T-Mobile Android Brochure Highlights Top Market Apps


There is little question as to whether or not T-Mobile has gone all in with the Android platform as they offer double the number of devices as the closest competitor. Well as it’s that time of year to spend the money you receive from returning that ugly sweater Grandma gave you, T-Mobile is looking to showcase the Android Market with a Gift Guide for the Holidays. Our source indicates this brochure is given away with all Android purchases, save for the MyTouch, which has us scratching our head. Hit the jump for a gallery of Android apps and hopefully some recommendations for new downloads to spend that holiday money on!


  • Nice info, wish your pics were big enough that I could actually read them and scan the barcodes, now I have to goto the stupid tmobile store >.<

  • oh awesome you made them bigger ;)

  • jason

    too bad t-mobile’s android phones are overpriced compared to other carriers. :( I want to stay with t-mobile, have been a customer for about 5 years, yet the customer service reps wouldn’t even budge $50 on the myTouch to keep me as a customer. Is a $99 myTouch too much to ask?!?

    • the shack selles the mytouch for 99 daily and on black friday the cliq will ne 79.99 bfy only on the cliq

  • Andy

    Jeez people…….How about FREE phones all the time??????? People want the latest and greatest but dont wanna pay for it.

  • If they were going “all in” they should have done it with better phones like AT&T did with the iPhone. Who cares about the quantity of phones if the quality blows. The Droid, Eris & Hero are all better than the junk that TMO is carrying. Plus, like Jason said, TMO is charging the same or more for an inferior device.

    • kershon

      I don’t know about the Droid. They are having lots of problems with it. And it is my understanding that the Behold 2, and the Mytouch are going to be upgraded to 2.0. Just saying…. Not a big android fan yet. I’m enjoying my new bold 9700.

  • Elias

    @jason But you save more long term on the data plan. Verizon & ATT try to con you in with the $99 Eris & iPHone, but much usually more expensive over the long run, all things considered.

  • MagentaMagic

    @jason — reps aren’t supposed to negotiate prices with customers. In fact, policies are in place against discounting!

    @all others — we’re giving the magazine to anyone who wants one, regardless of handset purchase or just paying a bill. Be careful, a few of the apps listed as free are really trials, though it doesn’t explicitly say it in the article. Not TMo’s fault, but a little shady on part of the app’s creator(s).

  • Don Boogie

    If T-Mobile is so “all in” with Android, why do Verizon and Sprint have all the latest and greatest Android phones? (No, the Behold II doesn’t cut it.) Sorry, I’m frustrated…

  • jason

    I see that Best Buy is selling the myTouch for $99. Would I be able to buy it there and renew my contract by keeping my grandfathered plan? Or would I be forced to renew with one of the current plans?

  • watbetch

    They couldn’t secure Cat. Zeta-Jones for this mag?

  • GreenTea

    Totally Agree with Sao & Don

  • Kinuvas

    I agree that T-Mobile really needs to carry a blockbuster phone like the iPhone or the Motorola Droid. Although I have to admit the Motorola Cliq is a good addition to T-Mobile lineup. I am pretty impressed with the Cliq!!

    • Richard

      The Droid is not a blockbuster phone. I’t actually feels cheaper than the mytouch and behold II. IMO Motorola is the wrong way to go for and Android device as well as Verizon

      • 30014

        250,000 units in the first week. Tmobile can only dream of their handsets moving that number in a week.

  • Jorge

    I can’t believe that “Facebook for Android” made the Top 15 Free Apps,… It’s by far one of the Crappiest Apps for Facebook out there, Free or not o_O

  • JakeMG

    Nice that they provide QR codes, but to the average user, they won’t know what to do with this. They’ll get ShopSavvy and try to scan it and nothing. They should have the app, Barcode Scanner, listed first so they can utilize those QR codes.

  • ByeMrTmobile


    i was wondering the same thing about best buy. i know the radio shack lady i was working with said she couldnt do it unless i changed to the new plans. so i politely left cuz if i have to give up myFaves then i will just go get an iphone or the droid. just wish AT&T coverage didnt suck so bad in downtown chicago

    • jason

      ByeMrTmobile, I was able to buy a myTouch yesterday for $99 at a BestBuy Mobile store at my mall, AND they were able to keep me on my legacy plan! The data plan was $30 to add on though. I was hoping I would get the legacy $25 data plan price, but they wouldn’t let me do that. At least I got a good deal on the phone and kept my cheap voice plan!

      They also had the CLIQ for $99, but I liked the bigger screen on the myTouch and it’s a bit less bulky.

