[Updated] myTouch Slide Images In The Wild Part Two


UPDATE: We’ve confirmed that the T-Mobile myTouch Slide will in fact be running some verison of HTC’s Sense UI. This is the same UI we saw from the leaked Espresso ROM back in January, but it has the new Sense UI features like Leap (pinch zoom homescreen).

Update 2: Three more images of the red myTouch Slide were added to the gallery!

This morning we were greeted with a beautiful red “in the wild” image of the MyTouch Slide, the first of its kind. This afternoon we’re giving the black MyTouch Slide some love with a bunch of pics showing off what can only be described as a “new” take on the os. I’m no expert on the various HTC operating systems that have graced Android devices up until now but this one seems to be unique. Hit the jump for more pics and decide. The good news however is that it seem to be running Android 2.1 thanks to another tipster who was able to confirm that piece of information just a little while ago.

Hit the jump for more images!

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  • kpagratis

    Is that sense I see?
    I’ll have to check this phone out

  • rob

    Aw crap, it does have sense! I was really hoping for vanilla 2.1!

  • Shawn

    A little different version of Sense? Doesn’t look bad.

  • Laz

    I’ve been looking to dump Verizon for a few weeks now with all the bad experience I had with both Verizon and the R & D i did for them with my BB Tour. I’m on my fifth phone and jump ship and save some money! I’m a Blackberry fan but willing to give another OS a try. I’ve been looking at both the N1 and HD2. I am concern with both phones of all the negative and don’t want to hassle with another phone. This slider looks awesome and am willing to give it a shot. I only want to be able to use it as a modem as well as listen to Slacker and MLB games when at work…

    • CO_Yeti

      Can’t tether with Android phones without rooting them. If using your phone as a modem is a deal breaker you’re going to want to look at the HD2 or Bold.

      • ceasoner

        thats a lie there are apps that allow you to tether internet…

      • Ed

        Non root tethering:

        PDANet ($30)

      • Anonymous

        PDAnet is free, not 30 bucks. And the HD2 is like an insanely hot girl with no personality. Its a one room mansion. The N1 would definitely be the better choice of the two.

      • 30014

        PdaNet is $30 dollars. The lite version is free not the full version. I personally use easytether which costs. 10 dollars.

      • The full version of PDAnet is $30, which gets you access to secure sites. I have the paid version on my Mac and it’s perfect.


      • Chris

        You can use PDA Net or Easy Tether from the Android Market without root access. I personally use PDA Net and it works fine.

      • 30014

        There are 2 versions of easy tether. There is the lite version which is free and the full version which costs $10.

    • androidboi

      you can usb and bluetooth tether with pda net for android( junefabrics.com) its in the android market and you do not have to root your phone works with mac and pc.

    • androidboi

      you can usb and bluetooth tether with pda net for android( junefabrics.com) its in the android market and you do not have to root your phone works with mac and pc.

    • As much as you like the way this phone looks so far, I think you’re best staying with a BlackBerry Bold 9700 with T-Mobile. It is the perfect phone for tethering and listening to Slacker/Pandora. Just like AT&T and Verizon, T-Mobile had pulled the Tethering app for Android. With BlackBerry however, you can tether it as much as you want. Hope that helps!

  • jkspike3

    I’ll take 2

  • Kevin

    that’s the espresso ROM. Looks pretty nice.

    • Espresso! That’s what it is! I was racking my brain trying to remember. I knew it had something to do with coffee, but I just couldn’t think of it. :-)

  • This is that new, alternate version of Sense that has been floating around for a while. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it had a codename, but I don’t remember. Looks really nice, though. Now, I just pray the rumored specs are wrong and this might be a worthy contender in the market.

    • J-Hop2o6

      SenseUI FTW! but thats weird that they changed to the SenseUI since the mt3g was Vanilla Andriod..

      what do u mean “Alternate version of Sense” whats the difference from the “Regular SenseUI?”

  • Bobomo

    I’ll be interested in hearing about the screen size and resolution. 320×480 is a little disappointing to me, but if they only have a 3.3″ display, I can see why they had to do that. Even with a keyboard, touchscreen real estate is important. When we get a more recent leak of specs, I’ll consider it. Until then I’ll save my dirty pennies for an N1 or (please oh please oh please) Desire.

    • arcangel

      Agree Desire is number 1 on my wishlist. Magenta UK got it but no joy for us Yanks.

  • elithegreat

    defenately wasn’t expecting this.
    What happened to the hardware? what happened to all the new SuperPhone and high-end HTC phones that have been leaked all over the place, and how come this one doesn’t have any of it’s new and modern designs??

    just another plastic, toyish, and childish looking phone to grace T-Mobile’s Portfolio.

  • HD2/Nexus One user

    If the screen isn’t 4.3in, then its a waste!

