T-Mobile To Pickup iPhone In 2010?


The iPhone is arguably the most loved or loathed phone available right now, and AT&T has absolutely reaped tremendous rewards from being the sole carrier. However, Apple and AT&T know the exclusivity agreement between them won’t last forever since current estimates are putting iPhone exclusivity in jeopardy sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2010. So while rumors run amok regarding a possible Verizon/Apple venture, we ask the question, what about T-Mobile? Thankfully a Thomas Weisel analyst states via TheStreet that T-Mobile is actually the more likely suitor for the iPhone, rather than Verizon. To call this speculation would be hitting the nail on the head but analysts have been known to be right one or two times before, therefore we take it with a level of trepidation. That being said, I think I can safely say that T-Mobile would surely see rewards from carrying the iPhone, provided the network actually works, something AT&T has trouble saying with a straight face these days.  The real question here is, will Apple consider T-Mobile a viable partner to help expand the iPhone offering to a larger customer base or will they want to partner up with larger, more expansive partners?!

Do you want to see T-Mobile pickup the iPhone? Sound off below.


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  • RWWackoStu

    God help us.

    • ali

      @RWWacko: LOL :-)

  • Bill48105

    Tmo would make the most sense since GSM (Although different 3G bands should be a LOT less work to revamp for Tmo than other carriers) and probably the one who Apple could work the best terms out with (except maybe sprint since they seem mega desperate) but on the other hand Apple likely realizes people can & do unlock the iphone to run on TMo already so the die-hards on TMo who want iphone already have it so why no get in bed with a big boy like Verizon (I know craploads of V people would give a kidney for iphone) or go sprint for better terms and figure people will take them to verizon if possible. ;)

  • BBSwany

    I doubt we’ll see the iPhone hit Verizon before LTE is up and running. Granted, Verizon is the largest carrier, but why build a EVDO iPhone when you can wait until 2011 or 2012 and release an LTE iPhone. You will pick up a few million subscribers on T-Mo and go after the Big Red in a couple years.
    As ashamed as I am to say it, if the iPhone was offered by T-Mobile, I would pick one up…

    • Bill48105

      True & logic says that makes total sense but then reality kicks in & you have to remember it will take awhile for LTE to be rolled out with decent coverage and in the meantime there will be all those millions of people with 3G coverage as shown by V on their blood red map of the US who’d be a MUCH larger customer base & make much better use of the iphone than the few in the areas with LTE coverage. Besides, we all know Apple is the king of planned obsolescence so they’d love to waste time/$ making a CDMA ver millions would buy to turn around & make those people buy the LTE version in a year. ;)

    • artiepants

      if/when the iPhone v.4 is available on T-mo i’d get 2 the day of release.

      and i agree, it just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to make a new Verizon-specific model.

    • Mardenator

      yeah, and doesn’t that completely defeat the purpose of all those “idont” ads for the droid? the droid is the biggest anti-iPhone device ive ever seen.. i think Verizon would be considered hypocritical if they adopted the iPhone..(i think they suck anyway, iPhone or not)

    • BKJOE

      doubt? you cant doubt with verizon, have you seen those anti iphone commercials put out by verizon? yea, verizon will NEVER get the iphone

  • yeyo

    i wouldnt mind that at all bring it

  • yeyo

    but first i want to see the google phone that they say is coming out just to compare and see which one i want

  • Marcelo L

    Dear T-Mobile,

    After being with you for 10 years, it’s become perfectly clear that you have no interest in pursuing a long term, meaningful relationship.
    I’ve given you almost 1/4 of my life. My work, my attention. Remember those trips out on the water, where you promised me coverage, and I patiently waited to return to dry land where you’d finally give me the time of day( or even at least one bar ) ?

    Sure, you were a little easier on the eyes than that shameless hussy, AT&T. And you were more “cheaper to keep-er” than, that Gold-Digger, Verizon. I won’t even go into your cousin, you know, the one with the gold-yellow hair like a mohawk, Sprint. But here I thought even though it was apparent minutes were all you were about, that maybe you’d put out a little data. I thought you’d set my soul on fire with HSPA, but here we are into our 2nd decade together, and you’re still EDGE-ing me around because you don’t have a Smart-phone in you enough to say what we both know to be true. We don’t Cliq. There nothing TO Behold II, nothing TO Tilt 2. And thanks for showing me how lame MyTouch was to you. And what’s with that funky AWS frequency ? I mean, we’re not in the 1700’s anymore, babe.

    And no, I never strayed, I Phone never caught my eye, and Droid never made a robot out of me. But I think it’s time for some space. I don’t know, maybe you’ll wise up and actually ask me what I want out of a plan, instead of some silly actor dressed up as a priest moaning about text messages that should be free anyway. Or some chick with a thing for disembodies mannequin extremities as metaphors for how much invested into this relationship.

    I thought we were a team, Tmo. I thought you. I thought you were concerned about my needs. Maybe it’s for the best you’re now seeing some Shrink, Bill, on a regular basis. Maybe there’s things you need to sort out, like your coverage, or 3; G? So I don’t know where this leave us. I’m so torn. But I think it’s safe to say I think we need to spend some time apart. If you come to your senses, and decide to go Google on me, with some Eclair or Flan maybe ? Then let’s talk. Seriously,
    I’m not trying to sound hasty, but you do make it hard on a guy.


    • thirtyninecents

      wow.. both perfectly poignant and punny. im amazed at how skillfully you put that together cuz it really is how i feel. like i REALLY wanna leave tmo, but im hangin on and givin “her” one more chance.. for a great hero phone as they call it.

      i was holdin out for the n900, now im holdin out for the hd2, if that doesnt come out for tmo, im leavin… ive givin the spotty signal with great prices and great cust service too much to not get any sexy hand thing in reciprocity.

      • dboy

        i agree with u both!!!! i was expecting more from tmobile after the G1 but now maaan… dont even know what to say.. and this isuck deal sounds more like S#%T to me!… whats up with tmobile lately????

    • Mimi

      I don’t know what the big deal is as I have friends that gave up their BBs for iPhone and in the TMO network :0) Are they smarter? Or is it that it is possible to use the iPhone without much of an adjustment or making such a big dealy out of it.

    • beastly


  • Broke

    Dump her Man! If my girl treated me like that, she’d get the major boot! Now maybe there’s some time left to find hotter chicks while you’re still young ;)

    Sometimes you have to splurge. But, please try not to settle.

    • Bill48105

      Correction: You’d seduce her one last time THEN kick her to the curb. You heartless bastage! lol

      • Broke

        You’re right. Contract extension an order! ;)

  • mmaxsooner

    I feel that tmob is the logical or easiest choice for a couple of reasons.
    1. Tmob is gsm like at&t
    2. Apple hasn’t had to spend advertising dollars to defend its phone agaist tmob like it has with verizon and the droid.
    3. Steve jobs has a long memory and verizon will reap what they sow and so steve will job verizon again.
    4. With what could be a good year for tmob what with hspa+, I am positive Steve would like whatever tmob could give him like the truly fastedt 3g network?

    • Bill48105

      True on the verizon bad blood but Stevie is a business man & will think with his wallet so not sure that’d stop him if he thought he could become richer whoring it up with the big V no matter their history.

      Maybe yer onto something with TMo’s rapid HSDPA+ rollout.. Check FCC for applications for 1700 band iphone and you’ll know. :D

      • mmaxsooner

        he is a whore for sure but it took him almost 20 to make up with bill. And if there is a fcc doc.. copy, paste man copy, paste. I don’t have time to troll thru a guvment website. I do trudge thru there from time to time but hey, copy paste that url.

      • Bill48105

        @mmaxsooner Soz I wasn’t implying I knew of FCC application I was just saying that will be a tell-tale sign when (if) someone runs across FCC app for 1700 band or CDMA etc. Then again Apple has so much $ they probably apply for everything under the sun just to throw people off. lol

  • maddynasty

    isnt the iphone already being distributed in most of the EDM through deutsche telekom already?? i think this would just be a win win for t-mobile,dont get me wrong i already love magenta as it is already, ive been with em for 4 years, but if it does get the iphone, im ready to head to the apple store and renovate my room for the “I” experience…:D
    but im happy with my bold 9700! tmobile hasnt let me down before and im pretty sure it wont start to now :D

    • Bob

      yes. T-mobile in europe has carried the iphone for a while now. So I would think that they already know what to expect and know what to do if they released the iphone here in the states.

  • papi

    HOw does this make any sense? Building a CDMA iPhone won’t cost Apple that much. Giving up Verizon’s tens of millions of more subscribers for T-Mobile’s tiny little customer pool? THAT will cost apple big time money. Makes no sense at all.

    • artiepants

      Well, there is also no reason that they can’t do both. It would just be EASIER to launch on T-Mo and wouldn’t cost much at all. But honestly by 2011/12 i’d be more shocked if its not on every carrier (isn’t it now on 3 in Canada?).

  • ali

    Why would Apple/At&t end their successful symbiosis ? What would At&t gain by giving up the iphone. Why would apple jump ship and go to a much smaller subscriber base that also has a much smaller 3g footprint ? The pressure from android may force apple to release a CDMA version [to verizon] but it will maintain its gsm partnership with att. If apple gets hard enough, it may just pull a blackberry and make its device available to all technologies —- iphones for everyone [which is frankly, disgusting].

    • Bill48105

      Remember both Apple & ATT know very well the govt is on them with the antitrust stuff so they both might reluctantly agree to open it up a bit before the DOJ makes them. Of course there’d be a LOT more reluctance on ATT’s part than on Apple’s. lol

    • Apple just wants to sell hardware, that’s their business after all. Ideally they would have an iPhone available for every carrier like they do in France. AT&T exclusivity was the only way to get the iPhone started. It’s in Apple’s best interest to offer up the iPhone to anyone who wanted one.

  • Apple has to do something with the iPhone. The Droid may not be an iPhone killer but if AT&T is the only one offering the iPhone it may not have to be.

  • Kyle

    I think this is a great idea,Apple would have to do very little to retool the iPhone to work on tmobile. Im curious if all these tmobile 3g roll outs are in preparation for the iPhone? As much as I love Android I would 100% switch to an Iphone if tmobile had it.

  • umaluver

    I’d reluctantly pick up the iphone 4gs or whatever they release next summer. I’d desperately love it if a company came out with an android phone that ran similarly or better. Droid is close. Nothing that TMO offers is anywhere near being on par with the 3gs.

    The Behold II is a huge pile of lagging dog crap, which is a huge step backwards.

    Sure the iphone is missing some things, but it runs and performs phenominally, no one can deny that and no one can copy that… which completely mind bottling.

  • I think T-Mobile will get the iPhone in the near future for a couple of reasons:

    1) Apple wants to get the iPhone in as many hands as possible. Clearly exclusivity isn’t good for apple as evidence in France which sees iPhone sales booming -> http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/news/comments/wider-distribution-boosting-iphone-sales-in-france/

    2) T-Mobile’s plans to move away from phone subsidies with Even More Plus looks like an aim to please Apple who can cut out the middle man.

