BlackBerry Bold 9700 For $99.99


Looking to get a T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 cheaper than everyone else? Well, thanks to Walmart new customers and existing customers willing to sign a new 2-year commitment with T-Mobile can pick up the BlackBerry Bold 9700 when it is available to Walmart for $199.99 (before taxes) and receive a $100 Walmart Gift Card, equaling an incredibly low price of $99.99. Still not low enough for you? Well then with a  new service agreement, you can take an additional $25 off your order with the coupon code 25rafpcver1. You can always count on Walmart for the lowest prices! Sound off in the comments!

Image Courtesy of IntoMobile

UPDATE: Existing customers willing to add a new line of service to their account can also take advantage of the $100 gift card offer.

Read Full terms and conditions here

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  • Carlos

    you know what…that’s worth the commitment….

  • BronxBebe

    Kickstar you’re killing me

  • kate

    wow!!! Soooo all we have to do is walk into walmart, sign our 2 year contract like we would in a tmobile store and we get handed a $100 gift card? any catch?

  • Richard

    The only catch is that you could end up on

    • rossi

      haha. Just talked me out of it.

    • kate

      rofl, good point

      • Danny

        LOL! *DEAD*

  • JG

    9700 is not on the list of eligible phones for gift card. Now if you’re a smooth talker (and if they will even have it right away) YMMV….

  • BronxBebe

    Wait will this mess up those on grandfather plans if renewing or adding another 2yrs?

    • Koloheboy

      Maybe lol you need to make sure they don’t change it

  • Koloheboy

    *sigh* lol

  • kate

    this is makin gme nervous lol i don’t want walmart to eff anything up

  • anfrey

    do we get the gift card immediately so that it can be applied towards the phone’s purchase?

  • bs

    will i still be able to get all this at $99 if i have the even more plus plan?

    • Jesse

      No, you have a no contract rate plan.

  • Penta

    Do you really want walmart to have your cell number and mailing address?

  • Anthony In Utah

    Ha Ha i’m going to just get mine from the T-Mobile retail store itself. I want the 4 month equipment installment plan. Plus I wouldn’t count on Wal-Mart not messing with your current grandfathered plans… I believe it would be better for new customers… But if you’re willing to take a chance let the rest of us know how it goes. I don’t think they’ll get it right away on it’s release day though? Will they?

  • Bran

    If you have a full upgrade could you apply it at walmart to get the phone for free and then still get this gift card?

  • Kickstar13
  • Politics

    Good deal, but I refuse to support a company like Wal-Mart. No thanks.

    • shmengie

      exactly! i’d rather spend the extra hundred bucks.

  • Kershon

    I’m on the em+ plan so I will be going to my T-Mo store to get mine. But if anybody does go to Walmart I hope you report to us how it goes. I personally don’t trust them. But if you can get a good deal I can’t fault anybody for trying them.

    • jkraze

      No the walmart price will not work with even more plus… therefore u must have the even more rate plan.. so there is a catch. For example even more plus (no contract) unlimited everything talk text and web is 79.99. Even more (2 year contract) talk text and web is 99.99 bucks. So if u chose to get a “discount” on the phone and gp with the contracted even more plan u will be paying more money n the long run because even more plus monthly rate is cheaper! Also with emp u can finance the phone (approved credit) on flex or post paid for 20 bucks a month! So do the math u fools.. no contract 79.99 plus 20 for the phone= 99.99 (before tax including phone) ….vs paying. 99.99 a month plus paying 99.99 for the phone plus being in a contract! Basically if walmart sold the phone for a buck ur still getting ripped off comparing to even more plus!

  • Scott B

    The catch is you then owe China $125.

    And your first born.

  • Grisha

    Screw the contract, I am sticking to my 8900.

  • MishkaGreen

    I snuck into Walmart to buy my MT3G for 98.97 and got the hell out of there! It was sad that I knew everything there was to know about the software and hardware of the phone and the dude didn’t know what the hell I was talking about! He still thought it cost $199.99! I had to tell him that walmart was selling it at a sub $100 price point!

  • Mike

    Does this apply to EM+ customers? We can’t really get a 2yr contract extension… I’m going to be SOMEWHERE first thing Monday morning, just a matter of where.

