The Merger Rumor Game Continues, This Time Without Sprint


I must preface this and say by now, these rumors are starting to get old and frustrating. The wireless industry, which has of late seen more than its share of mergers and acquisitions, is again seeing T-Mobile take center stage in this, the latest round of merger talk. Reuters is reporting that Deutsche Telekom is seeking a partner for its U.S. branch, T-Mobile USA. Looking to shore up some help for its financial investment in US operations, possible partners again include MetroPCS and Clearwire. Surprisingly, AT&T is also mentioned as a possible partner, though I think the FCC would have some problems with one remaining GSM national carrier. A merger or acquisition of MetroPCS and Clearwire I think we can all get behind, anything that involves Magenta and the Death Star makes me want to seek out the nearest trash can. Not to be left out of the Reuters article is the mention of a Sprint takeover, which the author mentions is no longer under consideration by Deutsche Telekom, thank goodness.

While declining to comment on the Reuters article, Deutsche Telekom COO Hamid Akhavan speaking at the FT World Telecoms Conference did speak about the difficult situation in the United States.

“We have had some heavy headwinds … but we are quite optimistic that this trend can be reversed,” he said, attributing the problems to a delay in the group securing third generation networks and the population of Apple’s (AAPL.O) iPhone on a rival network.

According to the German newspaper cited by the Reuters article, Deutsche Telekom is still in the very early stages of searching for a partner but had abandoned other “potential strategies to bolster its U.S. business.”

So here were go again, more merger talk, what say you?’


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  • notalk

    How is this going to convince any loyal T-Mobers to upgrade phones? If Project Dark didn’t convince existing customers to upgrade their plans or outsiders to come to T-Mo, how is the holiday sales pricing going to help? If anything, it might cause those existing customers either wanting or actually needing new phones to leave for much lower subsidized prices elsewhere.

  • Cybersedan

    Oh please Magenta, stay away from that black hole that is AT&T… the Metro PCS / Clearwire route would be a much more affective strategic partnership.

  • Cybersedan

    I think you meant to post this under the other story… this is merger rumor talk buddy. :-)

    • notalk

      You’re absolutely right. Hit wrong reply button, but can’t find a way to ask mods to move this. (If any mod reads this, please move my earlier comment.)

  • JBLmobileG1

    I am not too sure about the AT&T deal… while it may bring in a lot more customers and a shot at the iphone… I think it would just cause problems on the network side of things for exisiting Tmobile customers. Now with MetroPCS and clearwire…. hhhmmm….. maybe. MetroPCS I am not real familar with but clearwire I am… only because its a part of Clear which I personally use for my internet access at home. I also have Tmobile at home service for home phone and it seems to work pretty well with Clear. I would be more than happy for them to merge so long as my rates stay the same or maybe even decrease. It would be nice to get a corp. Discount off of my $40 internet bill as well. (While may seem high its cheaper than Cox out here and CenturyLink). With those services. You get like 1.5mbps while at least with clear is up to 10mbps d/l bursts. Works with my gaming too so I am happy.

  • JBLmobileG1

    …. what I meant with those prices….. with Cox and CenturyLink you need to bundle something in order to get the cheaper price with those download speeds. Sure they offer those $30 plans for 1.5mbps but that with phone or basic cable otherwise you need to add $10 or whatever which brings it to the same price for less download speed. Plus with clear the taxes etc. are included in the $40 nothing more nothing less. So go ahead Tmobile merge…. it may just be a good idea.

  • kershon

    I can get behind a merger with Metro or maybe even Clearwire. Anything involving the death star and I will sell my new Blackberry and go back to using a talk tracker and laptop. I will cancel my 3 lines, pay the etf and kiss T-Mobile goodbye. I kid you not. I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

  • andy

    They really need to merge with someone who knows how to price handsets and get with a marketing firm that knows what they are doing. Some decisions that are being made are so lame it is funny. Bringing back CZJ ? Who cares? That money could have gone into the subsidizing of handsets. That would have had more impact on business. The network is fine and its getting better everyday. The handset selection is the best in years. When T=Mobile launches a handset does anyone know it? They have had Android for over a year and were the first,but people think the Droid is the first. All thay do is cannabilze themselves with upgrades on new handsets because new customers do not know about them. Growth is one thing but keeping what you have is important also. They give the same pricing for existing as thay do new and charge $18 to renew. WTF?????? At least Verizon has “New every Two”. Rate plans are one thing but it’s about the phones………….look at AT&T. Crappy service,getting internet and home service shoved down your throat and people still line up for the iphone.
    I like T-Mo but they need to REALLY look at how they are doing business.