    3) T-Mobile’s network is the most similar to AT&T’s, as others have said, which would make it easier to port to.

    If the iPhone came to T-Mobile today, I would probably get one. But in 6 months? I dunno. I really want to support the Android platform once they get a decent phone on T-Mobile.

  • TomCruise

    doesn’t iphone have an ad out there showing the simultaneous use of phone and web/email? this can be supported only by tmobile, not verizon at this time.

    if their exclusivity has to end in 2010, then this partnership makes sense.

    LTE will happen when it’ll happen, tmobile 3G is available NOW.

    bring it on.

    • GenesisDH

      It can do both on 3G just as well as AT&T can. The opposite is also true on EDGE, neither carrier can do simultaneous data+call/SMS while using 2G.

      So, it would still be a no-brainer. Just add AWS to the iPhone and sell to T-Mob, little R&D needed (where with CDMA+EVDO a bit more R&D money would be needed to achieve).

      I’d love a T-Mobile 3G iPhone, and I have an unlocked 2G & 3G on T-Mobile now so that makes it better for me.

  • Acsteffy87

    Has anyone stopped to think that subscriber base doesnt matter when it comes to the iPhone? I mean seriously! the iPhone sells itself. There are people that are in the middle of their contract on both networks. And their are more GSM loyalists than there are CDMA. People will leave their network for T-Mobile just for the iPhone, just like they did for the iPhone on AT&T. So i reiterate! you dont need a huge subscriber base to sell the iPhone.

    • Bill48105

      Umm that makes no sense really. YES the iphone sells itself but you need cell service for it or they might as well buy an ipod touch! So clearly pairing up with a carrier with more customers means more sales.. I mean come on with what you’re saying iphone could partner with cricket & sell as many as if they went Verizon? Seriously? Besides, as I pointed out earlier Apple knows very well that MOST TMo customers who want iphone grabbed an unlocked one already so that market is nearly saturated already unless they really desire 3G and we know how few TMo customers get 3G coverage. :D

      Let’s see if this site filters me again, have had 5 posts blocked now in past 3 days. x( I know they are being submitted because I always copy to the clipboard before clicking Submit & if I try again it says it detected a duplicate comment even though it never shows up. But where does it go? Who knows.. Maybe I’m limited to 100 replies per day. lol

      • umaluver

        “Apple knows very well that MOST TMo customers who want iphone grabbed an unlocked one already so that market is nearly saturated already”

        That’s ridiculous. Your average TMO user doesn’t even know that that is possible.

      • Bill48105

        @umaluver Umm who said average TMo user?? I said that most any Tmo user who wanted an iphone probably already has an unlocked one OR jumped ship to ATT.. Besides you can’t tell me that 99% of the population doesn’t know about the iphone & therefor most anyone on TMo has inquired about how to get an iphone.. There are 180 millions hits searching google for iphone t-mobile & 1.5 million hits for iphone tmobile.. Yeah BIG secret.

        And I think MarkMc84790’s comment proved my point really. Granted if the new model offered something BIG besides TMo 3G (which isn’t a huge factor since so few people can really get TMo 3G anyway) then maybe existing Tmo customers might upgrade to a real TMo iphone but even if the majority of ALL Tmo customers went iphone it’d still be a LOT less than if even just a small percentage of V’s customers did because of the huge difference in customer base. Apple isn’t stupid, they know you’ll sell more to a larger base. Especially since they know there are die hard holdouts at V that refuse to change even for iphone & that is a ripe market possibility vs the few TMo customers who live in a cave & aren’t aware they can use an unlocked iphone or the even fewer who want an iphone & haven’t got one..

      • 30014

        Are u tired of hearing yourself complain about tmo’s coverage? I am, if your coverage is that bad change carriers. Who would sign a contract based on roaming coverage? Don’t come with that crap about paying a 1000$ etf. Pay it or shut the hell up about tmo’s coverage.

      • A_O

        I’m going to have to disagree and agree with Acsteffy87

        Half the kids i know that have an iPhone literally went to at&t cause of the iPhone, (you think they cared that their monthly bill would be 30 bucks more?) and the very least did they care whether they would have service or not, just goes to show how ppl honestly drool over this phone (pethetic) .. now maybe thats just the ppl i know but im going by what i see, and trust me like Acsteffy87 said .. ppl will jump to Tmo just for the iPhone, the last thing that will be on their mind is service, ignorant i know, but sadly true.

        and im in all favor of Tmo so heck we might have a small subscriber base, but watch how those stats go up if we do get the iPhone… and that just means good news for us who are currently with Tmo, not cause of the new cool iPhone but because Tmo will get bigger, faster, and stronger :D lol – kanye? lol.

      • Bill48105

        @30014 Perhaps I come across as negative but I think I was stating facts and not just complaining. Don’t believe me go look at the Verizon maps PDF. (YES I know that is a 3G map but you can’t tell me most iphone users wouldn’t want 3G.. ATT got slammed hard for original iphone lacking 3G.) And no I’m not a V fan, I would never go with them just because of their stupid arse commercials. I hate them with a passion. “Can you hear me now?”

        Go on & on about how much of a moron I am for this or that but truth is anyone who had service then no longer did would be unhappy, end of story. Besides there are other reasons to no longer have good coverage such as moving (job relocation, foreclosure, etc) so it is not an unusual thing to find yourself in a situation with less than optimal coverage, or possibly none at all, and being upset.

        WTH do you bother chastising me for my beliefs or my situation rather than coming up with a good solution for myself or others? I believe TMo is working to improve coverage and the more public outcry the harder they’ll work at it. TMo CS reps have told me so. Anyway, if you don’t like what I have to say skip right on by it & don’t waste your time reading it.

      • 30014

        I came up with two good solutions, pay the etf or shut the hell up.

      • Bill48105

        @A_O I understand where you’re coming from but I’m looking it at from what I think Apple’s perspective would be. Yes tons of people went to ATT for iphone, lots more than tried unlocking it & sticking with TMo partly because of the hassle or has been suggest the lack of knowledge. But Apple would see those ATT iphone users as a wash if they went to TMo from ATT since they are already customers. Even if they bought a new Tmo iphone they’d likely sell their old one on ebay & that’d be 1 less new ATT iphone.. (Yes the same could be argued about goin to V but the difference is that NO verizon customers have iphone but many Tmo users do) And as much as people complain about ATT’s issues I hardly see anyone going to TMo from ATT except someone who is counting every penny of their monthly expenses & wants to save a few bucks & be willing to give up coverage. Not only EDGE but mainly 3G. Yes that can change if TMo keeps the 3G rollout going at its current pace but based on current maps someone needs to be pretty desperate to save some $ or be lucky enough to be in a decent Tmo area to make that change. Someone would be MUCH more likely to go from ATT to Verizon than from ATT to Tmo except as stated above. And no this isn’t another post bashing TMo, I am stating facts concerning coverage, just look at the maps.. No need to scold me & send me to bed without dinner. :P

      • Bill48105

        @30014 There you go again, thanks for the great advice dude. You must work for Sprint customer service. lol

        Anyway, last time I checked I have as much right to comment in here as you and I don’t have the $ for ETF so guess you’re stuck with me. Or, like I said before, feel free to ignore my comments. See now there is a useful suggestion. ;)

      • Bill48105

        Oh 30014 there you go again, thanks for the great advice dude. You must work for Sprint customer service. lol

        Anyway, last time I checked I have as much right to comment in here as you and I don’t have the $ for ETF so guess you’re stuck with me. Or, like I said before, feel free to ignore my comments. See now there is a useful suggestion. ;)

      • rossi

        30014… Would you like me to tell your mommy that Billy is being mean? I have a solution for you; Skip over his posts. Easy, and you wouldn’t sound like a douche. He’s complaining about a legitimate weakness, and you’re getting upset about it. Hilarious.

        As far as the Iphone… while I am not a huge fan I still think it would sell like hot cakes.

      • 30014

        @rossi… he knew what the coverage was when he signed up. That’s like me moving next to an airport and then complaining about the planes shaking the house when they fly over. FYI your opinion isn’t worth two pennies rubbed together to me. How does that sound for a douche?

      • Bill48105

        @30014 No it’s more like them building an airport next to my house because the thing I am complaining about (poor coverage in areas myself & others frequent) happened AFTER signing up not the other way around. :P Besides, my comments are not just complaints about my own experiences but also observations based on comments by others & looking at TMobile’s own maps and Verizon’s ‘bash maps’ which are based on those.

        I could stop complaining about TMo’s coverage, I could cough up $ to cover ETF’s & go elsewhere but neither will change TMo’s lack of coverage while they scramble to expand & play catch up.

      • rossi

        Two pennies rubbed together… lol, I’m surprised you could come up with something that witty. However, that’s not saying much.

      • 30014

        @bill48105…I’m sorry for being a jerk towards u. @rossi…I’m not surprised that u thought my comment was witty. Dumb ass.

      • Bill48105

        @30014 All is good but thanks. I will try to keep my b’in about TMo coverage to a minimum & take the link to the map off my clipboard. lol But I honestly try contributing & not just complaining so hopefully I’ve helped someone at some time at least & not just come off as a whiny lil bitch. hehe

        I’ve never heard the expression myself but I assumed Rossi thought the same thing I did, that you were trying to be funny.. Rubbing 2 pennies together = 2 cents iow you don’t want his 2 cents worth, ie opinion. :D Owell rossi’s defense is appreciated, i think he gets me and we seem to agree on a lot so hopefully we’re all good & move on. ;)

      • rossi

        Bill, I didn’t really read through all the comments on here tonight. I just found it funny that what’s his face was complaining about your complaining… If I cared very much about his arguments I would probably read them, but I don’t care. Your coverage map pdf comparison was enough to convince me that as long as you are complaining about coverage; you are right because Tmobile’s coverage is pitiful when compared to the competition for 3g. Yeah, someone can argue the finer points of why that is or whatever, whatever, it’s still the truth. They are improving, but they are certainly a long way away from rivaling the network of verizon, and I think the rest are a case by case basis…

        30014, have you heard of sarcasm?

  • J-Hop2o6

    I support the iPhone coming to Tmousa cuhz it’ll jump up their customer base since Tmousa’s plans are cheaper than At&t..

  • Can you imagine, T-Mobile selling the phone with a HSPA 7.2 phone, while having HSPA+ already deployed.

    I would laugh, if AT&T so much churn from them losing the iphone exclusivity rights, that T-Mobile gain “x” millions of customers.

    I would have to see what’s new in the next iphone, if it came to T-Mobile. This phone is seriously lacking in the features dept.

    All Apple has to do is make a 5-band iphone. Therefore, the phone has all the world freqs in it, all you do is put your SIM in. Apple can please both AT&T and T-Mobile having have the 2010 iphone include Quad-band EDGE/850/1900/1700/2100 HSPA+.

