Sidekick Has No KINs?


A while back, there were several rumors floating around of Magenta supposedly discontinuing the Sidekick line. Many thought that the T-Mobile Sidekick would be replaced with the rumored Microsoft “Project Pink” handsets for Verizon Wireless. Today, April 12, Verizon Wireless and Microsoft announced the KIN ONE and the KIN TWO which are devices targeted towards the younger social networking crowd. T-Mobile states that, even though these new devices are very similar to the T-Mobile Sidekick handset, Sidekick devices and the Sidekick brand will continue to be owned and supported by T-Mobile, and T-Mobile only. Additionally, there were also rumors of the upcoming myTouch Slide serving as a replacement for the T-Mobile Sidekick. Does this mean those rumors were incorrect? The world may never know. We’re currently looking into it and we’ll keep you guys updated! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • wow

    Microsoft hella just blew tmo off

    • john

      Hella?….wtf, are you 12?

  • BPRhythm

    Microsoft = Jerk.

    T-Mobile should have marketed the Cliq as the next Sidekick seeing as how that is essentially what it is with the Blur interface.

    I mean, the SK OS is old, outdated, and now dead thanks to Microsoft.

    • Josh

      SHARP is the one who making these two KIN phones and they decided to use Microsoft software for their devices instead of their old Sidekick OS.

      Plus Verizon is the one who decided to make a deal with SHARP to bring these two phones to their network.

      So this doesn’t do anything with Microsoft!

      It’s simple: T-Mobile didn’t show enough interest to get these phones from SHARP or maybe Verizon came with better deal and these two devices went to Verizon.

      So don’t blame Microsft for T-Mobile not getting theses Phones. If you wanna blame someone you have to blame T-Mobile.

      I love T-Mobile but let’s be honest most of the times T-Mobile is the one to blame that we don’t get specific phone or getting them late after others.

      So before you comment and say somthing stupid like what you said think!

      • mmaxxsooner

        Not sure to blame microsoft, but they did kill danger the designer of the sidekick. Let’s face it microsoft is going for the $ and verizon, with larger installed base, is where said $ resides. From the looks of this, big V may not be in line for that cdma iphone after all.

    • Chris

      Agreed. As far as we know, the SK is end of life as of last month. The sidekick 08 and the sidekick LX can still be ordered as “Open Box” units, but no new models to speak of…. which I, for one, am happy about. The back end support (MS network) for the SK was horrible and the device is out of date. Android and the new BB OS will be KING… and rightfully so.

  • Galen20K

    Ummm… Now would be an EXCELLENT time to reinvent and revitalize the Beloved Sidekick line with an entire line of new various handsets to appeal to various age groups. One for younger, One for Teenagers, and One for Young Adults. Each styled and catered to each age group appropriately and release ALL 3 of them at the same time. DO IT T-Mobile and Microsoft, PRONTO.

  • Dubteeff

    Yesss omfg thank you. I really want a sidekick again but even the lx 09 doesn’t compare to my g1… Just please, one model to revitalize myfave phone in the world. Touch screen, better maps with turn by turn navi, and wifi. Is that really too much to ask in todays industry?

  • Wicked1

    @BPRhythm True, it really is, its several steps up from the sidekick though, which was the only phone I had with T Mobile before the Cliq. TMO owns the Sidekick brand, so they can call anything phone they want a sidekick. People always trying to blame Microsoft for the Sidekicks demise, yeah, the server fiasco didn’t help anything, and everything was recovered for most people (myself included), but the Sidekick line was behind in most tech and features BEFORE Microsoft bought Danger. This is me, a SK loyalist from SK2 to SK LX saying this. Yes, it had and continues to have the best cell keyboard and one of the easiest UI, shortcuts and the ability to jump around to multiple applications, but it was always a few steps behind when it comes to hardware and features, and a very closed and restricted download catalog.

    People always trying to criticize Microsoft more harshly just because they are Microsoft. Everybody knows MS brought Danger for some small tech/patent they had, and the SK LX 09 was already finished when they bought it, so they put it out. That’s how business goes. Nobody makes a fuss when Apple and Google keep doing the same thing, buying up all these small start-ups for certain things they have. Microsoft is becoming the good guys among these tech giants. Google has no respect/need for privacy, and Apple are so closed/restricted, with people with their Chinese manufacturers murdering and attempting suicide left and right, I mean something isn’t right there, haha, not to mention the new policies they just created regarding devs and app development. Look it up.

