T-Mobile Losing Interest In Motorola Cliq?


While hype for the Motorola Cliq was high, sales of the phone have unfortunately turned out to be unexpectedly low. So low in fact, that Oppenheimer analyst Ittai Kidron says T-Mobile has actually lost interest in the device–due in part to lingering issues with battery life, which I can personally attest as my own reason for not sticking with the phone. T-Mobile spokeswoman Alexandra Trask told FierceWireless that sales have been positive and disputes reports that Cliq sales were “falling behind sales targets.” Confirming a future OTA update for the Cliq, no detail was given regarding what would be addressed in the update or whether or not battery life was a prime reason for the update. Trask also denied reports of the device receiving less support, stating that “It’s very prominently featured in our stores. We’re doing a lot from a marketing perspective and merchandising perspective.”

I wanted to like the Cliq, I really did, but battery life was a real problem for me considering the large volume of daily emails I receive. Let me know when this issue is fixed and I’ll take a long hard look at the Cliq all over again.



  • Sherlock Mcgee

    The cliq is gayer then neil patrick harris wearing a dress in the village at 3am sucking on a popsicle!

    • 2FR35H

      @ Sherlock Mcgee

      LOL haha

  • Alan

    serve them right for taking the crappy Motorola device and giving verizon the better droid.

    • dboy

      Thats what am talking about man!!!

  • wootroot

    I had high hopes for the Cliq, I first got to play with them at the Motodev Summit and even after disliking the keyboard, I still wanted one. The day it came out T-Mobile had one sitting at my door for me to enjoy.

    Its sad, but i’m glad I didn’t buy this device. I used it for 2 weeks straight, telling myself over and over again “you’ll get used to it, you’ll get used to it”.

    I now have a buyer for it for this Friday, which is good considering I see the resale of these phones dropping faster than I previously anticipated.

  • erica

    the battery actually got a LOT better after I conditioned it

  • umaluver

    I have played with both the Cliq and the Behold II in stores and the Cliq is a way better experience. They need to ignore the Behold and just stick with the Cliq/MT3G until they can get a real android set going.

    I haven’t owned either, so I cant speak on battery life.

    • 2FR35H

      Same situation here but I found the behold 2 to be far better I mean the cliq did not just feel right in my hands even though I planned on getting one the behold 2 just kills come to think of it. I mean the behold 2 is by far more elegant than the cliq but they are basically on the same level except behold 2 will get Android 2 eventually but same can not be said for the cliq.

  • Berdroid

    I’ve been happy with the CLIQ battery life, I get hundreds of emails a day and lots of social networking updates and haven’t had a problem with it. I bought the battery charger and spare battery just in case but rarely use them. I prefer it to my Curve and mytouch..

  • Jeff

    BB 9700, I’m glad I waited and I’m very happy with this device. It’s fast, powerful and the battery is pretty good. I usually leave my bluetooth and WiFi on and these tend to drain the battery. However, I usually put it on chargers twice a week. Not bad.

  • Tk

    Is this really a surprise? You released a phone that was ridiculously outdated in both hardware (same CPU as G1, seriously?) and software (Android 1.5, LMAO), and then T-Mo had the audacity to price it at $200…. this was their answer to the iPhone and Droid??

    The funniest part is I love how the G1 and MyTouch are more up to date than the newer CLIQ and Behold 2 since they atleast run Android 1.6 and get its enhancements along with Maps Navigation and the new Market.

    I still don’t understand how T-Mo went from leading everyone in Android adoption to now having a whole line of utterly boring and low end Android phones while both ANY Android phone in Verizon and Sprint’s lineup now beat out the best Android phone available on T-Mo.

    • Politics

      Thank You. I agree with everything you said. It is sad and inexcusable on TMo’s part. The honestly deserve the numbers they are showing as of late. What a disappointing year 09 was to be a TMo user.

      Of course, the HD2 running Android would change my view pretty quickly…

  • branon

    You did notice that the price is down to $99 today?