    I hope T-Mobile is ready for the influx of customers.

  • Andy, Inc.

    HELL. YES.

  • Ed

    Hmmm – yes I would like one – but first I’d like Tmobile to role out 3G here in Louisville.

    • ctk


      and +eleventy billion on 3g in the 502. and if they miraculously get tmo 3g to work on iphone 3g’s that would be lovely.

  • jason

    I’d love to see the iphone come to t-mobile, but would be concerned at how well t-mobile’s network would be able to support the large amount of new customers.

    • Bill48105

      Whet network? LOL I tried pasting a link to the Verizon PDF with top 4 carrier maps and you guys think ATT got spanked in the Verizon ‘map for that’ ads, look at the TMobile map on there. WOW it is super sad & you can see why everyone shrugged off TMo’s Even More plans.. Seriously looking at the map you’d think cricket has better coverage & TMo should give unlimited away for $5/month by the looks of that map..

    • Bill48105

      Oops I meant to say I tried pasting the link but this site filtered me or at least ‘lost’ my reply. Anyway for some reason it won’t let me post the link so google verizon 3Gcomparison.pdf then about the 5th one down is one on vzw-whoweare & in there is a link to the PDF on that Verizon news release dated Oct 5 2009. Tell me TMo’s map isn’t S-A-D..

      • jv86

        i tried not reading your posts, but seriously man, its not that serious. i’ve had tmo since they were voice stream and never had a problem coverage-wise. if you hate tmo so much, and have no coverage call customer care, explain that you have no coverage where you live, and they’ll let you out of your contract. stop complaining so much, we dont care! you’re the one who’s on a website called “T-M-O-N-E-W-S” after all.

      • Bill48105

        @jv86 Last I checked constructive criticisms were acceptable even on a TMobile-centric site like tmonews.. I mean, perhaps I come across as moaning & complaining but that is not my intention. I try to stay on topic & respond to comments in a helpful & related fashion. I must be crazy because to me mentioning TMobile’s coverage is relevant to the idea of iphone coming to TMobile..

        Btw I don’t hate TMobile, again I apologize if I come across that way. I think there are MANY great things about TMobile but just like the other carriers there are bad things too and openly discussing TMobile’s weaknesses should help especially if higher up’s at TMobile take notice.

        Also, it is great you have coverage. Tell me your address & I’ll move there so I do too. ;)

  • derrickps3

    oh no, now tmo is gonna have a device and try to have competitions betweeen the android phones, lol……..i really don’t care about the iphone if you ask me, i know that tmo are getting better phones as the months/ years go by

  • MarkMc84790

    I’ve been using a 2G iPhone for more than a year and a half on T-Mobile. I wouldn’t buy a new one, though. I’ll probably be getting an Android phone in the beginning of next year.

  • Cybersedan

    NO thanks!!

  • babaganush

    i want htc hd2

  • Android Lover

    This is stupid I really don’t want T-mobile to get the iPhone because it will just make T-mobile even gayer and T-mobile needs more Android Phones like Htc Hero..

    • rossi

      How about some newer hardware to go along with those android phones… The hero is still the tired ol’ qualcomm 528 mhz arm 11…. No thanks.

  • Ryn(:

    That would be cool!! I have had T-Mobile for 5 YEARS!! But one year ago decided to dump them and move to AT&T and get the iPhone. And the reception is way better than T-Mobile!!!. Tmobile sucks! see you tmobile wont see one more cent from me ever again!!!!!!!!

  • FILA

    God I hope not. first off, the T-Mobile network would fail. You see how AT&Ts network has failed since the release of the iPhone. Not only would the speed of the network decrease but also were start with the dropped calls and shit. Also, I think T-Mobile should look away from the iPhone and remain a heavy Android partner. Look Android truly is the future, with multiple phones across the board supporting it, that i thingy is looking pretty old these days. No multitasking, no desktop, its gettin to be a little big compared to newer phones. Android hardly has half as many caps and locks like apple puts on all there devices.

    On the flipside T-Mobiles customer base would expand even larger, more money to come in, and more money to expand our coverage. Heads up T-Mobile and heres my advice, forget that iPhone crap, Verizon has, sprint has. Look at Android for the future, come out with some highly competitive devices. Be the first to come out with a SnapDragon processor Android (hopefully the G1v2) and you’ll be pushed above the other carriers offering Android. Go hard on your ads, like Verizon, advertising is huge, you need to invest in more commercials and more air time.

    G1v2 and T will be great!!!

    • watbetch

      No – AT&T’s network had serious problems because they tried to cram 3G and GSM on their existing 1900mhz spectrum..

      T-Mobile has TONS of AWS spectrum. They will have no problems supporting a few million iPhones.

      • FILA

        I see, very interesting

    • J-Hop2o6

      FILA, it’ll be nice to have both.. i don’t care for the iPhone,, but like u said,, tmousa’s customer base will jump up alot (meaning more $$$ to spend on BETTER devices, and hopefully expand coverage, even tho i get good coverage in Seattle and along the I-5 corridor).. and like watbetch said, we have even AWS spectrum to carry more customers cuhz of the iPhone.. AT&T problem was they use 2G/3G on their 1900.. but didn’t they recently open up 3G on the 850??

      • J-Hop2o6

        sorry.. “…*enough* AWS to carry…”

      • watbetch

        Yeah they do run 850mhz too but they still have issues with capacity, iPhones are still selling like hotcakes.

  • Ernie

    iPhone is not all that got bored of it after a month I got tired of looking at little boxes.

    Its really over rated.

    I am a Apple user I buy all things Apple but the iPhone is not all that.

  • Wicked1

    It doesn’t matter to me, I still wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot poll. I don’t buy or support anything Apple. It would be good for T Mobile because it would bring more customers. If Apple wants to make some real money, the choice would be Verizon. I don’t think they would have a problem making a Verizon specific iphone. If apple is concerned about is concerned about getting more money and customers, then Verizon is the choie, its the largest network. It would be stupid to let the Droid campaign stand in the way of all that money, lol

  • Tgre

    Ryn(: – You may get better reception from AT&T where you work/live/play but this is not at all the case for everyone. T-Mobile doesn’t drop nearly as many calls as AT&T and as far as reception goes I never hear people saying they didnt have T-Mobile service in wide open outdoor spaces like I have AT&T. I have been with Magenta for many years and SunCom before that and I can count on my fingers how many calls have dropped or lost service. This may be the case for you, but i think you just got lucky where you live!

  • Ahh Yo!

    To tell you the truth, the iPhone will be to the point of a has been. If you look at the new cell-phones that are coming, the iPhone will be worthless. Like to HTC HD2. This device will blow away iPhone. With it’s bigger screen (4.3) and micro-SD card (up to 32GB), it’s worth the wait. I’m not a big fan of iPhone, the battery stinks, the screen is too small and you can’t save/create/store any documents. It’s funny, they indicate they have over 100,000 apps, but none of them will allow you to save/create/store documents, unless you opt for a server app. I don’t trust any server apps that allows you to store documents on their server, just so you can view them. Why don’t I just publish them on a website so everyone can see.

  • NO. i would never buy an APPLE device. Apple requires you buy everything (almost) and requires ITUNES, etc…. APPLE is a huge giant… i prefer supporting ANDROID… who needs windows or apple!? evil companies..
    APPLES company logo: apple with a bite out of it… sound familiar
    Windows Company logo: NAZI Symbol

    • GenesisDH

      Then again, Google knows many consumers’ internet browsing preferences (and for many, much more than that because of it’s cloud techs) and have detailed personal ‘profiles’ of over 80% of US’s population already… who’s the evil one after all?

      More people fear loss of privacy (which Google could potentially do in a heartbeat) more so than being stuck with one OS/software/hardware type.

  • we seeing that Tmobile had the rights to the iphone in Europe and such , then it is not that big of a step in the right direction, I must admit that iphone is a formitable piece of phone tech ( i am not a fan but they do have a huge fan base).T-mobile does need to do something to move from being the 3rd largest carrier to number 2 or possibly number 1.If this will help their sales then good for them.

  • Andy

    Well, I’m pretty sure if Apple iPhone went to another carrier it would head for T-Mobile and not Sprint or VZW. Verizon’s been touting their iDon’t campaigns around, it’s hard to see Apple wanting to go with someone against them(for now, that is). As for Sprint, it’s CDMA. If you know, CDMA devices are always a bit thicker than it’s GSM variants.

    I’m pretty sure Apple is growing tired of AT&T after all of the issues with the network. My guess is that IF Apple is going to another carrier, it would probably be Tmo. Second would be VZW, then Sprint.

  • mlwedell

    I’d rather see Tmo pick-up the Hero or even something like the BL40 Chocolate or Toshiba’s new phone (not to mention the new Xperia!). Sure, the iPhone is on top of the phone heap — for the moment — but it’s still not the end-all, be-all. I still don’t like the fact that you can’t swap memory cards or pull the battery out, and what’s with the 3.2 mp? And what if I don’t what to link up with iTunes? Apple’s jsut a little too draconian for my taste…

    • mlwedell

      I meant Toshiba’s new phone running Android, of course!

  • Luikid

    oh god cant wait if apple lets tmobile sell there iphones,,,,

    cantt wait if its truee is it true that apple is goin to tell iphones to tmobile???

    hahah cant wait cant wait if its truee :))

  • Chet

    Of course I’d like to see a T-Mobile iPhone.

    I have no plan, at this point to ever get one. I just got my BB 9700 and I’m quite happy, and I’m not a big fan of touch screens- at least for entering text.

    However, I’m definitely a T-Mobile fan, having been a customer since Omnipoint days, signing on in January 1997. The iPhone would be a big seller for T-Mobile. I bet lots of ATT people fed up with their network problems would give TMo a try.

    For TMo’s business sake, getting the iPhone would be great. Who cares if you’re an Apple fanboy or not?

    No one would be forcing you to buy it.

  • Michael

    well tmobile in europe already sells the iphone . why not usa. dont believe me check out the netherlands tmobile

  • Sgt. Cell

    Only if they call it the “HTC HD2”, Apple had their chance to grow and stuck with AT&T. With the n900, HD2 (both good possibility’s) and the behold, T Mobile is good with touch screens.

  • kershon

    I would like to see T-Mobile get the iphone, BUT only if it is in addition to new high end android phones. Sooner or later the iphone craze is going to slow down and there will be other phones available that are better than the iphone. If T-Mo gets the HD2, X10 and some of the other rumored devices and gets the iphone too, I believe Magenta will go from number 4 to 3 in a hurry and it might not be long before closing in on ATT. If T-Mobile continues to build out its network at the pace it has this year, by the end of 2010 it seems to me the network will be more than capable to handle the iphone and all the others. And if T-Mo gets the iphone, I believe it will almost be a stampede of the iphone users from ATT to T-Mobile. The iphone users on T-Mo now with unlocked phones would probably want to upgrade to a new phone that is aws capable and that can’t hurt either.