    Basically, the sidekick as we know/knew it is over. The name may be dead or TMobile may use the name on some other type of phone. Microsoft made a business decision, Verizon is the largest carrier, with millions of more customers, T Mobile is 4th, that’s just the way it is. The same way Moto decided to give us the Cliq & Cliq XT, while Verizon got the Droid, which is basically a Cliq times 3.

    • Steaklets

      “but the Sidekick line was behind in most tech and features BEFORE Microsoft bought Danger. This is me, a SK loyalist from SK2 to SK LX saying this”

      I appreciate you NOT being a fanboy. No, for real. Glad someone out there understands.

  • Curtis

    Who really cares.

  • mike

    sidekick is old news that tmobile should just let be…..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That says it all. The Sidekick is old tech and concept. That was a teen device for texting.

      No teen does only text nowadays, it’s all Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

      Actually, I see this as a limited niche device because the carriers are trying to push everyone to smartphones so to make huge profits on… drum roll please… DATA. That’s where the money is. To be sure, that’s why carriers charge very little for texting.

      Data is where it’s at and carriers should be giving all the social websites a cut of the action. After all, you want to poke someone on FB, you need data, want to tweet, need data, want to upload video and show it to friends, need data.

      The funny thing is, none of this is based on essential use, it’s all for having fun, like what the Sidekick was for.

      What better way to say the Sidekick concept is dead than to come out with new devices that keep people in touch with friends 24/7. It’s really bizarre the way things are changing.

      E.g., last night I finally bothered to set up my HD2 to use Facebook and Twitter. About 2:00 am I was looking at the FB interface and one of the menu items was “Add Video.” Huh?

      So I clicked it. That gave me the option to “Record Video” or “Upload Video.”

      I clicked “record” and that opened my HD2’s camcorder.

      After my recording I clicked to upload it.

      It then automatically uploaded the video I just shot on to my Facebook page for all to see.

      IMHO that kind of makes the Sidekick as revolutionary as a typewriter. Time to give it a proper burial.

      • Ann

        I agree with you, for the most part. However, keep in mind that Sidekicks also required its own data plan. In fact, many people had data only plans for their Sidekicks, which made them very popular w/ the deaf & hard of hearing community. Sidekicks really weren’t for texting (100 text limit in the inbox!) as much as they were for being a portable AIM device that happened to also make calls, surf the web, & send & receive email.

        Also, I can’t remember if the Sidekick LX 09 had Facebook video support, but I do recall that you could upload videos to YouTube, upload pics to Photobucket, etc. And, it also had Facebook, Twitter, & MySpace apps built into the OS. It really was getting to be a contender for a respectable phone, until the Great Sidekick Outage blew everything to hell.

        IMHO, there was one GLARING thing wrong w/ Sidekicks, & that was its app catalog. Sidekicks had an app catalog WAY before iPhones were introduced. But, it was like the idea was formed & never developed correctly. The OS continued to be locked down, & only a handful of developers were allowed to create (sh*tty) apps for the Sidekick. Then the iPhone came out & majorly set the standard for an app catalog & Sidekick didn’t even TRY to compete. Epic. Fail.

        But, these new phones that are supposed to cater to the Sidekick crowd?? That’s kind of a slap in my face, since I used Sidekicks for 3 years! Granted, I’m older than most Sidekick users. I mean, these new phones don’t even have an organizer, & that was actually what drew me to Sidekicks in the first place, believe it or not. AND…absolutely no apps?? In this day age, for what people are expecting from their phones, no one is going to want a phone w/o apps, even teens.

  • mike

    the cliq xt is actually a decent phone

  • sorandkairi

    I hope so, the sidekick always sucked to me!

  • Tom

    Death to the Sidekick. Who wants to carry around a phone that looks like it was invented by Fisher Price?