    • ssm

      complain about phone pricing… The reason T-mobile does not give beter phone pricing is CHURN!!! They have a high churn rate beacause of there shitty sub standard credit customers! Bottom line T-mobile will never be a big player in the US unless they change there credit standards and boost there network and rep!


    the only way to change the game is to do something different.

    all these corporate executives have gotten the same education and continue to make the same blunders and give the same excuses.

    the same marketing geniuses sit in the same brainstorming sessions and decide what they think is what we want.

    does a marketing genius run in the same circles as we do and is his lifestyle similar to ours?

    catherine zeta jones aint goin’ to get me to buy a new phone and continue my service here.

    the only thing that has kept me here for 8+ years is that the customer service is absofuckinlutely great compared to the zombies the other cellcos have.

    we don’t need the same phones that celebrities use.

    we don’t need 8 different varieties of blackberries.

    we don’t need pink and yellow phones.

    we need phones that work in more places and work good.

    that’s what gets people banging on the front door.

    if the phone works ok and the data works better that gets customers.

    my take is another foreign telco or cellco will make DT an offer they can’t refuse and buy in.

    let’s see how the orange/tmo shotgun wedding plays out in england.

  • 30014

    The big wigs in Germany need to start by making one obvious move, replacing Robert Dotson. Tmobile has lost all momentum and seems to be running on fumes under his watch. The German overlords need to look internally at the problems before they consider a merger. I say phones are more important than pricing and customer service. Before anyone tries to dispute me just look at at&t, they rape your bank account and their cs is crap yet millions of subscribers flocked to them for the iphone.

  • Rocko

    uhhhh Mikeeeeee, couldn’t all your complaints be applied to nearly ALL the carriers?

    I agree its about phones and service, but in this specific industry, its also about size and history as well. Don’t forget Sprint now is combination of Sprint + Alltel. That At&t today is a combination of At&t Wireless + Cingular. And T-mo’s statement of the 3G difficulties isn’t just an excuse, that really crippled them if you ask me. Then you throw in the ‘undefeatable’ iPhone (and no, I’m no Apple fan at all)… its a lot of short sticks that T-mo’s been pulling.

    But I agree. Any deal w/ At&t and I’m out. I will go to Verizon immediately.

  • Rugbychix

    Why would T-Mobile merge with CDMA based carrier? The sounds like a huge headache…

  • omg!!! imagine if t-mobile merged with at&t??? i wonder what it would be called???? im not saying its gunna happen.. but hey anything is possible….

    • Ritchie

      i gues it would be something like TmoCinguAtt a product of Pepsi, jajaja

      • A_O

        lmfaoo! this cracked me up.

        and i do like the name..TmoCinguAtt.. just imagine telling ppl what carrier your in… yeaa i just got the new blackberry with TmoCinguAtt lmao!

        enough :)

    • ssm

      Merge with AT$T? You must be crazy!!!! THere would be no merge!! AT$T is a big player, either they wouls buy T-mobile or no deal!!

  • JB6464

    Rocko , Alltell was bought by Verizon. Sprint bought Nextel.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    If this happens, I’m quickly switching to Sprint and get the Hero and any mobile, anytime. I can’t stand At&t and their iPhone monopoly. I love the magenta and will always remain loyal to them with my MyTouch and Android. But I will not uphold them with a At&t merger. I’ve had no problems with my 3G or phone service in DFW, but I don’t want any discrepancies or any reason for me to drop them faster than 3G and a phone call on At&t iPhone.

    • Jamie

      Why would you remain loyal to a company? It’s nothing more than a bunch of businessmen trying to make money off of you.

      • john

        From all my experience you may be uninformed my friend. When is the last time you have called any other company and had a Rep say to you, you’re spending too much money? Was on 5line ft unlimited plan with all lines android $478 with tax monthly. Now em+ with $327 out monthly now. My credit is good, so I don’t mind phone prices.

  • rfgenerator

    I’m betting within a couple years T-Mobile will be under ATT’s tent (and us T-Mobile will be grabbing our ankles and assuming the position). This is a country that is eating itself alive with an endless parade of corporate buyouts and mergers. I read this article as T-Mobile Germany basically opening the bidding on it’s US division. If I were a T-Mobile employee I would be very nervous about my future. Being a T-Mobile customer I would expect to lose my precious grandfathered plans within the next couple years.

