[Updated] First myTouch Slide Image Appears In The Wild

2010-04-09 12.59.52

Update: It’s running Android 2.1! New pics to be added soon but hit the jump for a software version image! More pics here!

It was just yesterday that we promised future leaked images of the “next MyTouch device,” aka MyTouch Slide, aka Espresso.  The image above is the very first image to appear in the wild of the MyTouch Slide, so it is in the hands of at least one individual.  As we expect more images to leak out soon enough, we’re hoping all the important things like confirmed specs will also find its way to our inbox.  We can see by the home screen that personalization is again an emphasis of this device and, as we learned yesterday, the marketing campaign behind this device will be focused exactly on that.

This image matches up quite well to the leaked images we saw back at the end of January and, with the passing of the FCC and showing up in Radio Shack’s inventory, things are lining up quite nicely for a rumored May 19th launch.

While these specs below are from our January 29th post, we can’t confirm if they have been updated or remain the same.  We’re working with our sources for further confirmation, especially regarding the version of Android the MyTouch Slide is running.  We’ll update as we learn more.

Rumored specs:

1300mAHr Battery    * MicroSD memory cardslot is accessible without battery removal.  It is a push to insert and push to remove design.    * Optical trackpad with an integrated push button.    * Camera with LED flash.    * 3.5 mm Headset Jack    * Slide-out 4 row QWERTY keyboard    * 320×48o screen resolution.    * ARM11 processor



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  • eYe

    Confirmed, this device still looks as ugly as it did before.

    • greg


    • Kal

      Ugly? I guess that is a matter of opinon.
      But for a Keyboard phone it is not bad looking at all IMO.

      • ur0fficialboy

        the keyboard is ugly. why couldnt they keep the g1 keyboard. :x

      • Ace

        The Keyboard is good it could be worst like the Nokia n900 keyboard I hate where the space key is located

      • 2FR35H

        @urOfficialboy how about maybe because this IS NOT A G1!!!!! if you want a G1 then by all means get a G1! but this is a MYTOUCH SLIDE!

      • UGLY


      • Steaklets

        Yes, it IS a matter of opinion… and so far a bunch of people’s opinion, including mine, is that its FUGLY… so what was the point of you telling us our opinions are a matter of opinion?
        Everyone said the G1 was ugly too… I didn’t care and had one anyway.

        After seeing it… I take back everything I said about continuing the ‘G1’ moniker. This phone deserves to be called ‘myTouch’ for sure. I’m disappointed by HTC on this one. Seriously, it looks like something one would have bought back in 2006, like the TyTn or something.

        And making the numbers row share the first line of QWERTY, so you have to shift to type numbers? PAIN IN THE ASS.

      • johnson

        ace, have you tried the n900 keyboardd? its actually not out of place when your typing. just something i believe you have to get used to…. hell i’m on my n900 right now :) its a GREAT KEYBOARD!

      • Ace

        @johnson yea I tried it and I guess you could get use to it but I was just saying that cause I’m getting tired of people saying it should be a g1 keyboard when the keyboard shown on the picture is great how everything is aligned and spacing

      • manusmanusmanus

        Why doesn’t any phone have a G1 keyboard? Maybe cause its not a G1

      • xDeToXx

        @Steaklets: Numbers on the keypad seems fairly common. My E71 had this, all they touchscreen keyboards I’ve used have this (granted its USUALLY a long press instead of a shift, but not on the stock Android kb), the wing, Tilt2, Ozone, Snap, S740 all have this. It seems to be fairly common for HTC. Even Nokia and Blackberry generally seem to do this.

        I’m not saying its an ideal solution, for sure, but it seems fairly standard.

  • I agree with Eye its quiet ugly but if you notice they have the buttons down at the bottom like the N1. How ever I can atleast say that the keyboard to the device looks alot better than 99% of all the rest of the crap out there. G1 still has the best keyboard ever

    • yeeeeee

      really? I, myself think that the G1’s keyboard isn’t the greatest out there, but still one of the best. I think the layout and spacing is phenomenal, but the travel and feedback is so little, I can barely feel my fingers hitting the buttons. That’s just my personal opinion, but I do agree with you in some aspects that G1’s keyboard is great.

