BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available For Purchase


This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is finally LIVE on T-Mobile’s website, although it shows the pic of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 (Don’t worry Magenta, we forgive you). Along with 3G capabilities, the 9700 will also come with Visual Voicemail,  all compacted in a sleek and sexy form factor. The 9700 is now available for $199.99 with a 2-year commitment or $449.99 retail. And if that doesn’t fit your budget, you can pick up a brand spankin’ new 9700 for $100 less from Walmart once it’s available. If you are planning to pick one up tomorrow from a retail store, we have a feeling this bad boy will sell like hot cakes, so make sure you’re there before they’re all sold out! Are you going to be up and early in the morning to pick up the 9700? Sound off in the comments!



  • Juan

    LOL @ the 8900 pic. Fail.

    Getting mine in the AM, so excited!

    • DS

      Do your homework folks… if you look carefully, Walmart data plans are $5/mo higher than if you go through T-Mobile… when they snag you for a two year commitment, you are going to be paying +$120.00 just for the Unlimited Web service plan necessary to use the phone. So technically, you are paying $20 more over the first two years you’ll have the phone and for the rest of the time you have T-Mobile as a provider. I’m not sayin’ I’m just sayin…

  • RichnerD

    ordered mines about 15 minutes ago. called the stores in my area and none were receiving stock. dont want to track it down. so i called customer service. got my 4 payment plans set up. im excited… bold 9700 here i come. well, here you come rather.

  • BronxBebe

    The site is down My Tmobile that is..I think it’s telling me something,lol..

  • Kickstar13

    Ordered mine of Friday with Express Shipping. Should have it by Tuesday (according to UPS).

  • RichnerD


    they told me tuesday as well. i can only hope that it will come in sooner

  • Finnigan

    Finally! the 9700 is here! A BB on T-Mo with a fast enough processor to play Peggle :-) T-Mo is bringing the heat with the most recent line up!

  • kershon

    I can’t sleep again! I can hardly wait! Seems like morning will never get here. This is crazy. I have never been this excited about a phone before.

  • Koloheboy

    *blah* I getting the following message

    Sorry, please try again later.
    Our systems are currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • BronxBebe

    Read on another site a Walmart employee said you’re better off buying from the store than online so you won’t get suckered into the Lets Talk Plan who isn’t Walmart.

    • BronxBebe

      Oh and that you’ll get the $100 GC automatically instead of waiting up to 6 weeks ordering it online and that Best Buy will price match.

      • timmyjoe42

        Best Buy doesn’t sell T-Mobile anymore.

      • High Kick

        the best buys near me (IL) all sell t-mobile. however, their selection sucks. one only has the first gravity and the motorola renew(?).

      • timmyjoe42

        I believe they only sell prepaid phones.

  • BronxBebe

    Walmart workers are saying you’re better off going to the store than using Lets Talk online sales. Walmart and Lets Talk are 2 different companies selling all carrier cells. Through Walmart it’s cheaper plus you will get $100 taken off in the store. You can also price match it against Best Buy who will honor Walmart’s sale. So don’t buy online go to Walmart and don’t get ripped off by Lets Talk online sales.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Ahhh I’m SO excited Kickstar13! I’m going to get there when they open their doors! Do you think there will be a line ha ha ha ha good thing you ordered online huh?

    • Kickstar13

      @Anthony in Utah
      I Definitely think there will be a line, who are we kidding? It’s the first 3G BlackBerry on T-Mobile.

      • timmyjoe42

        There probably won’t be any lines in the cities that don’t have 3G.
        So come and get yours at a Cincy location.

  • Koloheboy

    OMG it’s not on the upgrade screen to buy… what the lol

  • bi0hazardv

    Totally getting this at the T Mobile store in town, now I’m wondering so I’m not in for any MAJOR surprises, would any of you know … because I’m on a my favs 300 plan with a sidekick lx, which we all know the BS surrounding that .. when I go for the this, are they going to make me change into one of their NEW plans or can i stay with my fav’s and just add the unlimited data for the bb? this is probably been answered some where & I’m over looking as usual! lol

    • Kickstar13

      They won’t make you change into any new plans besides the blackberry data plan that you need to add for the length of your contract. Your Myfaves plan Is grandfathered and will continue to work flawlessly.