    • AphotiX

      I’d be more concerned about the reps in the company that did the take over. It’d be a terrible idea to layoff any of the tmo reps in a merger, since you’d basically be killing off one of the best things about the company. Not sure where that makes sense.

      • janine

        i have been saying this for a long time…as a cc rep i’m scared to death. Suncom was enough of a nightmare, still is. ATT would be..i dont even want to think about it.

  • Viper

    I WILL leave for some simple prepaid carrier like Cricket, MetroPCS, or whatever else is out there if T-Mobile merges with the deathstar. Screw you AT&T, I left you for good reason!

  • Sgt. Cell

    Hey T-Mobile, release the HD2 and N900 and take your chances. Customer’s follow the hardware, service is good enough (IMHO better than Sprint and AT@T). A Storm variant wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Mog

    I don’t think the FCC will allow much further consolidation, on the part of AT&T and Verizon. They each have nearly 100 million customers already!

    T-Mobile needs a hero device, like the DROID (and I won’t say what else). Imagine if they had picked up, well, the Hero, instead of the myTouch, and they had an exclusive on Sense. That would be pretty appealing. Sprint wouldn’t have the Hero and Verizon wouldn’t have the DROID ERIS – it’d be all T-Mo.

    Their current Android line is sort of lagging behind Verizon, despite having more options. They need a Snapdragon phone or two. That’s going to be the next big thing.

    Oh, and T-Mobile never picked up the Centro. That was probably a mistake, since that phone sold well over 3 million phones. I think they should pick up the Pre and Pixi (or Pilot, or whatever Palm announces at CES) when Sprint’s webOS exclusivity is done. Verizon certainly will, and it’d be another thing T-Mobile could hold over AT&T (a la Android).

    T-Mobile should bill itself as the carrier of choice. The choice between platforms (BlackBerries, Palms, Android devices, maybe the N900); the choice between contracts and no contracts, the option to bring your own phone, &c. Heck, I think they should keep offering color choices, because it doesn’t cost very much to do so and some customers love being able to get a purple phone.

    They should bill themselves to device manufacturers as an “in” into the US market, since they sort of do things “the European way” now. I’m thinking Nokia and Sony Ericsson here. S60 isn’t great, but Maemo is getting there, and the Nokia XpressMusic phones have been very popular for T-Mobile — so where is the X6?

    AT&T has the iPhone, yes, but that’s *all* they have, and they won’t have it forever (and I’m sure T-Mobile will pick it up as soon as they can). T-Mobile can succeed, by offering things all customers love: low prices and large selection. And when I say large, I really mean varied; T-Mobile has lots of phones now, but (especially on the low end) a lot of them are virtually identical flips. T-Mobile’s phone selection should be smartphone-focused, platform-agnostic, colorful, and bold – they should be the ones getting the crazy phones like the Nokia Twist. Young people (one of T-Mobile’s strongholds) *love* stuff like that. (And it’s a good phone.)

    • A_O

      Im going to agree 150% with you on this one…

      i would agree 200% but you mentioned the EyePhone, i really hope Tmobile doesnt bring this mess upon itself, i like the fact they have so much different choices in smartphones like you said, (blackberry, Windows Mobile, and ofcourse Android) and i like the idea you also mentioned about them adding even more choices like Palm.

      i know how the at&t towers get with all their EyePhones running on it, and i personally would not want that mess with Tmobile, i like my 3G fast and never buggish.

      if Tmobile brings those top Android phones with snapdragon and the many different amounts of senses, my friend.. we’ll rape any carrier outhere in choices, like you already stated, with all the types of plans we have that just adds to the kick ass list.

      Cheers for Tmobile in 2010 as im sure they’ll get Android 2.0 and snapdragon fones, FTW!!!

  • WXman

    F**** Sprint.

    (Oops.. did I say that outloud?)

    • kershon

      Yup. I heard it. And I agree. Lol

  • God

    More and more of these blog posts seem to be filled with opinionated trash (“thank goodness” at the mention of Sprint not being included; That the FCC even cares whether US networks are GSM or CDMA, etc.)that only pushes the perception that howardforums is for those who actually understand how telephone networks and companies work, while places like this (and Crackberry) are filled with armchair generals with little knowledge or understanding of the technology they supposedly “report” on.

    What a shame. It used to be in my daily round-up of blogs i’d check. Not anymore…

    • David

      Wow, brilliance in your statements, pretty sure my industry experience qualifies me to write on it, speak about it and discuss it. Thanks, but I’ve been at hofo since the beginning.

