Sunday Upcoming Phone News


Thanks to a few tipsters, we’ve been able to compile some information on upcoming T-Mobile devices.  First, we could be looking at not one, not two, but THREE LG devices launching before July.  No word on what exactly these phones contain within, but we’re hoping at least one of the three will be an Android smartphone especially with the LG GS505 passing the FCC in February.  LG would be an interesting addition to the T-Mobile lineup and we know they are also readying their own series of Windows 7 Phones for release this holiday season.  Hey, the more options, the better right?

For you Blackberry fans out there, the news is minimal but we can expect the 8520 to drop in pink and the 9700 dropping in white sometime in May.  No word on a 9100 launch as of this writing.

Our sources are also telling us that a secretive Motorola “data” device is set for launch in July in 2 colors.  We’re digging around for more info on any forthcoming Motorola products but so far nothing on this “data” device.  On top of that, we have a presumably HSPA+ data stick coming from the likes of ZTE launching sometime before midsummer.

Now, for the MyTouch Slide, aka Espresso, aka the next MyTouch. Referred to internally only as the “next MyTouch device,” we have been unable to nail down an actual name for this device.  What we have been told, however, is to expect a big marketing campaign behind the launch of this device again with the “personalization” options that surrounded the original MyTouch launch.  Rumor puts some sort of PR announcement around the 19th of this month for the “next MyTouch Device.”  Thankfully, this device will be handed to store reps in advance long before launch so we should expect a handful of leaks leading up to the expected May 19th launch date.  To coincide with the personalization options,  we’ve been told that a serious amount of accessory skus are listed for the device.

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  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Looking forward to the Slide to replace my girlfriend’s aging G1. Then we will have both platforms, the WinMo HD2 and the Android Slide.

  • ando

    Will Tmo release anything subsidized that’s as powerful as the Nexux/Desire/Incredible? Or are they going to continue with outdated hardware of the myTouch every season?

    • Ryan

      if at&t keeps the iphone, then they aren’t going to take the desire. which means the desire gsm goes on sale.

    • CO_Yeti

      Short answer is no (not for awhile at least). The higher-up’s strategy has been to put the mytouch line in the “good” category not the “great”. They don’t think the mass market wants or needs high end hardware.

      I know it seams crazy seeing what the HD2 did without Android or any ads before it launched, but that is the device strategy.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Spot on comment. Many people who hang on these boards don’t realize that 95% of the consumer users out there don’t know squat about processors, ROM, GUI, OS, RAM, resolution, display size, etc.

        As I said before, carriers are in business to sell phones to consumers so customers continue to use their services, with the current carrier objective to push people to use data, even if they don’t want to. LOL.

        Currently, few people use smartphones to the fullest extent so carriers drag them into data plans by putting e-mail into it. Want e-mail, you have to get a data plan.

        But think about it, e-mail is the lowest use of bandwidth. There’s no logic to charging data plan prices just to check e-mail. (And those people typically rarely access the Net. If they do, it’s to check out a link sent via e-mail.) But carriers sell data because there’s lots of money to be made there. (Nowadays that old saying is so true, “talk is cheap” … but data isn’t.)

        The myTouch with a physical keyboard will fill a niche, people who liked the myTouch but did not buy it because it was a touch screen only device.

        For those who criticize T-Mobile as not having the fastest or latest handsets, fact is, no one is listening. The mass market is fine with middle of the road phones, so too are T-Mobile customers.

        In any event, just like people criticized T-Mobile a few months ago by saying they never have anything new (then the HD2 and other handsets came out), I just know that T-Mobile has a lot of surprises coming up this summer and especially the holiday season.

        Yeah, T-Mobile does not have the EVO, but who cares. Firstly, while the EVO is a great phone, who says that should be the handset by which all others are measured. That is a really niche device that will only be attractive to power users, not the masses.

        Second, you are just going to have to take the pain, believe it or not, the majority of people won’t gravitate to the EVO. Most people don’t want a device that BIG, that costly (it will cost a lot, I suspect), that connects to 4G (most people don’t care about that), and many people don’t want a touch screen based device.

        The EVO is like a fully optioned BMW 7 Series. Look on the road, how many flagship BMWs do you see? Yes, Sprint will sell a lot of the EVO, but in the 1.++ billion projected handset sales for 2010, the EVO won’t even be a blip on the radar (well OK, maybe a small blip).