  • This is a better look for this phone the red was ugly. Also I would like to see a side profile to see how think it was.

  • B

    Software looks nice. Might have considered this if I didnt have a Nexus

  • Bryan

    dang now wut do i do lol

    mytouch slide or htc hd2?? this is ganna be tough for me to choose

    • Rome

      Don’t get the hd2. I bought it and took it back in a few days. It’s pretty, but winmo definitely shows its ugly head after a couple days!

      • CO_Yeti

        Funny a lot of people say that about Android after a week as well…

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Don’t listen to Rome. I read a few of his comments, but stopped in a few days. His comments look right, but the lack of substance definitely shows its ugly head after a couple days! :)

        The HD2 is a great phone.

      • Bryan

        ok im confused about something.. can someone help me out by explaining this ..

        i been reading comments of people saying they are disappointed on the screen resolution which makes it seem like the screen will be small like 3.2 or sumthing..

        is this true? im not a genius when it comes 2 this stuff lol

        from the pics.. the screen looks pretty big

      • 30014

        @itsmichaelnotmike….its funny how u trash android fanboys commenting on articles about winnmo. Yet hear u are a winmo fanboy commenting in a android article. Talk about irony.

      • laphoneuser

        +1. Unless you are a Windows Mobile user (and fan), I would pass on the HD2.

        I had mine for over a week, and returned it. Missed the Android too much.

    • Anonymous

      shouldn’t be tough. the HD2 is a freaking waste of money. don’t even bother, unless you like living in a one room mansion.

    • johnny

      yea dont waste your money on the HD2,even tho its a beautiful phone. i bought one on release day and returned it 2 days later. definately went back to android! my cousin is selling his hd2 also.

  • Omeer

    AWesomeness..I have the N1 but I’ll still be picking this up..just waiting for the specs now :)

  • umaluver

    wow. that comes out a lot nicer than I imagined it. Looking forward to seeing the specs on it.

    I have the feeling the specs will be on the lower end of Android phones unfortunately. I would really like to see a high end Android phone sporting a keyboard like this. With out actually touching it, it certainly LOOKS very well done.

    Incredible + mytouchslide would probably be the most orgasmic phone to date.

  • Pororo

    This looks good. If this sucker is easily hacked, it’s a great phone. Cyanogen’s ROMs are one of the best. Love it on MT3G.

  • Random Select

    Phone looks good and definitely is a good replacement for all G1 owners. Now where are the technical specifications?

  • jesus


    • cb

      yes it does look like the samsung moment. i want all touch screen. i want the htc desire!

  • Galen20K

    Nice ROM! that UI is Slick !

  • YESSS!!!!!!!!!! If I could have this in blue my dreams will have came completely true. Still gonna get it though.

  • Hawarr

    What are the rumored specs for processor, RAM and ROM?

  • what’s that yellowish button on the front

  • Solid_Fox

    I wonder if this will mean their will be a Sense UI update for the original MyTouch 3G since the hardware is so similar?

  • mpv

    That chrome earpiece is beyond hideous…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I too commented on that a few days ago.

      I will take a black Sharpie marker to it, like I do on anything that I don’t like.

  • Timothy

    what is that ‘g’ button? is that the search button ‘google’?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I believe that’s correct. Every OS is getting their mandatory one-touch search buttons. MS = Bing; Android = Google; etc.

  • Blech, I think the design of the phone is kind of ugly…

    • lol

      from a diff standpoint i think its pretty. I think the cliq is uglier lol

      • BoomBoomBang

        The design actually reminds me of the Samsung Rant and the Samsung Moment. If you stare at it long enough you’ll see them both a little haha.

      • The phone looks kind of “cheap” to me. It doesn’t have a nice finish like th TP2, the HD2, or even the cliq (I’ve played with the cliq and it isn’t half bad).

        Also, I’m not really a big fan of a 3 row keyboard. Kind of wish they had a row dedicated just for numbers.

  • jmts80

    I like it in black. If the specs are not too bad I will have to pick this phone up. BTW Good job Tmonews you guys do a great job!

  • Looks really cool and glad to see sensce and 2.1 but you all know the competition and crying would be over with if the HD2 was android 2.1, Bottom Line! Theres your super phone of The desire? I have the HD2 and it is kick ass, but would be level the the comp if had 2.1.

  • Laz

    It’s funny that this story just hit BoyGeniusReport and they are flaming the phone. Would you expect anything different?

  • mike

    this phone looks better than i thought

  • BoomBoomBang

    Hopefully that have this phone in the following colors:
    Red [ clearly ]
    Black [ obviously ]
    Some type of pearly white.
    and BLUE.!!! Like a dark navy blue…

    • Yess BLUE!! Dark Navy would be nice or any blue :D

  • Ermac

    Looks pretty cool, motorola need to step they tmo game up, everybody else has cool moto phones xcept tmo……but they are good on capitalizing on mistakes and bloopers (cliq). Maybe we might see a cliqII. Who knows???

