Save Money With Bing!


As I am the diehard Google fan, I have yet to fully embrace anything Bing has to offer, however some of you may feel differently judging from the picture above. That’s right; Bing is offering 35% cashback on T-Mobile purchases, now through December 2nd. Of course, I can’t say it’s on EVERY single purchase as I don’t fully comprehend the Bing cashback program but 35% on something is better than nothing. So if you’ve been holding out waiting for a deal and the Black Friday offerings didn’t get you out of bed early enough, perhaps this Bing opportunity is just what the doctor ordered.


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    Anyone know if this is legit? Because with the blackberry bold 9700 being $150 right now plus a 35% off makes it only $52.50!!!!

    • David

      Its 100% completely legit Chris, this is done through Microsoft as has been used by customers for quite some time. I know plenty of people who have successfully used Bing cashback for a while now with nothing but success. The only question for me when writing this article was did it work on every device? I saw no indication that it didn’t but I’m not a Bing user so I don’t know.

    • Bill48105

      Yeah CHRISDGZ I’ve done TONS with Microsoft/Bing cash back both on ebay & on other sites. Probably $1500 total cash back thus far so Bing cash back is certainly legit. BUT keep in mind like anything there are caveats so be careful. Read the rules/TOS & understand the procedure to qualify for the cash back. For example on TMobile’s site it will show you in the phone area that you qualify for cash back. If that is not there then you are not likely going to get it. And most certainly do not count on the cash back in making your purchasing decision because there is a chance you won’t get it, similar to mail in rebates or such, but in the end if it’s something you were going to buy anyway it’s a very very nice bonus for doing so. :)

    • kormoran

      No. $52.50 is 35% of $150, so phone price after discount is $97.50.

  • branon

    Its not for renewals as far as I can tell.

    • Bill48105

      Just tried doing a phone upgrade and doesn’t look like it works. Has anyone tried adding a line vs upgrade? The Bing cash back logo was there when I first went to TMo via Bing & did Shop Phones & picked a 9700 which means cash back was activated but when I logged in as an existing customer there was no mention of Bing cash back at all. ;( Seems it might only be for new customers.. Couldn’t hurt to call TMo & ask I suppose. Could start a new Plus plan to get the discount & then cancel right away but you’d have to save enough in the end for it to be worth the effort especially if you get stuck paying activation & 1st month. Would really stink if it was only for new customers because you’d think that add a line and upgrades would qualify.

      • notBill48105

        As much as u complain about coverage why would u want a phone upgrade?

      • Bill48105

        I was testing it for CHRISDGZ who asked about cash back so I figured I’d be nice & give it a try, besides I wanted to check out of curiosity & to be able to help people out if they asked. Not sure what me trying has to do with TMo’s poor coverage in some areas because that is a legitimate concern as well. But of course I realize you just wanted to be an arse and that’s why you used a modified version of my name to post instead of just using your own name.

      • Rossi

        Haha… Bill you nay sayer you. How dare you post anything helpful!

        /end sarcasm


    Thank you everyone for your input on bing cashback and thanks Bill48105 for trying it out. Hopefully all works out and I’ll have my new BB in hand soon ^_^

  • sampson

    Don’t go by whether the logo is there, I’ve gotten it with it not even saying it (you should always go through bing to be safe, but once you click through/have it activated you are pretty much good as long as you don’t delete the cookies)

    If you do like to be safe take a screen cap of the 35% off screen, email them your order info and they’ll manually do it for you (money takes 60 days to come)

    I got a PS3 last year dirt cheap thanks to Microsoft’s cash back

    • Bill48105

      Good to know but personally I watch for the logo cuz I’ve been burned buying off other sites where I was supposed to get it & they played dumb. I figure at least the logo there shows the cookie was stored & the site recognizes it. Good idea doing a print screen though as long as they believe it’s not shoop’d. lol True on the cookie thing, never tried with cookies disabled, wonder if it warns you or just lets you go along without.. Yeah the m$ cashback thing has been awesome (when they pay) because I got over a crapload off it in last year, lost track. Free money pretty much as long as you’re buying stuff you would have anyway, even more so if you get it on sale and pay with a credit card that gives cash back too! :D

  • Steve

    Too bad it doesn’t seem to work on upgrades. That would have been a huge deal on the Bold. If someone figures out how to use it on upgrades please let me know!

  • kaio

    35% is the normal Bing cash back rate for T-mobile. I don’t think it will go down after the 2nd.

    I was going to buy a phone at full price and switch to Even More Plus, but I wasn’t sure about upgrades. Emailed Bing, bing forwarded to a “specialist”, “specialist” said yes upgrades ok. You’ll see some threads in various forums where people had to email bing proof of purchase to get it to work, but that might be fixed. Either way I think you’re covered.
    After bing, the prices (non-upgrade, even) become competitive with what you’ll find on Ebay a myTouch or Cliq. Now if only they’d budge down their 399 for myTouch a bit. Geez.

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