    • mark s

      i was told the same thing at radio shack..the only way they would sell me the cliq is if i switched plans….except i wasnt nice to the guy i told hiom hes full of sh@% then i left..and just so everyone knows radio shack will have the cliq for $79 on black friday

  • TrueCoug

    JakeMG – refer to page 2 of the brochure. The first app they talk about is Barcode Scanner. Good idea!

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I just rooted my phone and its way better since I’ve done that. Im rolling with the MyTouch.


    Yesterday I was in a local T-Mobile store (Orange County, CA) with my friend who was buying a Bold 9700. After showing off my Droid and the sales rep being very impressed how well it performs and how much better it is than T-Mobile’s Android offerings we had a very well-balanced discussion about what ails T-Mobile and what we felt would make them better.

    First, he informed me that his received an email in the morning from his regional manager that the big guys from DT are paying a visit to T-Mobile USA within the next week or so. He gets the impression that they’re really not happy with the current states of affairs here in the US. The rep and his manager expressed their dissatisfaction with how the company was being run and how they felt they should be at least #3 in this market. Of course they’re loyal employees so they attempted to trump up facts about how T-Mo was the first to have an Android phone. Touche`, but T-Mobile’s Android phones rank dead least in design and performance I replied. Crickets……like I said after I pulled out the Droid there wasn’t much else he could say. Of course he went to how cheap T-Mo’s plans were. I pointed across the street to the MetroPCS store and asked him, “What makes you so different from them?” “They have cheap plans and phone nearly on par with T-Mbobile.” It was the proverbial nail in the coffin on that argument. I wasn’t trying to disrespect as I told him I had been a long time customer but was frustrated by T-Mobile’s dismal selection of phones. NewsFlash: They agree.
    Next week all of the stores are putting on the holiday blitz around the Motorola Clique. Erm…..well I guess that’s the best they can do given the circumstances of having nothing people really crave. I was told they Clique has done well for them in terms of sales. The rep and manager agreed they wished the phone had more umph in processor and memory. They let me check out the Behold 2. We all agreed that we don’t like the phone. Neither do the critics.

    They did inform me of some encouraging news though. Unsubstantiated, but encouraging. T-Mobile is currently testing the X10, N900, and a full touchscreen Blackberry I’m told. That put a smile on my face as their just may be some hope for Magenta to start getting traction in the coming year. He also told me of an interesting tale of how T-Mobile was in top pursuit to acquire the iPhone but Apple’s reluctance to the MyFaves app being installed on their product stopped their chances. If this is true then why didn’t T-Mobile release an exclusive to compensate for this failure? Everyone else did with worthy competitor or attempts at least. BB Storm, Palm Pre. Please don’t say G1. Exclusively on T-Mobile? Yes. There’sa reason for that…it’s fugly!

    • A_O

      I have nothing to say about anything you stated, BUT i will correct you for your statement on how you told the Rep that, what makes Tmobile any different from MetroPCS…

      were you out of your mind on this one lol, im saying because idk if you seen the coverage MetroPieceOfShit has but its nothing compared to Tmobile.

      i was with MetroPCS here in Miam (their strongest coverage location btw) and even then is bad lol, as for their Phones, they dont even come “near” to Tmobile’s as you said.

      now with the rest that you said, i must agree lol even though i dont care about Android, im a hardcore CrackBeryy fan :D

    • John

      Maximus, as I am a t-mobile employee, you sound like one of those customers that we just agree with on pretty much everything you say to get you out of the store. Of course someone in the customer service business isn’t going to start an argument with you. And just curious where you got your facts about t-mobiles android phones ranking dead last? Did the guy at the verizon store tell you that? Because Consumer reports ranked the G1 very high and last I checked Consumer reports is a pretty reliable source. And they probably didn’t say anything when you pulled out the droid because they weren’t impressed. A_O was completely correct in his assessment of comparing T-mobile and Metro pcs. And according to you, the G1 doesn’t count as a big exclusive release because you don’t like the look of it. I’ll admit the G1 isn’t the best looking phone, but i would pick it over the terrible BB Storm any day. That was a terrible phone and I’m a big blackberry fan.

  • WXman

    We need some ninjas to break out the info. on the Black Friday deals that T-Mo stores will have. C’mon man….

    • David

      Working on it, so far got nothing :-(

  • Mr. Guy

    you know what i cant figure out. there are so many people on here bitching about tmobile, and i dont know if you realize but this is a TMOBILE fansite. its somewhat astonishing to me how ignorant people are. and alot of these people are so angry. what is the big deal? did tmobile steal your corn flakes this morning? i understand some of the frustrations, cause i work for the company and ive been frustrated as well. but people, you have to understand that we are talking about electronics here. they are NEVER going to work 100 percent of the time. and they are NEVER going to please every customer out there. whether it be verizon, or sprint, or att, or tmobile. people are gonna be pissed off. but if you love verizon, go bitch about tmobile on their website. cause your doing nothing but stirring the pot on here. dont get me wrong, i find it hilarious, but i think your wasting you time.