  • Thats Rediculous, the cliq xt is a great device that ranks the highest of all moto phones other than the droid. read the reviews and try one for yourself, its a nice phone! I have hd2, but if i didn’t I would use cliq xt (or n1, but not offered throught t-mo yet).

  • p.s. phone scoop rated the xt best of 3 (back flip, devour, and cliq xt)

    • Timothy

      i have to admit, i did not have the slightest bit of interest when i first heard of and saw the Cliq xt. Then i played around with it and actually it’s definitely the best phone next to the mytouch 3.5mm and HD2 on t-mobile. It even has pinch-to-zoom and flash[lite].

      much much better phone than i thought it would be.

      • Timothy

        only problem i had was the small screen. the original cliq could get away with it because it had a keyboard..

      • Cb

        I agree the screen on the cliq xt is too small for me to text on.

  • AndroidRRR

    Looks better than i first thought. This may be my G1 replacement if internal memory is decent and the processor isn’t a 528mhz. Since its supposed to be another 100% you device i’m sure there will be many color variations to slap on it.

  • muziclovr28

    so glad to see that its running on sense. bout time tmobile gets something to compete with all the other android devices coming out soon.

  • andrew

    i told vere body that the mytouch slide is going to get to sence if only the mytouch 3g would be able to get htc sence

  • BoomBoomBang

    Based on the 1st pic, the MySlide would look rather damn cool in Silver =/

  • Ms. Matrix

    It looks like it’s going to be a nice phone when it comes out. If i didn’t have the Cliq xt already I would definitely pick this. The shape reminds me of the N1, I don’t know if I would like the keyboard, but it’s not a major con. The screen looks nice too. I don’t know about the red one, it looks funny…

    My husband still has the original mytouch, I’m going to try and work my “you need a new phone magic” on him and see if he will get it. But he’s a tough one to crack, he’s not into phones like that.

  • atul0002

    Does anyone know if its gonna have a snapdragon in it or not?

  • Davidohio

    FINALLY another android phone with 2.1. This phone has some good specs.

  • Ktwist


    From what I’ve heard, this phone has an ARM 11 processor. Now which one, that is up in the air. No snapdragon but it’s rumored to have the 600mhz which could possible be bumped up to 1ghz, but not likely. Let’s just hope it’s not the older ARM 11’s rated at 528mhz!

  • JaylanPHNX

    I like the look, but I’ve got a hundred dollars that says the specs suck. If it had a snapdragon in it, it’d be a huge coup for TMo. Hell, if it could just hit 700mhz it’d still be faster than anything on the big T (except N1 which I’m not really counting). Price is also gonna be a big factor.

  • Jshin

    Looks like a great phone! (if you have breasts and ovaries)! I bet most of the people commenting badly on the HD2 have never used one. The HD2 is a bad ass device and will turn heads. Truthfully the stock ROM on the phone leaves ablot to be desired, which is why you go flash a custom ROM, this is for me one of my favorite things about WM, the ability to easily mod your device and make it look anyway you want. I pre-ordered the G1 and thought it was ok but it didn’t satisfy my thirst for hacking a device.

  • Allen pain

    It looks good but im going to wait to see what LG is bringing to tmo

  • xristo

    Will we see a leaked photo of the white version anytime soon? Just curious to see if it has the same color of keyboard as the others…

    • BoomBoomBang

      There’s a white version also??

  • NiiDiddy

    i don’t get it…not my cup o’ tea!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think this phone may be a winner so long as it has enough memory and power. One thing that kind of upsets me though is the fact that I have the $24.99 Android plan (with the bonus 400 messages). When I called Tmobile about a month ago about possibly upgrading they told me I was grandfathered into the $24.99 Android plan (which is now $30)if I was interested in the Cliq or Cliq XT… HOWEVER… this plan didn’t qualify for the MyTouchs, which means I would have to upgrade to the $30 plan. The rep pretty much told me they are different which is total BS. I know someone who has the same plan as me and he only pays $24.99 using the older MyTouch. Besides the G1 (which I currently own) isn’t much different from the MyTouch… in fact they have the SAME O/S. I think he was trying to rip me off so they could make an extra $5.00 a month from me… actually make that $10 because I would need messaging. All I can say is if they want to keep me a customer I should have the right to keep my current data plan no matter what Android device I upgrade to… and at the same price too. If this really is the case then I can only imagine Tmobile will raise the data price again when HSPA+ (or whatever its called) is in the phones come sometime this year.

