T-Mobile Complete–A New No-Annual Contract Solution


As you probably all already know, T-Mobile announced its new Even More plans in late October. But it looks like that’s not all T-Mobile is rolling out this year. Thanks to our trusty tipster, T-Mobile will be offering T-Mobile Complete. T-Mobile Complete is a pre-packaged, no-annual contract solution that offers the value of a monthly plan and the first pay-in-advance BlackBerry smartphone from a national U.S. carrier. This will be great for people looking to get nice gift for the Holiday Season. Full details below:

T-Mobile announces the availability of T-Mobile Complete, a pre-packaged no-annual contract solution that offers the value of a monthly plan and the first pay-in-advance BlackBerry smartphone from a national U.S. carrier.  With T-Mobile Complete, customers can choose from four handsets starting at $59.99, which includes first month free. Customers can also choose from a range of unlimited plans starting at $50 per month. T-Mobile Complete is currently available nationwide at Best Buy and at select Walmart locations.

T-Mobile Complete kits are the easiest way to give phones this holiday season. Just buy the kit, wrap it, give it as a gift, and the recipient can activate service from anywhere, anytime – and they get the first month free! One of the four devices available through T-Mobile Complete is the BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone, the first pay-in-advance BlackBerry smartphone available from a national carrier.  Smartphones will be a hot gift option this holiday season – in fact, T-Mobile expects smartphones to account for 40 percent of its sales in the fourth quarter of 2009.

T-Mobile Complete is just one great holiday gift option from T-Mobile.  With a wide array of devices this holiday season – including the broadest lineup of Android smartphones of any carrier in the U.S. – there’s something for every type of customer.

Handsets available will include the BlackBerry Curve 8520, Samsung T239, Samsung Gravity, and the Samsung T229. Are you diggin’ T-Mobile Complete? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE 2: Samsung T239 will  run you $49.99

UPDATE: According to Engadget:

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 will be $299.99 
And the BlackBerry Pearl will run you $149.99

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  • watbetch

    Can you get standalone data and email?

  • manus

    so can i just buy a blackberry 8520 for lets say $100 dollars get a month of service free then just keep the phone and not pay the monthly bill.

  • Anthony in Utah

    This is EXCELLENT! T-Mobile is really pressing hard on their no contracts and prepaid services. This is just amazing how far they have come along with its products and services.

    One thing I dislike about the mobile carriers is the exclusivity of cellular phones. AT&T gets iPhone, Verizon gets Droid, Sprint gets the Palm Pre, T-Mobile lands Motorola Cliq and MyTouch 3G and G1’s. I think its a very good possibility that in the future we can expect this to end, but as to when, who knows!?

    • Koloheboy

      It will never end, it just started lol…

      • Anthony in Utah

        @ Koloheboy – Hey! Did you ever get your new BB 9700? I made a post on facebook saying I got it and it was my first BB and man it caused a riot on there hahaha it goes like this iPhone VS Blackberry VS Android!

        They all have their perks….. app. stores, however, I noticed BB’s app world is rather small in comparison to the other to. Its funny… I have two roommates…. who are my really close friends….. One is all about his iPhone, I’m all about the BLACKBERRY (now) haha, and the other is all about android and the Verizon Droid! We all have disputes every now and again haha

        T-Mobile SHOULD be advertising their newest and lastest device… the BEHOLD II ! What’s up with that!? Spit out some ads online at least.

      • Anthony in Utah

        AHH that’s going to bug me when I used “to” instead of “two” sorry guys I do know how to spell haha Kickstar13 where is that dang edit button? =)

  • Deuce017

    I’ve been seeing the Blackberry package over at Best Buy. Was wondering what that was all about~

    • maxxsooner

      Screw best buy, just go to walmart and get the 100 gift card. bestbuy kings of bait and switch and drag out rebates until u say UNCLE or damn that screw job really hurt ok ok you can keep my rebate!

  • Rick

    It looks like the pattern here is to unbundle the phone cost. T-Mobile may be trying to bring the European model to us.

    Good luck. It works over there because of ubiquitous GSM.

  • nr552

    Complete Crap.


  • Queen4111


  • alex

    We’ve heard from your “trusty tipsters” before…

    • Kickstar13

      What’s that supposed to mean?

    • Viper

      You know this is also up on Engadget, right? Give this place some damn credit, they’re pretty spot on a lot of the time

  • artiepants

    I wonder why no Android?

  • Ariel

    Isnt this just flexpay? I am confused.

