LG And T-Mobile USA Looking To Partner Up?


One of the questions I get asked the most is why doesn’t T-Mobile carry any phones from LG? While that’s a question I can’t answer, the good folks at Telecomskorea believe that’s about to change. As LG has watched its relationship with Verizon, their predominant North American partner decline, LG is looking to find alternative partners in the US to stop its declining market share. According to the article, T-Mobile officials “reportedly” visited LG’s headquarters in Seoul last month with the hopes of shoring up a partnership that hopefully will see both parties mutually benefit. LG is no stranger to Android and with T-Mobile being the largest North American carrier of Android devices; it seems like a match may be just what the doctor ordered. Time will tell but hey, if we can’t get that “other” phone, LG will have to do.


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