  • insider

    sadly i can assure you all it has a 528 in it

  • D

    There are dozens of phones to be launched on T-Mobile this year. Why does everyone feel they need to post their disgust everytime a handset of their liking gets leaked for availability?

    (Insert your comment here about T-Mobile going bankrupt and how you’re leaving for Verizon because you don’t like this phone)

    You can’t launch a high end phone everytime. You have to leave room for more affordable options for those not looking for something on the caliber of the N1. T-Mobile caters to the young and budget conscious crowd so you have to expect mid range phones to be launched sometimes.

    There will be more phones many of which will be Android and that are high end to compete with the EVO. They will be out this year and will be HSPA + capable. Show some Magenta support and a bit of slack for catering to the majority of their subscribers. Better options ARE on the horizon. T-Mobile has a few tricks up its sleeves.

    • JBLmobileG1

      Sadly D… you may be right but then again… if the price is around the Fender MyTouch pricing then the price will be too much for too little. Tmobile was going to let me get a full discount on a Fender MyTouch at $199 (its only $179 for new customers). By the time I added tax and shipping it came to about $250. Now I can get an HD2 for the same price only its hardware is way way way better and more powerful. For me though as much as I wouldn’t mind it I am still going to stick with Android a little longer. Case in point… while I agree Tmobile wants to create phones that everyone could afford its pretty sad when they release a phone and overprice it or price it the same as something else that’s a lot better. Now who’s to say this new phone won’t be released at a good price. But, if it has the same specs as a phone from two years ago then they better not charge and arm and a leg for it. So we know it does have Android 2.1 at least which is a great feature… but then if the memory and processor aren’t that much better then why not just root my G1 and get a hacked version of the o/s. If the processor in this phone isn’t much faster than any other current Android that Tmobile offers who’s to even say that this phone will be able to handle anything above 2.1 without slowing it down to a crawl? If Tmobile does want to keep the phone in tune with customers by being budget friendly then I wouldn’t expect more than $150 if the specs going around are true. Maybe drop the newest MyTouch to $99 and the old model (if there are any left) to $79.

    • Jordan

      Thank you sir. This helps a slowly becoming hopeless fan. I hope this is the case as I have been with T-mo for 6 years now and want to continue to show loyalty. Thanks.

  • Raypew

    This phone was given by t-mobile to the user for free. T-mobile held a celebration in Las Vegas last week. The background on the phone is the “palazzo” theme, for where the celebration was held. 400 was given out.

    • phonegeek

      seriously thanks for that tid bit makes me a bit more reassured ( an yes im being serious lol)

    • i want one :P

  • BoomBoomBang

    What exactly is that color? Is it a red-ish orange or…is it just red or…what is it =/

  • The black one looks pretty nice. But what’s up with that silver thing on the back that says my? I how they dont leave that there. And from the looks of it, the materials they used looks too plastic

    • Josh

      Well the original MyTouch 3G (myPhone :D) is pretty plastic-ey, and I’ve dropped mine down my wooden staircase at least three separate times and there’s not more than a few shallow scratches on the sides. As far as I’m concerned, the more malleable, the harder it is to damage the internal components.

  • BoomBoomBang
    • AGON9307

      I think I’m in love with the white !! can’t wait to get to play with it i just broke my g1 after a long faithful year with it. The 1st gen Mytouch wasn’t what I was looking for but now with all these new feat. I can’t wait =]

  • Myles

    I actually work for T-Mobile and have been declared my store’s “new mytouch device champion” which means I should be receiving one of these for free soon as well. I can’t wait! Finally some legitimate 2.1 action on T-Mobile! My rooted G1 just cant handle it lol

    • Devin

      I’m a T-Mobile rep too and also applied to become the new Mytouch Champion, they seriously give us a free slide????

      • Snuggl3s

        Well, Iam the mytouch champion and will be for the secound time around. The first time they gave us a MyTOuch this time i feel they most likly as well. GL on getting the Tittle! Free phones are always fun! My hope is that this just inst a Mytouch with a Keyboard. We need new Hardware to compete with eveyone else at this point, the Evo is going to be the killer this summer and now with the incredable on the way things are not looking to great atm. If only the N1 was sold in stores! =(

    • Claudio

      Plz tell them to put a faster processor… to be able to truly compete

      • jim

        I’ve been using this phone for about 2 weeks now and I love it! Yes the processor could be a bit faster, but its still amazing in comparison to any other phone tmo offers

  • Veritas

    The phone isn’t 2.1. I’ve seen the device as a a co-worker went to Winner Circle, and received one as a prize. This is a T-Mobile corporate event and I played with the device myself. It was def. running 1.6 eclair.