  • ag

    Why would I buy a cliq knowing Verizon has the much better Droid? Tmobile got a very bad deal from Motorola, almost like a slap in the face. I still have my rooted g1 and it works perfectly for my needs. I’m not changing phones until there’s a significant reason to upgrade.

    • branon

      And a bad deal from htc too. Oh, I would say a bad deal from samsung too.

    • Robert

      T-Mobile didn’t get a bad deal from ANYONE.

      T-Mobile chooses which phones to subsidize based on their prices and what’s available. They are the ones that are cheap and refuse to subsidize good phones.

      Granted one would wish that the selection might be better… but then again there will always be top notch phones and entry level phones so that there is a wide variety for consumers to choose from.

      But it is most assuredly T-Mobile that is chosing NOT to ‘purchase’ the higher level phones.

  • Wicked1

    I like this phone, better than my sidekick, I have no interest in Crackberries, I need a physical keyboard, and I’m not switching carriers, so this is the phone for. I would have liked to have more memory on board because mine is already coming close to capacity. I am just glad that an update is confirmed by this T Mobile spokes person! That’s all Cliq users have been worried about. So that makes me happy. I haven’t had any problems and my cousin just got a Cliq after experiencin mines, also coming from a sidekick. As long at their will be future OTAs, and if 1 in some way extends battery life, then great. I get about 8-9 hours on a single charge. One thing that irks me is we can’t uninstall apps that came on the phone, ones that aren’t needed or used like the MyFaves app, the Telenav app, imeeb and a few others, taking up space that could be better used

  • I was also looking at the Cliq, but ended up happily waiting for the BB9700. The biggest problem I had with the Cliq was with the Droid & other Android phones soon to be released, the Cliq was basically an outdated phone the day it was put on sale. The OS, processor, etc. have already been eclipsed by other devices in the $200 price range.

    If you ask me sell the Cliq @ a $99 price point against the Droid Eris & Palm Pixie. It will do just fine.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Tmousa is now selling it @ $99 now surprisingly.. check out the direct link


      • pfmiller

        No price drop for Even More Plus plan though, too bad.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Tmousa is selling it at $99 now, surprisingly.. check out the direct link above

      • yeah, it’s a good $99 option. Too many other phones out there in the $199 are much better. Guess we will have to wait till next year for a great android T-Mobile phone.

      • kershon

        This seems like it is a good deal for the even more plan customers or those on their grandfathered contracts. But it does me no good since I have em+ and apparently they want to gouge us to the tune of 400 benjamins. So sorry T-Mobile I will not be doing business today. Seems to me they should give the same price reduction to em+ customers too.

  • Aaron

    Phone is a piece of junk. Plain and simple. T-mobile needs to get more serious with their Android offerings.

    Having tried out the MyTouch for a couple of weeks and returning it for piss poor battery life and just an overall “meh” experience, and now with the Cliq obviously tanking (and while sales might be fine, notice they didn’t mention returns…), T-mobile needs to be a bit more selective in the future.

    This one should’ve been passed to AT&T or Verizon.


    • pfmiller

      As if Verizon would want it, they’ve already got the Droid.

  • Heaven

    I love the cliq I think it is a great phone a lot better than the MT3G which I also do own. Also I am sure tmo will be updating this phone.

    • Politics

      But they can’t update the ancient processor this thing has.

  • Mark

    This begs the question, how are TP2 sales? We have heard nothing and it’s price has not been lowered!

    • Yeah, they won’t even drop the price. Maybe it’s selling well at that price?

  • landykos

    I’m not sure if I have a super cliq or what. But my battery life is amazing!! It’s 100X better then my G1 was. I stream the pandora app at work almost all day and still have enough life to get home with. If i just use my phone as well a phone I can go all day and still have something around 60% battery life left.

    Also it’s way faster and snappier then the G1 was even when I was running the latest and greatest custom rooted ROMS.

    I love the cliq I think its a solid phone. I just hope and wish that they update the phone to Android 2.0 or at least have T-mobile or Moto come out with a response to that question.

    just my 2cents….


