myTouch Slide Spotted Wearing White Dress

2010-04-18 22.10.20

You have seen the Black and you’ve seen the Red, so now it’s time for an unveiling of the white MyTouch Slide from TmoNews!  Nothing here we really haven’t seen except the outside is white, a pretty and clean white.  I have to say that white has become my favorite color in a cell phone.  It’s just clean. It’s not necessarily clean in a physical sense, since white shows smudges and doesn’t escape the fingerprints.  However, black shows even more fingerprints.  The white  is just “clean” as in, well, clean.  Either way, a few more pics await you after the jump!

2010-04-18 22.10.53

2010-04-18 22.09.27

2010-04-18 22.11.29