        Bottom line, when I go into a T-Mobile store to just look around I am very impressed with its handset offerings. They have a phone for every desire and need. But that’s a matter of opinion, I know. When I look inside the stores I don’t think “Gee, what’s with all this outdated crap.”

        I guess the true test for me in that regard is I have never seriously considered moving to another carrier because its handset(s) were better than what T-Mobile had. T-Mobile has always had handsets that make me happy and are fun to own. (E.g., when I walk around with my HD2 I can see lots of people staring at it wondering which phone that is. That says a lot when people give your phone the once over. There’s not that many handsets that can achieve that.)

      • Bugmenot1

        Man you sure like to talk dont you Mike

      • sorandkairi

        @michael I completely agree!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Bugmenot1… actually it’s writing, not talking.

    • aaronkt

      I completely agree. Tmobile is really slacking on the high end android devices. I have been using my G1 since its launch and its time for an upgrade. And i dont consider the “next my touch” or the Cliq XT an upgrade. Please release something worthwhile Tmobile.

      • thechemist

        I will e going to Sprint when the Evo launches. I have an HD2. Is it more powerful than my old G1? of course, but I’ve never been so unimpressed with a phone in my life….

      • namo

        I second that!!!

      • sorandkairi

        @ thechemist Why would you buy an HD2 then switch to Sprint, not much sense in that one!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        thechemist… nothing wrong with your opinion and decision at all. Some people love the HD2 and T-Mobile, others, well… they will go to the likes of Sprint to get the EVO.

        Personally, I love the HD2, especially at the price. Reflect back to just a few years ago and recall what $200 bought you, that is, compared to the HD2.

        Also personally, I would not switch to Sprint to get the EVO. I was a Sprint customer and swore I would never go back. And I don’t go to a carrier simply for the phone, especially since the love affair I have with any device ends about four months into ownership and in about six months I am selling the old and getting something new. No way I want to be stuck with Sprint after dumping the outdated EVO.

        Sidenote: Isn’t the EVO going to be 4G? If so, that’s something to think about. I can’t imagine 4G service from Sprint is going to be all that cheap, especially considering the service will just be rolling out.

        My guess, it’s going to be $50++ monthly for 4G. (I base that guess on the fact that el cheapo TMo data is now $35, isn’t it?) $600 to $800 yearly for a data connection, no thanks, no matter how nice the phone is. That’s similar to how AT&T stuck it to iPhone first adopters.

    • remixfa

      the nexus is availible subsidized on Tmobile.. just not directly in the stores. I was really hoping wed be getting the desire which is basically the same thing but with Sence on it. I guess ill just be waiting for the Evo to come out on sprint so someone can rip the rom off that and put it on the HD2 (since they have nearly the exact same specs)

  • p

    i hope that LG device is a high end one lol. I like LG’s phones as much as HTC so if its High end i think its worth getting for me. hehe but i recently just got my HD2 hahahaha, maybe i’ll ask my gf to get it, she’s been waiting for an android phone upgrade to replace her g1.

  • We’ll see I might just wait till July then to see what other options I have. Right now, though i’m looking@ the HTC HD2. I can’t take this Motorola Cliq for much longer, even w/ Android 2.1. I feel like i’m backing $35 extra a month for data & messaging, & the phone is reatiled @ $400, I should be getting my money’s worth & this is wayyy to basic for me. I miss judged this one too early. I’m really hoping for the Motorola device to kill,because I want a high-end Android. I really don’t want to leave Android (because i’m thinking of leaving them for Windows/HTC & their HTC HD2); I played with the HTC HD2 yesterday & it was amazing, perfect for me. So, we’ll see.

    • The MyTouch Slide, MAY be an option. I really liked the 1st MyTouch 3G, but it was just too buggy, & adding a keyboard would be good for me. Idk if I can do Mid-low range anymore though.

    • Outlander

      The HTC HD2 pretty on the outside, downright ugly on the inside, as soon as you get past the HTC front, you run smack into an ugly and unresponsive MW 6.5, you also better have you Windows Office updated for an additional $ 500.00.
      It only replicates and work with Outlook.

      Tried it and tossed it back.