  • justinhub2003

    I totally agree.. the cliq battery is terrible, the touchscreen is the most inaccuracte capacitive screen ever. And the keyboard is horrible.. id rather use my mytouch virtual keyboard. The cliq has turned into a piece junk that resides in my bqckpack with laptop… my mytouch is my main device since i ditched the g1.. which i really miss a ton….

    On another note i hope this lame tmo rep from kenwood mall was right when he said that cincinnati 3g was a go on dec 16 or before if it testd good

  • Gabe

    The Mytouch and Cliq are $99, or are those cyber Monday prices?

  • michael

    i have the cliq and actually somewhat pleased with it. it is a lot better then the mytouch. like the article says, my only grudge on the cliq is the battery. but now that i have 2 batterys im fine :) the cliq has great potential given that it eventually gets the OTA andriod update

  • derrickps3

    i didn’t know it was low in sales, wow…..and i thought this phone was cool, no wonder i didn’t have interest in it. they really need to fix the issue with the battery, people having been taking this phone back

  • jordan

    The cliq has a real good battery.. but it does need an update.. but everybody talks about the droid like its a good phone when it has way more problems then the cliq.. trust me on the I work a walmart in the connect cent and all the droids we sold have problems.. I’m happy with my cliq so far. I’m just happy to see that there is going to be an update soon..

  • eli_the_great89

    Yep they might be loosing interest…they lowered the price of the Cliq and MyTouch 3G down to 99.99
    Which are reasonable prices, given these devises aren’t upgrades to the G1.

    The poor battery life, the lack of Multi-Touch. The inability to push a damn update of the Android OS

    Who the f*** wants an older phone with a new cosmetic look? I sure as hell don’t.

    What T-Mobile needs to focus on is the Blackberry Bold 9700
    The fisrt 3G blackberry to land on t-mo not to mention its a high end phone that attracts many.

    Instead they prefer to advertise the kiddish phones.

    No matter how much we ask for them to get with it, or step it up….it all seems to be at a status quo.

    • 30014

      It would make little sense for tmo to focus on the bb 9700 as their flagship phone. Its not even exclusive to tmo. What they need is a killer handset that is exclusive to tmo and not something that’s outdated as soon as it launches.

      • Eli_the_great89

        I agree, although the advertising of the 9700 wouldn’t be in respect to it being a flagship device since evidently as we all know and you pointed out it’s not, but it’s great marketing since it attracts more customers.

        Yes they need to bring another phone like they did the G1 which was successful into their portfolio.
        How about Nokia? Or LG devices?

        Overseas Nokia brings forth so many amazing phones to the mobile carriers, why not here in America?
        Defenately with some other manufacters in the line up and less kiddish colorful phones
        they can change their image back to the little carrier that could.

  • Pororo

    The Moto Cliq is huge. This phone is as big as the MDA. Should have been called the Moto Thiq (Thick).

    MT3G is a great phone. Its so easy to mod the sucker with Cyanogen Mod. This phone will have more screens and multi-touch and much much more!


    Bad picks in phones. Who are they picking these phones for? Obviously not for their customers? If Anyone that wants to say the Cliq or the Behold 2 is even a good showing of an Android phone is either Stevie Wonder blind or just a dumb ass altogether……those phones are the absolute weakest showing of the Android platform. The Cliq looks nice but it’s got no heart. The Behold 2….what the hell was Samsung thinking? They haven’t had a decent phone since the Blackjack.

    I’m nearly a month into my experience with the Droid and I can honestly say that it’s currently the best Android phone bar none. I’ve said it before and it deserves repeating – T-Mobile was the first to show the market Android and now the last in positioning the phone to being anything other than mediocre on their network. They’re not happy with it and yet they have nothing else the offer. It’s their own fault.

  • 30014

    That’s what tmo gets for trying to pass it off as a highend smartphone.

  • FILA

    haha, Moto. another fail for Motorola. T, just come out with the G1v2 already please, theres your keeper there and your sales.

    SnapDragon HTC G1V2 pleaseeeee

    coming first Q of 2010!

