Holiday Pricing Cometh, Fa-la-la


Tis the season to be jolly—and reduce your prices so that consumers everywhere will come out en masse with credit cards in hand and dollar signs in their eyes. Ok, it’s been a weird morning so forgive me. We’ve been graced through our inbox with some details on holiday pricing and while we can’t say anything for certain, we do hope there is more to the T-Mobile holiday plans than just this. Not that we are complaining about $50 off on the Blackberry 9700 but we have to ask and wonder what will replace the free airfare offer or will it be replaced at all?

For those of you who might be wondering, our sources say these prices will come off BOTH Even More and Even More Plus as indicated by the NOTE below. Still we’re looking to clarify and will update this post as necessary.

November 20 – 22 Sony Ericsson Equinox Black $25.00
November 26 – 29 BlackBerry Bold 9700
Samsung Highlight
Motorola CLIQ
December 4 – 6 Nokia 3711
Nokia 2720
Nokia 5130
December 18 – 20 Samsung Gravity II
Samsung Comeback
Samsung t459 Gravity I
December 21 – 24 Motorola CLIQ $50.00
December 26 – 28 BlackBerry Curve 8520 $25.00

Note: Discounts available on all rate plans. For 2-year contract plans, customers must be eligible for fully discounted upgrade pricing.

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  • eYe

    Really? Radioshack is selling Cliq on black friday for $80 and the best T-mo can do is $50 off, which still comes out to be double of the Shack’s price? Why am I staying with magenta? They have been great back in the day, but they have been getting worse and worse lately. And who cares about customer service anyway… you do it all online nowadays. The only time I had to call customer service is when they screwed up and did not credit me for the handset I returned. I give it another 6 months: after that I am taking my 4 lines elsewhere. I’ve been with T-mobile for 7 years but I don’t think they provide the value like they used to.

    • Rob

      Are you for real? You seriously think that T-Mobile is not providing you with any value? If this is true you may want to come out from under the rock that you have been living under and compare the rate-plan price to the other carriers. Here just in case that won’t help you let me take the time to explain it to you, and I will simplify cause obviously you are a little slow. T-Mobile’s rate plans are half the cost of AT&T and Verizon, and they are cheaper than Sprint too. So unless you are planning on switching over to Cricket or some other lame knock-off wanna-be carrier you wont find a better savings anywhere. But way to go off on a rant that had absolutely no validity what so ever. Next time you may want to do a little bit of research before you open your mouth.

      • eYe


        Value is not the amount you pay but what you get for that amount. Cheap plans-yes, great phones and coverage – no. Great unlimited talk plans – yes. Great mid-range plans for families with data – no. Your mileage may vary but I would love to pay $40/month more and get GREAT 3G coverage everywhere if I could do it with T-mobile. I would love to walk in and pick up Droid or HD2 or N900 from T-mobile store. Instead they give us (give me the fanfare here) whole $50 off Cliq. Is that value? I think not. But I think you’re absolutely right: T-mobile is cheap, and it’s cheap in many different ways. Take it as you want.

    • Skatr24flip

      Customer Care obviously means allot to some, thats why on any given day, with 27 call centers, you will have 128 people waiting to talk to a customer care rep…so thats totally stupid. Have you seen t mobiles phone line up, its getting pretty impressive. Honestly i would put t mobiles handsets up against any other provider and the cliq and my touch put the iphone to shame, but this is all opinions and no hard facts. The hard facts are though that t mobile is expanding 3g coverage at a rapid rate and it wont be long before it matches att 3g coverage. T Mobile has most major cities covered by now with there 3g and if you have not read ANYTHING, it seems to be much much much quicker then att. One more small fact..check other providers mid range rate plan prices, I bet T Mobile will beat them too, which is why since the launch of the new rates T Mobile has Migrated some 4 Million customers from att and verizon, and 1 Million of T Mobiles current subscribers have migrated to the new plans. Thats pretty solid numbers to say that T Mobile doesn’t have the best rates, comparably, to other providers. Finally, people don’t care about cheap handsets, which is why people don’t mind going to the even more plus plans where they get no discount. They just don’t want to be locked into any contracts and commitments, and they want a small monthly rate. For that, T Mobile is one of the only company’s that offer these monthly rates, with no contracts. But go to att so that you can pay twice as much, be locked into a contract, and soon have nothing to compare your precious 3g coverage to. Plus i hate talking to people like you on the phone anyway. Rob is right, do your research before you go talking.

