T-Mobile Complete Goes Live


A couple of days ago we revealed to you T-Mobile’s upcoming no-annual contract solution. Today T-Mobile has officially  launched T-Mobile Complete. If you don’t know what the freakin’ hell T-Mobile Complete is, check out our post here for full details. To summarize, its  essentially a Prepaid phone + Unlimited plans available at Best Buy and participating Walmart stores. T-Mobile is even offering the first month of service free with your purchase! As we said before T-Mobile is offering 4 phones currently. The Samsung T239, Samsung T229, Samsung Gravity, and the BlackBerry Curve 8520. Unlimited Talk will run you $50, Unlimited Talk+Text will be $60, and Unlimited Talk+Text+Web will be $80. Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Jamie

    Does anyone else hear the “Crickets”??? Fail, T-mo. Again.

    • mmmmaxsooner

      Go away johnny verizon just go away oh and enjoy the half baked android 2.0. I for one hope tmobile let’s the eclair bake fully before making it available

  • Anthony in Utah

    In opinion, I this is brilliant! What better way to get in the prepaid game with unlimited plan! We have carriers with unlimited pay-as-you-go plans and this is a step-up for T-Mobile to be more competitive, whether it be Cricket or AT&T, this is the way to go!

    As for the advertisement posted in the picture for the T-Mobile Complete, is the Blackberry 9700 on there for a particular reason if its NOT going to be offered in the T-Mobile Complete compatible phones? Shows some signs of false advertising until you read it.

    • Kickstar13

      Look closely, its the BlackBerry Curve 8520. Not sure, or even if T-Mobile will offer the Bold 9700 with T-Mobile Complete.

    • kershon

      Where do you see a 9700? I see the curve 8520. Need new glasses??

    • Anthony in Utah

      HaHa kickstar13 – I can’t tell the difference. I even zoomed in on the image. They are rather closely related, not just the trackpad. Totally cool they are offering a Blackberry on prepaid!

  • bHold2$

    honestly, I just don’t get it . why/how is this different than the EM+?

  • ballhawk3

    That’s the 8520 Gemini. Not the new bold in the ad.

    Also, why would they have this…when its pretty much identical to the Even More Plus plans? Except, with the complete, you get a month free! Sounds like a better deal.

    A little conflicting. Unless t-mobile is trying to cut down on overhead costs. T-Mobile complete = phone in a box, go pick up and ring up and register. Instructions inside, no need for a rep to set up.

  • tinalooks808

    I think this is a great idea! It isn’t any different from the EM+ plans but honestly the people who visit this site know that most lay people like simple options in one package that they don’t have to think about! Granted, if the people looking to buy this went to the t-mobile website they could do the same thing, there a lot of people out there who don’t do that. For the people who walk into a store and just pick something off of the shelf, this is a great idea to compete with the other “all in one options” out there!~

  • kershon

    Personally, I think this is a good way for Magenta to pick up more new customers. The more options for plans and phones,the better. In my area the only T-Mobile company store is a kiosk in a mall 15 miles from my home. Best Buy and Walmarts are all over the country. And they have a lot of foot traffic. Imo this should give T-Mo a lot more exposure to potential customers. For a starter lineup of offerings this doesn’t look too bad to me. If someone wants a smartphone the BB 8520 is a good device for someone new to smartphones to begin with.

  • dboy

    whats wrong with tmo man!!!!! and their plans?? we want phones nice ones smart ones meaning… not the behold 2…. good thing i like tmobile!! for now…

    • redman12

      Ever heard of Blackberry 9700? and Android?

  • Robert_x24x

    This whole pre-paid thing is a joke. $80 for unlimited voice and data? Not very many, if any, need unlimited minutes. You can get 450 minutes, unlimited nights/weekends, unlimited messaging, voice and data on Sprint, with amazing devices for $70 a month. The phones they’re offering on this Complete plan are shit. I agree with the first poster: T-Mobile fails again. Which is why I’m happy with Sprint.

    Posted from my Pre.

    • Mog

      I don’t want to be contrarian, but if you gave people a choice of those two plans – $70 with 450 minutes, $79 with unlimited minutes – side by side, virtually everyone would choose the unlimited minutes, I mean seriously.