  • Brandon from Cleveland………. I was @ the State Dinner too!!

    I bought me and my mom the cliq two weeks ago. I returned them the very NEXT day!! The damn phone doesn’t even support WMA files. Why would they even make a phone like that and its bout to be 2010! I was going to get the Behold II Thursday but my dude that works for T-mobile says the phone lags and I’m not eligible for an upgrade & refuse to pay $500 for it. I’ll just wait and see what come out next year.

    Posted from my Sidekick LX 2009.

    • jes

      And maybe your new year’s resolution can be to join the rest of us in the more modern audio file format of mp3 which the Cliq handles just fine.

      Anywhohow, I’m good with my choice to go with the Cliq. I considered most of the “forerunners” of each of the carriers…Droid too clunky and still bitter at Verizon, plus I hate their branding of the “extras”. iPhone plus rollover, oh & being GSM equals awesome; cost plus appearance of crappy service equals maybe next time. If only Sprint wasn’t CMDA, otherwise I probably would of switched and gotten the Pre. And dang work for being wishy-washy on BES, otherwise the 9700 just might of had a chance. Yes the Cliq battery can be gone in a New York minute and there will be times when I bitch about it, but a second battery and remembering it’s more likely the user than the tech that’s having the real issue tends to solve most of my issues with all my gadgets.

  • lol


  • Taylor

    I have the mytouch3G nn honestly i think i would of been better off with the cliq or samsung behold II my stepmother out of the blue got me this phone after getting out the Sidekick 08 it was hard coming from a FULL keyboard to some freaking touch screen, but i am getting use to it had it for about a mouth now.

  • jose850

    I love my cliq and the battery life is good I only charge it over night

  • watbetch

    Motorola AND T-Mobile seriously dropped the ball, they’re marketing to teens with this thing and that rarely works out well. The CLIQ should have been the T-Mobile Eclair or T-Mobile Milestone.

  • kershon

    I got the bold9700 the day it was released. I could not be happier with it. BUT I was thinking about getting an android device since I have had two bberries in the past and I thought a change might be nice from the Curve 8320 and Curve8900. When I went to the T-Mobile store, I was really hot on getting the new bb, but I asked the sales reps if I should just maybe consider one of the android devices, maybe just play around with a couple a little. The reps didn’t even want to show me one of the androids, because they said, for my purpose they would not even be worth considering. Now if T-Mo offered something really high-end I believe it would be a different story. As some have stated in the forums, these devices that T-Mo offers now seem more like teen-kiddy phones compared to the Droid, X10 or some of the other devices rumored to be coming next year. I am considering getting my teen-age daughter one for Christmas, but only because I believe it would suite her perfectly for what she does with a phone.

  • timmyjoe42

    Crap, I just got my Cliq yesterday. This phone would be better if it didn’t have the Blur on it, or if you could turn it off, or if you could load 2.0 over it. I sort of like the Blur, but I can tell it’s just going to be a novelty and it’s going to get old fast.

    I don’t mind charging the phone daily, but in a year the battery life won’t be this good.

    • Hotchocoleight

      Are you going to try to get a price adjustment? I’m thinking about taking mine back and re-buying it since I’m still within the 14 day return time frame.

  • eweezy
  • CO_Yeti

    OTA update will address the battery life. I haven’t seen any sales numbers but it is selling strong in most stores.

    • kershon

      I have heard they are selling pretty well also. But I am wondering about the return rate. If someone has some figures I wish they would share them with us.

  • no

    Is there going to be a g1 version 2 ? And I saw an ntelos commercial advertising how they have the hero for $99.99 ! Ntelos is a cellphone company in virginia and westvirginia and parts of north carolina for those who don’t know and they have cdma phones so I guess they are flashing the phones over to their network and I noticein their commercial that the phone didn’t say sprint on it.. it was just all black where sprint is usually printed .

  • timmyjoe42

    And why is the power cord so short? I have to friggin’ leave it on the floor because it won’t reach any tables.

    I love the phone so far.

