T-Mobile Losing Interest In Motorola Cliq?


While hype for the Motorola Cliq was high, sales of the phone have unfortunately turned out to be unexpectedly low. So low in fact, that Oppenheimer analyst Ittai Kidron says T-Mobile has actually lost interest in the device–due in part to lingering issues with battery life, which I can personally attest as my own reason for not sticking with the phone. T-Mobile spokeswoman Alexandra Trask told FierceWireless that sales have been positive and disputes reports that Cliq sales were “falling behind sales targets.” Confirming a future OTA update for the Cliq, no detail was given regarding what would be addressed in the update or whether or not battery life was a prime reason for the update. Trask also denied reports of the device receiving less support, stating that “It’s very prominently featured in our stores. We’re doing a lot from a marketing perspective and merchandising perspective.”

I wanted to like the Cliq, I really did, but battery life was a real problem for me considering the large volume of daily emails I receive. Let me know when this issue is fixed and I’ll take a long hard look at the Cliq all over again.