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Update: We’ve gotten solid tips that this plan will start April 23rd and run for an unknown period!

T-Mobile is going to bring some savings to the T-Mobile faithful starting in the next few days with some awesome savings on the webConnect rate plans.  The limited time promotion brings no more domestic overage charges!  I don’t know about you guys but 5GB is really pushing it some months so I’m happy to see the word “overage” disappear!  Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows as T-Mobile will reduce your speeds once you hit that 5GB mark and reset your speeds with the start of the next bill cycle.  Therefore, if you are a customer and looking to grab some webConnect time, Even More and Even More Plus fans are in for a treat with a discounted price at $39.99 for Even More Plus and $49.99 for Even More!  If you aren’t a T-Mobile customer, sadly you will be paying the standard price of $49.99/$59.99 depending on your choice of Even More/Even More Plus but if you have a qualifying line of service, discount!  In the world of competitive wireless deals, a $10 savings can mean the difference between a customer switching carriers so I’m hoping T-Mobile can really push this deal and win over some users to the webConnect side.  Unfortunately, the big 3 have a leg up on data usage and marketing so T-Mobile had better make a big push to highlight this limited time pricing!

No word on dates for this promotion, but we’ll update as we find out more.

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  • ps

    great news, but does anyone know if you are eligible for these discounts or no overage plan options if you are on a grandfather rate plan and not the Even More/Even More Plus plans as stated above?

    • lensovet

      hear hear!
      this is really exciting news and making me reconsider my iPad purchase…however, applicability to grandfathered plans is really critical in my decision!

    • BeerBellyBilly

      As I read the qualifications, anyone wth a T-Mobilw phone plan of any kind qualifies for the discount pricing. Personally I would like to see iPad 3G sryle pricing. Month to mpnth prepaid $15/mo for 250 Meg or $30/mo unlimited.

  • I’d love to know

    I’d love to know how people get this kind of stuff and post INTERNAL ONLY information on this site! TMONEWS – this is really wrong!!!

    • 30014

      The fact that posting the info was wrong didn’t stop you from reading it did it? Most of us come to tmonews for this kind of info. You don’t have to come back if you don’t like how the site is run. We won’t miss you.

  • AJ

    Thanks for the heads up!! Gotta get in on that deal….BIG THANKS TMONEWS!!!

  • lacandela

    People get so happy about the “new deals” and there are no deals. You are always paying thru the nose. Wake up. They are all the same the only thing that counts is having good customer service which Tmo has the best

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile should double up the limit to 10GB or higher. If T-Mobile is confident enough, they should not worry the 3G network is beaten down like AT&T.
    A side note: Sprint 5GB applies ONLY on EV or 1x; it’s unlimited on WiMax.

  • podstolom

    Why do they ALL have these stinky 200 Meg and 5 Gig limits on these stinking data plans no matter how much they cost? 200 Meg is an assinine limit to charge so much money for be it $25 $35 or $40. $60 for a crappy 5 Gig/mo is absolutely putrid. Sure, $40 on T-Mo’s discont plan is better but Data pricing on aircards in the US is the absolute worst in the world. T-Mo is taking a VERY SMALL step in the right direction with these plans but if they really wanted to compete on price, they would make some serious sea chages here.

    If you took a look at pricing plans anywhere else in the world you would be shocked at how cheap it is and how liberal the data allowances are.

  • hd2

    Wait all this talk about webConnect & 5gb limits & rate plans & overage charges (or not)

    Last month, I downloaded about 8 GB through my HD2 (tethered laptop), currently paying $24.99 with a Blackberry Unlimited Internet data service, can’t everyone just do that?

  • podstolom

    You can. And it’s nice that T-Mo hasn’t yet seen fit to disable Internet Sharing on WinMo phones or charge extra for “tethering” as the other carriers do. But overall, most people find aircards and embedded modems in their netbooks more convienient, the only problem here being the disparity in cost between data on phones and data on modems/aircards. As I said previously, 3G data pricing on aircards STINKS.

    It’s like the water company tellimg me I can run the water to the kitchen sink like Niagra Falls 24/7 for $30/mo but only either 8 ounces for $25/mo or 5 gallons to the bathtub for $60/mo. Rediculous.

  • tmorep

    i think the ipad and att’s $30 plan will help competition and start a price war which means the consumer will win… yea having a 5GB plan sucks but not getting hit with overage charges is even better…. This is sure gonna help drive those netbook sales!

    Remember, if anyone wants a discount on a netbook, get on the even more plan, get a discount on the netbook for $49.99 then after a year switch the the even more plus plan and pay $39.99….(AAA gets migration fee waived) to get the discounted rate you just need to have any tmo plan and yes granfathered plans like myfaves do qualify…. the only ones that do not qualify are flex pay and prepaid and i know some douchebags will ask if they do…

    Good Deal if you ask me….

  • sikkboy

    Why does it say “no” next to the “3G access” portion for Verizon and AT&T?

    • Joe

      I think it says “>3G access” greater than.

  • jason

    hey david, just heads up. there is no longer a 59.99 price plan. Even more and Even more + pay the same price with the webconnects

    5gb is $39.99 for customers with a phone plan. $49.99 for customers without a t-mobile phone plan.

    200mb is 24.99 for customers with a phone plan, 29.99 for customers without a phone plan.

    even more or even more+

    as for the 5gb. the fact is how can you beat this pricing with unlimited service. yes the speeds to cut once you hit 5gb, but we really don’t know what that means yet.

  • Stephen

    That chart with the Sprint comparison is a bit wrong…
    I have the Sprint 4G/3G plan, and 4G is unlimited, with 3G having the 5gb cap… it’s a true unlimited…Sprint is my home ISP via the Overdrive thing, and I regularly have 15gb of usage sometimes more

  • Wireless

    It went live as this morning. The New rates are on the TMO Website in the Internet and Email Section. An interesting point is that nowhere could I find that it required a Exisitng line to get the $39.99 5GB WEBCONNECT

  • jerrycycle

    I went in the local T-mobile store and was able to got the $39.99 pricing and the aircard was free.