      • p

        so you mean you haven’t bought the 2007 office? lol its 2010… and you still can’t open .docx files?

        maybe microsoft is not an option for you… maybe you need to switch to fedora, ubuntu, kubuntu, etc and get open office. or yet, just get open office on your windows machine.

        i’ve had the hd2 since launch date, and i could never go back to my g1 with this thing. 1) using task manager is a key – not a problem tho coz i’ve used task manager on my g1 too. 2) don’t install every freaking free app you see online, you don’t even know if its written for 6.5 or higher. — these are where i see alot of problems, people complain that their phone locks up and froze, well, learn how to use a task manager and learn how to avoid free stuffs floating around.

        so far i haven’t had problems or lock ups with mine. i think the unresponsiveness comes from people opening a buncha apps then not closing them properly. then they complain its laggy. well, learn how to use a wm device. and ur experience would be a lot better.

      • Ok, well I guess that’s your experience. I can take more, but I don’t use Outlook. The phone is great for my purposes.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I have been working on my HD2 to “fix” the problems. It was more my not understanding it that was the real problem.

        I too was ready to throw my HD2 back into the sea, but like a marriage, I was patient and tried to figure out what was what.

        So now my MobiTV works perfect, there’s no more lag when using programs, I don’t have any crashes and the phone is a joy to use (“joy to use?” I sound like infomercial pitchman selling an el cheapo device).

        Out of the box I have to admit the HD2 was a BUG disappointment. But I did a hard reset and put Task Manager as a quick link. I then close programs every few hours and especially before I use a resource intensive program (like MobiTV).

        I also use a memory manager.

        Oh, I also did a hard reset and after that removed those programs for which there were updates, then installed the updated programs.

        The only downside to all this is that I know how to do this kind of stuff. The average consumer will do what you did, send the phone back. (That’s reasonable since it is unreasonable to expect anyone to spend the amount of time I did to tune up and “fix” the HD2.)

        Sidenote: I hear tell that HTC Sense has conflicts with some of the software that came on the TMOUS HD2. They are coming out with a ROM update soon. That’s good to hear, IMHO.

        Bonus Sidenote: When badmouthing the HD2 remember, this happens to all electronic devices. The iPad had some debut issues too. Sheet happens.

      • Matlock

        Amen to what P said! The HD2 is amazing. Ive had mine since launch and cant say enough about the phone. Like P said using the task manager helps to keep things running smoothly on the phone. So what if its not Android, it shouldnt matter, as good/great as Android is, its not the end all be all of phone platforms. The HD2 is a great phone, and no its not freaking outdated!

        for those that are saying they will leave T-Mobile when the EVO 4G comes, hopefully WIMAX is available in your city, for you to be able to take full advantage of the phone. and good luck dealing with Sprint’s crappy service

  • sino8r

    The desire is almost the same as the nexus. It will be nice to get own android powerhouse instead of having to buy a nexus directly from google. Of course, I be happy with the mt3g slide to replace my old g1. It will at least the same specs as the mt3g 1.2/fender which is plenty imo. android doesn’t need a ton of power to run. heck, I’m currently running 2.1 with lwp on my g1. I can’t even imagine what I can do with 256MB of RAM. This will do well enough until HTC releases a snapdragon with physical keyboard…

  • BoomBoomBang

    LG.? T-Mobile.?!

    This is a moment to remember –queue heavenly music–
    I actually just realized how T-Mobile is the only carrier that doesn’t offer any LG phones.

    But question, should I go ahead and get the HD2, or wait for the MySlide.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Do what I am going to do. I have the HD2 and will also be getting the mySlide (my new name for the phone, a compromise between all the names floating around).

      Seriously though, you are talking dramatically different phones here. WinMo / Android; keyboard / no keyboard; big display / super big display; superphone power / average power; the list goes on.

      It’s really just a matter of personal preference. But you asked, now wait for everyone to tell you what they prefer and why what they say is the last word on the subject. ;)

      • CRAIG

        i was upset with you a week ago, because you was bad mouthing everyone, but i enjoy reading your comments so keep it clean. :-)

      • tortionist

        Hey mike, I like what you’ve posted. It all makes sense. People might want to think about the mt3g with 35mm jack. It has swype, which is much better and faster than (qwerty)keyboards and it has 288 megabytes of RAM. It’s much more responsive than the G1 and the original Mt3g, both of which I owned. I do look forward to the HTC Desire(aka Bravo). That will be my next phone.

  • T-MoMike

    yawn…when do we get some HTC Sense/Android love at T-Mo? How are we supposed to “Get More” if they keep giving us less?

