T-Mobile Announces HSPA+ WebConnect Availability in New York City

T-Mobile formally announced the availability of the webConnect Rocket in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. Providing HSPA+ speeds the webConnect Rocket is the first T-Mobile device to offer theoretical speeds of 21+ Mbps. Costing $50 after rebates the webConnect Rocket is an expensive way to get into the HSPA+ game especially with the specialized T-Mobile data plans currently offered.




  • sikkboy

    When is it coming to SoCal?

  • foxhound2185

    How about Chicago? Anywhere I go around here, the internet is like dial-up……

  • Reece


    Soooooo… when can we expect to get a Android (Froyo) phone with HSPA+ compatibility? Don’t mean to be nitpicky but, having something that can function as a smartphone AND get a laptop on a HSPA+ network wirelessly would be epic win.

    • jdog

      Sorry the website was messing up but I meant to put the comment below you as a reply to what you asked.

  • jdog

    I have very good news for you when it comes to the type of phone you are looking for, it gets Froyo first, its compatible with HSPA+ and its on T-mobile. What is it you say, its the Nexus One. Now before you jump on me about the 3G thing did you know that on average people who are doing speed test on T-mobile’s new 3G HSPA+ are getting an about 6mbps. So I don’t know if you know this but all Android phones go up to 7.2mbps. So in conclusion the Nexus One is the phone you are looking for :) Sorry if I sound like an ass but I believe you will love the Nexus One its given me a hard time at first but after 5 months its still the best phone you can buy, so enjoy.

    • Don Boogie

      Sorry, but I just did a test in NYC on my Nexus One using the speedtest.net app and I got 1.59 mbps download and 1.3 mbps upload.

      Where are you getting your numbers from?

      • jdog

        Look at mingkee’s comment below.

    • Reece

      thanks jdog,

      I’ve seriously considered the Nexus One and technically I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. My quirps with the phone is unfortunately the fact that I’d have to shell out $530 for it, and IF I wanted it for $200 then I’d have to ditch my loyalty plan for it. IMO the big reason why Google could sell these things. The couple other people I know who wanted one was also offput by this with one of them leaving T-Mobile altogether lol. Even with the Evo and the Incredible it’s still a technologically marvelous high-end device that would get first dibs @ whatever Android version is available.

      Unfortunately it’s not a true T-Mobile device as easily accessible as any other T-Mobile phone thus I’d have to consider either selling my 1st born or figure out what foolproof plan I should carry out to rob a bank to get one lol

      • Reece

        “the big reason why Google could sell these things”

        meant to say it’s the big reason why Google could NOT sell these things

  • mingkee

    HSPA+ is not 100% everywhere in NYC this time.
    Luckily I have the coverage and I have rocket stick. The speed is up to 7Mbps in and 1.3Mbps out.
    Go to corp store at 18th & 68th street in Brooklyn and try.

    • Vinyldestination

      Now that time has gone by, are you still getting pretty decent results with speed??

  • jdog

    Thanks for the info since I don’t have HSPA+ yet but hopefully soon I will cause T-mobile and Comcast have been installing new equipment and antennas on the T-mobile tower on my property for the last 9 months. I think they are just trying to have everything ready before they flip the switch here in Houston, although I wouldn’t mind if it was flipped today :)