    • 30014

      If howardforums is so much better than tmonews why the hell are u here? Howardforums is good but to each his own.

  • JMTS80

    Help us great German overlords! It has become obvious to me that a merger with Metro or some other regional carrier is going to be the only way we can get more customers and start moving in the right direction again. Project Dark, abysmal phone selection, CZJ, and a tiny 3G map are certainly not going to do it. PLZ no AT&T!

  • johnkzin

    MetroPCS would expand their network capacity and coverage (once converted to GSM/WCDMA). Metro uses it’s own facilities for its home coverage areas (the light and dark blue areas on its coverage maps). So, all of that would be added to T-Mo’s native/non-roaming coverage. But, what would the cost of converting all of it (and the customers) to GSM/WCDMA be?

    ClearWire gives them a foot in the door for 4G. Plus, the option to straddle the fence on WiMAX and LTE. AND the added benefit that Sprint then pays T-Mobile money (IIRC, Sprint’s WiMAX network is largely ClearWire’s WiMAX network).

    Those both sound like good moves.

    AT&T? stay away. Stay VERY FAR away.

    The only other carrier I’d look at is Cricket. They’re basically a rural version of MetroPCS — so the same advantages, applied to non-Metropolitan areas. I’m not saying they’d be worth buying, I’m just saying: they’re the only other carrier I’d look at.

  • Twitch110

    With the way tmobile has been going lately, whatever they decide, i’m sure it’ll be the wrong choice. They have a strong history of this sort of thing. Poor poor tmobile. Oh how i miss the good ole days of supporting thee.

  • Gibbs

    Fear not folks, T-Mobile has already added over 455,000 new customers since the launch of the even more plans. Magenta is back on the right track.

    • kershon

      I heard they were adding more subs. Can u give verification??

    • 30014

      As far as that number goes, tmobile is more than likely counting existing subscribers that switched over to the new plans. If they added that many new subscibers then I’m pretty sure they would be getting praised for adding so many new customers in just a few weeks time. The ship is still taking on water so don’t get your hopes up yet.

    • ssm

      Yeah no contract shitty customers! don’t be a fool!

  • MarkMc84790

    So a merger with Clearwire would give us HSPA+ & WiMax? I could go for that.

  • bob

    t-mobile USA ship is dead in the water, with unions push on employee, late on WiMAX and LTE which every they choose, weak phone line up and losing the price advantage they once had.

  • TomCruise

    all they need is a couple of good phones and a good marketing and advertising campaign.

    even though their current line up looks better with Bold, MT3G, sony ericsson equinox, dash, TP2, behold II etc.

    a few more good phones will not harm. but the ad campaign is crucial. these mergers wont help without it.

  • Ejay Droid

    I think t mo is not nearly in the cad spot that every one thinks they are. But a merger with At&T would Be something intresting it would make the largest carrier in the states with over 100 mill people att gets android and t mo gets iphone? fair trade i think and at&t could maby get t mo’s 3 g upgrade while t mo would get att 4g in 2011? I think this would be exspensive but if you look at it It would be very intresting and what would they do to the 2100mghz that t mo uses for 3 g drop and use the standerd 1900mghz? AT&T-Mo has a nice ring to it I think. you gotta admit it is intresting however i have seen at&t plans and Holy S^&^% they are exspensive so somethings gotta get worked out.

    • Ejay Droid

      Im sry Cad is suppost to be Bad* haha

    • AphotiX

      Most likely if there were a merger of some kind the company would remain T-Mobile USA. I don’t think the telecom giant DT could stand to see its baby lose that name. And considering (largely due to the parent company) T-Mobile has a lot of money to shell out, I’m pretty sure they could afford a complete acquisition as opposed to merger, since thats how T-Mobile rolls.

  • Michael

    i would love to see DT aquire AT&T . that would be awsome . if its possible of course .

  • Vikingsfan45

    come on at&t merger at least i would get paid more if that happens


    let’s mash 2 rumors together.

    a company with a 180 billion dollar market cap wants to get into the phone business balls deep.

    a german company with a weak sister foreign subsidiary that is looking to find her a boyfriend.

    googlephone/t-mo usa.