    • Alex

      T-Mobile has dropped the “Get More” slogan awhile go. Now it’s “Stick Together”. ;-)

      • T-MoMike

        I am stickin with you Alex…I thought I would do a throw back to the old slogan. Especially since it feels like we are getting less and less of the phones that are just plain ‘awesome.’

  • metroarea4

    I can’t believe the person who wrote this article doesn’t know the new Motorola device for TMO is the Motoroi.

    Looks a little clunky though. I want a high end device from TMO and have been waiting for what seems a lifetime with my crusty old G1.

    • Bobomo

      He said Motorola “data device”, which sounds more like a dongle, 3G hotspot or internet only tablet than a phone. Also, MOTOROI is not “secretive” – it’s been out in Korea for over a month.

      • remixfa

        the MOTOROI is no longer comming to T-mobile. Apparently they couldnt agree on the subsidized price and it was dropped from the lineup. It was actually slated to hit Tmo the first part of april (LIKE NOW!). Im pretty miffed about it,cuz i really was concidering it.
        I heard it from someone pretty high up so im taking it as real.

  • Jesse

    This should be interesting. T-mobile has been talking about adding new options of a different brand of devices. LG was probably the best choice.

    ** Cough ** Cough **

  • Jshin

    Well said P – I couldn’t agree with you more. I gave my TP2 to my wife when I got the HD2, about 30 minutes later she was complaining about how slow the device was. So I open arkswitch ( a task manager app) and she had almost every app open and running in the background lol. You must as P said, close out of a program properly and download apps to sd not your device as well as making sure those apps are compatible with your device otherwise yes you probably won’t have such a great experience.

  • Max

    Keeping my fingers crossed.This data device is the Motoroi!!!

  • Tito

    I’m hoping we get the Motorola Shadow also. Anybody forget about? That’s one QWERTY keyboard/touch screen I’d get! It looks so sexy. *Sigh * is all I have to say to T-Mobile right now. Something tells me, their only achievement for Q2 is gonna be the delivery of 2.1 (Eclair) Yay! Such an enthusiasm [sarcasm. . ] & the release of mytouch slide could be a big one, but for all us mt3g owners. We all know it isn’t. Shame T-Mobile, do not ruin my Summer(: I expect bigg things. I plan buying, Dell Mini 5, Motorola device if it’s tha shadow, or perhaps Other HTC (I love HTC) so don’t dissappoint. I’d be well more than happy, if you guys achieve Dell Mini 5, Sony Ericcson X10, or Motorola Shadow all at once.
    Butttt, if I am too be disappointed, I might as well by a Windows 7 Series. I love Android, don’t ruin my “Google Experience”.
    Ily T-Mobile :)
    Don’t disappoint.

  • HD2/Nexus One User

    all hd2 users flash the kumar ROM 6.5.3 to your phone and say good bye to all bugs and bloat ware and enjoy the phone how it should be. this was my first flash and it went very smooth, i even tried some other roms but this was the best. you get 4 shortcut tabs and when you scroll up you have four columns of tabs, then when you scroll left and right more shortcut tabs. and thats just the beginning of the goodness this ROM brings!!

    • If you could give a link to that ROM, that’d be nice :D

      • HD2/Nexus One user

        go to the xda site then scroll down to the t mo hd2 thread and its in the approved roms for tmo hd2 thread

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Or you can just Google “Kumar ROM” and it will show up. Update: see link below.

        Be careful, Kumar is in India and he has been cooking ROMS for his non-T-Mobile HD2 (Leo ROM). He has not been able to personally test his ROMS on the U. S. version and has been relying on TMOUS HD2 owners to report bugs, and there are bugs.

        I suggest you read the last 15 pages of the 50+ that are on his ROM thread to see what is what with his ROMs. (He also has a “Premium” and “Lite” versions, plus three for the Euro HD2, that he calls “Leo” versions. So be careful.)

        A good thing about Kumar is that he does respond to posts and PMs, that better than most XDA chefs. Oh… his XDA name is: skr_xd

        Here’s the link:

        Bonus tip: His cooked ROMS do not have a lot of the apps you may be using on the stock TMOUS phone. He has supplied individual CAB files to install various apps, but not all. So you should look at which ones are not included and make a decision based on that. (Apparently he takes requests and will post an App CAB, I assume if he is able to.)

        Don’t forget to donate to him for his efforts. He has a donate button.