    @Mr. Guy

    Here’s a crucial element about fandom you’re apparently missing. In order to be a true fan you must also be willing to be a critic of what ails your favorite team, company, band, etc. There’s nothing wrong with being overly critical if there are areas where improvement are needed. Don’t be blinded and deceive yourself into thinking that everything is great in the land of T-Mobile. It’s not. It’s this very complaining that will make the company better in the long run. If it wasn’t so serious then I don’t think Deutsch Telecom would be making an appearance to address the problems that persist from within T-Mo US. You should thank all of us for complaining…it just may be what the doctor ordered. Or would you’re rather have AT&T swallow up T-Mobile? Scary thought.

    • Mr. Guy

      Thats a very good point maximus. i didnt really think of it that way. it just seems that some people get so worked up. and trust me i know tmobile isnt perfect. ive been rather unhappy with them lately. i sell their phones and lately the lineup hasnt been all its cracked up to be. i agree that having att swallow us up would be unfortunate for alot of people being as i worked for that company as well. thanks for the perspective. and hopefully tmobile starts paying attention to its customers.


    @Mr. Guy

    So you work for T-Mobile? Hmm…..interesting.

    It’s not just a about electronics. It’s about a service or lack thereof. Electronics play a role but it’s not the end all of the issues that plague the company you work for. It’s about being competitive. I don’t know if you’re a sports fan with a favorite team but I’d be the last to say I’d be happy with my team coming in last place year after year after year. I’m sure the investors, owners and management would feel just as vexed as the fans. It appears that you’re obviously only there for a pay check. Good for you. You of all people owe us a debt of gratitude since it may be our complaining that will potentially keep you employed. Maybe not….sounds like your dead weight to the company.
    Not a person attack…just an opinion. I’d hope you’d be an employee wanting to your company to move up in ranks. Guess not.

    Here’s some food for thought…..if you don’t like the complaining maybe you should just go to work and stay off these sites. Come to think of it, maybe the problem with T-Mobile is that you allhave your heads in the clouds. Or other places that I won’t mention.



    Just want to clarify to all. The opinions expressed by MAXIMUS are not necessarily those endorsed by TMoNews.com


    @Mr. Guy I’m sure you’re a great employee. I’m just having a little fun.

    • Mr. Guy

      Nothing wrong with a little fun right? It gets me through the day, especially on day as slow as im having.

  • Mr. Guy

    i actually own the store im sitting in right now. and no, smart ass its not all about the electronics. but if you look at any major carrier the majority of the problems have something to do with the electronics. and ninety percent of those problems have something to do with stupid people like yourself throwing the phone around and then blaming whichever carrier they have for the problems they are having. i cant tell you how many customers complain about bad tmobile is, and then i look at the phone and its been trashed as all hell. ive been doing this for quite a while, and it gets old. you people wouldnt throw your samsung flat screen on the floor, and then when the picture went out, would you blame samsung?


    @Mr. Guy. I hear where ya coming from. You’re absolutely right about some users. I myself baby all my gear….my Samsung 58″ plasma gets a proper wipe down before I turn it on in the evenings after work. When buying a phone I always buy a protective case because I don’t want to drop it and be in a bad mood for God knows how long. Like my Droid, I bought one of those black hard shell cases by Body Glove.

    Speaking of the Droid…..

    @Kershon what problems are you having with the Droid? I’ve been chugging away on mine for 2 weeks now (or almost) and I don’t have any complaints. There are some bugs in 2.0 that need to be sorted but I’m sure they will in the Dec. 11th scheduled update. I took some great shots with the camera while I was at the Eagles vs. Chargers game. My only disappointment that day was my Eagle lost. I had great seats though.

    For those that have seen some of my rants on this site for the past couple months if you’ve noticed I’m a much happy camper with the Droid and Verizon. Not saying that I’ll never come back to T-Mo. I just needed a break from the relationship. I’m really hoping they will turn things around. Not through speculations but real facts. It would be nice one day to read rave reviews about awesome T-Mobile branded phones coming to or sitting on T-Mobile shelves. I’m hoping the visit from DT will prove to be shocking…T-Mo US needs some serious house cleaning.

    Let’s hope things in 2010 get turned around. It’s gonna take more than just HSPA+. What use is fast data with no phones to show it off?