  • andy

    Certaintly nothing special here

  • cristy

    i’m not shocked that people expect everything for free.. the most demanding ones are the ones that probably don’t even pay their bill on time.. be thankful you’re getting these deals.. these are not cheap super low end phones that are being discounted.. there’s just no pleasing anyone.. the more you try to give and help, the less it is appreciated… DISGUSTING!

    • rossi

      “Really? Radioshack is selling Cliq on black friday for $80 and the best T-mo can do is $50 off, which still comes out to be double of the Shack’s price?”

      Cristy, what was your point again? BOOM ROASTED. Thanks eYe.

    • dude

      Well, its not the “free” phones people are looking for but the discounts that other retailers are able to over make t-mobiles deals look like crap. Why buy from t-mobile when sears and best buy sell the same phones at much lower price point. So yes $50 dollars off is weak. Doesn’t matter to me though, sprint has caught my eye ever since unlimited mobile to mobile and text+data. Hero FTW

      • beastly

        What I find odd is that someone wants to leave T-Mobile because Radio Shack sells the phones cheaper than T-Mobile stores. Huh?

        If you can find the phones cheaper elsewhere and still use them on the same network, go for it. But getting angry about it is just plain weird, and thinking about switching carriers because of it seems weird too, especially now that there are no-contract, no-subsidy rate plans.

      • rossi

        Wow beastly, reading comprehension at its best. Not.

        “Doesn’t matter to me though******, sprint has caught my eye ever since unlimited mobile to mobile and text+data. Hero FTW”

        He already made the switch. He’s merely weighing in on the fact that Cristy said people are crying unnecessarily because tmobile is offering a great deal on “high-end” phones. Which they are not. Yes, you can buy them at radio shack, whatever, that’s not the point here.

  • 30014

    The blackberry bold is the only phone on this list that is remotely worth considering. Anytime a blackberry is your best phone then u are in trouble. That’s not me downing blackberries, but there are better phones to be had.

  • branon

    This is not for renewals? Bold is still showing 199.

  • frenchy99

    Yeah I just checked there is no BOLD 9700 for 50 bucks sigh

  • kaio

    $50 off a non-contract price of a CLIQ is ok. Most retailers seem to charge more than t-mobile in that case. -35% cashback, if it works, and its not bad.

  • Renesandy

    Just called in inquiring about the 9700. CSR said there is no such thing.

  • sid

    Are you sure the Blackberry 9700 deal is today i heard its next week…

  • ndy500fan

    All I want for Christmas is an HD2. Even if it’s Christmas in January.

  • Jazzhead

    I just called a local corp TMO store rep said no $50 bucks off 9700 today & website shows $199 price

  • tmorep

    the bold deal is for next week for black friday weekend. The one for this weekend is the Equinox for $25 not $25 off the phone. That means the prices listed are how much the phones will be not how much taken off the price. Also these are in store deals not online deals.

  • cheap

    actually tmorep, the prices listed are how much $$ off the phone will be not the price of the phone. The equinox is usually $50, hench $25 off $50 is $25…. If you think the new blackberry 9700 will be $50 and the Cliq will be $50, you must be dreaming.

  • beastly

    In an uncertain world, at least I can always count on you to be snarky and hostile. Not sure why, but props to you at least for being consistent.

    My comment about people leaving T-Mobile over a difference in retail prices was more in response to eYe’s comment, but my general reaction to the hostility remains: Huh?