      And “Complete” isn’t a plan, it’s a package. T-Mobile offers *any* of their devices on that $80 unlimited plan. (Though for dumbphones it’d be $10 cheaper.) These are just popular devices boxed up to be better gifts.

      Oh, and even if you’re right, and most users love counting minutes, T-Mobile’s 500 minutes +data plan is $10 cheaper than Sprint’s 450 minute plan.

      • Bob

        To a point, I agree. Adding unlimited data & texting adds $30/mo (plus taxes) to the price, which is far less attractive to many folks. MetroPCS is offering unlimited everything (voice/data/text) for $45/mo. T-Mobile is now offering unlimited voice only for $50/mo.

        The thing I like the best? No contracts. NO CREDIT CHECKS. Gah. That is something that should never have been required in the first place.

      • beastly

        Agreed about contracts and credit checks. The only reason cell companies require the credit checks is because of phone subsidies. Phone companies are effectively loaning customers money to buy cell phones, and sneaking the payments into the cost of the cell plans. They make sure you continue to make these payments by locking you into a contract, and hedge their bets by instituting ETFs. If they made these loans without credit checks, they would probably cease to be profitable businesses.

        That’s why I went with Metro for so long. Loved the lack of contracts. I like doing business with people and businesses that are straightforward. I paid for a phone, and then paid monthly for service. I got what I paid for (minimal coverage at home, and none at work, but decent service on campus) and I didn’t complain. When I got married, the wife didn’t like not being able reach me at work, so she dragged me, kicking and screaming, into a cell phone dealer. We signed with T-Mobile, got fair coverage for a fair price, and then later signed with Verizon, getting fantastic coverage for a small fortune. So it goes.

        If Even More Plus had been available back then, I would have been with T-Mobile consistently for the past ten years.

    • jkraze

      You’re right, not everyone needs unlimited minutes. Matter of fact, most people don’t at all. Its these foolish customers who are taught they are getting great deals from people like metropcs for unlimited. But tmobile is all about the customer, so if that’s what they want, if that’s what’s going to drive business, then hell yes unlimited minminutes for $80 bucks a month is great! That’s only 9 bucks more then ur sprint bill haha. And by the why, I don’t know if you got bored on the sprint fanboy site and are new to tmonews? But t mobile has a plan like you current… 500 mintues (nights and weekends tmo to tmo) unlimited text and web.. sounds like someone is paying too much for his sprint bill. Even for “amazing” cdma phones like the pre who can’t even be used around the world lmfao…. tmobile son!

      • jkraze

        That 500 minute plan with text and data is only $60 bucks a month! And btw no contract! Screw sprint.. cdma phones with more expensive plans with contracts… haha

      • rossi

        Tmo’s 500 minute plan only includes tmo to tmo unlimited while Sprint’s is all mobile numbers. You’re not really comparing apples to apples because tmobile doesn’t have the option to do so. You’re also comparing subsidized contracts to no subsidy, no contract plans (which may or may not work out in your favor, but you have to do the math, gasp, I know).

        Also, tmo doesn’t allow corporate discounts on their even more plus plans, so you have to take that in to consideration. In my case, I qualify for 23% off of the mentioned sprint plan of $69.99 * .77 = $53.90 + taxes and fees for unlimited data, unlimited messaging, sprint TV, navigation, nights (at 7 pm) and weekends, unlimited mobile to mobile calling, and 450 to landlines. Explain to me how tmobile can beat that? You can try; you will be wrong. Get into family plans, and sprint becomes an even better deal ($147 after my discount (189.99 without my discount) for 5 lines, 1500 to landlines, unlimited everything else). This is of course assuming you call mobile numbers before 7 pm the majority of the time.

        Sure the limitations of CDMA phones are a factor, sprint’s future is in question, you’ll have a contract, and you can’t use your phone worldwide. Which, by the way, everyone that I know who travels abroad frequently purchases a local prepaid phone to use while they are in country anyway (cheaper and guaranteed compatibility), but I digress.

        Dislike sprint for CDMA’s limitations, sprint’s financial troubles, coverage quality, good or bad, or costumer service, and I will not argue with you. However, you are wrong about their plans.