  • safil

    Dave, did u check out the boy genius report website? don’t know if that is the moto data device ur talking about or that moto tablet w/ the hump on the side showcased earlier this year. I mean, what does date device signify? Tablet, smartphone? Anyways, patience is a virtue, only i don’t have any of either….

    • Yeah, I saw it. That thing is ugly. I hope the Motoroi is the phone we’ll be receiving, i’d hate to wait that long to just get some crappy basic, kiddie phone. I’m starting to get annoying with the small to nearly non-existent high-end devices under T-Mobile’s line up. & i’m selling my phone to make part of my profit, so the longer I wait, the more the value goes down. & As much as I love Android, I ain’t got time to wait for them to get it together. They should’ve knocked it out of the ballpark from the getgo, & at least learned from now that the cell phone market is not a joke & is a competition & only the strong survive. Where the pioneering career or Android, but yet we get the most basic Anroid’s & Verizon has beat us w/ the better high-end Android w/ the Motorola Droid *Smh*. So the HTC HD2 is looking pretty good about now

      • safil

        as much as i like the HD2, since it didn’t come out running wm7, im afraid to get it cause i mean, now a days, phones don’t have too long of a shelf life. And how long will they support it for, htc that is. i know i can root it and put android os and even wm7 on it but, i still like to have an up to date os to fall back on. Other than that, i luv, luv, luv my N1!! Im tired of tmo breaking the mold w/ new and innovative phones like g1, sidekick and such, but then it gets assed out w/ the higher end phones. I think it has more to do w/ tmo being a smaller company and therefore its a good place to test something for the first time. Easier to get a feeling for and if it tanks, easier to hide…

  • jmts80

    I really like the look of LG phones. I am not going to hold my breath but i hope at least one is a high end Android model…

  • David

    I just returned my second defective HTC HD2 to T-Mobile today! Windows Mobile sucks!
    Had so many issues my previous device was the Nexus One. HTC is rolling out way too many devices and not supporting them well. I think they will become the “Toyota of the wireless industry” I am not impressed and went back to Android beats WM!

    • ps

      what exactly was defective about them? To me it seems that a lot of these “defective” HD2 are just people unfamiliar with how to run/maintain a Windows Mobile phone.

  • Wow! Tmonews just dropped another one.

  • David

    lots..I would delete my email boxes 5-6 times and the messages would reappear, and they weren’t on the Google server…WM duh! Problems with the new apps Blockbuster Mobitv and others, extremely slow and laggy…
    Face it Microsoft makes a shitty product this phone would have been great on Android but T-Mobile went the cheap way with a dying OS! So explain why there is now a virus that affect WM 6.5 out there,. cause MS makes shitty products and pushes them out and then finally makes an OTA after the damage…look at Vista what a joke!!!

    • sorandkairi

      Sucks for you man, I have a HD2 and NEVER had a problem with it, at it! But for real, I wonder why urs’ are having such problems!?

  • Pats

    Hey boys since you know everything maybe you can tell me if there is an

    upcoming $10/month internet phone coming out soon, or should I settle for the Nuron?

    (I’m tired of getting ripped off by paying for home internet and $25 for phone internet ontop of paying for minutes)

  • insider

    the mytouch slide was given to 300 reps this weekend. go to your local store and see if anyone there was lucky enough to get the prototype. its a very slick phone, running 2.1, major ram upgrade but still stuck with a 528 cpu. the “chin” on the mytouch has been smoothed down a bit and makes the phone look soo much better than the mock up pics that were floating around. only thing i dont like is the four row keyboard ala the cliq.

    • DUB

      Interesting :) Whoooo ha ha ha ha

  • Robert

    AHHHHHH White Blackberry bold 9700 is coming out?! i want! haha

  • Anthony in Utah

    I recently ordered the HTC HD2. Sadly, I am sticking to my iPhone and going to go away with the HTC HD2. Its constantly freezing up on me, texts are getting sent to the wrong people somehow?, its hard for me to text accurately because the device is so dang big. I give HTC props for such an amazing screen resolution though… if my iPhone could have that oooh man I’d be set. I am awaiting the new iPhone 4g and hope that I can either get it with T-Mobile or unlocked and jailbroken for T-Mobile. Apple has such a tight grasp on all their products I just hope we can get it too! =)

  • Dan

    9700 in white I’ll take that!

