Blackberry Internet Down

BIS Outage!

There is just no end to the faults of technology, but we can’t live without it now, right?  Well, anyways, more outages are occurring, but this time in a global fashion.  It appears that Blackberry’s Internet Service (BIS) is down around the globe and isn’t localized to a specific carrier.  For those of you with shiny 9700s, I am truly sorry, you will just need to hang tight and wait to fully experience it.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • phoneking13

    LOL it’s probably out because of ALL the 9700s being sold and backlogging the network…. j/k.

  • B Woods

    Hey mine still works. *knocks on wood*

  • Jenny

    How can such large companies have global outages in 2010? I can understand small regional outages or ones that only affect a few apps. RIM should have better protective measures against these.

    Maintenance should only be done during the wee hours too.

    Of course, RIM will neither confirm or deny anything.

    • Tina

      One persons “wee hours” is another persons prime time. There is no time of day when all Crackberry users are offline, someone is going to be inconvenienced regardless of the time.

      The “better protecteve measures” you speak of are available. However if you want military grade redundency, it’s going to cost you probably 10 times what you are paying now for service. Most people would never pay that much so we are stuck with occasional outages. Which is fine by me, if my phone doesn’t work for a while I will turn to other methods of contacting people.

  • Juan

    Mine is working here and there…but it’s spotty.

    Loving my 9700 so far!

  • LOL

    Ha, should have abandoned BB and jumped on the Android train.

  • Cybersedan

    I don’t know why people are surprised when something hightech breaks. Things BREAK, get over it… life goes on.

  • kershon

    Mine was out about 3 hours. Called cs and their auto systems were down. Probably swamped with all the new bb9700s gettin activated. Lol. Cs rep said the phones were really selling.

  • Anthony in Utah

    HaHa I just figured my internet was still in the process of setting up because they told me it could take up to 24 hours to activate :)

  • Jesse

    Wonder how many people are going to freak out? Could we see another sidekick type issue where everyone floods the forums with their complaints?

  • Anthony in Utah

    It really wasn’t that huge of a deal though… On average the internet was down for about 2-3 hours. Everything else worked just fine and we lost no data like the sidekick issue. :)

    • Koloheboy

      LMBO!!! That is true, and taking weeks for data to get back. After almost 2 months they still don’t got the Intellisync software going? I got missing data still.. *blah* I cannot wait for my BB9700 to come in, I finally got a tracking number, a few more days and she’s here LOL

  • Anthony in Utah

    When does your new BB9700 arrive Koloheboy!? Is this your first BB too ?

  • my fiancee & i both upgraded to the bb9700 yesterday morning!!! internet has been working the whole time but very very slow (as in slower that the internet was on our 8320 curves) very happy with the phone other than that tho. only issue is that the standby button on mine stopped working last night. ive got no idea why & stayed up extra late tryin to figure it out…no luck tho. plz reply if anyone has an idea!!!

    • harvey

      That used to happen to my 8900…I would just take the battery out for about 30 sec, then when phone restarts it would work…

      my new issue with my 9700 is my “W” or 1 key does not work sometimes after being pressed. Has anyone else had this issue, or should request another phone?

      • Anthony in Utah

        @ Harvey – I haven’t had that issue. I don’t know why that would happen on any phone unless its a technical problem with the device key itself. I would take it back for an exchange. My phone froze on me yesterday and I had to do a restart, but I hear that this is pretty common for Blackberry users.

  • :)

    I’m using my BB right now to read this! Lol

  • DavidinJax

    No problems today, but all day yesterday was a pain on using my internet. Then at around 8pm, it was back and with a vengence going super fast :)

  • Kickstar13

    No problems here
    *Fingers Crossed*

  • Maleliss

    I had problems but idk about the outage thing, i thought there was something wrong with the phone lol cus i was like damm it has 3G and its so as heck!!.

  • BronxBebe

    I’m waiting on my $50 Appreciation Card from Tmobile for the Sidekick Outage.What happened to the $100?Well since most customers have their data returned but not all since they received the 35.00 data credit this is why.
    They’re giving me the sale price along with the extra charges but the $50 can help more.
    Will they use the coupon $25 code also?

    More news-
    T-Mobile investigated for leaking customer data
    Possible lawsuits for giving out our info?

  • kershon

    Around noon today my bis was super slow and stopped for about 10 minutes. It didn’t last long enough for me to notice too much. For about an hour though my email was slow to come in. Everthing seems to be ok for quite a while. Maybe it is just a local thing. On another note I am really surprised how the bb browser is so much faster than that on my curve was. I had Opera Mini installed in my curve, but so far I have not needed to do that with the 9700. It is even quite a bit faster running on EDGE. With 3g it really flies. Knock on wood, no issues so far with my phone. I am really, really, enjoying it. Can’t hardly put it down. Koloheboy, it is well worth the wait, I can tell you that.