      • Bob

        You know who REALLY likes MetroPCS? (And please don’t delete this, it’s not racist, it’s a fact) – Hispanics. This is because of the no credit check, prepaid way MetroPCS works. If you don’t pay the bill, your phone just stops working until you pay it again. It’s simple. No termination fees. And $5/mo for unlimited international calling – http://www.metropcs.com/world/ – trust me, I’m in an area that has a very high Hispanic population and MetroPCS is by far the most popular carrier around here because they can call family back in Mexico and have unlimited airtime. It’s a HUGE selling point.

    • Rayen321

      Sprint is closing stores down left and right, so be happy you have them for now…..

      • Bill48105

        Sprint is forcing a bunch of dealers to close if they are nearby a corporate owned store, even if that dealer was there BEFORE the corp store opened! Tell me that’s not a bunch of crap. Some were Nextel stores before Sprint/Nextel merged & they are not at all happy being stuck with leases they can’t get out of and are not allowed to sublet per their lease. Anyway that accounts for a lot of the closings but not denying Sprint definitely is in the hurts.

  • brittany

    could i just buy the phone then cancel after the 1st month free? lol

    • mmmmaxsooner

      Want everyrthing for free just wait for OBAMATEL!! where everything is free.and you get your free everything from 3 am. To 6:30am! Or in the mean time enjoy your cricket There’s frugal then there’s cheap. Where do u fall.

    • Mog

      You could, just as with any prepaid phone, but since you’re basically paying full retail for the phone, it’s not like there’d be a point to it…

      …oh, and props to mmmmaxsooner for randomly making things political. I love it when people senselessly troll up politics!

  • Ariel

    Brittany, or you could not be shady. Why are so many people so slimy?

  • FILA

    soooo did they get rid of or are they getting rid of the prepaid?

  • FILA

    Im with Brittany, thats a loop hole, i guess thats why there not offering any top of the line phones with this yet, interesting to see where it leads from here. But yea in theory you should be able to just cancel or not pay after that first month and walk away with a cheap new phone.

    Way to go T-Mobile, now bring out the TP2, the G1 and the G1v2 all on Complete for no higher then 150, hahahahaha

  • Cingular

    This is a great XMAS gift for those who may want an entry level smartphone with features BlackBerry is famous for.

    Alternatively, if you need a backup smartphone but don’t want to pay $500 for it, you can always pick this up to hold you over till something better comes along.

    Either way, good for T-Mo. Unlimited everything for $80 is better than anything Verizon or AT&T offers. I’d rather pay a real national company with real customer support, real device support who will handle my warranties (if applicable) rather than a cheap MVNO ran out of someone’s garage.

    • Mog

      I agree. EM+ is a great deal, the only problem might be the sticker cost of the phone. These bundles help fix that. I mean, after you take out the $80 service and $35 activation included in the bundle, that BlackBerry is $185. That’s not an unreasonable sum for a BlackBerry, even on contract (the same model is $129 on contract on T-Mobile.com). Spend $60 more, save $20 a month forever — sounds fair to me.

      Oh, but I forgot, we’re supposed to hate everything T-Mobile does. This Bundle Sucks! And no, it’s not because I’m misunderstanding it, or making it into something it’s not! I am an angry person on the internet! Yar!

  • Mike

    This is different than the EM+ plans. To qualify for those you have to run your credit. This is great for people with bad or no credit or just want to get a phone for someone where they dont have to worry about going over minutes.Also no contracts. And to robert, yes true most people dont NEED unlimited minutes but look how well MetroPCS and others are doing with their unlimited plans.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Could T-Mobile be preparing themselves for a merge with another carrier, possibly? As stated in previous posts about merging…. T-Mobile is pushing the *No Contract* plans on many customers. I mean when I was purchasing the Bold 9700 on a two year renewal contract, the reps. kept insisting I go to the Even More Plus plans. I told him I didn’t mind having a contract as I am not leaving T-Mobile and he still pushed it on me.

    This would make sense to put customers on a *No Contract* plan and shooting prepaid phones with unlimited minutes and such as to prepare for a merge in the future.

    Any thoughts on this or am I just thinking crazy?