  • jon

    I want to make this my phone, but I keep hearing about issues, I went to two different Tmobile stores and the display had similar issues that some people saw when they said they were defective. Also hearing about touch screen dead spots. Overall it just sounds like Motorola just slapped this thing together, and Tmobile should demand better in terms of both hardware and software

  • wirelessbandit

    Come on, battery life? For those of us who have had an iphone we can attest to poor battery life, and look how many people still buy the iphone! Conceptually, the social media software in pretty cool. The problem with the cliq was the marketing. They release this thing right in the middle of Verizon’s Droid campaign. It never had a chance.

  • foo

    i talk to the sales reps at a few stores that i visit and they report that the cliq is a really good seller for them along w/ the new BB 9700…i dont know where this data came from unless my reps are lying to me.

  • Ricardo Sime

    To tell you the truth, the battery life is the least of my worries. That darn touch screen is pissing me off. I dare any1 here to play Jewel on The Cliq and not have a section of the screen not work. It’s killing me.

    • jes

      Ricardo I find sliding out the keyboard for a moment then sliding it back it usually takes care of a snoozy part of the screen during Jewel (you’ll see the screen “refresh” after closing, if not upon both movements).

  • beastly

    Anyone with Droid envy should go to a Verizon store and play with one for a few minutes. Then, go back down the road and play with a Cliq at the closest T-Mobile store.

  • will

    man i just got the cliq on black friday for 150 now its 99 what the hell? and yea battery is kinda bad unless settings are set low. i hope that tmobile rep is telling the truth about ota update, i really want it on the cliq cause i need an android phone with a physical keyboard.. and g1 has that chin…

  • mssensational

    I love my DROID. I was hooked the first day I got it. When I pulled it out of the box I knew that it was a keeper. Unlike when I had the cliq, and all the other phones i’ve had with TMobile and trust me I have had just about every so called good phone that they have come out with.

  • sammy

    the price is back up to 199.

  • Sofaires

    Erm the processor is pretty much the same for every android but why don’t you mention that the cliq have double the size in rom and ram? its way faster than any G1 or MT3G the droid yes it comes with os 2.0 and yes I’m not sure if the device will be updated until someone from moto or a real tmobile not a rep tell me or post it in their official forums. About the battery, don’t expect the battery to be all day long if your using your phone as a home pc specially if you have gps wifi and all those goddies on and screen brightness all the way, I got mine at 50% with all the other stuff off unless I need it and I get about 9 hours if I download and use the net but if I just check my email now and then reply to this and that and calls it last me all day long, buy a car charger if your going to be using all the phone features. And I will like TMOBILE or MOTOROLA to tell us when the freaking UPDATE will be or will not be avalaible :)

  • Luckout

    Just recieved an OTA. We’ll see how this goes…


    Droid haters make me laugh. I love the ones that claim the phone is so clunky. Uh…it’s the thinnest slider phone to date. And the others that rant about how square it is…..dumbasses it’s called a rectangle. I digress.

    Not every phone is going to have smooth corner or look exactly like say the iPhone. The Droid is a very good looking and functional phone. All you Droid haters should take a serious look at your beloved G1s. Talk about a design disaster. I can’t believe T-Mobile thought it would be cool to sell the exact developer reference model to its customers.

    Poor sales of the Cliq don’t really hurt Motorola that bad since their flagship Droid is rapidly approaching 1,000,000 units sold. What this displays is a distinction between marketing a low end product and a premiere one.

    • beastly

      Aesthetically, I prefer the Cliq, but that’s a matter of taste and it’s pointless to argue about it. What can be argued is that all the money Motorola put into the Droid’s (terrific) processor was saved by making a cheap casing and the worst physical keyboard I have ever had the misfortune to use. The Droid is a great device, but it’s not better than the Cliq in every way. If watching movies is more important to you than writing emails, then the Droid is a better phone for you. If I had to choose one or the other, I’d go with the Cliq.

      Fortunately, I have other options, and I’m bypassing Android phones entirely in favor of the Blackberry.