    • johnny

      eclair is 2.1 (donut is 1.6)

    • blazin

      Having played with the phone myself as well, and having looked through the menu’s extensively, I can say with 100% certainty that the phone very much runs 2.1 with a sense UI overlay. I have handled the Nexus 1 and the iPhone fairly extensively, and will be dropping my iPhone for this as soon as it releases. It’s the best piece of hardware/software that tmobile has ever released.

  • joel

    Now that the 400 people that went to the Vegas event(which, by the way, is kind of like a little bonus vacation for the top performers in T-Mobile- the “In” list) all have one of these phones, there’s gotta be someone out there with the tech savvy to get us some solid specs.

    Pretty please, I need to know if this is gonna be my next phone or not! Is it REALLY the same processor as the G1? Or will we get a faster ARM11 processor? Also, post a screenshot of the available device memory! Thanks!

  • Veritas

    With a custome HTC UI, looked very nice and clean, but wasn’t the 2.1 we all hoped for. At least, as of right now. The device looks much nicer in person than the pics, that have been shown so far. Really a nice phone. I know more details if you ask.

  • Jeremy S
  • Jordan

    I could care less about this phone. I and a lot of t-mobile users are getting fed up with their lack of phones running android. They are falling behind EVERY competing phone company. I’ve been with T-mobile for 6 years now, but I have to start complaining. I’m trying to be loyal but give us the HTC desire already. Or a phone like the HD2 that can run android!

    • Max

      I know how you feel buddy….

      • David

        Same here. I am dying to buy the HD2 but i want that same phone on an Android platform.

        I am also tired of my MT3g. It lacks ram and processing and the MT3g 2.1 i dont even care to look at. I may be looking forward to switching carriers after 5 years of commitment.

    • God

      TMO: G1, Magic, Behold 2, Nexus
      ATT: Backflip, Nexus
      Sprint: Hero, Moment
      Verizon: Droid, Droid Eris, Devour

      How are you “getting fed up with their lack of phones running android” when they have the MOST phones running Android?

      • God

        Oh, and I actually forgot 2 phones. Let me revise that.
        TMO: G1, Magic, Behold 2, Nexus, Cliq, CliqXT (6)
        ATT: Backflip, Nexus (2)
        Sprint: Hero, Moment (2)
        Verizon: Droid, Droid Eris, Devour (3)

      • 30014

        Quality over quantity. Sprint is getting the evo 4g, Verizon is getting the incredible, and we get stuck with the mytouch slide. Do you still not understand peoples frustration about phone selection. We should be able to buy the latest and greatest phones without having to change carriers.

      • Reece

        Like someone said, quality over quantity.

        Verizon is getting the Incredible, on TOP of them having the Droid.

        AT&T may be getting the Samsung Galaxy S

        Sprint’s Moment have damn near have better specs then ANYTHING on T-Mobile right now, and that’s probably the bottom Android phone in their lineup that’s getting the Evo 4G

        The Nexus one -would- be a win for T-Mobile, but with (a) it forcing folks to kill their plans to get it sub’d and (b) it also being available for other carriers it’s a moot point. Outside of that T-Mobile has NOTHING that battles the specs of the aforementioned Android phones on aforementioned carriers. The mytouch slide at best -could- be running 600mhz which is a minor upgrade to G1 folks yet it’s well behind the 1ghz Android exclusive phones that EVERYONE is getting but T-Mobile.

        For T-Mobile’s sake the rumor of the Incredible being on here NEEDS to be real.

      • john

        There are phones in the lineup that are coming down the pipe still, there’s a few surprises coming…as far as a 4g phone, what good is that if you only have 27 cities with 4g?

      • b

        You guys are missing the point.

        Why would you buy a subsidized phone?

        just cause it seems like it doesn’t hurt the wallet as much, it normally ends up costing more.

        Their unsubsidized plans are very competitive, and running a Nexus on TMO is cheaper than on ATT, and cheaper than running a Droid on VZW

        The G1/Magic (32B) are also the Android Phones with the largest selection of stable custom ROMs

        The problem is that the number of UMTS users on AWS is small, so manufacturers don’t build phones with that radio.

      • Claudio

        how can one answer this, let’s see:
        Droid incredible, Sprint EVO, etc. oh, wait, how about the lag of the mytouch? should i go on?

    • Claudio

      i thought i was the only one feeling this way.. i am slowly drifting towards VZ

    • MS

      same here… almost 7 years with T-MO and I’m about to jump ship if they don’t give me an android phone worth upgrading…getting real tired with their lacking phone selection…I forgot about the N1 since they won’t sell it to me with “myPlan”… with verizon’s incredible and sprint’s evo, I would be a dumb not to switch

  • ginastarke

    Hey Veritas :
    Does the sense UI on this one have the weather animations like the HD2?
    How much memory does it have?

    Can’t WAIT till this comes out- Mom’s G1 is getting old and i’ve been dying for an android phone with the sense UI!