    • ur0fficialboy

      i agree. why don’t they just keep the g1 keyboard? :|

      • 2FR35H

        If they used G1 keyboard then this would be nothing more than just a G1

      • ur0fficialboy

        whats your point?

    • kathi17

      I agree about the keyboard. One of the best features about the G1 keyboard is the dedicated numbers row. Unless this phone has some awesome specs instead of just being another MT3G, only with a keyboard, I’ll keep my G1 and wait for something better.

      It would be nice to have a new phone, but I can’t afford to buy one just to hold me over until something I really want comes along, and I’m not switching carriers.

  • I actually really like the look, and it’s awesome to see more Android devices with real keyboards. But another ARM11 core? That’s so disappointing. My G1 already feels ancient and slow and I definitely don’t want to sign another contract for a phone with the same processor. :-(

    • God

      yep – looks like we’ll be waiting a little while longer.
      My G1’s keyboard is still the best in the industry, imo. But if this MyTouch slide had a Cortex A8, and Android 2.1, i’d be SOLD.

      • nyuhsuk

        Apparently, you haven’t played with any flavor of the Touch Pro2.

  • yeeeeee

    Wow, even though I’m semi-excited for this one, it looks so ugly. Overall, it looks like an uglier model of the moment.. The keyboard looks a little nicer than moment’s, but overall this thing isn’t as pretty as I’d like it to be. If it has sense, then it’d look a little nicer ;)

    • fatscooter

      It has Sense, You can tell because of the black notification bar…

  • david l

    im going to buy this phone i like how it looks and i notice the black bar so is this phone going to be running htc sense?

  • ur0fficialboy

    i dont like the keyboard but i guess i’ll live with it. -_-

  • DUB

    For a middle class phone this phone looks great.. Can’t wait to pick my wife up one, and tell her brother to go grab one as well.. I was going to jump on the HD2 for my wife.. But now I’m going to hold out for this one. Phone looks great.. 4 button design.. Anyone notice that? Nexus? (Fragmentation is being addressed via Google) :) This just got my blood boiling. Hope T-mobile offers BOGO when this phone drops.

  • Ace

    hmm… Get it in Black with Silver and a fast processor and i can see sense ui on it and this is the main reason for returning my HTC HD2 w00t

  • Wicked1

    Yeah, still don’t like the looks of it. And looks like a wannabe sidekick keyboard, but doesn’t pull it off. Still nice to see another Android with a physical keyboard, they seem to be few and far between these days. Plus, you won’t have to wait on Motorola for updates, like with my Cliq. That would be the only upside, and it has a flash. I won’t be getting it anyways. T Mobile needs to step it up with the hardware though, they introduced Android to the world and are getting left behind when it comes to specs. Because when my upgrade rolls around again, I will be going somewhere else if there aren’t any new, most up to date phones offered.

  • I like it, just depends on the cpu speed and internal RAM. It better beat the specs on the Droid.

  • iBustCherries

    The Keyboard on here looks phenomenal the ones saying it sucked have obviously never used the Touch Pro 2 aka the best keyboard on a phone ever!!! this one looks a lot similar to that pad and will more than likely kick!!

    • ur0fficialboy

      the touch pro 2 had 5 rows. :roll:

      • Geniuz

        He’s not talking about the number of rows …. He’s talking about the design factor (space between keys and being raised up) … from the looks of it I would assume the feel of this keyboard is very close to the touch pro 2. It would be nice if there was a dedicated row for numbers but I can do with out it. If the screen is 3.2″ and the processor is ARM11 I think this will be a poor seller. Especially since so many people already hate the design.

  • This device looks very year 2000ish. Anyone else underwhelmed?

    • Steaklets

      YES. Thank you. Flashbacks of MDA and TyTn’s and 8350s or 8530s or whatever.

      All great phones by the way.