  • kershon

    Now, if I could just win the teenie-bopper Behold 2 for my kid, I will be happy. lol lol

  • Joseph Singer

    Unless Apple includes the HSPA frequencies that T-Mobile uses it would only work with T-Mobile’s EDGE.

  • Theodokos

    Would definitely get an iPhone on Tmo, Hell I’ve been using one for almost 2 years now on Tmo. Would love to have the new one with 3G…

  • Danny

    Honestly, no. I don’t want all those iPhone users hogging up the T-Mobile data bandwidth. They can stick to AT&T, for all I care. Really though, will the the investments to prop up the network due to the iPhone data’s toll be be worth extra users? User experience will go down across the board. I say no. And hopefully, that will be how it is.

    Those people that really want iPhone on T-Mobile will figure out to unlock it. I’m fine with that, since it doesn’t mean a stampede of iPhone users to T-Mobile.

  • beastly

    A few thoughts:

    The iPhone is a great device, in its own way. It’s very intuitive. A salesman for AT&T once told me he could sell an iPhone to my grandmother, and teach her to use it in ten minutes. After having played with it, I agree. Very user-friendly, and very capable. Not for me, though.

    The idea that it’s a huge pain for Apple to make their phones CDMA-capable is crazy. Plenty of manufacturers do it all the time. As soon as Apple’s exclusivity contract with AT&T is up, we’ll see iPhones on all the Big Four. Steve Jobs is kicking himself for not doing it that way to begin with. I might almost think that Verizon will hold off on getting the iPhone, just because of all their “iDont” commercials, but the truth is, Verizon has very little regard for your and my attention spans, and once they get the chance to carry the iPhone and make a buck off it, they’ll do so gladly.

    • Bill48105

      Converting iphone to cdma would definitely be harder than to TMo’s 3G but not impossible and besides I’d bet Apple is forward looking enough to have it already done (at least plans and/or prototypes) so it could be released ASAP.

      Because of the iphone/droid/idon’t bad blood Sprint could be the best candidate since people should be able to do similar to what they do now with att->TMo and take them from Sprint->Verizon, perhaps with a little mod’ing (somehow hacked to run on Verizon for V customers or Sprint customers with it forced roaming) so could be done even if not officially supported. Apple is the absolute king of marketing & planned obsolescence and they love horizontal markets so I could definitely see that happening to ‘save face’ with Verizon while still selling indirectly to all their customers. Then again, in the end they are both for-profit businesses & the all mighty $ could win out & they kiss & make up but I’m still thinking a Sprint deal would be the move they’d make. Sprint is hurting pretty bad and would probably give up 49% share of the company to Apple for an iphone deal and Apple would see it as a win win win WIN. Expand market to not only Sprint but also Verizon then turn around & sell officially to Verizon customers once they see how many Sprint iphones are on their network (customers or roaming).

      • beastly

        Here’s how I see it:
        BlackBerry and HTC have no trouble releasing CDMA, GSM, and blended versions of most models of their phones. I can’t see a little thing like CDMA stopping a big electronics manufacturer like Apple from making their products available to a wider audience.

        Now that Apple has the iPhone’s name out there, their partnership with AT&T has served its purpose. It would be foolish for them to not offer the phone to each of the Big Four, since that would increase their sales volume. And it would be foolish of any of the Big Four to refuse to carry it, since that would put them behind the other cell companies in terms of phone selection.

        Not only that, but the more iPhones Apple sells, the more other Apple products they will sell (iTunes subscriptions, computers to sync with, etc.)

        Marketing to all the cell phone companies once their contract is up seems like a no-brainer. Am I missing something that would make an exclusivity agreement beneficial to Apple?

        In any case, if Apple goes exclusive with someone, I think we all know that it won’t be T-Mobile, and probably won’t be Sprint either.

  • Koloheboy

    Would be intresting

  • MillionDays

    Why is Tmobile considering this junk but didn’t consider the N900? Don’t say “because of the price” because unsibsidized, the iPhone is $600+ also. The N900 is a MUCH better choice than this. TMobile needs to get the N900 over the iPhone.

    • 30014

      The iphone is a “people mover” device, plain and simple. As far as the n900, nokia is not a major player in the usa. Just look at how the n97 has done, it’s been a complete flop. If any phone is going to bring new subscribers to tmo it will be the iphone.

  • Rstar

    Tmobile will never get the iphone. Sorry to say.

  • A few days after Project Dark, I called T-Mobile to upgrade my plan to save a (very) few bucks. Over the course of the conversation, I asked if there was any chance of them getting the iPhone anytime soon, given that AT&T’s exclusivity contract would be ending.

    The CSR said, and I quote, “Now, unfortunately another company has already bought the rights to the iPhone. We’re concentrating on the MyTouch.”

    When I asked her who, she told me she wasn’t at liberty to say. But I had already mentioned AT&T when she said another company, so I can’t imagine it was them (not to mention that AT&T’s contract is common knowledge, so there would be no reason for her confidentiality).

    I think this lends credence to the Verizon iPhone rumors.

    • Bill48105

      Interesting story Will but wondering if that hearsay conversation from a CS rep that might or might not have a clue helps or dispels the rumors. lol Nothing against the TMO reps but odds are they don’t know much of anything more than the rest of us unless they moonlight as head of Apple or the “other” cell carrier. :D I’m sure the employees have their own little rumor mill that just churns & churns and sometimes those leak out to places like here. Anyhow like I said interesting no matter.

      Hey wonder why they didn’t say they concentrating on getting some great upcoming phone seeing how you were speculating on iphone.. Ya know, thinking forward, looking forward, talking forward, bring up current soon to be past. Meh

      • But an analyst thinking off the top of his head helps more? My source came straight from T-Mobile; it doesn’t sound like Reid was going by anything more than the perceived “division” between “camps.”

        And like I said, they did steer me toward the MyTouch. They played up the Fender edition coming up, and also mentioned the CLIQ.

      • Jonesy

        I was told from a T-mobile rep in an elizabethtown KY store and quote “yes the rumor is that we will have the iphone sometime this year I just don’t know when” So I would say this just proves that they obviously have no clue.

    • Grr

      CSRs have no knowledge of these things. The hear it from blogs and rumors like everyone else. It really doesn’t do much good to ask them about it because chances are they get it from an outside source. CSRs usually know about upcoming plans. Sometimes they have some upcoming phone knowledge. Rarely will they even accurately know a 3G launch date. They really have very limited inside knowledge. For stuff like this, you would have to know someone extremely high up (likely VP level). If it is close to being done, then you could get away with knowing someone in product development.

    • jkraze

      The customer service rep would be the last to know… sounds like bullshit to me. They don’t know about new phone releases the retail side would know if anyone. Regular employees don’t get informed about things like that only the higher ups do.

    • DLjsm

      I’m going to say this once and once only… A T-Mobile CSR is in no way capable of being able to tell you anything about the Iphone. One told me about 6 months ago that the Iphone works on our 3G service here in the U.S. I knew it didn’t but, that goes to show you that they get the same news and rumors as we do. And some of them just don’t know how to distribute that information.

      No one really knows how these Apple execs think. T-Mobile was alive and kicking in Germany with the Iphone so, why not the U.S. It makes sense for them to come to T-Mobile U.S.A. But, T-Mobile U.S.A. for some reason, don’t make the best of business decisions. Example: @Home, they have only 1 Free device, no real promotions like buy one get one free.

      I know T-Mobile really doesn’t have other avenues of revenue like Verizon and AT&T but, they have to take some risks. Getting the Iphone would be thee best thing for T-Mobile. With the hopes of the HSPA+ being as big as they say it will be, would be a red carpet entrance for Apple to come to the Magenta side.

      But, like I said, they seem (T-Mobile) to always F.U.B.A.R. things up. And I am personally looking forward to owning one of the best phones to date on a cheaper provider. But, I’m not that far gone to know that T-Mobile customers aren’t that lucky. It’s going to take a lot of prayer for intelligence to reside with both the Magenta and Apple teams.

      I see it makes sense! You see that it makes sense! Can they!?

      All they would have to do is make the lphone compatible with our 1700/2100MHz network. I’m no engineer, but that can’t be that hard!! Right!?

      So, when a CSR form T-Mobile gives you any future info on pretty much anything. DO…NOT…BELIEVE…IT!! I work for T-Mobile…trust me…

    • foo

      The CS like others have said ARE THE LAST TO KNOW. We in engineering know a little bit more but not much. Here’s something to think about.

      1) T-mobile has put a lot of effort in expanding 3G in a lot of their markets. 2009 goal was to double our footprint from 2008 and that’s going smoothly.
      2) Everyone knows that T-mobile is rolling out HSDPA+ running fiber to our existing 3G sites to up the bandwidth…doesnt ATT suffer from bandwidth problems? Hmmm.

      I’ve always joked that we’re doing all this upgrading etc because the exclusivity with ATT is due to expire…look at the timing. HSDPA+ scheduled to roll out by mid next year. iPhone contract with ATT ends around that time. Hmmm

      It’s easier for Apple to change/add a chipset for the AWS frequency than it would be to do CDMA (OLD TECH). So it’s a far easier transition to T-mobile than VZW or Sprint. When everyone’s on LTE that’ll be a different story. Apple can get more market share to tap going to T-Mobile and ATT will start to loose some of their customes because of their horrible network quality. It will be a win-win for a lot of people

      that’s my .02 cents

      • Viggy

        You mean your 0.02 dollars…. :P

  • John

    To say that T-Mobile will never get the iPhone is simply incorrect. Look at Canada – 4 carriers, France – 2 carriers, UK – 2 carriers. Each time a new carrier, mainly in Europe, the iPhone’s market share jumps. The iPhone will come to T-Mobile, whether it’s the 2nd or 4th carrier, it’s just simply a matter of time.

    I would be 100% for a T-Mobile iPhone in the US. I think it makes a lot of sense, especially with the ads Apple is running. 3G data & voice calls? Not on Verizon until LTE. I do think that there is something to the fact that T-Mobile will have 7.2 MB/S up and running by year end and the 3GS has been able to do that the whole time (yes I know wrong spectrum – but really a change in chip architecture is not that hard). And if T-Mobile can really get 21 MB/s up and running across their whole network by the end of 2010 then why not go with them.

    But better yet, imagine with me. An iPhone running on T-Mobile’s 7.2 Mb/s data network all for under $80 on an individual plan or $140 for a family plan. Knocks AT&T right out of the water doesn’t it! I just hope the network is ready because if they can’t handle it, there will be nothing but I told you sos flying from everyone around the interwebs…

    Long and the short of it, T-Mobile please bring the iPhone to your stable of mis-matched phones sooner rather than later. This will truly be the Hero handset you are looking for to catipult you to 3rd or even 2nd place. But please do two things before that. 1) Don’t ignore Android, it’s an OS that once Google thinks a few more things through *like better non-gmail email support* will really shine and 2) give me enough advance notice so that I can save up the $500 it will be not on contract.

    Thanks for letting me give my $0.02!