  • servo

    600mhz!? what a joke.

    • road1

      The performacne is good even it’s 600Mhz.
      Don’t worry, you can try this in real phone to feel it.
      You will like it.

  • RICK

    I GOT THIS from androidandme.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Major props go to AndroidGuys for uncovering the “Genius Button” on the leaked pics of the upcoming myTouch Slide. Instead of the traditional search button on HTC Android phones, we now have a new G logo. T-Mobile has apparently registered a trademark on this G and already developed a matching Genius Button application.

    Details are limited, but the Genius button is said to trigger the voice input. Google has been implementing more and more voice commands into the Android operating system (like “navigate to” or “post buzz”) and the myTouch Slide could feature new abilities. Google has previously used T-Mobile to launch new Android features, so maybe this device could coincide with the next firmware release.

    Also unveiled today was the fact that the myTouch Slide will come in three colors which include black, red, and white. This is no major surprise since the original T-Mobile myTouch 3G also shipped with similar options.

    The Slide is rumored for a May 17 launch, so expect more details to be revealed soon. We are hearing some interesting rumors on the CPU speed (600-750 MHz), so it will be refreshing to see exactly which processor model was used. Early speculation said the Slide would feature an ARM11 based chipset, but maybe we will see a Cortex-A8 design instead (so it can support Flash 10.1).

    p.s. Speaking of button layouts, why does HTC randomly rotate the order of back, home, menu, and search with every new Android device?

  • RICK

    this is from cellphonesignal.com Big RUMOR ALERT, but A great one though!!!!!!

    They also have 3 official pics of the mytouch slide-its coming in 3 colors, RED, WHITE, BLACK!!!!!!!!

    First we heard that the HTC Desire will hit AT&T in May/June, and now, according to Androincia, a manager at a T-Mobile USA store was being trained on several phones that are coming to the carrier this year, and the HTC Desire Android phone is on the list. They also said that they contact other T-Mobile employees and they said that their manager’s are off for training.

    It seems that the device in question comes with a large touchscreen display, which means that it might not be the smaller Motorola CLIQ XT, but the name is still unconfirmed. For what it’s worth, considering that T-Mobile already has the Nexus One on its airwaves, there are great chances that Desire will also land there, especially since the two phones are basically the same device. However, previous rumors suggested that other carriers in the US would receive it, and this remains in the rumor side until further confirmation emerges.

    Just rumors guys.. stay tuned for more information

    • David, Managing Editor

      First of all, the manager was supposedly being trained on an HTC device, which could have been the HD2 as it was prior to the launch of that device. Second of all, we’ve been saying this device will come in 3 colors for how long now? Since January 19th, right…since then!

  • Tgre

    Looks nice! A fasttttt processor and at least Android 2.1 is a requirement for me to even consider switching from my iPhone. T-Mobile and HTC, please replace the cheap looking plastic with something nicer, even the matted G1 plastic will do if it’s a budget constraint!

    • Stevo

      why not get a nexus one or the htc evo 4g coming this summer for sprint?

  • tmob

    Fuk tmobile!!!! I’m sick of all of these low end android phones. If this turns out to have low specs, I WILL GO CRAZY! Please tmobile give us an android phone with 1ghz, 5mp or higher, 512 ram/rom or higher, amoled screen… is that so hard?

    • irko

      AGRRE for the love of god come on a flagship device that dosent have that crap about no family plans (nexus one)

      • Reece

        Amen x 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 @ that.

        The Nexus One would be pure win if not for killing Family Plans – that fact and it being available on other carriers makes it not so much a “T-Mobile” phone.

  • sam


  • I agree w/ tmob. I love T-Mobile and have been a customer for 9 years but their phones are always a short comming. The HD2 is good, but not great. At $449.00 I agree amoled and 2.1 would have put it over the top. There would have been no need to come out with any other phone this year. Let us T-mobians enjoy a single device for a while like att got to with the iPhone instead of launching phones with outdated software(hd2- 6.5 & xt 1.5?) whats up with that?

    • Chris

      Since Windows Phone 7 Series hasn’t even launched yet, it would be kind of hard for the HD2 to have anything later than Windows Mobile 6.5…. Blame Microsoft for not updating Windows Mobile any faster.

    • Stevo

      i really do not see what is wrong with getting a nexus one……

      • 30014

        I would love to have the nexus one, but I’m not dropping $500 for a phone sight unseen. For that kind of money I would have to try the phone out before I bought it. It would be my 1st choice if I could walk into a tmo store and give it a spin first.


      The software on the HD2 is not outdated bud.

      • Claudio

        no, windows is

  • Trill

    I’m strongly considering this device but I need to know about the screen size/ res, memory and processor although I know it will be more than 528mhz.