    – Anthony

    • Bill48105

      You’d think having millions of people locked under contract would be a GOOD thing & of value in a merge but then again in the even they merged with a non-GSM carrier they’d be on the hook to replace every existing phone with one compatible to the ‘new’ network so hey you might be onto something. Quite a stretch but hey these days you never know.

      • mmaxsooner

        I don’t think that TMOB is looking to go cdma they are a gsm wherever dt is at. I think they are more fishing for an investor more than a buyout. No one makes since but att ow. They already have coverage in metro pcs areas so I don’t think buying them and converting from cdma to gsm would be much help maybe a tower here and there. But we never no the inner working of a company let alone dotsons thoughts on the issue

      • Bill48105

        Yeah mmaxsooner I don’t see TMo changing to CDMA either but who knows. Usually a merge is more about gaining customers to increase total customer counts than anything & that’s what a TMo/Sprint merger would do but not sure they’d have enough to become #2 or not, I doubt it. I was just pointing out different pros/cons of having people under contract in the event of a merge and the possibility of replacing phones would be a bad thing for them. I agree on the investor thing except I’d still say having customers tied into contract is worth a lot more than having them all month to month so makes me wonder on logic of pushing no contracts if they really are looking for an investor vs a merger. But yeah weirder things have happened. I’d sooner say TMo is trying to make the exclusive ‘iphone’ type deals meaningless by saying “hey bring your favorite phone to us even if we don’t offer it and while you’re at it realize we’re cheaper & have no contracts to tie you down if you’re not happy” but what they fail to realize (or at least didn’t finish the network upgrades before the big push of the new plans) is that TMo’s biggest issue with gaining customers is lack of decent coverage, especially 3G but ANY coverage at all in too many places. Plus the fact that TMo’s 3G runs on oddball bands and if they really wanted true BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) then they’d need for phones offered by other carriers to run on the same bands.. So until all/most cell carriers use the same bands or cell companies offer up TMo bands on all the phones they make (not holding my breath because TMo doens’t have the clout to push that unlike ATT & how many unlocked unbranded phones show up with ATT bands..) then that plan would seem to be a lost cause. Good idea in theory but definitely lacking in practice without some major changes like TMo adding 1000x more coverage than they have now or the cell companies moving to a common technology like LTE, assuming common compatible bands.

  • J

    LOL a few hours ago i decided to call 611 and asked when our plans was up.once she gave me the end dates and she jumped the gun and asked why. I told her “the qaulity of the selected phone is too limited”…she then goes ohh. well you are qualified renewal. I was like ummm ok..no. LOL.

    they know that they losing in the phone game.

  • GregP

    @bHold2$ – You’re right, this isn’t any different than EM+. That’s the point. The biggest objection to EM+ at a store is that they customer is expecting something for free (the handset, but doesn’t get it. When they go to a national retailer, that expectation is suddenly “I’m expecting a flat price for what I get.” In this case, Walmart gets to say “This BB 8520 is $xxx.xx.” Customer then has to activate it and pay for service, of course, they will want the less expensive EM+ pricing, and viola! You have an effective EM+ sale. There is a reason why it is only be sold in Walmart and Best Buy right now.

  • rushmore

    Looks like another one got away:



    Tmo phone selection sucks and NONE will work well with Flash 10.1

    Droid is a great device and Tmo fanboy suckups do not like it because they do not have it.

    Whoever thinks 2.0 is weak has not tried it. You Tmo fanboys are such blind suckups I might just say screw the N900 and keep the Droid and eat $400 of contract terminations.

    No wonder Tmo phones suck- most of their customers are complacent lemmings- give em’ what they deserve ;)

    • rossi

      BUT the customer service!? The other companies will steal all of your money and your first born. You will begin to turn crucifix upside down, and you will drink blood and come out only at night. Your clothes will be made from human flesh, and your dog will get rabies. You will regret your decision, and last, but not least, you won’t be able to do simultaneous VOICE AND DATA (*if you’re not near wifi). You will hate having 3G whenever you have service, and Android 2.0 is gimped because Verizon has it on lock down.

      Yep, I think that about sums it up. ;)

      • rossi

        Nope, I forgot one thing. You will die of old age before you get to use your phone because the droid is only clocked at 550 mhz.