  • Blargables

    wow, it woulda been cool if sidekick went to a touch screen and have win mo 7, but nooooo, fuck microsoft

    • John

      WOW, You tried so hard to say something against Microsoft and you failed really bad!

      I think website MODs really have to delete your comment. You used bad words and also one useless comment.

      If you don’t know how things work between compnanies and how they come with these deals then go study, learn, and then come here and comment!

      • Blargables

        dude, i just said whats on my mind.

      • sorandkairi

        And ur comment added to this post how John?

      • Tgre

        Im backing him up on saying whats on his mind, but the curse words were uncalled for, especially on a public forum.

      • Steaklets

        Yeah, anyone can say whatever they wanna say, no matter how fucking idiotically stupid it is.

        And why is it ok for one person to ‘say whats on their mind’ but it wasn’t ok for the next person to say what was on their mind in reply?

        Bunch of one-sided selfish pricks. Go get some sunlight.

        • Bezzus

          you tell someone to stop swearing, and then you swear? mate, if your gonna tekll someone to do something, don’t do it yourself.

      • Blargables

        Steaklets, im only inside once a day…

  • redman12

    I don’t like this new layout =( It’s not so welcoming, the news are too small! I don’t visit often now. I thought id share my feelings.

    • David, Managing Editor

      It’ll be reformatted in a few days, this was just a test balloon to test page loading times!

  • Grey Ocelot

    Meh better windows phone 7 devices will come along plus the 2 were really ugly. Besides isnt that mytouch slide supposed to be the succesor?

  • zack

    What i hope is that XDA port this OS onto the HD2!!!! Kinda would be like a beta version of the WP7 way before it is actualy coming out. I cant see why it cant be done, but then again I am no expert. I just really want to use my HD2 as a Zune Player, so that i can listen to my Zune Pass music and track my plays.


    Dude those phones are G@^, i mean for microsoft to be involved i was expecting something way better, one phone looks like this pocket phone i saw.

  • Miguel

    No one cares. Kids have an attention span of a gnat. The Sidekick has gone the way of MySpace.

    T-Mobile should clearly position the MyTouch Slide to replace the Sidekick (aka FisherPrice phone).

  • mmafighter077

    T-Mobile… I thought we were moving forward? Things were supposed to change. I see there is quickly becoming no more awesome phones to choose from… Please dont junk your phone line up with the sidekick.

    • Ann

      Umm…what? Are you reading the same article everyone else is? These new phones ARE junk…and they’re going to Verizon, not T-Mo. And right now there is only ONE Sidekick model being sold @ T-Mo – the LX 09.

    • ReadingGood

      “Please dont junk your phone line up with the sidekick”

      I don’t think you’re really paying attention here, are you?


      Its fundamental.

  • Mike

    Why does T-Mo continue to have crappy phones? The Nexus is great, but those of us on family plans can’t get it. The HD2? It’s good for some, but it’s big and bulky and has WinMo 6.5 on it.

    I live in an entire state that does not have any 3G. Really, T-Mo? It’s 2010, for goodness sakes!

    Every other day, it seems like VZ is getting another great phone.

    If it weren’t for their ridiculously high prices, I’d jump to VZ.

    • Ann

      Right now T-Mo has the best BlackBerry on the market, the 9700. It was the first US carrier to release it. This is what I use as my primary device, & it’s an amazing phone. Also, the HTC HD2 is supposed to be pretty spectacular, but I haven’t gotten to play w/ it yet. However, I am curious as to why no more awesome Android devices have come to T-Mo when T-Mo was the one to release an Android device (the G1)! Because honestly, the Cliq, Samsung Behold2, & MyTouch really can’t hold a candle to the Droid. Don’t get me wrong, I love my BlackBerry, but I am looking forward to switching to an Android device when the right one comes along.

  • Steaklets

    Let me get this right: So because Project Pink are NOT Sidekicks, and because there is no future plans for the ‘Sidekick’ brand, and because the myTouch Slide is also not a Sidekick, we’ve all come to the conclusion that there are no good phones on T-mobile?

    Are you all really stupid or what?

    • Ann

      Completely agree. Like they’re not fully comprehending anything.

