Sidekick Devices Up For Sale Again


Some good news for Sidekick fans out there (the few that are left)! T-Mobile has finally resumed the selling of its Sidekick handsets. Now that T-Mobile seems to have most of the user data recovered, they are looking to put the past behind them and start off fresh, and that includes lower prices! The Sidekick LX 2009 is now available for a $149.99 with a 2-year commitment price tag, and the Sidekick 2008 will run for $49.99 with a 2-year commitment. So if you’ve been itching for a Sidekick device, now’s your chance!  T-Mobile statement below:

“T-Mobile is pleased to announce that Sidekick sales have resumed. New pricing for the Sidekick LX 2009 will be $149.99 with a two-year contract and the Sidekick 2008 will be $49.99 with a two-year contract.”


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  • janine

    first! i’ve always wanted to say that… you know, despite what you may think people still want the sidekicks. I get one or two calls about them everyday with customers asking for them.

  • kershon

    No thank you very much. I’m having way too much fun with my new bb9700. But whatever trips ur trigger. I thought they were gonna put them all in file 13. Hmmmmm

  • Wicked1

    The Sidekick is now my ex, I got a Cliq now and I’m not looking back. This whole disaster has just left a bad taste in my mouth. People do still want them though, that’s true. The fact that Microsoft has been able to restore the user’s data, it took almost 2 months, may have saved the platform, because if they had permanently lost the data, the sidekick would have been over

  • beastly

    Sharp and Danger don’t want to throw their profits down the toilet. They’re not going to just throw their hands up and stop manufacturing Sidekicks and selling services over the Danger server. They’re going to try and salvage their investment. Watch for (a)a promise that they have addressed the problem and that it will never happen again, and (b)some new and special way to market and sell the old devices.

    What cracks me up is that I’ve been telling everyone I’m switching from my Sidekick to a Blackberry because Blackberrys are more reliable… and now the Blackberry internet server crashes. Jeesh. You can’t win when it comes to electronics.

    • Koloheboy

      I know right, despite the new BB9700 just rolled out.. Maybe it was meant for me to get it today… I ordered my BB9700 today, so by the time I get it, then it will be okay. I am too a Sidekick user right now, converting over… I did order the Motorola Cliq and did not like it. I tried BB’s but never owned one, till now :)

      • Kickstar13

        Haha but at least it’s not just T-Mobile, it’s worldwide.

      • Koloheboy

        That is true, world wide all carriers lol :)

  • carl

    yeah but people who dont know still complain and blame t-mobile lol

  • Jeff

    Whether you like the Cliq, the BB 9700, or the Behold 2…all three of these devices are much cleaner and sexier than the sidekicker. The SK looks like a device that should be used in a war.

    I got the BB9700 last night and I couldn’t put it down. I hope BB grows the Apps Market to win more non-corporate customers. I played with the Cliq for a while, and though I’m not a Moto fan, the touch screen was nice and the keyboard was very functional. I think TMo has a lot of great alternatives for the SK and the pipeline should get better with more 3G, touch, hybrid units to come.

    TMo should let the units come but focus on being a price leader and keep the units affordable and competitive vs the iPhone.

    • Koloheboy

      LOL Jeff… Used for war.. I was just looking at my sidekick… hahaha

      My BB9700 comes in tomorrow, won’t be able to pick it up till evening :( awww man LOL But that is okay, I will be like all of you, cannot put it down ahhahaah.

      The Cliq was OK… but not what I really expected… :/ oh well hahaha

  • nr552

    What’s a sidekick?


  • Vikingsfan45

    sidekicks in my opinion are good phones especially the new 09 SK but the cliq is amazing just wished it had a bigger keyboard for us men that what turned me off…… debating on behold 2 or the BB 9700……..

    • kershon

      For what it’s worth, I am a big guy with big chubby fingers and I have not had any trouble typing on the bb9700 keyboard. The keys are slightly bigger than my old 8900 and spaced out just a little more. On the 8900 I was constantly hitting 2 keys at the same time, especially if I was in a hurry. I have had little to no problem with my new phone. It really amazes me how much difference there is. For me, anyway.

    • Kickstar13

      I have large thumbs and I can type perfectly on the BB Bold 9700, though I do accept the fact that the Sidekick LX has one of the best, if not the best keyboard on a mobile handset.

      • JayJay

        That’s why it’s so hard for me to leave my LX07! I LOVE IT.! But I do want the threaded messaging and such but, ughh! I dont know what to do. Keep my LX or get the BB Bold. I’m dying to have a louder speaker and the ability to make my own ringtones…

  • FILA

    Whos willing to try this again? LOL

    Im patiently waitign for the G1v2 PLEASEEE

  • Pedro

    Meh, my Sidekick kicked the bucket 2 days ago and I’m waiting for Friday to come(I get paid) so that I can switch to Sprint. I never had any service at my house anyways. I’m not trying to badmouth T-mo btw :)

  • A_O

    yeaa thats why im so like scared and idk i always think like twice about leaving my sidekick 08.

    the keyboard is just amazingg, and for what i use it for.. AIM is amazing, quick texting and web browsing on espn and myspace, simple.

    ima give Danger another year or so to see if they come up with like a brand new updated OS, but ofcourse to keep the Jump Buttons and the Bubble Menu i call it lol, because simply, thats what makes a sidekick, a sidekick.

    (and im pretty sure their soon going to start development on a new phone because they aint gonna go off just like that)