  • Peanut Gallery

    I already have the iphone with T-mobile.

    • Bill48105

      Curious, if iphone came to TMobile (officially) how likely would you buy one since you already have an iphone? Say you are on a Plus plan & gotta pay $499 for it, would you? Assuming the only real benefit was 3G and everything else was essentially the same maybe..

      • Jürgen

        because if t-mobile were to offer an official iphone, we could use it on our 3G network, currently unlocked phones only work on att’s 3G network, so we have to settle for EDGE.

  • Okay if you guys wanna know who’s already in the works to get the iPhone next, check this link:


    It’s already in manufacturing/testing…
    Photos of test units are far more reliable than verbal speculation.

    I think the real question TMoNews should be asking is ‘Why is T-Mobile USA not subsidizing the Nokia N900?’ (considering it was optimized for WCDMA Band IV AWS 3G, already has the 1700mhz antenna built in, and doesn’t need a new 3G antenna chipped motherboard to be created-making a separate 900/1700/2100mhz iPhone model as no 850/900/1700/1900/2100 WCDMA 3G antenna to make a dual network AT&T+T-Mobile GSM 3G model is not likely to be produced in this decade).

  • JBLmobileG1

    From my experience I believe the iphone will be avaliable to all carriers once their exclusive contract is up with at&t. The reason to why I say this is because Apple knows they can get more money out of it all if they just expand to all carriers. Plus with Android out… Apple does have some tough competition… now if the right hardware comes out to support what it has to offer…. Apple may be in trouble. Look at it this way… before the iphone the Motorola Razr was thee phone to have. It once was only avalible to at&t but now its on all carriers (in one form or another) even pre-paid ones. They might as well release it to everyone before the steam is gone especially with everyone trying to come up with something to compete with it. (Which I feel is a good Android device). Like with all hot toys they eventually end up in the bargin bins and now may be the start for the iphone. True… maybe Apple may release different models to every carrier but I believe all carriers will get an iphone sometime in the next few years.

  • Maddy

    With Apple taking hits on Verizon with their most recent iPhone ads, it’s unlikely they will do something that they’re criticizing themselves (unlikely because they’ve done that plenty of times in the past).

    iPhone on T-Mobile, with 3rd party multitasking, native Google voice and latitude apps would be perfect.

    Oh well, I can only dream!

  • JBLmobileG1

    Jermeo’s link to an iphone for Verzion helps with my theory as well. It mentions that Apple is going with a different supplier. If you noticed the very first Razrs were built like tanks but the newest ones are made of cheap parts and plastics…. at least at one point they used aluminum backs but now its plastic. Could this mean the iphone is following? After all if you are going to release multiple versions you’ll need the extra help manufaturing them.. (or to cut costs build them with cheaper components by someone who will do so for less). Apple has always seemed to be quality but for a price. Although didn’t they cut their costs of their famous Mac computers by going with intel for their processors? I may be totally wrong but that’s what I heard. If this is the case then maybe the iphone will be in the same boat.

  • Rich

    The actual cost to make the iPhone is relatively low based on this review last year (http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9103438/Apple_squeezes_iPhone_3G_costs_down_to_173), but whoever gets the iPhone next will want to make sure they get their pound of flesh out of it, so I doubt they will be giving them away (but I sure hope I’m wrong about that).

    I can see Verizon being really aggressive and jumping at the chance to take away current dissatisfied AT&T iPhone customers, possibly with an equipment exchange program.

    T-Mobile could also benefit from that as well. Apple could also see the value in legitimizing the thousands of iPhone owners who have hacked their way onto T-Mobile already, by getting them to switch to an official (locked) T-Mobile iPhone.

    It’s going to be a win-win or win-win-win for Apple regardless of which path they take – more channels mean more iPhones sold. Either or both carriers make sense for Apple, but they will both want some form of exclusivity to add value to their package, so both seems unlikely at first.

  • IWantToKnow

    who cares about the iphone go get a tp2

  • 2FR35H

    Tmobile been had the iPhone in europe. Tmobile USA shouldn’t even waste their time with apple. T-Mobile started selling android 1st before anyone else now they need to continue on with Android. this Android stuff is What apple is to AT&T I mean it just goes together. Tmobile is the android king or queen whichever you wanna call it. The best damn deals with android service is T-mobile I have been with T-mobile for 5 years straight right when I was tired of getting screwed by tracfone’s prepaid bullshit this was what I chose and they do ya well.

  • Alex

    T-Mobile needs to finished what they started.
    Brought Android into the world, and now fail in compared to other carriers Android phones.
    Sad how that worked out.

    Snapdragon go!

  • deanesn

    I wish TM would get the iphone but I will tell you this. It won’t happen. Why? Cuz TM doesn’t have the money to. ATT pays big bucks and they don’t make much money off the iphone but they do from their plans. TM on the other hand has much cheaper plans but the phones are more expensive. So let’s say TM gets the iphone in order to stay competitive they need to match ATT’s pricing which I don’t see happening. But u know. What ill pay extra 100-200 for an iphone just to be on TM anytime cuz they have great service and cheaper plans. Note that TM USA is separate entity from TM Europe. Perfect example of this phone acquisitioning is the mytouch and the hero. They could have secured hero easily but the mytouch was the cheaper solution even with rumors hero coming to TM it might but the phone is old now and HTC has moved on with newer technology which is soon to come out. Anyways just my $0.02 I’m still keeping my fingers crossed goping TM would get the iphone ;)

  • derrickps3

    i dont see why people still praise the iphone like its a god, the iphone is a has been, the only thing keeping it slightly popular is the apps on it. android is the future. and i think tmo and android will be dominant in 2010

    • 2FR35H

      yup Android 2.0 sealed iPhone’s fate Droid I will say, killed the iPhone.

  • Rich

    I don’t see why T-Mobile couldn’t offer the iPhone in addition to Android phones, which I happen to agree are very good. The iPhone is the iPhone; it’s identifiable, easy to use, it has mass appeal and it’s becoming more pedestrian everyday. If it can add customers at a profit, then I don’t see why they shouldn’t include it in their offerings. Why alienate customers just to make a point over a particular device?

    Just because TM could carry they iPhone it doesn’t mean they couldn’t specialize in being the premier Android carrier. The iPhone sells itself to those who like it.

  • SEFan

    I would buy the iPhone for T-Mobile 3G. I’ve had an iPod Touch for a few months, and have come to like it a lot. In fact, if I could get a 3G dongle for the iPod I could skip a 3G phone entirely. For me the iPhone would be a slightly fatter but complete version of the Touch. I’ve come to like the look of the OS, and have gotten comfortable working with it. The inability to run multiple apps is an annoyance, but for the moment a minor one.

    As for Android, I’m still waiting for the breakout device on T-Mobile. G1? Who thought THAT was a good way to differentiate T-Mo from the elegance of the iPhone 3G? Hope he’s been fired. MyTouch? A somewhat incomplete attempt at an iPhone competitor, like they couldn’t be bothered to look at the design arc of their competition. Cliq? Well, there’s the battery life issue, otherwise OK if the Motoblur concept works for you. It doesn’t for me, which means I’d have to actively undo Moto’s software to get a functional phone. Behold II? I was so hopeful when the Galaxy was announced, but they couldn’t just bring an Android phone, they had to Touchwiz it. Bottom line: Android on T-Mobile has been behind from the start – always a feature, an OS version, a processor behind.


    I’m tired by the constant rants about how T-Mobile brought Android to the public. Fact: Google gave us Android…..T-Mobile delivered it poorly as a platform.

    Sure T-Mobile was the first carrier to have an Android phone and in a year’s time they have the weakest showing of Android devices. Since then competitors to the iPhone have improved or come on the scene Storm – Storm 2, Palm Pre. The Droid and Eris and Sprint Hero are still better displays of Android than T-Mobile delivered. So their credit has been short-lived. The Cliq and the Behold 2 are design/performance disasters. Same specs of the inside with a different shell on the outside. Nothing to be impressed by.

    The story about T-Mobile snagging the iPhone is going to be what they always are….a big disappointment. Just like the X10 or N900 coming to T-Mobile. Sony and Nokia may have obliged T-Mobile the honor of putting their AWS bands on the devices but it doesn’t make them T-Mobile exclusives.

    Apple giving the iPhone to T-Mobile is like Kobe Bryant giving his championship ring to Spud Webb. At the time AT&T snagged the iPhone they were the #1 carrier, Verizon has since taken the crown back and I’m sure Apple is keen to do business with the a top tier carrier. The Droid vs. AT&T/Apple commercials are all in good marketing sport. Can we name a commercial T-Mobile has ever producing touting their advantages over a major competitor? Don’t think so. They’d rather sing out and be free. uber WHACK!!!

    Don’t get your hopes up folks. Disappointment looms.

  • Rstar

    Again, one can only dream, tmobile will never get the iphone.

  • jwill

    The facts are tmobile is the supplier of iphones in germany. Tmo usa already provides iphone assistance. If u really want an iphone on tmo go get one get it unlocked and call tmo customer service to help you out. What’s the discussion? There are tons of people already using iphones in the us on tmo… seems like a no brainer if u REALLY want it and want it now. There are tons of unlocked iphones for sale on ebay. Knock yourselves out ;) and if u need evidence I have already called and asked about the cs for iphone. The rep was happy to assist.


      Yeah…there are lots of Edge enabled iPhones on T-Mobile. I was probably one of the first 1000 people to unlock and use the phone on the network but Edge is sooo 2006/2007. Who doesn’t want to see a T-Mobile 3G AWS iPhone pulling up sites in blazing speed? I do. Anyone else?

  • Alex

    Bringing the Iphone to T-mobile in the US does sound like a viable option, after all it is already offer to users in the UK. We also know that the Iphone can be supported on the network since AT&T users have brought them over when they switched carriers.

  • Bob

    T-Mobile is using a different downstream frequency for 3G in the United States. The phones they have now support AT&T’s. It’s feasable, that’s for sure.

    I still highly doubt the iPhone on Verizon rumors. Verizon blew their chance to get the iPhone already, and their ads slamming the iPhone sure aren’t going to make Apple too happy.

  • Mikey4tmobile

    I think it would be a really big step forward for tmobile to get the iPhone because alot of people love tmobile and already have it but dispose the lack of iPhones so they end up switching to AT&T just to get the iPhone and waste their money on a suckish garbage company.

  • Ron-E

    No doubt, the iphone is a nice device, the one that started it all, and it’s the one people love or hate. But I’m really happy with what android has to offer. Granted it is still somewhat in it’s infancy stage, but it is coming along especially with 2.0 and up. I really like the open architecture.

    More power to TMo if iphone comes, but I’m sticking to my little green robot phone.