  • Maleliss

    Ok so I called 2 different Walmarts and they said that they are not getting the 9700, then I called again and told them that the website said they would be selling them on 11/16/09 and then the girl told me to call tomorrow to check if the shipment came in because there was no info that they were getting the 9700, so I will be calling tomorrow to see what they say, I will keep you posted.

  • Moe

    The web browser is still garbage!

  • adkal

    Anyone have confirmation on Walmart stores having this phone on sale tomorrow?

  • MTC44

    Maybe a dumb question, but would I be eligible for this if I’m not due for an upgrade? I am only 15 months into a 2 year contract.

    • Kickstar13

      No you will not be eligible. But if you add a line to your account you can take advantage of the offer.

  • jburch88

    Of course, Right after I get a Curve 8900 for $199 they come out with a newer better phone for a cheaper price. Fail…

  • kershon

    I just checked the T-Mobile website to see if the 9700 was listed yet. It is not, unfortunately. But on a side note there are a whole lot of phones (other than sidekick) that are listed as temporarily out of stock. Just a thought but maybe the new plans are doing Magenta some good. Kinda off subject, but just thinking…..

  • dquestic

    Note this is specific to ONLINE orders. In store is slightly different, for one you get the gift card on the spot.

  • mmmmaxsooner

    Well if this is like the deal they had on the 7th were I picked up an arcade 360 for 199. And got a gift card for 100 dollars. you have to pay full list 199 on contract then get a 100 gift card on the spot in store. No you can’t put the 100 dollars on the phone but if you need anything else like a mytouch for another family member you could use it on that, it would have to be a seperate transaction. I used my gift card on a 60 gig hard drive bundle for the xbox and go a pro xbox for 199 no strings just a promo. Best buy could sell u the same china crap but not like this deal best buy will never have my business again talk about b***shit artist if u trust them, wally will do u much better like honor their prices bestbuy will screw u. Go get your $100 9700 folks and enjoy the free 100 shopping spree for the holidays.

  • adkal

    I was on the walmart site. There seems to be no option to extend you current contract for two years. Only adding a line and new lines. True?

  • mmmmaxsooner

    Sorry the phone is still 199 with contract not 100

  • Anthony in Utah

    Just got off the phone with my tmobile retail store and they said the phone is expected to sell out within the first couple of hours SO get there ASAP when they open! The only thing is I don’t want to wait in line….haha does anyone know how long it takes to get all set-up with a new phone at their store? I have a meeting an hour after I get there… grrrr

  • Terri

    I called T-Mobile on Friday and pre-ordered it for delivery tomorrow. Not sure if it will actually arrive tomorrow, but UPS tracking info says it is due to get to my home sometime tomorrow.

    • Kickstar13

      I ordered as well on Friday around 5pm EST but my 9700 has an estimated delivery date of Tuesday, November 17th.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Guess! I called another tmobile store and they are holding it for me for tomorrow! They had a list of people already who called for a hold ha ha so call your tmobile store and see if they can do the same!

  • ????

    $100 BB 9750 at Target

    • Vardan

      That’s bull

  • ????

    For real I bought it from Target in St. Paul

    • Kickstar13

      No need to talk to yourself “?eha” and “Vardan” Especially since there is no such thing as a BB 9750

      • Anthony in Utah

        HaHa that is SO funny! Like really? ;-) Nice kickstar13! Hey kickstar13 are you getting the new blackberry too?? ;-)

        • Kickstar13

          @Anthony in Utah
          Yup ordered mine on Friday. I forgot I was a Business Customer and I could have ordered starting November 9th. Ordered with Express shipping, estimated delivery from UPS is Tuesday, November 17th.

        • Anthony in Utah

          Nice! I’m so excited that I am bugging my roommates about it so much! They think the iPhone rules and Blackberry sucks! This is my first Blackberry device!

        • Kickstar13

          Cool. I definitely think you will be impressed. I love BlackBerry’s.

          I’ve had the iPhone for almost 2 years now and its a nice device, though it is starting to get old now.