    • Bill48105

      Ohh MIKEEEEE you might be onto something there! Then it’d be a sure-thing for great Android phones right? Oh wait, there’s the hiccup.. Google as owner of TMo would never get past regulations in a million years at this point because they’d be supplying the OS (albeit open source but still) for every cell carrier, any more than Microsoft trying to buy TMo.. Don’t see that ever happening. Besides, there are tons of people with major privacy concerns with google so that could be a wrinkle anyway although it seems people don’t seem to fret over Android spying on you. Oh then again maybe big bro govt would love a piece of that action! Can hear the conspiracy accusations now.

  • As a sales rep i’m terrified, I left Verizon to go to T-mobile because working for Verizon was a nightmare, MOST of my fellow sales reps were a bunch of ignorant, big headed, bimbos, some wouldn’t even help customers who were older because they probably wouldn’t get a data device..ect. T-Mobile on the other hand has always been my BABY I was with Sprint before they were the first major carrier I was with and I don’t miss paying $40 extra because you had to have internet with your picture messaging to get pictures and videos, and the dropped calls was awful in my area, my final straw with Sprint was I lived in the center of my city where according to the maps ANY carrier and their dog had coverage and for some reason I had 0 bars in my house, so i canceled and went to T-mobile I was a customer for a year even while I was working at Verizon I had my T-mobile phones cause mt 8900 was a thousand times better then any BB Verizon had to offer (even the Storm). Now that i’m a employee I have never been happier with any company I’v worked for (and i’m a telecommunications whore I’v worked for Comcast, Verizon, Qwest) T-mobile takes care of their employees like their customers so to see T-mobile merge and become something else would KILL me. I don’t see myself working for anyone else for a VERY long time. My Benefits ROCK and the commission is fabulous!

    • kershon

      Maybe if there is a merger or acquision it will be with Metro PCS or some smaller company. Then we can all rest easier. As long as T-Mobile runs the show we will be ok. So far these are just rumors anyway. Seems like speculation on all the blogs runs rampant. If I remember correctly, earlier this year the shareholders of DT were supposed to be giving T-Mo USA until the middle of 2010 to make a good showing before making a decision on what DT was going to do. If this holds true, we at least have a few more months before we will know anything for sure. We would all like to see T-Mobile grow and succeed, and imho they are making a much better effort than in the past. We have 3g rolling out at a fast pace, new plans which seem to be attractive to new customers, although not so much for current subscribers. The phone lineup could stand some improvement, like getting the latest and greatest phones, But overall, imo, it is much better than it was even a year ago. Matter of fact I just got the BB Bold9700 on release day and I couldn’t be happier. It is all I have ever wanted in a device.

  • Deaconclgi

    I was told by a T-Mobile Corporate rep (in person) that the merger is with Clearwire and that it may be completed in February 2010! He said the merger would be T-Mos road to 4G speeds. He volunteered this information after I inquired about the cost of a USB 3G/wifi stick and a Web plan. He said that I should just wait until Feb for a new USB WebConnect card and a faster plan!!!!!

    Oh…and I got my daughter a FREE Motorola Cliq via add a line at Best Buy Mobile inside the Mall of Georgia!!!

    ALL Tmo phones are free November 20th – 30th!!

    Here are links to the pictures of the flyer:

    and the receipt:

    I hope someone can use this offer!

    If you live near the Mall of Georgia OR can get someone to go for you, it is worth it. They DON’T have the 9700 or the Behold II though.

  • Gibbs

    Trust me, that is a net of new customers. Wait till you see the announcement of 4th quarter results. Cliq and even more plus have been huge gainers for magenta

    • kershon

      If you are right, I’m gonna fall of the wagon and have a week long party! Lol

    • 30014

      Where is your proof? I’m sure tmo would make it known if the new plans were having that much of an impact. Like I said earlier, they’re including existing subscribers that switched over in those numbers.

  • Deaconclgi

    Soooooo I took out my daughters new sim with the Android data and put in the old sim with the $5.99 Tzones and the phone still works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Messaging works, calling works, web works and it has a 3G and Edge coverage just as before. I will see how long it works. Anyone else have the grandfathered 5.99 tzones and a cliq? You would have to have more than one line to have a cliq AND tzones to test since TMo would make you change tzones to Android web if you only have one line.

    Any comments or knowledge?

    • Deaconclgi

      Aaaaannnnddddd….after almost 3 hours, the browser finally tells me that I need to upgrade to the Android data plan. Well, it was fun while it lasted. It goes to show that these data plans are all corporate decisions and not requirements of the devices themselves. Oh well, time to put the new sim back into the cliq.