  • kershon

    Koloheboy you are right. It still is not on the upgrade page. Just checked. What the heck are they doing??

    • Biggie

      maybe they finally figured it was the wrong pics and took everything down in embarassment

  • Jeff

    what irony, like i said this is the same old pony with a new skirt. their own employees cant tell the difference. or maybe it doesnt matter. oh, its speed went from 512 to 624 and it has 3g, which the 3g coverage is not at many of their stores, around here anyway. no doubt its a grerat phone, but same old trick.

    • Juan

      Then don’t get it.

  • disciplex666

    Ordered mine Friday declined express shipping and it arrives today. Should be home when I get there.

  • kershon

    I just got off the horn to customer service. She said they were not aware of that little problem. They are now. Anyway the girl told me these new phones are selling lot hotcakes through them. As soon as I drop my daughter off at school I’m heading for the T-Mo store. Come to daddy! Can’t wait to get my hands on this device.

  • carl

    Im glad they finally released this, not a fan of blackberries but im sure those who are will enjoy thos device! :)

  • FLL Business

    Ordered two of the 9700s last week through our business rep, received them Friday. Configured one for myself to try over the weekend, by Saturday evening I switched back to my 8900. Not sure if it was the device transfer in Desktop Manager software but there were some issues:
    *based on the format of phone numbers text messages were appearing as the phone number instead of the contact name even though the correct number was in my address book
    *messages received were being shown in the message list but when you selected it an older message would display
    *some funkiness with message lists being merged even though they were set to be separate (BB Messenger, text messages, email accounts)
    *3g speed was hardly faster than EDGE on my 8900. Wiped it yesterday, I’ll configure it again today to make sure it was just a fluke, here’s to hoping.

    Incidentally the other one I set up for a user on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon when he got off a plane it had a SIM card rejected message. Gave him a new SIM this morning, hopefully no more problems for him.

    I’ve got to believe this is a solid phone… right???

    • watbetch

      Wait for the 7.2mbps 3G Upgrades :). Use a different browser too.

    • eli_the_great89

      Have you tried a soft reset on your phone?
      Defenately ring up T-Mobile and have them help you troubleshoot your devices, it can happen to many don’t worry.

      Worst case senario is they exchange your device or give you a refund within 14 days I think

  • Will

    Tried to buy one in a direct store and they can’t sell it. Not in the upgrade screen, nor could the guy sell it at full price. Two other people were trying to get one, too. We were all turned away and told to come back later.

  • mmmmaxsooner

    Iwould stand in line today if I had 3g in my area but alas good ole feds and state government fools won’t vacate the spectrum.just like our government to screw the masses who probably pay taxes. Cincy I feel your pain with no 3g but let’s all point our fingers in the right direction our government who won’t vacate the spectrum. In my area tmob put up a new tower across the street in summer 07 then last fall they upgraded the tower to 3g. I’ll bet they weren’t planning to upgrade if they did not belive the feds wouyd not give up the spectrum. wow upfraded for a full year and tmob still getting screwed. Ill get this very phone when I have 3g.

  • B Woods

    I just waited in line for almost 45 minutes for one in hampton va… but to pay 30 bucks to have it in my hand is well worth it… think they had 14 left at 11 am. it’s gonna be a long day at tmo.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    The section saying, “so make sure your there before they’re all sold out” should be “so make sure you’re there before they’re all sold out”. Remember the rule, if you’re going to replace “you are” you use “you’re” — and if you want to talk about YOUR BlackBerry you use “your”. :-)

    I agree with those that are frustrated with no 3G in their area. I wrote an e-mail to a TMO exec regarding 3G in Boise, and he replied, “I checked in with an engineer in Boise, he said that they ran into a slower than expected process in clearing the spectrum we plan to use there (we bought the spectrum and have an obligation to move users there first to another spectrum band) and that we are now looking at late Q1 or early Q2 in 2010”. VERY FRUSTRATING! :-(

    • Kickstar13

      Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll fix it up right now.