    P.S. dammit I don’t want a custom UI though and best believe whenever another major update to the android OS gets released it will be ages before it gets updated.

  • khaltz

    I want the Iphone on Tmob! But to me doesn’t look good. It looks as if Iphone may stay with AT&T or go multiple providers, since the iPad has AT&T 3g internet. I want a 3g functioning Tmobile iPhone and I will be happy.

  • joel

    It would make a lot of sense for this phone to have the same processor as the Legend. 600mhz, isn’t that HTC’s new mid-end ARM11 processor? Someone said in a forum post that the Legend processor has a graphics co-processor too, is that right? If so, this could actually wind up being a significant improvement over current tmo offerings. I’d be happier with a Cortex A8 or Snapdragon, though >.>

  • Laz

    My question for the few who have already played with this phone! What is screen size? I can hope that it will be a bit bigger than it’s all touch sibling…

  • TK-421

    I got confirmation the phone was running 1.3mhz Snapdragon w/ 512mb ram! Held and played with one and since it wasn’t a final build version was a tad buggy. Definitely running 2.1 with Sense overlay (yes animated wallpapers and weather widget). It’s hot hot hot!

    • AC

      Hey how do u know that it nas a 1.3 snapdragon, i mean all the phone comming out only has 1 gigahertz snapdragon

    • Claudio

      i wish

    • Claudio

      a tad buggy? like the mytouch and the G1? could it be that it needs a faster processor?
      Come on T-Mo

  • Mixer Mel

    played with the phone. is a lot more durable and heavier than the first mytouch. screen resolution also look a bit better on this one. not sure of the specs though.

  • Adam

    Yeah I went to the new tmobile store in my neighborhood to inquire about my hd2 hold status, suprisingly th store manager had the mytouch slide sitting on the sales counter. He said he received it from tmobile a few days back. The phone itself was white and looked pretty nice, it ha a clear shell on the outside and the touch pad and screen were pretty responsive. I’d say the screen is aboutthe same size as the mytouch. I also asked him about the specs, he said it ran android and sadly he also said the processing power was about half of the hd2. So it certailny does not have a 1.3 MHz processor manager said expect it to be the same power as the new mytouch 3.5 mm or at most a little faster. Looks like the hd2 still is king :)

  • irko

    wow the buble grid around the apps looks so ugly, they need to seriusly fix that, if not im saure a dav at xda will

  • Cris

    ok so I have a sk lx 09 and I want to buy this phone when it comes out but I still have 9 months remaining on my current contract ; what’s the best way to go about this? because I am ready to let go of my sk…suggestions plzzz

    • Anon

      Do what us poor bastards stuck on AT&T have had to do up till now to get some Android loving – purchase the phone either second-hand or direct from manufacturer (in this case HTC) and get it carrier unlocked. There are websites that can do that for you, though I would recommend getting the phone already unlocked from HTC. The drawbacks to doing this are that (1) the phone will be much more expensive (expect something north of $400) because it isn’t being subsidized by your carrier, (2) you most likely won’t get 3G network speeds and will instead have to settle for 2G data rates (bummer) and (3) if something goes wrong with your phone, you are on your own, no official support. One nice thing though is once you get the phone unlocked, you can use it with almost any carrier (assuming you can live with slower 2G network speeds).


      I bought the HTC HD2 with about 7 months left on my contract. After taxes and fees it was about 240. I’m pretty sure that if you upgrade now, you will get very close to a full discount.

    • Jess

      You can upgrade without having to wait till your contract is up but in order to get the discounts you will have to sign a new 2 year contract and your discount wont be as large if you wait. T-Mobile is changing a lot of things this year I’m really excited to see what they have to offer.

  • GreenTea

    You have failed me again Tmo…we better get the Incredible. I want a new phone BY this summer. I refuse to have the G1 for 2yrs. May just have to save up for the N1.


      Who are you commanding? “we better get the Incredible. I want a new phone BY this summer” Really? Sounds like a Personal Problem. You sound like a TWO YEAR OLD.

      • MS

        and who are you to patronize?

        obviously he is not the only unhappy customer.. if I was T-mo, I’d listen

    • ManSexy

      I knoq right Ive had my G1 for too long now and Ive been waiting since like Jan for the Nexus 1 and nothing yet I want a phone with a 5 row key pad or no pad at all is that to much to ask for?

  • Mooch

    Ain’t gonna happen my friend. You want the best devices, better look somewhere besides T-Mobile.

  • shawn1224

    If it doesn’t have at the very least a 600mhz Cortex-A8 Processor w/AMOLED and 512MB ROM/RAM then it’s just another middling device to add to all the other middling devices in T-Mobile’s lineup. Most of us can run 2.1/sense roms anyway so nothing about this device is tempting enough to make you want to abandon what you already have.