  • andrew

    again I say, for the hundredth time, its better than getting constantly screwed by moto with their slow updates and horrible blur service. I hope it doesnt have sense or anything else that would ruin its android interface. Its a mytouch slide so we will probably get a normal version of android. Just what I have been waiting for. With the right color, this phone could still look nice.

    • Ace

      I hope it does have sense ui if it doesn’t I’m not getting it and i might aswell get an unlocked desire in that case

      • ur0fficialboy

        i’m pretty sure it’ll have the same version of android as the mytouch 3g.

  • timmyjoe42

    The Cliq just got some competition.

  • 30014

    I hope this isn’t considered the upgrade to the g1. Mines is showing its age and I’m ready for something new, but the nexus 1 is the only current phone tmo has that I’m interested in. But I’m not buying something that I can’t try before I buy. Are there any other high end phones coming to tmo soon? I’m well aware of the hd2 but I’m not interested, I would prefer an android phone.

  • jdog

    I’m not going to buy it cause I have a Nexus One but I am excited because its the first Android phone with HTC Sense on it for T-mobile. Just in case you say how do you know its because the top bar is black and I rooted my Mytouch and used Sense for 5 months so I can tell pretty easy. Also HTC only makes Android phones in two flavors vanilla with white notification bar and HTC Sense with the black notification bar.

  • queensnewbie

    i agree with everyone else. Why do they make these phones look so damn cheap? The G1 Keyboard was perfect and combine that with the actual modern look of the MyTouch and you have a winner. Not easy to screw up, but they did (surprise, surprise)…

  • drivethruboy168

    It looks like it’s running Hero?!? With that black notification bar. Even if it was running 2.x, it wouldn’t have that black notification bar. I think we might have our first Hero device! And you know this thing is gonna come in other colors!

  • shawn1224

    Sounds like the specs will be identical to the MyTouch 1.2.

    Where is T-Mobile’s top tier android device? You would think that since AT&T is getting the Galaxy S, TMO would have something up their sleeves in the near future.

    WTF @ T-Mobile … physical keyboard or not, we don’t need another mid tier level device on this network. It’s time to ante up.

    • 2FR35H

      I agree

    • 30014

      Agreed. Hey tmo, some of us actually want a powerful, high end, top of the line phone.

  • edwin

    oh man oh man…its comin out on my bday!! any1 wanna maybe idk be kind and maybe remember ur pal over here on his bday? lol

  • ah

    this has got to be the htc lancaster that at&t had and didn’t do very good

  • DUB

    That is a Sense UI notification bar.. Yea!!!!

  • ickiboo

    T-Mobile bores me again. Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ace

    it looks exactly like the tutorial phone in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W68vOv62Kbo the espresso rom

  • michelle

    it kind looks like the samsung moment weird eh.

  • DeoreDX

    Why oh why are they still releasing phones with the ARM11 processor? Please for the love of all that is holy make a Tmo Android phone with something besides the ARM11!!! ARG!!!!!!!!


    • Green Robot

      Thank you for that link DeoreDX – very interesting link. I particularly liked the Call to Action section.

  • This thing is sexy. idk what y’all talking about. Looks more polished than the original MyTouch. I think i’m getting one

    • But, we’ll have to see thought. Only time will Tell. I was waiting for MOtorola, but now that I think about their blur, & slow ass updates, & their software period. Not so much…. & idk if I can wait till after July to see T-Mobile’s HSPA+ phones. Excited to see what the LG’s look like. HTC HD2 still is looking pretty good, I guess If I have any issues I can update it with the Kumar ROM 6.5.3.

  • colby

    all i can say is….please let it look better in black. and please GOD let it be running 2.1

  • Snapples

    I would agree with everybody that think the g1 has the best keyboard and hopefully the change the processor with a better one like cortex.

  • SoChill

    So many haterz now a days. People only want to complain. Dude that likes tha G1, I’m laughin at you. U prolly still own a sidekick 2 also. U don’t like it, don’t buy it. But I bet u end up with 1 as much as u bitch about it lol. Holla!