    • Bill48105

      IMO the Droid reminds me of the old HP scientific calculator I had in college and that was like 20 years ago btw if that tells you anything. IOW perhaps some people saying Droid looks clunky they just mean they look at it & think “80’s calculator”. lol I’m betting with all the verizon hype people had too high of expectations thinking it would be a killer phone in every way but instead it’s mostly there just not quite, especially the fact it’s not GSM. :P With good marketing the lemmings will buy anything in droves and much of the success of the Droid was just that, clever marketing & TONS of hype. Anyway, one man’s Fruit of the Loom is another man’s Hanes, while some go commando & save the $ for a cool phone. :D

      • Tdiggitydog

        HAHA! I still use an HP 12-C! And it DOES look like a droid! Awesome calculator though.

  • socalfrank

    I bought a Cliq and used it for 2 weeks. Had to return it though because it would not pair with m Range Rover. Apparently it has the same problem with several other makes of cars as well. There was no indication from TMO or Moto when or if this problem would be addresed

  • 2FR35H

    What Tmobile needs to do is bring back myfaves and get better phones. Although I will say the HTC Touch Pro 2 and the behold 2 are both very amazing. Maybe the behold 2 seems so amazing because I had low expectations for it but its simply amazing since I gave it a chance and tested it out in the store but now to just wait for it to come in the mail. prolly won’t get it till the 18th of december though.

  • 2FR35H

    Want know how to decipher a verizon phone before they actually decide the carrier? look at the phones shape almost every verizon phone except for the flips are all squarish or rectangular

  • Maddy

    Serves Moto right for trying to sell us a crippled phone with 6 year old components known to not perform very well, that too at the same price as a much better phone that they themselves make.


    @Beastly have you ever used/touched a Droid? The first thing about the phone you got wrong was making a foolish claim about the phone having cheap casing. The phone is very well crafted…it practically all metal. Worst keyboard ever? I’m not going to say it’s the best but definitely not the worst. There clearly must be a reason why the Droid is selling so well compared to the Cliq. Nearly a million phone in less than a month. Don’t think the Cliq is doing numbers like that….I don’t suspect Motorola would have either on T-Mobile’s network. Motorola wasn’t banking on the Cliq to bail them out, they’re more concerned with premier phone.

    Please make sure you’ve actually spent some time with a phone before you go running your trap.


    @Beastly have you ever used/touched a Droid? The first thing about the phone you got wrong was making a foolish claim about the phone having cheap casing. The phone is very well crafted…it practically all metal. Worst keyboard ever? I’m not going to say it’s the best but definitely not the worst. There clearly must be a reason why the Droid is selling so well compared to the Cliq. Nearly a million phone in less than a month. Don’t think the Cliq is doing numbers like that….I don’t suspect Motorola would have either on T-Mobile’s network. Motorola wasn’t banking on the Cliq to bail them out, they’re more concerned with premier phone.

    Please make sure you’ve actually spent some time with a phone before you go running your trap. Looking at it online or in a magazine doesn’t count.

    • Bill48105

      Whoa calm down tiger. It’s called marketing, that is why the Droid has sold so many so quickly. (How could it be the product if there hasn’t been enough time for people to even really know the product itself?) Apple is the king of marketing & they could sell a hard turd if they wanted and Verizon’s ad campaign was very effective @ lining up the lemmings. Now if your precious Droid is as great as you claim then we’ll see in the long haul because just like a movie that has a great start but fizzles out fast the Droid could do the same thing if it is crap. Or they could do what Apple did with their original iphone & keep a steady stream up updates & new releases coming so people overlook the shortcomings. Look for a new & improved Droid 2 in the blink of an eye and people quickly forget the things they didn’t like about the original and be lovestruck by their latest toy, as you are now. ;)

      • kershon

        Muhahahahaha. “apple could sell a hard turd”. Good one Bill48105. Good one. roflmao U made my day. Now if T-Mo would just take some marketing lessons from Appple and VZ and get their own lemmings lined up in front of the cliff. Hmmmmm

      • MAXIMUS

        Remember to look at the sales numbers for the Cliq and the Droid at the end of this quarter. The Droid will be a holiday favorite and appears to be holding true as a solid phone. I’m not going to say it’s perfect but it’s definitely the best iPhone alternative. The battle for smart phone supremacy is heating up between AT&T and Verizon….Sprint’s showing off their Pre and Pixi…how about our friends at T-Mobile? Erm…….they’ll have the Fender mT3G soon. I guess that’s their contender.