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        Looks awesome! Thanks! :-)

  • Anthony in Utah

    Going to the T-Mobile store right now to get mine haha and I just happened to come here BEFORE I left to tell you haha don’t you feel special? (inside joke) WISH me luck for NO long lines….. and yeah! I’ll post here ASAP when I am done playing with my beauty =)

  • Queen4111

    I’ll wait three months before I buy so they can work out the bugs!!! :)

  • Nice. Getting one

  • rfgenerator

    This was my experience today. Went to a local store who told me in no uncertain terms that I had to upgrade to the $24.95 (from my grandfathered $19.99 plan) in order to get any discounted pricing on the 9700. This despite having a printout in my hand from a chat session earlier in the day that confirmed that I could get the $218 pricing and retain the $19.99 Blackberry plan. I headed off to another store, but called customer service as I drove. I explained my situation to him and he stated that the policy is that existing Blackberry 19.99 customers do indeed have to take the $24.99 pricing to get upgrade pricing. I huffed and puffed about this was certainly a change in direction in T-Mobile and one that I was non too happy with. He put me on hold and came back and said that he could retain the $19.99 plan for me. I was a this point pulling into the local store, and the CSR spoke with the store rep, but the stores apparently don’t have the level of access to help a customer retain the $19.99 plan. Soooo, the store did the upgrade, moved me to the $24.95 plan, then after that transaction was completed the 611 rep called me back and changed it back to the $19.99 plan. One additional note, in the store I was told that I HAD to buy a $30 case for the Blackberry 9700. They said this was something new being tried in some stores, but it would probably soon be rolled out to all stores. I balked and was ready to walk away, the rep went and spoke to his manager and soon he was able to remove the $30 “mandatory” case.

    • Grr

      Its sounds like to me that manager was being a bit shadey. It was probably being “tried” in the stores he managed, but I’ve never heard anything like that. Thats something that likely needs to be reported though I would not know who to report it to. Thats the type of thing that could get you on the government cheese line real fast.

    • kershon

      I just came from the store with mine. I am setting it up. There is a nice case in the box with the phone. I don’t know why they would try to sell you one when one comes with it. By the way, T-Mobile is still offering the Flipyour Blackberry trade in program until the 18th. My 8900 is worth $145 so I am getting the paperwork together.

  • Koloheboy

    Well, I ordered mines via phone, spoke with the rep to get my two phones. So, now I have to wait for another few days. *blah* they said I could not get it at the store… They going to waive the setup fees/shipping and give both phones at the $199.99 price.

  • kate

    i am having the hardest time getting information from walmart about their $100 gift card sale. The walmarts I talked to don’t have the phones nor know when they will receive them. I also called best buy about price matching, they didn’t have the phone in their system and don’t know when they will. UGH! Some stupid rep from a local store said they 9700 wasn’t coming in today, but tomorrow.

    I’m so frustrated lol

    • Koloheboy

      That is bummers, I guess they will get them later, not sure if the stores will get them. Maybe only only right now? who knows… *sigh* I feel your frustration.

  • TrueCoug

    Just picked mine up. Couple things – the rep said my old corporate discount does not apply to the new plans, because “they’re so cheap already”. Sucks. Also, she tried to move my contacts from my G1 to the BB, and was unsuccessful. So I got the BB, but am still using the G1 until I can get the phone #’s out of there. Anyone know a quick way to do that? I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to input the numbers again – can I plug new contacts into the BB w/o my SIM card in there?

    • b

      how much was your total? I lost my debit card and my bank is sending me a new one, I have $240 in cash but I am hoping that is enough! I have a full upgrade so I’d pay $199 + upgrade fee, but I also have EIP.