  • johnny c with

    this is why tmobile is 4th place in carriers bc they release crap phones like this ….i love you tmobile but come on already get with the program its useless to drop this bs phone

  • coca2

    Does anyone know when the Motorola Motoroi is coming to T-Mobile

  • crazy8

    Sure its ugly, sure it has a slow processor, but seriously where else can you find a device that has both a touch pad and a touch screen!!!!

    This is the epitome of dumb design.

  • userfriendlyme

    I actually don’t think the phone looks that bad really. I guess the specs would be what would make it more apealing to me so im waiting for the offical specs to drop. I think like another reader pointed out I will probably save my upgrade for the HSPA+ phones that drop later in the year. Also running sense UI 2.1 i dont know if i’d be interested in that. It took forever for HTC to release a 2.1 upgrade for it and i can only imagine if a 2.5 or 3.0 for example comes out end of the year how long it will take for and offical update. I guess im a little disappointed that tmobile seems to never get the higher end android phones. For a company that jumped on the android wagon first it seems they get the worst android phones ever.

  • johnny c

    userfriendlyme you could’nt be more right about tmo never getting the higher end android phones when they were the ones that first jumped on it

  • jmts80

    I have been waiting for an Android phone with a keyboard but idk about those specs they would be ok if this was 2008 but its not. I hope they get upgraded and at least match the Droid! Waiting and hoping seems like all we T-mobile users do….

  • tomato

    Nice looking phone. Can’t wait for the reviewers to get a hold of it and let us know how it performs. I’m definitely interested in this phone, because of the QWERTY slider.

  • Joe Pa


  • I understand why people are complaining @ T-Mobile for higher end phones. But, for people to be complaining @ this phone particularly, I don’t get it. We knew what it would be before this picture was released. A typical mid-end phone. Every phone is for a particular, specific group of people, so before this game out, people should’t knew if this was or wasn’t for them. So, i don’t get why people are calling it ugly or complaining about it. Sure the color of the outside may not be everyone’s niche/preference, but we already knew what it’d look like mostly. So, the ugly is like, ok…. Higher-end HSPA+ phones are expected 2nd half of this year. So those are mostly everyone here’s niche then, so stop complaining about this one, when this was of to be expected. The already said the main feature/market on this would be the customization/personalization. Dur..!

    • “came” out, “should’ve

    • jmts80

      I agree in part but doesnt it seem like “higher end phones” are always being expected at T-mobile and somehow 90% of them never show up?

      • Yeah, that urks me about T-Mobile. But this is running Android 2.1, Instant win for me & my market! :)

  • Randy

    ok, wow, i hear alot of complaints, and the phone has not even dropped yet. i am betting that this phone, spec wise, matches or beats out the droid, and that the processor is atleast 656mHz. the mytouch3g is not a bad phone, and with the added keyboard, it makes it more userfriendly. people should wait for a judgement call before all th efacts about this phone are known. if have not personally used or held one, plz wait to pass judgement till u can use one or until u can actually see all the specs. i like the look of the keyboard, and it also resembles the Moment from Sprint. i think this is going to be a hot seller cause the added keyboard makes it easier to text.

    • 30014

      Hey dumbass if the processor is only 656 mHz then the specs don’t beat or even match the droid. Know what your talking about before you speak.

      • Jester

        You realize that the Droid only has a 600mHz processer that Motorola underclocked to around 500mHz, right?

      • 30014

        No, the droids processor is 800 mHz. Once again don’t speak if u don’t what you’re talking about.

  • & it’s funny how people are judging it so much on a pic, as far as it’s supposed feature set. How can you judge what it’s features/specs be off of a visual, pic?

  • RICK

    I hate swimming in ignorance on a Monday afternoon. Amazing how so many seeing the pic for the first time are bitching about something they never held!!! From the looks, its solid and looks to have a 3.7 in screen. That’s good. Also, its clear that this is a higher build of android. Another plus and the space between the keys is a winner for me. Hope its in white or multi-colored and I will re-up with you Tmo. I do back that you guys brought android out, now its time to deliver 4-5IN screen phones with 2.1 or higher.