      • Bill48105

        Yupper they check the IMEI & BOOM! (TMo seems to lock out any phone with IMEI not in their ‘non-smart phones’ database vs ATT doesn’t seem to lock out {yet} but they do detect ATT phones and update the device info on your account automatically so odds are some time soon they’ll block too. I’ve never had an iphone but I’ve heard ATT already checks those) Don’t get me started on required data plans, varied pricing based on phone type/model & being forced to go unlimited no matter how little data you use BUT something to think about: Play around with your connection settings & perhaps just maybe one of the alternate WAP servers will give you a pleasant surprise. ;) At some point I’d guess they’ll make changes but at least for now it should make you smile, just don’t abuse it. I read somewhere there is a daily data limit but I’ve never run into it because I use such a small amount of data each month, as in *maybe* 10-15MB per month. Yeah the cell companies can all stick they’re unlimited plans. Reminds me, time to fill out that FCC complaint form again. :D

      • Deaconclgi

        Yeah, I saw on the web that maybe a proxy or two could get it back to working. I’ll wave the white flag on this one since it is not my line and just pony up the $25 for a few months. Turns out that our military discount has been upped to 18% and that almost breaks us even with what we used to pay per month with our old 5 line setup. I for one, will *always* try to find a way to keep tzones for my unlocked phones. Hopefully TMo won’t start blocking the granfathered plan. I know they already block the $9.99 tzones plan for smartphone use but for now, the $5.99 is safe.

  • joe

    well, I dunno, I like my job (i work at the mobes), but t-mo seems about average for a phone company. My cousin worked with them 4 years and their commission structure got worse and worse and their policies towards customer and employee became more tilted to the company. And the folks I work with aren’t concerned with the customers, more about features and all that. so we aren’t that different…

    Anywho, in my market where our coverage lags behind the big three cell poviders, we saw a decrease in acts after the even more rollout. We didn’t see a ‘mytouch wave’ after Oprah did that show in chicago, and I am guessing when we see 3G it will be a little dot on the coverage map. Our biggest problem here is coverage. Phone selection is good and could be improved (why don’t we have android 2.0?) but it is better than what it was. I am waiting on more coverage, because that tends to determine whether people pick us up or not. I think it would definitely help if people saw we had better coverage than boost and all them. But who knows?

    • Bill48105

      Exactly, TMo needs to work quadruple-time to get 3G rolled out as many places as possible. Don’t think coverage matters? Look at the ads showing maps. Verizon shows ATT’s sad blue map vs their red one and ATT shows TOTAL coverage etc. They know coverage is the #1 factor otherwise MetroPCS, Cricket & such would be #1 with their ultra cheap plans. Don’t get me wrong, phone selection matters as does price and customer service etc but if TMo had coverage only in 1 small city they couldn’t sell a Droid or Touch HD2 for $5/month if they tried.

  • Grr

    An AT&T merger would be highly, highly unlikely.

    MetroPCS or Clearwire could be much more likely. T-Mobile would not likely continue Clearwire’s WIMax path because its not a good path. Clearwire would provide extra frequencies and tower leasing which is a couple items T-mobile would need. MetroPCS would be the best option because with that you get customers in addition to what ClearWire gives you.

    • Bill48105

      ATT merger unlikely even if would be best path because of common technologies but even if they could get along not sure the govt would let that fly. Haven’t dug into it but not sure Clearwire’s bands does much for TMo because TMo’s are 1700 vs 2500 unless I’m missing something.. And seems renting towers should be easy as they are EVERYWHERE and most appear to be far from full of antennas. Metro adds some customers although lower cost ones and not sure TMo wants to deal with PCS technology when they’re GSM.. So we’re back at ATT which would likely never happen so merger with anyone seems quite unlikely & all rumor. ;)

      • Grr

        Tower leasing is not easy at all. Most federal and/or local governments are requiring much harsher safety guidelines on towers. One of the biggest challenges in the 3G build out has been getting tower modifications approved by the FCC. It isn’t even just about the tower itself. One the foundation of the tower you have to have leased space for equipment on the ground. In the event T-Mobile get LTE, then you may be looking at additional equipment that you need space for on the ground.

  • A merge with Att would be epic, maybe we could get some worthwhile phones

    • Justin Case

      or is it worthless phones?

  • gringo

    i think if they went with metro theyd make money…metro already has basically the same deals they have going on so i dont think metros customers would complain

  • Justin Case

    I’ve always had good luck with T-Mobile and most likely wouldn’t change a thing…….not only that but for a majority of the people that I talk with say that their AT & T suck big time… will the buyout affect me?