    • Bryan

      Someone has not been paying attention very long or has selective memory (rushmore). Look at the demos of flash on android that adobe has shown off in the last year, they have almost all been running on a G1.

      The Droid is a great phone that will be outdated by first quarter of 2010. Accept it tech advances fast. New phones such as the Sony x10 and the HTC Dragon are expected to launch then both running real 1Ghz processors. Enjoy you droid while it is still the shiniest thing on the block.

  • kershon

    So now the x10 isn’t coming to tmobile. The n900 has tmobile 1700 band but so far it appears t-mobile isn’t going to subsidize it. What about the HD2? T-mobile going to lose that too?? 2010 is going to be a great year for T-mobile. Ya. Right. Looks like we are going to still be stuck with mediocre offerings. Deutche Telecom needs to come over here and do a complete house cleaning in Bellvue. We need leadership with a vision of the future.

  • J

    oh god another phone that got away? man it feels like TmobileUSA and its crop sluts are taking Deutche Telecom for a ride. like AIG did to to our tax dollars. BASTARDS!

  • rushmore


    Droid is twice as fast as the Cliq, Mytouch and G1. Plays high res and bitrate movies that would choke on the 7201. Games that suck bad on the 7201 play fine on Droid. Also has same DSP and 3D chip as N900 and newer iPhone.

    Arm 8 3430 clocked at 550mhz has twice the transistors and power of the 7201.

    N900 is not capped, but will spike an extra 50mhz and waste battery power if not needed. The N900 makes up for this because Maemo is far more power efficient than app in the background happy Android. Even turning them off does not help for long, since they pop back up. Constant battle of killing them with task killer.

    • Rossi


      • Bill48105

        Poor Rossi, had you only used the [Sarcasm] control mechanism. Here let me try:
        [Sarcasm]Wow the Droid is so beautiful & stylish I wish I had one and I’mt trade my 1st born for it[/Sarcasm]

        Btw, how’s your dog’s rabies doing? He got that from the vampire that sucked your blood avoiding the upside down crucifix right? hehe

      • Rossi

        I have failed!

  • rushmore

    Sorry Rossi:

    Next time please do a wink or somethin’ ;)

  • jam

    If t mobile merges I don’t know what I will do I have had the other 3top carriers and they all disappoint compared to t-mobile

    • kershon

      Agreed. Talk tracker here I come.

  • cdubs

    Seems like a better deal than the Even More Plus Plans. The BlackBerry 8520 is $50 less plus you get 1st month free, so that is another $80 savings and with prepaid you don’t pay all those B.S. taxes (where I live thats about another 10% savings). I guess the downside is phone selection and probably less customer care support. (such as a warranty exchange)

  • Oakley44

    So…could you maybe update the updates at some point?


    I guess T-Mobile Complete ‘completes’ their Christmas lineup of handsets and services. Nice.

  • doesntmatter

    Tmobile complete is just flexpay rebranded & bundled.

    • beastly

      Yep. With a discounted phone, no activation fee, and a free month of service.

  • Robert_x24x

    The plans might be cheaper, yes. I’ll admit I missed that my first time around. But my most major point was that the plans only have a few shit phones. So, for most of the people on this website, the device they own and use plays a major part in it. And you’re not going to want to pay for that plan on a phone/device you do not want in the first place. I was with T-Mobile for a while, as well as being a part of this online community, had my fair share of phones and such. The data/call signal constantly went to shit and disappeared in the last few months I had them. Their device selection is a joke(they’re barely above Verizon, though not for long) and when they do get something good, they fuck it up, anyway. Customer service was invredible, though. But I’m lovin’ Sprint on all levels I can possibly think of. I went from a G1, $96 phone bill, to the exact same thing with a better device(Pre) on $70. And now I get 20% off my bill because of who I bank with. Am I a Sprint fanboy? I suppose. But no less than you are, in my opinion, an unfortunate T-Mobile fanboy.

  • Bill Berry

    I’m inclined to agree with a few neasayers; T-Mobile Complete is what Flex was to Smart Access Accounts; rebranded. I keep waiting for someone to explain to me how this is any different than Even More Plus with the lone exception of data plans. That said, I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how my T-Mobile Web plan is not a data plan.