  • Danny

    I don’t think it looks ugly like some of you but I’m not into physical keyboards so that’s why I wouldn’t use it. Now the G1 looked ugly to me, but again that was just me.

    I would by it for my niece or nephew though as a replacement for their Sidekicks.

    I think a better processor and availablity in black/silver would look great.

    Some devices don’t photograph so well but look better in person IMHO.

  • just me

    So where can I send “in the wild” pictures to?

  • Trill

    I don’t think its ugly but I’m not a fan of the design, its clear that most of you are judging to quick and FYI ARM11 doesn’t mean 528MHz it just depends on which one is used also the keyboard is a turn off for me with no dedicated numeric keys. I’m not a fan of sense although its nice I want something on stock but I’m not gonna turn down the mytouch slide just yet but so far I don’t think I will be purchasing out of pure preference

  • JBLmobileG1

    Well… this phone doesn’t look that bad IMO… and while I agree the G1 has one of the best keyboards on a phone this one would do for me so long as it offers swype as well. One thing I don’t like about this phone is if it uses the same old processor like every other Tmobile Android phone. It really hurts them from having the best Android phones out there. Even if this does include Android 2.0 or 2.1 any other future release probably won’t run smoothly with an outdated under powered processor. It should be where all high end Android based phones require a snap dragon processor and nothing less. How about nothing less than the Nexus One specs because then you know it would be able to handle any updates that Google throws its way. I do like the camera with flash (hopefully its atleast 5mp) and the trackpad and 3.5mm headphone jack is a nice added bonus. Now add flash player…. at least 512mb of ram and a 1ghz proccessor and you’ll have your first buyer.

  • GlockBuster

    This had better have the 3.7″ screen the Droid, Nexus One, and Desire have. But, I’m willing to bet money it’s the same 3.2″ screen the G1 and myTouch have.

  • Omeer

    I’m sure an all black version of this phone wouldn’t look that bad..and QWERTY phones in my opinion are meant to be more functional than be aesthetically beautiful. As for the processor, RAM and other hardware specs the sense UI is pretty snappy on any phone so chances are you’ll forget and forgive the lack thereof..

    • David, Managing Editor

      Hang tight, an all black version is coming right up!!

  • Randy

    @30014, u bark, but y even make such a child like response. thanks for ur kind words!

    • ur0fficialboy

      clock speed isn’t everything!!

  • Randy

    moto droid by verizon has a 550 MHz ARM Cortex A8, so a 656 MHz would beat it. so u were saying!

    • Green Robot

      Cortex A8 running at the same exact clock speed as an ARM11 processor is able to execute 40% more instructions and that is just a part of the story. There is a generational difference between these processors – comparing clock speeds between them is very misleading here. That 550MHz processor in Droid is still faster than the 656MHz ARM11 processor. Read the article provided by DeoreDX to learn about it:

    • 30014

      Moto droid is 800 mHz, droid eris has the weaker processor.

  • Omeer

    On another note ARM 11 processor doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a low end processor. If you check their website it says the ARM 11 family of processors ranges from 350MHz to 1GHz so who knows maybe the SLIDE has the high end version of the processor. Although I’m willing to bet it’s the same as any other T-mobile phone but I won’t judge until I see the actual specs..

  • Omeer

    Woo-hoo android 2.1 is onboard so chances are the processor is better than average as well.. I’m definitely getting this :)

  • Orea

    If this thing is running Sense Ui over the Android 2.1 I just might consider gettin thig thing and selling my HD2 HA

    • It is, they updated it :D

  • annon


    • OMG, WOW!!! I am so SOLD!

  • Omeer

    Annon can you confirm if it has the sense UI, the processor, RAM etc?

    • Alex

      Yes it has HTC Sense

  • mike

    it will be a nice addition to the tmobile lineup of handsets

    • akawik

      yeah next to the rest of the trash

      • PlasmaShark

        Seriously, what lineup?…

  • Nezz

    Excited! been holding out for a new phone almost caved on cliq xt! happy i didnt! super bummed the galaxy S is at&t. at least this is an upgrade from my g1!