  • yaser

    Hope they have the BB 9700 available….I was just talking about that 2 weeks back..in other countries they can pay monthly and if they dont pay thats fine they just dont have service..but can reactivate whenever…just what i want..sounds like ill be having 3 lines now haha

  • Twitch110

    Booooooorrrrrriiiiiingggg!!!! Will there ever be news that actually gets me EXCITED?! T-mobile is losing this war. It saddens me.

  • Carlos

    Come on folks, this is an indicator….It means more to come from T mobile…all it is. While it’s not much to get excited about, it’s says BUNCHES for T mobile and flexibility….So let’s wait and see what triggers get pulled next…

  • Wagonis

    Anyone know what the price of the BlackBerry package is with this? The only published price I’ve seen was the lower cost device for $59.99

  • FILA

    isnt this just like prepaid or the same? Or Even More Plus, cuz with Plus your not tied into a contract. This makes no sense, they should of let things alone, came out with a whole new line of prepaid phones and new rate plans instead of havign like 4 options now. The biggest announcement now were waiting for is that damn G1v2!! Come on, I can fee lit in my boner, I mean bones!

  • Margie

    @ Wagonis: I believe the BlackBerry 8520 in the T-Mobile Complete pack is about $350 or so. I was looking at one in a Best Buy Mobile in NJ.

  • Danny

    Samsung T239 will also be offered for $49.99

  • Danny
  • Mog

    Well, T-Mobile’s finally done it. They made the non-contract free phone.

    The Samsung T239 is $59.99 (and I’m sure many stores will discount it, just like Best Buy’s already discounting the Gravity). The Even More Plus plan that most people will get – the one with unlimited calling and texting – is…$59.99/mo. And the Samsung T239 includes a month of service. Effectively, the phone is…free. With no contract.

    And for a literally free phone, it’s not bad. It’s a slider, those are still a bit of a novelty in the low-end market, and it looks way nicer than the T229.

    I’m not sure I get the confusion, on this. No, it’s not Flexpay. It’s basically a way of packaging their contract-free Even More Plus phones in a way that makes them better gifts. That’s all. In the past, you couldn’t really give a phone to someone — what were you going to do, give them a two-year contract? But now you can, with no contracts. Heck, it’s basically like giving them a gift card for a month of unlimited calling and texting, with — oh yeah — a free phone, too.

    Even More Plus plans are the best deal around, but the only thing that might cause people to pause is the sticker shock of having to buy a phone “separately.” This erases all that. So, give these to people you want to be able to call for free on T-Mobile. ^_^ Assuming you don’t already have an unlimited plan…

  • beastly

    If you compare the prices of these phones to the retail prices on T-Mo’s website, it’s kind of shocking. If you want a BB 8520 with all-you-can-eat, you have 3 options:

    -Plunk down $300, and pay $80 a month thereafter, for a total of $1820 over 20 months. No contract, no activation fee, no ETF, no overages.
    -Sign up for EM+, and spread the payments out a little, paying $97 a month over 20 months, plus an activation fee, for a total of $1975 over 20 months.
    -Sign up for EM, get a subsidy, pay $132 a month for four months, and $100 monthly after that, for a total of $2128 over 20 months.

    Savings are comparable with the other phones too:
    -$60 down and $50 monthly, for a total of $1010 for unlimited voice for 20 months on a Samsung t239.
    -$54 monthly +$35 activation on an EM+ plan for a total of $1115 for 20 months of unlimited talk on the t239.
    -$67 for 4 months, and then $60 after that on EM, for a total of $1228 for 20 months of unlimited talk.

    Looks like Magenta’s throwing out some pretty big incentives to go prepaid, at least for individuals. (Savings comes to $155 or $308 on the Blackberry and $105 or $218 on the t239.) Very interesting.

    • beastly

      If Danny is correct, add $10 savings to the prepaid plan for the t239.

  • alan

    what absolutely sucks for us reps is that tmo is completely taking the rug out from under us….. if people are no longer coming to the store and getting prepaids at best buy, then they are cutting their overhead by a ton of money cuz any activation is commission for us and if this is a prepaid activation, we hardly get any money for it…. this blows… looks like unfortunately i will be looking for a new job because it is obvious tmo wants to cut down their overhead by cutting our commission opportunities…. damn i would have rather had lay offs and take my chances cuz this really sucks… i hope other reps see what tmo is doing to us….

  • Robert

    I have a tmobile 8700g blackberry. Could I sign up for prepaid using this phone?