  • Meh

  • Tim

    In a sense, the MyTouch brand is what replaced Sidekick

    The sidekick like was targeted towards teens and younger people, while the mytouch line is being branded as simply a highly customizable, consumer friendly smartphone. Obviously there are differences in how TMO is approaching the brands, but i think this is less about a new line of phones targeted at the same people than the sidekick than it is about having a brand name that is synonymous with T-Mobile

  • T-mobile Statement Today on Sidekick’s Future

    Microsoft’s debut of the KIN yesterday has tech pundits talking about Microsoft’s mobile strategy, about the future of Windows Phone, and about the state of the “dumbphone” in general. It’s a compelling product. And because KIN comes from Sharp and Danger’s parent company Microsoft, the KIN drew a lot of comparisons to the Sidekick straight away. Yesterday, I called KIN the “Sidekick of the 2010s,” Ars Technica called it “Sidekick’s next of KIN,” and Wired said Microsoft wants to “update the Sidekick’s M.O. for a new decade.”

    But does this mean the T-Mobile Sidekick is finished?

    Since KIN is coming to Verizon, T-Mobile today said it is looking toward future devices that will keep the loyal Sidekick user base happy.

    “Since its launch in 2002, the T-Mobile Sidekick has been one of our most popular and successful family of devices in T-Mobile history. This success is largely due to its loyal base of Sidekick fans for which we will continue to innovate and deliver an exceptional experience,” reads a statement from T-Mobile today. “As Sidekick evolves, we are planning for moves toward new hardware and software platforms, which we expect will provide customers with a fresh, exciting user experience while maintaining the important features that contribute to a great messaging device.”

    T-Mobile says it will continue to support all the legacy Sidekicks, but it is working toward the next iteration of the experience. That could mean the KIN is coming to T-Mobile, or it could mean something completely different could replace the carrier’s popular messaging phone.

  • Wicked1

    Um, the sidekick did way more than just text, come on, lets be real. And it has had multitasking for YEARS, something that the iPhone is just now about to get, hahaha. Most people who talk shit about the SK, never even used it. It isn’t a “tween phone” I got it when I was 18 and in college you could look around anywhere and see a few people with sidekicks. I don’t know why all the carriers are trying to push everybody to smartphones anyway? They are already having trouble handling bandwidth and data consumption, a la AT&T with the iPhone

    • Ermac

      Tmobile can do that cause they got it down packed, check the stats, T-Mobile is the fastest in data around, they have upgraded they network waaay quicker than at&t, when we were at 3.2, at&t was struggling to even get the software together to update they network. When we upgraded to 3.7 at&t thought they had us they day before we released ours, then it flopped, so as a stab at them, we released ours APPROXIMATELY 3hrs after they clamed to have released theirs. Now, we are clearly the first to offer 21mbps and that makes us the fastest in the country. Notice at&t ain’t sayin they the fastest 3G around anymore? Cause they’re not anymore and IMO never was, tmobile was always the PS3 of mobile data. So now I ask you how do u think tmobile isn’t capable of handling the bandwidth of the network

  • dp

    The htc evo comes out in june. Im goin to sprint for it. Screw the sidekick.

  • Wicked1

    @Ermac I’m not saying T Mobile can’t handle the bandwidth. That last sentence was just a general statement about the industry as a whole. Not everybody needs/wants a smartphone, its too much extra stuff for some people. That wasn’t a dig at T Mobile. Was just a wondering statement posted. I also have a PS3 and know what you mean, hahaha

  • zalez

    The sidekick was the best thing to happen to the cell phone industry. Had the first app store, and has 1 of the best mobile browsers I’ve ever seen,still better than some phones today. Also it has the best instant messaging (AIM) I’ve used on a mobile phone due to its ease of use. Think what todays phones would be like if it wasn’t for the Sidekick before you start bashing it.

  • Man

    Why is everybody so quick to buy phones now for anyway? To be the “first” with it? CMON SON. So many new phone are coming out so just wait and pick which one u want! All I know is that my lx 09 is staying in my pocket until I find something that is better and definitely not that touchscreen bullcrap. I can’t even dial a number or play a song on a touchscreen when im tipsy. smh. Microsoft killed the sidekick because they are down with the illuminate lol *burpppp*