  • Randy

    the droid would seem faster, but yeah i understand all that. still if this phone is packing sense UI and has 2.1, then i am betting that the processor is gonna be in the realm of 800MHz to 1GHz(would be nice), well thats what i am praying for anyway. will have to wait and see.

  • Alex
  • thereugo67

    This looks like a decent phone, also running 2.1 thats nice, I guess my wife will giving her clix qt to the lil lady in her life. I’m waiting for a high powered android phone from tmobile, i guess i will be waiting forever…..here i come sprint….EVO!

  • Jelc

    Wow looks better than the original leaked images. This will probably be my next phone. Glad I didn’t get the Cliq. Htc Sense AND Android 2.1= FTW

  • Namo

    Need actual specs pls!!!!! It sounds promising.

  • BoomBoomBang


    Not that I don’t want to or anything, it’s just that I think it’s time to put it aside and start college off new and improved =]

  • BoomBoomBang

    I, personally, think the best keyboard on ANY phone has been occupied by the Sidekick. Period.

  • akawik

    just checked the specs and yeah disappointed. # 256 MB RAM
    # 512 MB ROM link

    • Trill

      Those are rumored specs so please read throughly and check your source. It will probably be the case but we can all dream.

  • John

    Looks nice. I didn’t see anywhere what the size of the screen is?

  • Wilco

    specs don’t look very good. What’s with that outdated crappy screen?

    Listen, I’m an Android fan-boy. Been a member of T-Mo since the Voicestream days. But if T-Mo is putting out the same range of technology as the G1/MyTouch3g/Cliq/Behold2, then I’m not interested and will be looking for a carrier that has a competitive Android phone. Give me at least:

    1Ghz processor
    512 RAM
    512 ROM
    3.7″ AMOLED
    Android 2.1

    Anything less is insulting and redundant at T-Mo. If T-Mo doesn’t announce something by June 1, then I’m going with the Galaxy S, EVO, Desire, or another similar option. I want a freakin high-end Android phone!!!! No more crap!!!!

    • BoomBoomBang

      …. whoa.

    • mytouch3g owner

      isn’t there like hmmm a Nexus for T-mobile?!

  • phonegeek

    looks like this will be my next phone i was going to be the cliq on ebay or craigslist seeing how i have a mytouch but i think this is upgrade worthy

  • RICK

    Don’t invest in the cliq or the XT. Those are very horrible phones. I feel that TMO has been disrespected by Moto with those 2 garbage phones. The mytouch is the most decent, but this slide better have a minimum processor starting at 600Ghz. Its a shame how TMO does not marry there even more prices with a beast of a phone. I sincerely hope they are reading all the comments by how underwhelming the specs, if true really are. I am not looking to leave you TMO, just give us a real ANDROID SUPER phone!!!!!!!!!!

  • tom

    have you used the cliq or xt personally or just played with them? Ive used the cliq since before launch and have had literally no problems with it, and ive used a lot of phones. I had lost ALL respect for motorola in the past 2 years, then after using it have gained it all back. It gets better battery life, better signal, and runs smoother than the mytouch, which i also used for a few months. I think that you should probably own the phones before you call them “HORRIBLE”

  • Trill

    I might be interested if it has the following:

    1. At least 700mhz
    2. 3.7″ or 3.5″
    3. 512ROM & 288RAM

  • lsxchevelle

    Looks like I will be getting this phone as I will be the myTouch champion at my store… Still using the G1 but like others I’m really hoping for an Android superphone. I heard that we are getting a Samsung 2nd half 2010 with Nexus One specs or better but I want a HTC device since updates seem quickly delivered to those devices over Motorola/Samsung. So the slide should hold me over for a bit by at least having 2.1

  • BoomBoomBang

    Finally, and Android phone that I like and can worth with.
    I just gotta adjust to the keyboard. Goodbye my fellow Sidekick =[