Holiday Pricing Reminders


While Black Friday has already come and gone, T-Mobile is still offering the very same deals as yesterday on a trifecta of devices. The Motorola Cliq, Blackberry Bold 9700, and the Samsung Highlight are all $50 off through tomorrow, November 29th. Three phones that offer up something for everyone and nobody has ever complained about $50 off. So if you scooped one up yesterday, sound off below, or if you’ve been waiting for the weekend to purchase one, remember this deal only runs through tomorrow. Of course, if this doesn’t interest you, Bing cashback is offering 35% off purchases through December 2nd and that’s bound to equal more than $50 off on a number of phones. Decisions, decisions.

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  • sammy

    I tried to get the blackberry 9700 for 150 tmobile would not let me have it for 150 and I’m eligible for an has the phone for free for new customers and with an upgrade but you only have 3 plans…..I really want this phone any suggestions?

  • jason

    Got mu bold on black friday. Couldn’t be happier!

  • timmyjoe42
    • Bill48105

      Interesting how they mention the 9700 supports wifi calling right there plain as day in that ad but for all we can tell TMo has dumped UMA at this point by removing a bunch of UMA-capable phones from their site & no longer offering unlimited wifi calling option not to mention no android phone support yet..

  • kershon

    I got my bold 9700 on Nov. 16th release day. First time I was ever an early adopter. Always waited before to see if there were any “bugs”. Best decision I ever made. Although I paid full price (I am on em+ plan) this phone is well worth the money. I have had no problems with it at all. So anybody that has been holding out for any of these phones offered until there was a sale I would say go get one. If you choose the bold 9700 you will not be disappointed. And you are getting it at a bargain price.


    No discount pricing for the Touch Pro 2?


    • Bill48105

      Looks like the 35% bing cash back thing shows up for TP2 but so far seems it’s only for new customers unless someone finds a way to use it for upgrades or add-a-line.

  • Renesandy

    I got it yesterday! $182.90 after fees and taxes (NYC). Thanks for the heads up earlier in the week guys!
    Waiting on my OEM skins to arrive in the mail!
    As for the phone, I am loving it!

  • Michael

    My wife and I are on the Even More Plus plan so we have to pay full price for the phones. Why does it show a discount on for Even More Plus customers but there is no way to take advantage of the sale unless you are a new customer?

    No one is able to answer this question, when I call the Customer Service line they say they are unaware of any sale that is going on for $50 off phones. They told me I should read the website or ask someone in the store.

    It seems the Even More Plus plan is the worst idea ever. When I first signed up they wanted me to sign a contract saying I was locked in for two years. When we bought a phone for the Even More Plus plan – full price – they wanted me to sign again. They told me they were unable to bypass the screen but they would make notes on my account. I think t-mobile is failing me since I switched over and I have had nothing but bad experience since I switched.

    Has anyone tried to take advantage of the $50 deal while being on an Even More Plus plan?

    • Bill48105

      Do share if you find a way because I’m sure more & more people will wonder as they go to upgrade or add a line. It’s almost like TMo wants you to sign up for a new $49.99/m family plan (hopefully getting $0 activation or waived with AAA or such) to get the discount (or Bing cash back) and then canceling right away. You are entitled a full refund or at least pro-rated refund if canceled in 30 days still right? Odds are they just haven’t got that part of their site done yet because it’d seem they should give same discount for existing customers for adding lines or upgrading. Very strange CS didn’t offer it though.. Keep calling. :D

  • JadedNYer

    Lurker here. I am on Even More Plus and yesterday I stopped into a Brooklyn T-Mobile store and the price of the Bold 9700 was 479.00. When I mentioned that the price on the T-Mobile site was regularly 449 they didn’t have much to say. I ended up calling T-Mobile and got the 50 dollar discount but the rep had to check first because he wasn’t aware of any discount.

    I switched to that plan because my two kids had sidekicks with the 19.99 unlimited web/messaging. One phone was damaged and I couldn’t replace it and was offered lesser phone so I upgraded them to a Cliq and Blackberry (I would have had to pay full price anyway) and keeping my plan or doing Even More would have been almost a wash in terms of cost with Verizon.

  • Aston

    i picked up a 9700 yesterday. i’m in loooove! i had a sidekick 08 before.

  • Hotchocoleight

    Got a Cliq yesterday. It’s my first Android phone. So far I love it! I just hope it will get the Android updates….

    • timmyjoe42

      I too shelled out the money to get the Cliq and so far it’s pretty neat. It is so much faster than my Blackberry Pearl even on the Edge network in Cincinnati. I don’t even care about not having 3G here anymore, lol. This Android OS is definitely going to take some getting used to, but the capabilities seem endless. I hope it at least gets upgraded to Donut soon so I can get the Google Maps update.

  • Jazzhead

    Picked up my 9700 for $150 @ the TMO store on 11/27, had 2 renew contract of course for 2yrs. I luv this phone I can’t believe how a little thing like using data features & talking on phone @ same time can improve life. I also am getting $75 for my BB 8820 thru the trade-in program
    If you are a BB fan, u will luv this phone
    One small complaint I am pissed @ BB for changing the USB connector on the 9700 now I have to go buy a new car charger

    • kershon

      I got mine on Nov. 16th. I am absolutely in love with it also. It is a world of difference over the older models. I think all the phone manufacturers are going to the micro usb chargers now though. I got a charger from every country myself.

  • Sasquatch

    $50 off deal applies to 9700, Cliq, and Highlight. Will work for contract or no contract for new and existing customers. No need to say, “Fail” at sales, folks.

  • SpanD

    As for the promo, the phones were 50 dollars off for Even More Plus, New Acts, or Qualified upgrades.
    All you had to do was go in the store and inquire about the pricing, plain as day. Cust care should have seen on the phones during the upgrade screen how it was lower.
    It wasn’t a gimmick or trick, just cheaper.

  • anfrey

    i picked up two 9700s on friday for $150 each. both lines on our account we eligible for upgrade. i had originally planned to buy them earlier in the week, but then i found out about the $50 off.

    as for UMA on the 9700, it works just fine with my linksys.

  • Brian

    None of the phones are for customers under contract now. I have had a phone for 1 year. T-mobile wanted me to pay $400 for the Blackberry 9700!! Are you kidding me? $400? I can buy a cheap laptop for less. They considered $400 a discount from their “retail” $499! I said it would be cheaper to break my contract and go to sprint for a new and Better Android phone than they have.

  • Ryan

    Just picked up my Bold on 11/28/09, I had the 8520 and I am in LOVE with this phone.. So snappy and the battery life ROCKS. I am a Twitter-holic so I need something that can last as long as I do. Great Phone


    i’ve been holding out for a real UMA smartphone for a while now. if t-mo doesn’t offer one i’ll stick with what i have and the swtich to vrizon when i don’t have to pay any early termination fees. maybe the rumored ‘googlephone’ has voip/UMA and whatever phone company has it, that’s the one i’m going to.

    • Bill48105

      Maybe TMo dumped UMA (Look at the current lineup: only Shadow & blackberry’s have UMA now and they don’t advertise that or let you search for wifi calling anymore) because they plan a google voice enabled android voip phone! We could only hope. :D That would fit right in to what I had suggested awhile back in that the cell co’s seem to be moving toward unlimited data as the base & voice calling being an add-on to that. If that was the case I wouldn’t mind paying $30/month for unlimited data because my voice calls might not even be metered or super cheap since it’d fall into the unlimited data use. ;)