    • Mog

      I don’t get it either. “BOOM ROASTED”? Rossi, you might want to tone it down a bit. We’re all humans, on the other side of the names…

      And again, talking about switching carriers because an indirect offered a phone cheaper than a corporate store is just bizarre. I don’t care if you already switched and it was for a totally different reason, it’s still weird to bring it up because then it would be off-topic. It’s just a total non sequitur.

      • rossi

        Boom roasted is actually a joke from a popular prime time TV series, and I meant no harm. I only wished to point out the fact that her statement was off topic and invalid.

        Anyway, I would counter the statement that eYe’s comment is a total non sequitur. First of all he states that the deals not that good and uses another retail outlet as an example to support his statement. He then goes on to state that this is nearly the last straw in his relationship with tmobile because he has become disappointed in the value that tmobile offers. This seems like a fairly logical argument and conclusion in eYe’s situation. Who am I (or you) to say that he is NOT actually unhappy and this was NOT actually his tipping point?

        Dude’s comment is also fairly on topic by supporting the notion that tmobile’s markdowns are worse than those at other big name retailers. He then goes on to say that he doesn’t care because he is not in the market (which sure, he could have left off for the sake of staying on topic).

    • rossi

      Anytime. I am the voice of reason and consistency. Maybe it’s sarcasm. Probably the latter.

      • Rossi

        Oh… And I don’t like crabs especially creepy cartoon ones. Hostility explained.

  • Adam

    I just upgraded my Blackberry Curve on Friday (11/20) to the new Blackberry 9700. There was a pad on the counter by the Blackberries that said you could get $75 or $50 for turning in your old Blackberry. So I asked the guy what it was all about…you get $75 for sending in your T-Mobile Blackberry Curve or Blackberry Pearl OR $50 for sending in your old Blackberry from another carrier. I was told I get the $75…so goodbye, hasta la vista Blackberry Curve. There are instructions on the piece of paper to log in to a website with instructions on how to print a mailing label and send in your old Blackberry.

    BTW…I love my 9700 Blackberry. Glad I upgraded!

  • mark s

    my only problem i personally have with tmobile is the fact they wont give you a 1 year contract anymore…i have 3 lines and been with them for about 5 years now and ive always done 1 year upgrades.. sure they would charge a extra 50 for the phone but that was ok and im still willing to pay that extra 50 but i was told no…as far as radio shack goes the only way they would even sell me the cliq is if i were to switch to one of the new plans..

  • Henry

    I called Tmo and the rep said the Bold 9700 $50 discount is for Nov 26th-29, not Nov 20-22nd. Can anyone else confirm this?

    • TheJames

      i called earlier, and thats what i heard

      • TheJames

        I just called back (dont want to miss out because the one guy may have misread something) and the rep i talked to this time said the other guy didnt know what he was talking about. he said there’s no such discounts, that the equinox is normal price, and there’s no reason that they’ll lower the prices over the holiday

  • Henry

    Just called another rep and got the same date. Nov 26-29th for Bold 9700 $50 discount. (They’re closed on 26th for Holidays though)

  • why is the bold today not showing at -50$ and the store says it’s still 200$

  • RM

    Does the discount apply for a full price purchase? ($449.99) or only the $199.99 2 year commitment?

  • cheap

    @thejames, if you log onto mytmobile, it has an ad saying that the equinox is $25 although if you try to upgrade, it’s still $50.

  • cheap

    nevermind it’s $25 now for upgrades, free online for new customers, if you are still under contract it’s $140 for 2 year upgrade but $135 without contract. Funny how it’s cheaper without the contract!


    I was just in a T-Mobile store on Friday afternoon and spoke to the manager of the store named Jason. We were talking about various phones including the Behold II, the MyTouch, and the Cliq. I told him I was thinking about adding a line and he told me specifically that on Black Friday that the store would be opening @ 5am and that if I added a new line the Cliq would be $50.00. He also to told me to bring friends and family. This was at a T-mobile store in Dallas,Tx. After reading all of the speculation on various sites including here (no offense), I went back to the store to talk with Jason 1 more time just to make sure that I would not be wasting my time getting up @ 5 am on Black Friday. He once again confirmed that the Cliq would be $50.00 total, not a $50.00 discount. Believe it if you want , but I got it from the horse’s mouth.