  • Austin Canfield

    the new iPhone is actually rumored to support both cdma and gsm, similar to the BB storm so as long as it supports 1700mhz wcdma then just about any carrier is a good bet

  • Lee

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for about 10 years (since before they were called T-Mobile USA). Their customer service is what keeps me. They are very well-run, have great service, and deserve a shot at the iPhone. Actually, they are already supporting it. Many of those jailbroken phones are running quite happily on T-Mobile, and with tech support freely provided by T-Mobile, which has an open-door policy — they’ll allow you to use any GSM phone you choose to bring with you.

  • bob

    i want to be a loyal t-mobile person but i want the iphone. put them together and make me happy please

  • kurlymann

    interesting. I think that bob made a good point on how verizon’s ads lately have sort of slammed the iphone’s limited capabilities in certain areas. it would seem that maybe verizon tried to acquire the rights to the iphone but failed and now they’re really pushing droid hard instead. i really hope t-mo gets the iphone next and why shouldn’t they…they already carry it in germany.

  • Lalizona

    I have been with TMobile for 10 years and have been waiting for about 5 yrs for them to get another phone to work with Mac. I am so excited. I got it form an insider that a promo phone for TMobile has already been made and has been making the rounds. June can’t come fast enough for AT&T’s contract to end!!!

    Horay… TMobile is the best service out there and the iphone will only put them over the top to surpass all other carriers!!!

    Way to go Apple and TMobile!!!

  • Hector

    Well here is my take on the iPhone coming to T-Mobile.

    1. Apple is pretty much over their relationship with AT&T, while they probably dont want to sever ties completely. They do want the option to explore other options (carriers) Pretty much what this means is that AT&T will still carry the iPhone, just not exclusively as they are carrying it now.

    2. Verizon has been taking a few stabs at AT&T and even more so the iPhone. So much so that now Apple is having to get into the business of defending their partnet U.S. carrier. I dont know about you guys but if I was Steve Jobs, i would want to tell Verizon to go shove it up their pie hole. So much so that i really believe that if the glimmer of hope existed that one day Verizon may get the iPhone, that day will just have to wait for a long time.

    3. In order for the iPhone to work on Verizon’s current network it would have to be, and i use the term loosely, “re-engineered”. Now im no Technical expert but i would assume that quite a bit of money would have to be spent to engineer a phone that will work on verizon’s network. Now me i personally would rather make something that can be used pretty much all over the world vs. making something that will only work on one network. Granted that network is the biggest carrier in the U.S. (for now anyways) but really, are all 80 million + Verizon customers going to go and buy an iPhone. I dont think so. I think that realistically the number would be closer to 15 million of Verizon’s customers would eventually buy the iPhone. EVENTUALLY being the key word. If i was going to actually do something crazy like make something specific for one carriers use, I would want instant gratification. So again, Verizon as long as they run on their old tired network. Will probably not get the iPhone.

    4. Finally i get to T-Mobile. T-Mobile, granted is still improving its network. But it is well known that they are working at a feverish pace to get it up and working as best as it can possibly be as fast as it can possibly be. Already we are hearing about faster 3G speeds vs AT&T.
    Secondly, By Apple releasing the iPhone to T-Mobile, they would really not be doing anything special to the phone to get it to be compatible. All i hear that would need to happen is to do a minor chip upgrade to accept T-Mobiles 3G network. Essentially making the iPhone a quad-band phone. Next, Apple and Deustch Telekom, T-Mobile parent company are already working together in Europe if im not mistaken. So the relationship is already there.
    Finally, by allowing T-Mobile to carry the iPhone, HOW many people wont switch away from AT&T and Verizon not to mention the other carriers such as Sprint, Metro, Cricket, and whatever other smaller carriers are out there. Im guessing that a very good amount of people will leave Verizon. Many of the Verizon customers want the iPhone, they just dont want to switch to AT&T. But would have no problem switching to T-Mobile to satisfy their Apple iPhone hunger. Already T-Mobile is the cheapest carrier and you would have the option of not having a contract and paying FULL PRICE for the phone. I don’t know. I get the feeling that when the iPhone comes to T-Mobile this year, if you really want to get one. Prepare to camp out for about a week prior to its Launch date in front of all of those T-Mobile stores.

    I seriously think that right now all this ramping up of the network and project dark, all it was, or is, is to get ready to launch something that T-Mobile knows will push them from their current spot, to perhaps the number 2 carrier in the U.S. I just hope that T-Mobile is ready for the madness that this little contraption has brought to all of the carriers of the world.

  • jon

    What’s with this site? The link to this on the front page says ‘Iphone to Tmobile’ as if it’s fact, only for a post that’s completely hypothetical.

    Virgin Mobile to Pickup iPhone in 2010?

  • Kasey

    If Say T-mobile picks up the Iphone it wont really be an earth shocker now T-Mobile might recapture some ship jumpers gains some new customers and current Iphone T-mobile user will eventually get the T-mobile Iphone. but the impact would honestly not be major. As a retails salesman it my job to keep on the pulse of the customer honestly the Iphone is no where near the hot ticket as they where its lost most interest in the tech world as it has slipped more to the soccer mom crowd. as a previous T-mobile jail breaker Iphone it was ok and honestly the only time EDGE honestly isnt fast enough is streaming video or downloading files and apps. as i know walk with my aged G1 which honestly can just do more in my opinion then the Iphone can but thats cause i love to hack mod and develop (electrical engineering student) . there for the g1 is more my area then the Iphone. also most customers still prefer Physical buttons.

    In short yes T-mobile would get maybe a 12-20% customer base change at the very high end. (being very optimistic.) i would see maybe about a 10-15% customer switch to the Iphone. none of this would be immediate it would be a moderate adoption i’d say over possibly the next 6-15 months.

    My main issues with the iphone is if something goes wrong its apple job to fix so cuts T-mobile out of some of that beloved customer service.

  • nate

    I would buy an iphone if it were offered through T-Mobile.

  • Krissy

    I have an iPhone unlocked for T-Mobile. I would LOVE to see it available through T-Mobile and just had a lengthy discussion regarding the iPhone with a CSR, who sent me here. I keep holding out hope that T-Mobile will pick up the iPhone in 2010. I think, that if we make it known that it’s a want for their customers, maybe they’ll listen? I don’t know. We’ve been customers for about 11-12 years now, and I wouldn’t dream of switching even if they don’t pick up the iPhone, but I’m really really really hoping they do!! LOL

    Oh, and as far as CSR’s knowing what phones they are and aren’t getting, I agree that they don’t know jack until they actually GET it in. Heck, I was told LAST year that they would be getting the iPhone at the end of the year by a CSR. Turns out it was the G1. This was before I was knowledgeable about the exclusive contract, etc. I didn’t realize that was in existence, so I was just as clueless as she was and fell for it hook, line and sinker!

  • Shan

    I would love the iPhone to be through Tmobile! I would buy it in a heart beat!!!

  • Vycanthus

    I think it would bring alot of revenue to tmo if they brought on the iPhone. There’re alot of ppl out there poised for AT&T’s death grip on it to lapse..I’d get one…

  • kurlymann

    I spoke with a T-Mo rep today in regards to upgrading my phone to a new touch screen incorporated device such as the Moto Cliq or MyTouch 3g since my current 2 yr contract is nearly up and he said and I quote “it might be worth it to you to wait til sometime after april because we are getting a really good device soon”. i tried to push him and he did hint to it being the iphone but then said that he wasn’t supposed to discuss it. But then we also discussed the nexus one becoming an actual t-mo offered device soon so who knows. Time will tell.


  • Maggz1988

    Well i would love the phone especially if it tmobile their are so many people who have t-mobile and i know for a fact if you get this phone on the market it gonna sell more than the MY TOUCH. Your sells will go off the roof i dont know anyone who even has verizon. So i believe that t-mobile is more than perfect

  • Da11as

    I have been a T-mo customer for 10 years,and this last year was the first time I was swayed to switch to ATT. I had everything signed and set up and ready to go with ATT, simply because then I could a new functional Iphone. I am using a unloked Iphone now But could not justify the cost of the ATT unlimtied talk, text, and web, versus T-mo price so I stayed with T-mo. But I could assure anyone that I would camp out at the T-mo store the night before to get my hands on a new T-mo Iphone. I have tried the MyTouch and the virt. Keyboard letters are to close together on the Android phones. Also to edit a text or email with Android phone is to complicated, not like the the touch and hold edit feature of the Iphone. I sent the MyTouch back for this very reason. If they could fix the Android phones with a better vert keyboard and simpler text and email editing I could deal with the Droid phones. But NOTHING would make me happier than a new T-mo Ipone.

    Dallas Ga.

  • juan

    I went to a cop’ store of tomobile yesturday in modesto cali. manager said they are getting the iphone for tmobile in may of 2010. so im waiting till may to upgrade!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Dude, there is no way a store manager knows this information and the rest of the blogosphere does not. Seriously.

  • Chad

    First and foremost, everyones forgetting what the majority of Iphone users use their phones for, not for calling, Tmobile realizes that everything is churning into data so thats where a lot of focus is being driven in the company, while the iphone has apparently has caused problems on at&t’s network they have made a majority of their money from data, I see no reason why tmobile would not pay to have the iphone on their network, they sub. handsets at the same comparable full retail price as the iphone, additionally with the upgrades to the hsdpa across all available 3g network areas and hsdpa+ coming soon the network will hold and support the iphone just as well as at&t, no one knows when or if the iphone will come to tmobile, BUT verizon seems to be a company that does like control, something that apple likes as well, I dont see a potential partnership being brewed because of the verizon/google relationship being evolved not only in the phone side, but due to recent reports google is developing a search based google fios program (think thats how its spelled), this conflicts strongly with apples dragging apple tv process, but apple certainly does not want the confliction no matter how large or small against fios, thats all based on factual reports, my personal opinion is that for the iphone to become big in the first place it needed a large carrier, im sure when apple first presented the iphone it was willing to make a cdma version for verizon, the reason for verizon declining we will never know, obviously verizon did not see google android coming in as a such a stong hitter when they did decline so thats a mystery, i do think that apple would like to sell more handsets and the partnership with tmobile would def. get a few more million out the door, finacially i see no reason why apple would not, its a company that has done well with their products, if they see confidence in tmobile’s network ability to handle that data, apple will and should go with tmobile, it would be a suicide mission to not accept that android is growing larger everymonth, aside from the fact that at&t is picking up 5 new android devices sometime in the next two quarters of business, apple knows that sticking with an “exclusive” gets things started but to really move product it needs to expand, hence the reason they have opened up imacs, apple tv, macbooks, and originally the ipod to other retailers like bestbuy, where the store sells almost every apple product, in a company that does not release future dates for products or where they will be released you need to look at the history of what apple has done, everyone analyzes on where apple products will go next and the whole time, its been right under every nerds eye

  • Chad

    o ya one thing I forgot, for some who might be speculating that reason that tmobile has not had a iphone bashing commercial, like the famous moto droids “I dont” commercial, its not because tmobile usa has some behind the scenes love affair with steve jobs and the valley which apple inhabits, its because tmo usa parent company DT out of germany would forbid it, as the strongest carrier of iphone overseas, DT would slap down dotson and the employees in bellevue before it got a chance to breath words I Dont. but please for the sake of humanity against high price phone companies just seal the deal and make sure employees keep it a better secret than project dark!