        With the already positive sales coming from the Droid it’s clear to see Verizon and Motorola have melded a solid relationship and even better Android phones are in store. I’m sure a full touch screen keyboardless device is on the horizon from Moto that will grace Verizon’s network. There’s not much we can anticipate for T-Mobile. Hell, I was told about a 3G Blackberry this same time last year. It’s finally here….it took T-Mobile a whole year to get a 3G Blackberry on their 3G network. That’s sad. That’s clear display of executive incompetence and the fact that RIM doesn’t deem their relationship with T-Mobile as valuable.

        I’m a tech whore so I love the latest and greatest but I don’t go out and buy ever device that hits the market. What I do value is a company or carrier that stays current with the competition…..T-Mobile comes in dead last in that area. You can hang out waiting for T-Mobile to wake up and turn things around if you’d like….I’m going to where the action is.

      • Bill48105

        @MAXIMUS there is no doubt Droid sales will blow away all of TMo’s Android phones put together but Verizon also has spent 100x as much in advertising too not just the “Droid does” ones but the “map for that” ones, both of which have been HIGHLY effective. It has been said on this site before that most people who are getting a Droid think it’s the 1st google phone.. What does that tell you? I’m not bashing Droid because it sounds like you & many are happy with it but if Verizon sells 10x as many Droids as TMo sells Cliq’s are you going to tell me it is a phone that is 10x better? Doubt it. It’s successful marketing which TMo has stunk at lately. Like the mytouch ads with has-been celebs. 1/2 of them I had to think hard who they were. lol And the “arm and a leg” thing on the Even More ad is beyond agonizing to watch. Now the “1/2 the price” stuff is brilliant & likely has people at least checking out TMobile especially in these rough times where money is tight for so many.

        Also I believe the Droid ads help TMobile because I’m sure a lot of people see the ads & do some research & find TMobile sells them & probably buy those especially if they are already with TMo or can’t afford Verizon or prefer GSM or despise Verizon or hate their stupid commercials. lol

    • 2FR35H

      Droid sells because its the first Android 2.0 phone that can do turn by turn navi thats really why it sells lol

      • kershon

        Ya. It takes you by the hand and points to the direction you should turn. hahahahahahaha lmao All “great” phones should do that.

      • MAXIMUS

        It’s more the 2.0 that makes the Droid sell. What’s your excuse about the Droid Eris? The sales numbers are looking better than the Cliq as well and that’s the equal comparison.

        The Droid is just a good phone in many ways. Excellent build quality, top-notch screen, fast processor, lots of space for applications and that’s not including 2.0. There’s no selling points that can be made on any of T-Mobile’s Adroid phones with the exception of the Cliq. It’s well built, good looking phone. It’s weak on the inside. Same brokeback specs as all of T-Mobile’s other Android offerings. Heck, Samsung is duping T-Mobile by attempting to hide what the true specs of the Behold 2. We all know it’s not the same phone as the Galaxy. Where’s the 32GB built in? Where’s that great processor? Even Samsung wouldn’t take the chance of letting T-Mo screw that phone’s marketing potential. And the $229 price. That’s an insult to us all. That phone should be selling for below $150. The Droid is 10 times better than the BH2 and it sells for less ($199). T-Mobile…walk away from the crack pipe.

      • Hiroakuo

        I had google navigation before the droid came out on my mytouch…

  • I have had my droid since december however had to get a alternative as a result of the software ruined my phone when it up to date itself. So evidently having troubles & found this wonderful website lol i do have a questio tho…my ram storage is gettin smaller & smaller..is there nethin i can do to assist get sum again?