        • BronxBebe

          Kickstar you reeealllyy love teasing me dontcha?LOL..This is my 1st BB too just as the SKLX09 tells you how disgusted I am with this lil..Anyways can’t wait to get it maybe not tomorrow but soon.Nice xmas gift to myself =)

        • Kickstar13

          Yea my first BlackBerry was the 8100 Pearl (2007)

  • pop

    If I add a new line and get the 9700 then in a week cancel the line can I still keep the phone ? And just put my sim card in it ? ????

    • Vinchenzo

      That is what we, in the USA, call stealing you ass clown. Next time you want something for nothing, go fuck your mom.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Yeah I had the iPhone too, but I sold it because I miss having a physical keyboard haha plus I dropped it down some cement stairs and broke the screen so I just had it fixed and sold =) I am glad I am getting the blackberry with a trackpad because I heard the trackball would pop out every now and then.

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  • Kickstar13

    BlackBerry Bold 9700 is LIVE on T-Mobile’s website.

  • Callaway Bomber

    Gee, Let’s see…
    The reason I went to the 8900 was for GPS. Since I’m a competitive golfer, I like using the Golf Logix program for my yardages and stat tracking. But since I’ve had data issues the past two rounds on my own course, in 5-bar territory, this doesn’t make me want to get the 9700.

    In fact, your 3G is simply BS. You should have already made the whole network 3G with all the time you wasted “thinking about it” while your competitors passed you by. They passed you by because they had it and you didn’t. Just like the same way the PS3 failed against the XBox360 in the first 3 years. PS3 may just be like TMobile is the since that their trying to play catch up to AT&T’s Xbox360 and Verizon’s Wii. Sprint is the DreamCast. Everyone liked it at one point in time, but it too will disappear.

    You want to know what Project Dark is….It’s when T-Mobile finally gets their head out of their ass!

    My opinion….You’re going to make this phone a poor quality device based on your coverage map. I had an 8700 on Verizon that never dropped a call and that was in constant EVDO territory, 440 miles wide and that was three years ago. I drop 3-5 calls a day within one mile radius of a T-Mobile retailer with my 8900.

    Just tired of the rose colored glasses that T-Mobile wants us to wear.

    • mmmmaxsooner

      Before you go doggin t-mobile
      For lack of 3g try this, READ! T-mobiles lack of 3g is no ones fault but the good ole USofA government! They sold the spectrum to TMOB and said they would be off that spectrum by fall of 07 do to homeland security and all public safety migrating to a different spectrum for closer communication between state and federal law enforcement. TMOB even offered the USA government 50 million dollars to vacate the spectrum on time by the end of 07 and geuss what the feds said hmmmm, pass we will get off the spectrum in government time which is like 2010. So if you wish to complain about tmobile you still have that right today tommorow who knows. So complain to your senator or congressman, they are the ones holding up funding on the new spectrum and saying well pass on free 50 million bucks.

  • james

    how long will this deal last at walmart?

    • Kickstar13

      November 20th

  • Kickstar13

    The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is now Available from Walmart.
    WARNING: It is on Backorder until November 24th.
    The Bold 9700 is in stock!

  • Kickstar…or Anyone…

    Is this offer only available on the Wal-Mart website or will it be in the actual Wal-Mart stores before the deadline (Nov. 20)??? I called my local Wal-Mart and they dont have the 9700. HELP, I HAVE to take advantage of this deal.

    • Kickstar13

      I believe its the website only.

  • Kickstar13

    The BB Bold 9700 is now in stock on Walmart’s website.

  • Ruskastud

    Has anyone found a store that has them??? Or even a store who knows what the hell you’re talking about?? Called the 3 closest Walmarts, and nothin…..

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  • Hamza

    so ugly


    ohh b.b ..
    i want it ..
    plzZ can i buy 2 >> i do really need it .. if you can help me to buy 2 of it i’ll be apresherd ..
    just answer me here i’ll be check the web ..

  • Abby

    Walmart’s prices are so low because they cut their employees’ benefits!

  • Felicaaa_

    maar 100 das best goedkoop voor blackberry bold !
    is het 2dehands??

  • Gwynithy

    how can i buy it?

  • boop

    i need dat fone