  • Tammy

    I have T-Mobile and have heard different rumors regarding the iPhone. Has anyone noticed that basically the iPhone is taking over??? It’s like a luxury car or bag or golf clubs. So and so has one – I have to have it too, sort of situation!!!! Don’t get me wrong…I would love to have one and have been debating on whether or not to upgrade to the HTC HD2 or just wait and see what happens with the iPhone. I just don’t see what TMo wouldn’t see it as a perfect opportunity to get a big jump in the game. Who knows. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see what happens.

  • Red

    Oh god I hope T-Mobile get the iPhone soon. I’d have to have to buy the phone and unlock it. I’d just rather get it the appropriate way, through them as a carrier. Not to mention Verizon is crap (also not fond of AT&T) and if they got it, I wouldn’t drop T-Mobile for either AT&T, I’d rather get it unlocked.

  • Joseph

    I would love to see an iphone on T-mobile, but more than likely it will not happen. My projection is that Verizon picks it up, but doesn’t push one out until they have put out their 4G network. I would say Sprint since they have the only 4G network right now, but I believe Apple is too smart in not trying to cash in on the millions of people already on Verizon who would die to get an iphone. This means the switch to another iphone carrier is going to take some time because it will require iphones to be built in CDMA format and would require Verizon to build a 4G network. In the meantime the new 4.0 OS will keep current AT&T users happy.

  • Gary

    If anyone in Corporate Offices is reading this and taking note – I am one of the 45 year olds and up that are chomping at the bit to get a Iphone.

    I am on T-Mobile. I have been a tmobile customer for about 10 years.

    Bring it on !

  • Paul Mower

    I am a long time customer of T-Mobiles even back to the days of Voicestream (13 years now). I have been a user of the Iphone, both the 2g and 3g on the T-Mobile network. Love the Iphone even better than my Nexus One but do miss the 3g while usning the Iphone.

    Please make the Iphone on T-Mobile a real thing.

  • Courtney

    I think t-mobile would be a great carrie for the iphone and i would love to see them get especilly because i have t-mobile and I really want the iphone

  • dman

    I also want tmobile to carry the iphone , then I can finally upgrade my 2g that I now have on airplane mode since I switched networks. Also WINDmobile (ontario) will be able to get it :) (since it too is 1700/2100)

  • iphone_user

    I am a iphone user on the TMobile network. I love the phone and hope it does come and soon if you ask me. The 1900 vs 1700/2100 frequency difference should not be hard to overcome, the rest is compatible already. I like the TMobile service, AT&T may be second largest but that has to be just because of the iphone because their plans and services leave a bit to be desired. I wish I could use the 3G but for now I will suffer just because I like the iphone. The Google phone with Android technology (Nexus One) looks to be promising and has a faster processor than the iphone so it will be a contender if the Apple execs don’t get smart soon. I am sure someone at Verizon has already gotten the backlash for letting the iphone deal fall through the first time, and with their aggressive marketing campaign against the iphone, to me it is doubtful, but hey I work for a living. Apple’s deal of exclusivity with AT&T and the iphone has costed them money, time and allowed the market for smart phones to catch up. They are still number one with the iphone but if some good decisions are not made soon, that may be in jeapordy. I want the iphone on TMobile because I like the phone, so does my wife and friends but I fear that whatever decision is made will be strictly dollars and no sense.

  • FamousGOAT

    Im a tmobile user. I was when it was Suncom. I really have no need to change to AT&T or Verizon. But Tmobile needs the iPhone! At&T has it and Verizon has the Droid, but nothing for Tmobile. Im uing an unlocked 2g iPhone and love it, but I really want a new 3Gs. PLEASE TMOBILE and APPLE, make a deal!, and sooner than later.

  • mcrollin2010

    Ok first i have never used an i phone and most likely never will. reason why when i was a bit younger i used to repair and rebuild Macs and one problem they always had was compatibility. in my opinion t-mo would be wasting there time with it i have used an i pod and one thing i do know itunes is a must which sucks i am a very avid cell phone entrepreneur i have used android ,nokia, blackberry and most other os’s i personally prefer nokia. i just recently got a nokia nuron (5230)
    i love it it has an app store a cost effective one at that with plenty of apps and very customizable this phone is a full touch screen phone with very easy texting capabilities you can have the feature that has the drag text as i call it which seems to be a very easily made S60 app i also have the ten dollar web which i can hook my phone to my computer and use it as a Internet connection it may not have wifi but what the hell is the point of wifi if you have unlimited data and never a coverage problem even taking into consideration i live a hour west of St Louis and they have not made it out here yet with 3g.To get to the point my nokia can and will do everything the iPhone can do yes the screen rotates with the phone yes you can use your nail or your finger yes it has a 3.5 mm headset jack with a great media player with eq (5 band) i could even customize the screen to look like the i phone i already have three dvds on it with its 16gb capability along with plenty of music and the best thing of all i do not need the PC dreaded iTunes i can load music right from my windows explorer now to set all that aside this is not nokia’s most advanced phone this is actually a lower end phone at a retail of $180 and comes with everything from the charger to the not needed stylus if they made the apps that they make for apple and make them for nokia or Java it would blow apple out of the water. i think it was the nokia 5800 that the list of features made my jaw absolutely drop, that phone retails and can be purchased directly from nokia for around $300 point being you shop around for a car for its features and looks why not shop for a cell phone the same way. and by the way nokia has been in the cell phone business almost as long as Motorola and we all know thats a long damn time and finally i do not think that nokia likes to use old technology as i have only seen sprint and Verizon and other knockoffs have only a few over the life of their business i could go on and on the point is iphone is just a hype. throw it in the garbage…………….android phones are also a waste of money except for the one that has a 1ghz processor that can actually give the os the resources that it needs

    • Johnny

      Are you selling the Nokia or giving an actual opinion???

      • Michael Meyer

        Yea thats what im tryin to figure out

    • Patrick

      you said your a “very avid cell phone entrepreneur”. That’s odd, owning several cellphones doesn’t make you an entrepreneur, if you had started a cell phone business you might be able to claim that. Next time Nokia hires shills for their product they might want to hire someone with a better command of the English language.

      • Fortune

        Damn….. thats right you tell them.

    • San

      I too have the Nokia Nuron, you are insane if you think the apps are equivalent to those of the Iphone!!!! I can name at least 5 off the top of my head that I would like but am unable to purchase because they are not compatible with the Nuron.

    • Rora

      I will have to disagree i have the nokia 5800 and it is super glitchy, slow, and the ovi market is horrible barely has anything neat or useful like the andriod market. When i read and researched the phone it did sound amazing. I do love nokia don’t get me wrong all i.ve ever used is nokia but i was really disappointed with this phone.

  • dominique

    yo they should beable to pick up the iphone becuz, im pretty sure they will get a bigger better, increase in the number of iphone users, expetially, when they make it and android iphone…or Google iphone…and t-moblie service is always working, un like some companies..well thats what i think, t-mobile should get the right to pick up the iphone…they will be the best partners apple, prolly every have…ill get it if they can pickit up…

    • Joey


      You shouldn’t be able to have an iphone, let alone any cell phone because you’re illiterate.

      • myles


    • Wang

      LMAOEH…. (Laughing my ass off even harder)!

  • Dollinquent

    I would definitely agree!!!
    T-mobile if a company I have always been happy with and have actually had the least amount of problems with. I have been waiting for them to pick up the iPhone so I can get one as I am sure that many other people have. I am also an AVID Apple user and considering their sales would at least double if they opened to T-mobile, I am sure that it would be a good business decision. I actually feel like a traitor to the Apple products I so love by not owning an iPhone but I wouldn’t switch carriers for the price and plans that AT&T offers. I am crossing my fingers for I can be a faithful Apple user again.

  • EM

    I have it, on good authority, that UPS signed a contract to ship the Iphone to T-Mobile later on this year.

    • David

      No you really don’t…

  • Sarita

    I would be stoked. I won’t leave T-Mobile to get an iPhone. Or, I won’t sign up with AT&T to get one. I love my T-Mobile service. I love Apple. Putting them together would be bliss!

    • yosita


    • Exactly! T-Mobile actually has helpful and knowledgeable customer service reps… the lack of which was the reason I left at&t and vowed never to return. T-Mobile, do whatever you have to do in order to get the iPhone, and your subscribers will double in number at least!

    • Eric

      Here here

    • big joe

      no other service for me is even near t mobile

    • roxi

      Im right there with you, i refuse to leave T Mobile. They have amazing customer service, coverage in areas that aren’t even on maps. I hear AT&T doesn’t. Regardless i would love T Mobile to carry the I Phone.

  • CAJ

    they need to pick up the iphone, that would be the BOMB. Having the iphone would be the best for t-mobile and me.

  • NM

    YES!!!!! Been waiting to use an iphone via t-mobile. I’m a mac user in everything (computer, ipod) except for phone because we use Tmobile for our phone. It will not only be good for T-mobile but NOT being exclusive to one phone carrier will be good for Apple!

  • ADam

    Apple will be expand their sales the most by including dual antenna’s and opening up next weeks key note with, “No matter what service you prefer, there’s an iphone for you.” As they introduce the factory unlocked iphone.

  • Teena

    I would be more than thrilled if T-mobile had the iphone. I won’t leave T-mobile but find myself daydreaming about someday getting that iphone. Right now I have the 3g Ipod touch and it is the most amazing devise…until I leave my wireless home connection – then I’m back to wishing it was an iphone again.


    I would definitely agree!!!
    T-mobile if a company I have always been happy with and have actually had the least amount of problems with. I have been waiting for them to pick up the iPhone so I can get one as I am sure that many other people have. I am also an AVID Apple user and considering their sales would at least double if they opened to T-mobile, I am sure that it would be a good business decision. I am crossing my fingers for I can be a faithful Apple user again. I will not switch to ATT been with Tmobile since it was voicestream wireless! I have been waiting for them to get the iphone~ I hope it happens soon! :) I will be such a happy girl

  • Johnny

    I don’t care what anybody says! If T-Mobile picks up the iPhone; even AT&T customers will drop ATT and change to T-Mobile. I’m pretty sure (and this is just my opinion) that at least half (if not more… A lot more) of ATT customers are just there because of the phone. I won’t leave T-Mobile For anything but would love to get the iPhone. Hate it or love it, It’s what most people want including me.

    On the other hand: If T-Mobile can and does pick the iPhone up; I hope they don’t make the grave mistake of increasing the prices on their plans. That would be a deal breaker for me. So T-Mobile… don’t get to cocky!

  • mydearsirwatson

    OMG…..does anybody know who us T-Mobile lovers can contact to BEG and PLEAD for this to happen. I have an iPhone, I unlocked and jailbroke it. I can’t function without it……..but I use it on my T-Mobile carrier. There is no way in hell I would switch to AT$T, they are way rude and expensive. Come USA T-Mobile, the UK and German T-Mo caught on already. I want to be able to update my iPhone when new updates come out, rather than waiting 2-3 months for a risk free way to upgrade.

