LG And T-Mobile USA Looking To Partner Up?


One of the questions I get asked the most is why doesn’t T-Mobile carry any phones from LG? While that’s a question I can’t answer, the good folks at Telecomskorea believe that’s about to change. As LG has watched its relationship with Verizon, their predominant North American partner decline, LG is looking to find alternative partners in the US to stop its declining market share. According to the article, T-Mobile officials “reportedly” visited LG’s headquarters in Seoul last month with the hopes of shoring up a partnership that hopefully will see both parties mutually benefit. LG is no stranger to Android and with T-Mobile being the largest North American carrier of Android devices; it seems like a match may be just what the doctor ordered. Time will tell but hey, if we can’t get that “other” phone, LG will have to do.


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  • AndroidMaster

    It sure will be nice to see LG on T-Mobile. Especially with the Androids coming out for LG.

  • John

    More ‘possible’ ‘potential’ ‘rumors’ I’m getting fed up with tmobile and lack of assertive action.

  • Robert

    Haven’t you figured out that everything with T-Mobile lately is ‘rumor’ or ‘speculation’ or ‘wait and see – it’s going to be great’…….. and yet rarely is it ever.

    I can’t wait to switch.

  • J-Hop2o6

    *doesn’t care about LG*

  • kershon

    I haven’t had any experience with LG since my VZ days several years ago. And all I had then were dumbphones. Quality wise and features not too bad, but I don’t know about their smartphones. If they have a really high-end android device then I would say bring them on. More variety would not hurt, especially if LG has something better than what is currently offered. We need something running 2.0! So if LG has got them I say bring them. Give the droid a run for its money.

  • andrew

    Lg makes the best phone looking but I hate there os phone like and hope tmobile well get android phone by lg

  • dboy

    Cool!!! Just that tmobile probably gets the shitty phone!!! just like motorola did !!the Fcuk up phone went to tmobile (cliq) and the nice one to verizon! (droid)!!!

  • Carl

    http://www.telecomskorea.com/business-8432.html Since T-Mobile pushed Android so much, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having more options of Android phones besides HTC, Motorola, and Samsung.

  • FILA

    Well thats good on T’s behalf, it will defiantly pull in customers into the stores. LG is known to pull off some hot devices, not so much for me, but for the average consumer out there it will def pull them in a store. They end shitty Samsung’s devices wed be better off without them, lol. But I think we can all agree that were just ready for that damn G1v2!

  • 007

    One problem…
    LG phones Suck…

  • joe

    any phone maker who wants their premier handsets to sell well is going to go with a carrier that has a lot of customers. T-Mobile still is behind sprint and still sees a ridiculous amount of churn. That’s probably why the Droid went to verizon and we got the Cliq. That’s also why I doubt we’d get the iPhone or any high end LG device. It’s all about numbers and right now T-mobile can’t bring that to the table….

    • deeone

      at the end of the day, cliq and droid are thesame price.

  • joe

    let me clarify, has a lot of customers and the potential to add more. In this regard T-mobes is in a holding pattern…


    Know why LG’s relationship with Verizon is declining? Because LG makes crappy phones. Name a phone from LG that stands out? I can’t. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to see T-Mobile pushing crappy LG wares in their stores. Want to impress your customers and shareholders? Leverage a partnership with HTC for some exclusive phones. Get Nokia on board for more Maemo 5 based phones. Work with Sony Ericsson and Motorola for some exclusive T-Mobile branded phones. For the love of all that’s decent…don’t plague us with more crap from the likes of LG.

  • sd

    LG’s phones may not be the most exciting, but I’ve had a couple of them during my time with Verizon (a VX4400 and, now, a VX-10000 Voyager) and these phones have been just bulletproof. The 4400 in particular has been abused (unintentionally) four ways from Sunday and just keeps on going. I tend to keep my phones past the 2-year term. The LGs I’ve had are good for it. The Nokia and the Samsungs I’ve had, not so much.

    • 2FR35H

      Sounds like my old ass Motorola Razr its still going strong been through water Twice and even dropped it from my 2nd story balcony… threw it at a wall not even a visible scratch so I gave it to my friend god I hope those messages were deleted lol I had some derrty and kinky messages on that phone lol damn even some deep secrets. I really wonder now…. yeah… I think I need to give that girl a call… brb

  • Joe

    I’m sorry, but I really wish that T-Mobile USA NOT partner with LG. I’ve had LG phones before and so have many of my friends, the one constant we all faced was the crappy battery life and quality on LG phones. After a year or less of use, the battery won’t hold a charge for more than a day on normal use, which is ridiculous for a dumb phone.

    I’d much rather see T-Mobile partner with HTC and SE to get them to create thinner smartphones with slide out QWERTY that has amazing battery life. It’s definitely do-able, look how much thinner the Droid is compared to the TP2

  • Andrew

    This is unlikely, for a couple reasons no one has thought of here. First of all, Korean companies can be very… fickle. It would be considered a huge insult to them to partner with another company from there nation. What I’m getting at is Samsung, which was T-Mobile’s largest phone partner a few years ago (I’m not sure if this is still true, it’s been a while since I checked, but it sure seems likely). T-Mobile, while in desperate need of better phones, probably doesn’t want to piss off one of their biggest and best partners just so they can hop in bed with a different Korean manufacturer. Especially one that doesn’t exactly make quality phones.

  • unknown

    this is tmonews… which is unofficial. so why are u complaining john.. they are but mere rumors and speculations. but coincidently some of them come true. so just keep wishing and ur iphone wish might just come true this christmas. or u can just do what i did and purchase it from an independent seller. then put it on tmobile’s dependable price efficient network :)!

  • this would be a good oppertunity for t-mobile to get lg phones. yea most of the lg fones r fugly, but with androids help, they’ll probably be SEXY…lol. this rumor might come true just like the sprint-t-mobile rumor might. no one will know until it happens. lg phones r cool on at&t, with me being a t-mobile costumer, i could no have more fone options with lg cuz lg and t-mobile have never made any fones together. this will be surprising if it happens…we’ll c!!!

  • Borigirl

    It would be nice for cool LG phones to be on TMO… Th eLG Lotus Elite would be nice to tmobile