phone describes it as quick/snappy and you can see for yourself in video reviews. I currently own and am using this phone…see my comment 4 posts before yours…hope that helps!!!

  • chocco

    I’m getting this phone. It looks crazy great.

  • fidget

    @bryan. THANKS. Makes sense, and in the reviews it does look snappy. I own an ipod touch too, so you can’t multi-task even if you want to, and I would tend to not run a lot of apps concurrently. So, given my impatience, and the fact this has a qwerty keyboard, I think I’ll go for the slide. If the sidekick comes out within 3-6 months, there is always ebay ;-)

  • Mar

    I love this phone already and it’s not even out yet. Too bad they had to delay this great phone till June 2nd. The features on this phone is very reliable, and hopefully this phone should make customers happy. Just don’t let us down

  • JBLmobileG1

    I know I will be picking this phone up at launch…. I am counting down the days…. and it seems like forever. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. I just wish someone would review all the colors side by side. I wonder if the white phones keyboard is better than the blacks. I remember the bronze keyboard on the G1 had issues and the black one was better. It will be either white or black for me… I just can’t make up my mind.

  • Zeeshan

    I love this cell phone its been 8 months and working perfectly. I am in love with this device so far