  • Nepoman

    I’ve been a TMo customer for the longest time. Ever since Android was announced, I’ve been waiting for the next incarnation of the G1. And in comparing the upcoming models touted by Verizon, and Sprint, I keep seeing that the offerings by TMo have been . . .lackluster. The only thing that’s been keeping me with TMo is because the customer service is top notch, and still have the best rates. BUT, the technology can only keep one loyal for so long. The Tmo signal is spotty (in my area), and the phone choices are lousy. If you look at the trends, the reason people flocked to the iPhone was the technology. They didn’t care that AT&T was the only game in town. The same will be true for Droid, and the HTC Hero/Eris before that. The only game changer is possibly the HTC HD2, and unfortunately it’s only coming on WinMo, and not Android — and it’s not out until Feb at the earliest. All these other great phones are being enjoyed already in Europe, but not the US.


    @Nepoman The HD2 is an awesome looking/performing phone…no doubt about that. HTC has said they want to keep clear distinctions between platforms so it looks like the HD2 will only be WinMo. What a disservice to that phone. WinMo is so dated…even if you put the pretty UI on top it’s still the same old dated platform. Hopefully WinMo 7 will be better but we won’t know until mid – end of next year.

    There have been reports abuzz that HTC will have a phone comparable to the HD2, the HTC Dragon which is suppose to be a Android phone and it’s headed towards Verizon. The hope is T-Mobile will pull together a plan to get more mid – high end phones in their stable. It seems as if they don’t care…this is the precise reason why I believe handset vendors don’t spend their time putting T-Mo’s 3G band in their phones. The ones that do sell them independently of T-Mobile branding. Don’t expect a subsidized N900 or X10 on the shelves.

    Impress us T-Mobile. 2010 is a new year….don’t start it off with another set of crappy phones. I’m going to keep official count of all carrier’s phones…my hope is that T-Mobile’s lineup will be much improved.

  • FILA

    the G1v2 will change the game


    @FILA Exactly how will the G1v2 change the game? By being a phone with Even More Bleh?

  • davis

    John- you work for tmobile, you should know this as well as i do: TMO’s best android has 528mhz processor and 256mb ram (the tween favorite, the cliq). Verizons WORST android has 528mhz processor and 288mb ram. Sprints WORST android has 528mhz and 288mb ram.

    Theres no arguing about this. TMO has twice as many androids as any other u.s. carrier and their BEST one is inferior to ANY android on ANY other carrier.

    not to mention tmobile has had over an entire year of a head start on android. I would literally pay $3,000 personally just to sit down with TMO’s development team (if they have one) to ask the strategy of releasing phones that are obsolete at the date of their release.

    I honestly feel sorry for TMO, its like when i was in boyscouts and my single mother couldnt afford to buy a good cake to put in the boyscout auction so i had to bring an ugly homemade one. Nobody wanted it but it was the best i could do, i think i was crying as i carried it back home. The point is i quit boyscout because i didnt have the resources to be a worthwhile contributor. Wink wink TMobile. put up or get out, your like the poor kid that couldnt bring a present to the birthday party, everyone feels sorry for you but its so awkward they wish you would just leave.

  • Bob the Slob

    I do not know where you people get your stats, but after looking over specs of all android phones available in the us market, I will say this. None of them hold up to the standard that Android should be. Verizon is being sly about the droid and people giving bad stats about it. I keep hearing three different processor versions and more versions of “specs” that a shark has teeth, and sprint….well lets just say next time they should not get the “Lite” version of a phone. Tmobile definitely needs to step up the game and hopefully pump out the google phone, some snapdragon and tegra phones, and more. Sleek, stylish, and functional. However, I will say this to some comments I have read:

    First: YOU NEVER EVER EVER EVER HAVE TO CHANGE FROM A GRANDFATHERED PLAN NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR PHONE. Even when required data features came out for some phones there are still required versions of grandfathered features. The “$30 data features” are actually wrong for a retailer to add since all the old data features are still available for all the grandfathered plans. You can still get the 24.99 feature on ANY grandfathered plan. If a retail agent is telling you s/he has to add the 30.00 feature or change you plan, s/he is doing so for the commission and you should call customer care right there and have the agent discuss it with customer care because I will guarantee you that you can keep your old plan even if you upgrade to a cliq, mytouch, behold 2, or any other plan. You will just need the 24.99 grandfathered data plan.

    Second: T-Mobile is the best carrier all around. While I cannot make everyone believe this, I will say at least that T-Mobile is a better carrier overall and in general than verizon, att, metro, cricket, sprint, or any others. For many reasons. I actually say this from experience having paystubs from verizon, tmobile, and att, and having experience in the service of almost every carrier in the nation including all of those listed above.