    Who can I call/email/text????

  • Charlotte :]

    YES!!! T-moblie PLEASE get an iphone ! i want one soo bad!!! plzzz get the iphones !!!

  • hate me or love me…im still here!

    what do you people mean if tmobile has the service to suport the iphone i know many ppl who have tmobile service and are using an iphone….yes they arent supposed to but rules are just rules. tmobile getting the iphone would be the smartest move for everyone…well except verizon and at&t… so what is the big discusion about????? make the move!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Mobile

    Actually T-mobile already has the iphone on a 3g service for people in the UK this is not new.

  • MacBaby

    I was an AT&T customer when the iPhone came out. I got the original and now a 3G. But after SBC and AT&T merged the service and support just got worse and worse.

    A few months ago I said goodbye to AT&T, hacked my iPhone and am working on T-Mobile. The switch has bee good but since the iPhone won’t work with T-Mobiles 3G service I am stuck in data hell. I have to find local WIFI hotspots to get decent data speeds.

    At least my phone works!

    I would love to get the new iPhone but will not unless it works with someone other than AT&T.


  • SweetyPie

    I got the 3G Iphone and I disconnected the service with AT&T, I was not happy with their service.I tired to unlock my iphone through the Internet but those scambags never did anything and they just took my money without unlocking my iphone,so beware of website saying we are able to unlock iphones.. I had been with T-Moblie for 10 years now..and I do have the Motorola Cliq and I love it. but if T-mobile, will have the iphone service this Fall I’m going to add a line and reactivate my iphone too!! I’ll be waiting for that day!! cheer’s!

  • Michele

    When is this iPhone coming? Soon I hope or I am going to have to change companies. My Droid is already over capacity and I have only had for 3 months.


    I only pray T-Mobile will get a Iphone. Always wanted one but not with the AT&T network, People talks about other network not been able to support the Iphone, but they keep forgetting that AT&T network is always crashing and losing signal.

    I think Apple should re-think extending contracts with AT&T, because I know they will make more money on a open field. I will see apple stocks shooting to the sky if they start selling to Verizon, T-mobile. I don’t really care about Sprint because they are bastard. Sprint should left Nextel Alone and all they did was damage they good service they were providing by taking over the towels.

    Cant wait for Iphone on T-mobile!

  • Jenn

    Yes i think tmobile should get the iphone around the time i get my full dicount in sept…..alot more people will buy the iphone if tmobile gets it….it will be more popular than any other phone companies

  • washington

    YES, that would be awesome, i juts hope the price for the iphone will be reasonable if it comes to T-Mobile, say under 400, that would be glorious.

  • Just to clarify the confusion:

    My dad is an east coast regional manager and on the board of directors for T-mobile. He told me that Apple looses its contract with AT&T in late July. T-Mobile has already made plans with apple to incorporate the phone with both companies. T-mobile is the only company other than AT&T that has a compatible platform for the iphone. From what my dad hears, the iphone for t-mobile should be coming out thanksgiving 2010.

  • Punkin

    Well I have a brand new Iphone sitting in my closet waiting to be used. So rather Apple let Tmobile sell them or not, as soon as, the unlock code comes out for the new software I will be a proud Iphone user. LOL!!!!!

  • Denis

    Would love to see the union between t mobile and apple if not for anything else but to finally see T mobile grasp the fact that it needs to stay on the cutting edge of phone technolgy to stay competative. It has lagged behind for too long. While the g1 was the begining it has been slow keeping up. Their customer service is most likely the best in the industry they have been slow offering the technology that is available.

  • Jordan

    I say yes becuz there limiting there success
    See if they open up to other companies then they will have a better profit and a better success rate

  • Mr. T-Mo

    That’s an easy one……HECK YES T-Mobile should (will) pick up the iPhone. It’s simple really. T-Mobile has the best customer service and the most aggressive prices and with their HSPA + network ( fastest available). They are also building towers faster then any other provider so it is only a matter of time. Add an iPhone in the mix and KA-BOOM!

    Wake up America, T-Mobile is the future #1 wireless provider ! Oh yea, here’s another little nugget for you all. How’s about free mobile to mobile calling from Europe to the US…T-Mobile is the only provider to own their own network across the globe so don’t be surprised sooner rather then later.

    Mr. T-Mo

  • T- Mobile has the best plans and service, Apple arguably has the best phone ( definitely the best computers ), let them get together and form like Voltron……I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Hands down T-mobile should and Apple should partner up. I’ve wanted an iPhone since they came out and am still waiting until they team up with t-mobile. I have been satisfied with their service and will continue with them as long as they have great coverage for my needs. Jump on the band wagon Apple! T-mobile users will benefit from your product and you will benefit from our usage :) Peanutbutter and Jelly…eggs and bacon…Sonny and Cher…the great teams of the human-kind. Let’s add T-mobile and Apple to the list!

  • Jay

    I dont think Tmo will get the Iphone only because it will east a TON of bandwidth, and tmo will end up doing the same thing ATT did with its data usage. I asked a Tmo rep in person and he told me the same. Plus it would take away from the other cellular creators. Think about this one thing…. If apple became the ultimate phone (which they think they are now) would cause a lot of upset in the consumer universe. They would make us think that there’s not a better phone than theirs and that is simply not true. I’ve been waiting for a great phone to some out in Dec which is the Motorola Roi (that is if tmo keeps or changes the name) Which at this point DECIMATE the iphone and has better qualities and features not to mention hardware. So will Tmo go with Iphone?? I think definitely NOT!! Let Steve Jobs find a new market I PHONE IS NOT GOD PHONE TARDS DURR

  • ray

    jay your dad just raped you way to much thats why you say that queer!!! but anyways tmobile should and will get the i phone and it will be bad ass and the most used network and phone ever………jays a queer!!!!

  • Marilu

    I believe that Apple should not limit their product (iphone) to just AT&T. I have the new iphone 4 and I Jailbrke and unlocked this phone so I can go to T-Mobile let me say way better, I have more bars (signal) then I did when I was with AT&T would never go back to AT&T. So Apple should let any and all carriers that use the GSM network use any and all future iphone (2g, 3g, 3gs, 4,) Do you agree????

  • super t-mobile

    have always wanted the IPhone but will never go to AT&T to get it. I love T-Mobile and REALLY hope they get the IPhone soon I am do for an upgrade Please T-Mobile get it all worked out by then I will be the first to get one in my family

  • J Dubya

    T-mobile has a long way to go it would be more hurt than help for apple to make this partnership.

  • Your Daddy

    T-Mobile is getting the Iphone so for those that don’t like it, switch networks. For those of you like myself can’t wait, standby it will be before the end of the year (2010).

  • lol

    yea iphone would be the next generation and apple be making alot of money iphone is the most selling and hit phone all over the world unlock and lock..apple think about it ..

  • It would be nice to see the iphone on T-mobile because it would be good for consumers. ATT has been pissing off its customers for a while and they are fed up with the crappy service, in some areas lack-luster reception. ATT 2g works better than its 3g and anyone who has ATT knows that its EDGE functions much better than 3g Network. As for T-Mobile I hope they will reenforce their data server because there are a lot of unlocked iphones floating out there waiting for that brand new SIM card to work on their iphone. So T-mobile fortify your servers to maintain that customer sastifaction. Personally i prefer the htc hd2 and waiting for the htc hd3 or hd7 to come to a T-mobile store near me, but at the same time I’ll welcome the iphone.

  • Kim

    I think they should get the Iphone…I used to have at&t and had the iphone 3g and i loved it and now i have tmobile and miss it…a friend of mine has the iphone 4 and its great:)

  • Okgurlatheart

    YES Im waiting and waiting!!!! But for now… Ill keep using my jailbroken one :)

  • tmobileiphone

    there any confirmation on this, yet? as we are in the end of 2010 now..

  • Aliciaedison0

    Yes, hurry up. I know for a fact this would be great for Tmobile to actually have the iphone. Tmobile has a good network especially since they now offer the 4G network phones. Verizon, is nice but, too damn expensive, why pay more if you can pay less and have a great network along with great customer service. Tmobile prices are affordable. So, come on Apple we are waiting.

  • Bryandean

    I will switch to Tmobile if they get the Iphone… but if they don’t then I will stay with sprint….I will not go to verizon.

  • Bryandean

    I will switch to Tmobile if they get the Iphone… but if they don’t then I will stay with sprint….I will not go to verizon.

  • Bryandean

    I will switch to Tmobile if they get the Iphone… but if they don’t then I will stay with sprint….I will not go to verizon.

  • Anonymous

    GREAT news yesterday that AT&T no longer is the sole provider of the iPhone!
    BUT for now, I see Verizon will soon have the option for phone and service.

    I had Verizon for several years and for the first year I was happy with their service then things went down hill. The first year, I had no reason to contact their customer service and then when I needed too, things didn’t get resolved and their attitude was “take it or leave it”, so guess what … I left!

    A year ago, I switched to T-Mobile and I’ve been EXTREMELY happy with their service and their customer service is FANTASTIC!!! They are willing to bend over backwards for you and will do “whatever it takes to keep you happy and satisfied.

    I will be one of the first T-Mobile customers to order the iPhone if and when it is available on their network. I hope this will soon be an option as I’ve always wanted an iPhone but refused to pay the $90 a month (basic plan) to be a part of the AT&T network!

  • Jhorlback

    I think T-mobile should get the IPhone

  • LA

    TMobile is the only service I will use. I would love to have an iPhone but not enough to switch and I have been with Verizon for a SHORT period of time and will never use Verizon again. Would never use AT&T either. Odd how Apple picked both the most expensive carries with the worst customer service.

  • Guest

    I definitely think T-Mobile should pick up the iPhone!!!! Why not expand the target market????

  • BOB

    t-mobile is so much better!

    i mean comparing to verizon cheapest data plan… t-mobile is $20 lower for each smartphone
    since so many people want to get the iphone at verizon, those freaking idiots raised the data plan to $30.
    Now, if your family owns 4 smartphones at $30 each, that is 120 dollars right there.. FOR SERVICE!. You have probably another $120 for the contract. That is 240 per month and almost 3000 dollars a year!

    T-Mobile on the other hand offers $10 data plans. 40 bucks for 4 smartphones. There contracts are even cheaper too! More minutes for 60 + 10 + 10 = 80 dollar contracts. Total of 120 per month and less than 1500 a year! Half of VERIZON!

    IF t-mobile gets the iphone
    everyone will be happy!

    money for t-mobile
    cheap data plans
    more income for apple

    the only people who lose are att and verizon, right?


    But, I think that the T-Mobile G2x that is coming out might be pretty cool too.

    GO IPHONE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Tod

    fuckin right we do

  • Tod

    Get it done tmoble needs this now