    T-Mobile + New devices = FAIL

  • T-mobile is the shit. I should know I work for them and am also a second time mytouch champion. If I cant get the damn Hd2 you better believe Im getting a free phone!

  • And we are giving MOST customers the full discount if you have been in contract for over 12 months and spend more then $90 a month. Upgrade now my friends.

    And if you dont like Tmo then why are you on tmonews being nosey? Mind your own and go to verizon and att and pay WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much for your cellphone service.

    • Dashi

      WHO RAAAAA!!!!

  • gamechangerx

    for one reason i hate tmobile…
    they lie..
    7.2mbps my @ss
    i never got those speed constant
    never comes close to 2mbps constant or avg.
    i used many tmobile phones.
    switch from att and always regret it.
    now i am on verizon and they are fantastic with moto droid.
    live in chicago and drive a limo,,,, so i am all over the city and burbs checking out coverage.
    ask me …
    verizon is the best for smartphone holics.


    • BoomBoomBang


    • Trill

      They didn’t lie you just read without understanding and I’m getting 2mbps down soooo….. Your tower needs the backhaul updated to support the higher speeds of which you speak and much like every other company it starts at a small amount then expands

  • Bobert

    A grown man should not be caught in public carrying around this phone or a Cliq. And who the phuck still uses a blackberry?

  • alex

    lookS nice yet I’m also digging the HTC Desire nd Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 cnt wait for desire ill get this phone depending on specs nd had HD2 would have been better on eclair

  • alex

    Sadly the HTC Desire was announced by Cellular we need it on tmobile ASAP

    • road1


      Don’t sad, this one is not bad than Desire.
      You can compare this one in real play with desire.

      Not just see spec. to comment it, its wrong thinking..^^

  • rushmore

    If this device is an arm 11 and 480X320 display, you people that buy this only encourage Tmo to continue releasing these piggies with lipstick and nothing much better, unless hand me downs like HD2 and wm 6.5 (Sprint had a lock on the Android version).

  • Claudio

    Oh wow, from what i read i am glad to see i am not the only one that feels T-Mobile is falling behind by releasing these slow and buggy devices. while some of you are Tmo employees and might feel a bit offended, maybe it would be great if you pass it along the ranks that people are really not happy and some are even willing to play more for devices are that are more competitive with what’s out there already. not to put a 1ghz processor on this will hurt T-Mobile, i for one will not recommend it to my friends should it have a slow processor.
    word of mouth is a big thing.
    i love tmobile, customer service is great, and i have been with them since they bought voicetream, which was my first carrier in Boston, but this is just not even playing catchup

  • Dashi

    As A Tmobile rep i can tell you these few things for 100% even the 28 cites or so will be slower than our network within a year we are not quite going to 4g yet but instead we are “cranking” up or 3g currently for u tech jockeys its running at 7mb/s it will be running at 21mb/s within a year and thats across the board not in select citys in other words were going to be 3 times fast than we currently are ALL ACROSS THE NATION!!!! also our android phones are the best xD

  • Ivy

    I was just named Mytouch champion for the first time. Is it really guaranteed that I will get this phone? Any fellow employees have an idea by when?? Also those who work for Tmo– we gotta hold up!! As tempting as it is to brag and spill info that we shouldn’t be spreading, we have to hold our ground and maintain our composure!! Instead of giving the competition a heads up, it’ll knock everyone by surprise if we just stay shut and let them find out when all our advances debut! Tmo all the way!!!!

  • Displeased

    Are you kidding me?! This POS looks like something from the late 90s early 2000s. What, did HTC just use leftover parts they had lying around to put this together? Whoever thinks that this phone is awesome and looks amazing should be shot along with the designer and engineer that put this POS together. I love tmo and use to think all the phone that HTC put out were amazing. I really thought this was some kind of joke. GET WITH IT!!! Give us a phone that’s sleek in style with a qwerty keyboard slide out and the power of the Evo. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!!!!

  • Barbu Dan

    You can get information about the MyTouch Slide at http://www.mytouchslide.com

  • Naila Zahin

    You can get information about the MyTouch Slide at http://www.mytouchslide.com

  • coolfx35

    I have been holding out on an android phone because I want it all.
    Currently have a samsung behold, was looking at the g1 but the size and lack of a flash stopped me.
    With a 5mp Camera w/flash, std earphone jack, real keyboard, etc., this phone seems to have just about everything on my wish list except the snapdragon processor.

    Would love some feedback from all of you who have myTouch Slide already, incl. battery life, processor speed (good enough?),glitches, speaker volume, signal strength, likes dislikes. Can you watch shows on it via hulu or other websites? GPS with voice nav (how is it?), my question was also posted on http://www.mytouchslideforum.com

    Any comments are greatly appreciated.