    • Koloheboy

      @TrueCoug you can try to save the #’s onto your sim, but only limited # of contacts can be stored on the sim. Have you tried logging into your gmail account and export the data to a CVS format? Do you use MS Outlook?

    • Shooter

      Google has their mobile tools for BlackBerry including the Gmail app. They also have a mobile sync app that will sync your Google contacts and Google Calendar into the BB address book and calendar.

    • Brandon

      go to and download Google Sync on your blackberry.. then when its downloaded log in using your gmail account user name and password.. ALL of your contacts from your G1 will then move to your blackberry. Hope this helps :)

  • kate

    I GOT IT. I walked away with it for $172.00 including phone and taxes. I’m so freakin’ happy! I love this phone so much. The only thing I am annoyed at is that I have to go home, plug my mytouch into my laptop, save my contacts to outlook and put the contacts onto my BB.

    • Mark

      where did you end up getting it from? since the Walmarts around here said they don’t carry it either.

  • kclmns

    Anybody check out Radio Shack’s prices. $149.99 new and upgrade.

  • kate

    does anyone know the differnce between the “messages” icon and the “Sms & mms” icon? When I get a text, it alrts the “sms &mms” icon. Any way to change it to message icon?

  • Anthony in Utah

    Kate – I JUST barely figured it out myself! Basically the “Messages” icon is used to combine your email and texts in one inbox. IF you set-up your email you’ll be recieving BOTH email and SMS in the same folder. But if you want to keep them seperated follow these instructions.


    Okay, go into your “Messages” folder and hit the “Menu” button (its after the green call button on your phone…haha) Go down the menu until you see “Options” and enter into there.

    Then select “General Options” and go down till you see “SMS and Email inboxes”. It should currently read “theme controlled”. Go into there and select “Seperate”. Hit the back key (the button after the trackpad on your phone) and select “Save”.

    Now, go into your menu and hit menu over the “Messages” icon and select “Hide”.
    Then in your menu look for an icon that says “”SMS And MMS” and press the menu key over it and select “Move” and bring it to the very top left corner making it the first icon in your menu and press on the trackpad to keep it there.

    Now hit the back button! You should see the SMS And MMS icon! Did this help you or am I too blonde haha kidding =)

    • kate

      omg you’ve been a great help, that did it!! lol thanks so much. I’m way too impatient to go and read my manual >.<

      • Anthony in Utah

        Kate haha I couldn’t find that in the manual it was actually online haha so don’t worry I was just as confused too!!

  • BronxBebe

    I’m ordering mine next week getting the sale price instead of paying full price and waiting on the former $100 Appreciation Card which is now $50 for Sidekick users. Which isn’t going to make some happy but it will me,lol..

    Also seems to be another worldwide BlackBerry outage..stay tuned..

  • Ariel

    Has anybody else noticed that there are two EMP prices on tmobiles website; $449 and $499? It was $449 earlier, but now when you add it to the cart it says $499..

    • eli_the_great89

      Hmm it looks like for Even More Plus its still at $449. And $199.99 for Even More.
      They also fixed the picture of the Bold, everything should be updated.

      • Ariel

        Add it to the cart and look at the phone price, its odd.

  • Eli_the_great89

    Ahh they actually fixed it. Now I see the beautiful bold 9700
    they defenately need to bring the price of the curve 8520 down to about 99.99.
    Especially since all other carriers are bringing this new curve in as another staple and they’re defenately not
    bringing it in at tmo’s price of 129.99.

  • Kickstar13

    Finally got my BlackBerry Bold 9700 10 minutes ago!

  • 8900or9700

    I am rather positive that picture is of the Curve 8900 not the Bold 9700. I am just saying.

    • Kickstar13

      Yes when the Bold 9700 was first available on T-Mobile’s site it showed the image of the 8900 with the description of the Bold 9700. T-Mobile has rectified the problem as of yesterday.