  • Renesandy

    Just got off the phone with a CSR who confirmed the $50 discount on the 9700 this upcoming weekend! My line is eligible for an upgrade on the 28th! Super-excited !

  • Henry

    You can get the upgrade fee waived if you appeal to them that you’ve been a loyal customer, and want to continue being a loyal customer for 2 more years. The upgrade fee just doesn’t seem fair considering they are offering you the discounted upgrade to have you sign on for 2 more years. I spoke to them politely and appealed to them logically, and they waived the fee for me. It was $18 for all four lines on my family plan. Would’ve been $72 dollars. I wasn’t going to stand for it. You have extra leverage if your contract is due to expire soon too.

  • adrian

    … still waiting for a single handset to “crave”. come on, anything please.

  • Be realistic

    The manager in Dallas is an idiot or an indirect dealer. The Cliq will not be $50, it will be $50 off..I promise you, it will not be $50 at a corporate store. Don’t sacrifice your sleep…

  • Kickstar13

    The prices listed in the post, are how much is discounted OFF the handset.

  • DudeDu

    So….could I go to radioshack and upgrade to a new EM 2yr contract, get the cliq for $79, and then cancel my plan to go over to the EM+ and pay $200? That would get me to $279 for the phone, which is a good bit cheaper than the $349 I’d pay w/o switching? Is this right, or is there another embedded fee for switching plans?

  • vicz33

    damn this ppl are still bragging about pricing . i can believe this you f@(% iD0##$ .. try and get all these great deals with rip off verizon or att .. u dont know how to defenetly appreciate what magenta is doing for you f*(k3rs. i have been a cell phone user 4 about 8 years now .. and magenta has been the best i seen as a consumer..

    • DudeDu

      Happy w/ TMO. Just trying to be a good consumer and get the most for my $, especially in these economic times.

      And people did do this w/ Verizon. That’s why their smartphone ETF is going up. They realized that if they discounted their phones below the ETF people could sell them on the open market and make profit even after paying the fees.

      I’m honestly just looking for the most bang for my buck.

      • Bill48105

        As much as I hate ETF’s in general I also realize the cell companies have every right to recoup money they gave you off the phone up front if you don’t live up to your end of the bargain. They key is the ETF should not be in excess of the discount they gave you & that is should be a REAL discount, not $500 off an artificially high so-called retail of like $599 when it’s only worth $250. Yes people take advantage of companies when they can, it’s unfortunate because it ruins for honest people but then again companies need to realize they need to stop hurting the honest loyal customers when setting up rules & prices on things because in the end people catch on pretty quickly & they don’t soon forget getting raped by a company. That is why even though I was 100% happy with Vonage service (never had ANY problems with it) I despise that company beyond belief and take every chance I can to tell people to stay away or risk being screwed over by a company that treats their customers like crap & will rip them off with fees when they can & do anything they can to tack on more costs wherever possible. Don’t believe me search online for pissed off people or just look at recent settlement:
        I’ve seen people in here bash ATT or Sprint or Verizon so I’m sure we all have our stories so to me that just proves my point that although they don’t want to let customers take advantage of them or the deals they can’t rip people off too long & stay in business either.

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  • DudeDu

    Behold 2 $79.99 for new customers at radioshack.

  • Josh

    Found a better price here for both new customers and upgraders

    Best price I’ve seen for either new or upgrade customer.

    No rebate necessary. For upgrading, only charge is $18 upgrade fee on next bill.

    Blackberry Data Plan ($30) and $10 text messaging required. (Rep said that you can keep existing plans if you already have Blackberry data and text messaging.)

    Don’t forget to send in an old working phone for $50 rebate (or $75 if it’s a BB Curve or Pearl. then flipyourcurveas the promo code.

  • Went to a store today and they told me the discount was only for people under contract. So if you signed up for their even more plus plan realize that it means even more plus 50 dollars.