  • DUB

    I hope the mytouch slide is android 2.1 or greater..(Catch my girl up to at least my Nexus one) Now seriously that is were T-mobile needs to step up at.. middle class phones.. but it should at the least run the latest OS. Come on T-mobile listen to your customers.. Power users count.. and you should at least offer a high powered phone each quarter to keep those users interested in your services.. If Money talks..then power users are making you the money because they are buying these phones and using your data plans with no second thoughts. I know I do!!!!

  • Timothy

    i guess i’ll hold on to my no contract Nuron until the iPhone comes out on t-mo…

    • David, Managing Editor

      Thats not really a good plan, considering you have no idea how long you could be waiting!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well… that’s a plan, I guess, as long as you don’t hold your breath while waiting.

  • alan

    everyone drooling over the HD2 straight out forgot it runs on WM!!! we get soooooo many returns/complaints that the phone freezes/runs slow/lags etc…. even our store manager sed its not that great of a phone…. IMO everyone that criticized the iphone for not multitasking, well this is why it didnt do it, cuz all the crappy android and WM devices run super slow and lag cuz the average user does not know how to turn off apps properly…. VIVA iPhone and Long Live Blackberry by far the best devices IMO….

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      When you say “we” do you mean you work for T-Mobile? If so, why are there so many T-Mobile employees on here dissing T-Mobile and/or T-Mobile products?

      I don’t get it, where employees belive it proper and acceptable to badmouth the employer and also flame about T-Mobile products. Seems to me that such could even cut into YOUR sales.

      If I sold T-Mobile products I would be on the Net promoting the company and the products I sold. That’s what being in sales is all about.

      And also, why is it that the T-Mobile employees in here can’t spell or write? That does not say much about who T-Mobile has working for them.

      T-Mobile employees: They can’t write, they are disloyal, they badmouth the company, diss its products and services, and imply or post that T-Mobile customers are misinformed, ignorant, foolish or stupid for buying the products they sell.

      • natalie

        That’s not true, necessarily. There are very many different areas of employment at T-Mobile. And to be fair, the employee was only badmouthing a particular phone, not the entire company. I for one appreciate an employee’s honest feedback, as they know the phones the best. While T-Mobile does not sell the iPhone, they do sell the Blackberry series, correct?

        Anyhow, I sincerely hope you do not base your opinion of ANY company based upon one individual employee. Also, I understand that “alan” did not make a great impression, but I for one don’t look for college-level writing skills in someone who is selling me a phone.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Natalie… fair enough. Excellent comment and I appreciate your taking the time to post it.

      I am basing my post on everything I have seen over the months on TMoNews. It’s not just this one person. There’s been posts by employees to support each of my criticisms.

      In any event, where I have worked over time the rule has been to never in public badmouth the employer and/or the products we sell or services we provide. We always keep it in-house (the break room, so to speak).

      It’s harsh enough that the nasty comments about T-Mo remain posted (calling T-Mobile execs and management fools, idiots, and even criminals), but to add flames by T-Mobile employees is too much.

  • TMo and phone dog now need to land on the planet Earth and say “take me to your leader,” because att, comcast, verizon, hughes, pbs, motorola, microsoft, cisco, all, are paid for and run by politicians and our value added cable taxes in the trillions, and our belov-ed deutsche-telecom gets shunned knowingly because we’re Catholics. Face it gang, tech IS a religion.

  • TMobileChika

    Reply to ItsMichaelNotMike,
    T-Mobile doesn’t just hire anyone. Some of the people that get on here a talk bad about T-Mobile don’t have a clue as to what they are talking about. The guy above is most likely not a T-Mobile employee. He probably works for one of those stupid dealers and HE probably misleads customers all the time. There is no way that working for T-Mobile I would think about owning an AT&T iPhone. Not worth the money.

    I feel that even if I didn’t work for T-Mobile I would still have their service. T-Mobile has the best prices thus far and by the way we are not raising our Early Termination fees either. The “other” companies obviously are so that their customers stay atleast until the end of their contracts. Why are they doing this? Well, probably because they feel a little threatened by everything that T-Mobile is about to reveal.

    Sprint is talking about 4G, how are they going to do that if their service sucks just about anywhere you go? They don’t even have excellent 3G and they are going to 4G? T-Mobile has now 4G speeds in many areas since May 24th and is not charging extra for it!!!

    By the way, the new software update for the HD2 actually does fix all the bugs with the device. Make sure that all of you that have it–download the task manager. Everyone that I know with the device say that their HD2 runs 100 times better after the updates.