myTouch Slide Spotted Wearing White Dress

2010-04-18 22.10.20

You have seen the Black and you’ve seen the Red, so now it’s time for an unveiling of the white MyTouch Slide from TmoNews!  Nothing here we really haven’t seen except the outside is white, a pretty and clean white.  I have to say that white has become my favorite color in a cell phone.  It’s just clean. It’s not necessarily clean in a physical sense, since white shows smudges and doesn’t escape the fingerprints.  However, black shows even more fingerprints.  The white  is just “clean” as in, well, clean.  Either way, a few more pics await you after the jump!

2010-04-18 22.10.53

2010-04-18 22.09.27

2010-04-18 22.11.29


  • 2FR35H

    I do recall seeing the white version…… it was in the one the also had the black and the red one

  • Jelc

    Very nice pictures.

  • wow, i love this one. its mine (:

  • it looks plasticky though dont ya think ?

    • AJ

      very plasticky indeed! it kind of contradicts with HTC’s method of using soft touch bodies on their phones

    • wasup

      my same exact thought, almost like a toy :D

      • Bryan

        yea why does it look like that?? i wish they made the keyboard 5 rows :(

  • ahh

    im not gonna lie I like this phone although now that I have my hd2 the screens on the android look pathetic but im really digging this phone

  • Bryan

    i must say the white one looks the best of the 3 colors.. but it will get dirty so easily :(

    either way i think i found my next phone lol

    • Jelc

      I think I found my next phone too but I can’t decide what color I should get. lol

  • JBLmobileG1

    This might be my next phone as well. I actually think the white looks pretty nice. I never was a fan of white phones but this one may change my mind. Like someone said though it may get dirty easy. Hopefully they will release a clear case to cover the entire phone but still enable you to use the slide. If its priced right and no other really nice Androids are announced before I am able to upgrade… I think I may have found my G1 replacement.

  • victor

    looks promising to replace the g1. does look plasticky and a bit thicker than I thought it would be. seems like a good midrange smartphone. was going to hold out for this but got an hd2 instead and couldnt be happier.

  • Bryan

    yea the white one looks real good lol

    but i would of liked the red one but only if the keyboard was red also.. would make it more attractive..

    i hope it dont cost more than $200 lol

  • ps

    Does anyone else think that T-Mobile/HTC will not update the original MyTouch to Android 2.1 since they have a new device launching?

    • phonegeek

      I concur with your statement … i figured they would do this tho

    • 2FR35H

      False that problem should be solved with Froyo android anyways….

  • cat

    please i hope it cost less the 100 for this fat crap

  • nightmare

    cats right if i wanted to get a 200 dollar android phone with a keyboard i would rather get the droid its more thin so this better be less than 200 tmobile

    • manus

      but if you get a droid you are with Verion (gross) and will pay like a thousand dollars more over the life of your contract. so lets save a hundred but pay a thousand more in the long run good idea.

  • alex

    Might get if Htc Desire /bravo ain’t available by october 15

    • 2FR35H

      HTC Desire is an AT&T phone basically of which is just a nexus one spec wise…

  • alex

    I would have found it better if it was he mytouch 2 with no keyboard,and samespecs of nexus one nd desire so it has htc sense,it would b fast with he video and with android 2.2 when released.

  • Not a big fan of this phone, especially of the keyboard. I hope T-Mobile comes out with a action-packed Droid phone with a slide out keyboard!

  • phonegeek

    look at you lookin all fine an good mmm hmmm sweeter than a plate of candy yams with whipped cream an pizza on the side lookin good in that white dress… how much for your time girl…i’m kidding lol its a beautiful phone really, even tho the white gives it a plastic look. I’ve no room or time to complain i need this in my life hurry up an release it

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I just don’t like how it looks real teeny bother the. That it’s promising and I want it. Replace my merlot mytouch

  • Housetek

    meh, id rather see a 5 row keyboard

  • queensnewbie

    white looks better than red, but it is still tacky looking. The chrome is throwing everything off

  • alex

    Htc. Desire is not An at&t phone its comng to cellular this summer,nd its on tmobile uk chances it is for tmobile read this,

  • Claudio

    600mghz? put a 1g processor on that hing, come on tmo!

  • userfriendlyme

    Umm this look pretty nice in white



    • WhatdidUsay

      Yes they just put logos on it to make it seem like a mytouch….

      do everyone a favor and smash your head into a wall