Planning on Buying The BlackBerry 9700?


Now that the Blackberry 9700 is officially available to all, we here at Tmonews wonder who is going to scoop this up? The first 3G Blackberry is arriving with a little less fanfare than we had hoped but it’s certain a welcome addition to the magenta lineup. Being the first 3G Blackberry to T-Mobile, we wanted to ask, or should say I put up a poll, to see just how many of you are looking to make this your next purchase. So vote below and sound off in the comments if you are already the proud owner!

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  • Deaconclgi

    The N900 suits my fancy. That will be my next phone. The 9700 is the ONLY BB that I have ever considered buying and if it wasn’t for Android data plans, I would add a line to get the Behold II. Oh well, unlocked phones from here on out until something spetacular (Hardware Acceleration, Open software installation and blazing fast 3.5G) comes out for Tmo.

  • Deaconclgi

    Great….a double post….I like the comments version that was tested last week. I was able to edit my comments and also use my account to login…oh well.

    • Kickstar13

      Deleted the duplicate comment.

      • Koloheboy

        It’s still there lol

      • Kickstar13

        Don’t worry it will vanish in a minute or two ;)

      • Deaconclgi

        Thanks for deleting the post.

  • Crazy Right

    So essentially making it a triple post fixed what exactly? lol

  • WXman

    The problem is that 3G on TMo’s network is still VERY limited. So a 3G Blackberry for $450 is basically a waste of time and money. That’s what’s killing it. Sigh…

    • Koloheboy

      Limited? How come

      • WXman

        I have some major cities around me…Louisville, Cincinnati, Lexington…and my G1 won’t pick up 3G anywhere around here. 3G coverage is VERY limited still…and that’s what I mean when I say paying $450 for a 3G BB is not worth it to most people right now when you can get a 8900 for $200 on eBay all day long.

    • Anthony in Utah

      WXman – Where abouts are you located because I have EXCELLENT 3G coverage in Utah… Salt Lake City area. If you are comparing to AT&T’s coverage… in my opinion… ours is SO much faster. My roommate has the iPhone 3GS and he says he gets coverage in a lot more places, BUT is sluggish at times compared to T-Mobiles. They both have their benefits. =)

  • Mark

    I ordered mine last week. I’ve been using a Curve for almost 3 years. Excited for a long overdue upgrade!

  • AJ

    I already got mine! Went in over my lunch break. IT IS AWESOME!!!!

  • Vikingsfan45

    @ Deaconclgi

    nokia n900 is not coming to t-mobile FYI guys nokia already released that statement…. and i doubt the HTC HD2 is coming to t-mobile as well…..

    • Deaconclgi

      I’m not waiting on it to come to TMO, I am waiting on the money to come to my bank account….and to convince my wife that it is worth upgrading from my $524 N82. The fist part is easy but the second part is where the battle is…

      • Vikingsfan45

        yea good luck with that….lol i was thinking bout just saying fuck it and getting the nokia n900 or HTC HD2 but i don’t think it works on tmo 3G network it says it has a 1700 band but when i spoke to a rep in tech care they said it has to have 1700 and the 2100 to work on t-mobile 3G..

        @ OchoCinco

        i kno it dosen’t have to be branded tmobile to work on t-mobile ASS i’m using a nokia 5800 (why idk but i got tired of all the other t-mobile phones.. great for music tho…) lol

  • Juan

    Leaving on my lunch break to get it in 10 minutes!


  • Anthony in Utah

    Kickstar13 – I went to my T-Mobile corporate store in the mall and guess what!? There was NO line! HaHa I was like where is the line and they started laughing and said I am their first customer. I arrived right at opening. I was there for 45 minutes getting things set-up and finally got some issues resolved. They kept trying to get me to switch to the Even More Plus plans and I had to tell them multiple times I JUST want to renew my contract to 2 years and get the EIP 4 month installment plan and they finally stopped hassling me haha but I’m good now. I got a black case and screen protectors with it. I paid an $18 upgrade fee of course, but was not too happy about it haha but I didn’t say anything. (maybe I could have gotten it waived?)

    I am SO happy haha I have the new Blackberry 9700 3G! The rep. told me I might hate it at first, BUT in about a month I’ll be loving it and totally used to it because its my first Blackberry and he said it takes some getting used to.

    I keep texting and hitting the “enter” key when I am aiming for the “delete” key haha Does that happen often to you?

    I was jealous because my rep. had a blue rubber case on his and I told him I wanted that one and he said he got it online. He said he had the phone for a week now and I asked if he was a business customer, but he laughed and said No, but I am a manager ;-)

    Now…. time to read this damn manuel because I can’t find the mute button and I need to push it to get my phone out of standby mode! =)

    • Kickstar13

      @Anthony in Utah
      T-Mobile Retail Stores I believe, can’t waive the Upgrade Fee. Customer Care and the Loyalty Dept. can though.
      Getting mine tomorrow so I’ll let all of you know how I like it.

      The “Mute” key is located at the top of the BlackBerry on the right.

      • Anthony in Utah

        Kickatsr13 – GRRRR I had to look it up and read the getting started to locate it haha can you tell I am a blackberry newbie? One thing I was frustrated with is I copied my contacts from my sim card into the phone and every name said “WORK” next to it and I had to manually go into each contact and re-enter the number under “mobile”. Was there an easier way to fix that? Not a biggie though… I LOVE IT already! Pictures don’t do justice.

      • Kickstar13

        @Anthony in Utah
        I’ve never found a solution to that problem.

  • Tournstone

    Went by my T-Mobile store. They had one to play with. Considering it. Really want the N900 though. This or the N900 will cost about the same (N900 a little more since I am on the “even more ++”) and I’ll have to pay Nokia directly for it. BB9700 I can pay for over time with T-Mobile.

    When you are on the even more ++ plan, every phone with the right frequencies is coming to T-Mobile.

  • kershon

    I got mine this morning. I was first when they opened. I got it set up and the phone is absolutely awesome! I can actually type without hitting more than one key at the same time like on my old 8900. The bb browser is faster too. Matter of fact the whole os is so much faster. And the 3g is fantastic. Everything just flies! And the threaded text messageing is wonderful. Upgradeing to this device was the best decision I ever made as far as cell phones are concerned. I was gonna put my old 8900 ebay, but the trade-up program is good until the 18th and I just got done packing it up to send in. It’s worth $ 145 to trade it in and I doubt if I could get more on ebay. Blackberry and T-Mo FTW!!

    • Koloheboy

      @Kershon, where do you get the form for the trade-up program?

      • kershon For the promo code use flipmyblackberry. I would put a link here, but I seem to not have learned that little point. Hope this helps.

    • softball2000

      I just sold my 8900 on e-bay cause I traded up to the Blackberry 9700. I got $275 for it. They are all going for over $200 – sell it on ebay!

  • OchoCinco

    Why do some of you think a phone has to BRANDED T-mobile to use it on T-mobile. The N900 has the 1700 band which is 3G on T-mobile. I mean I get it that some people are too stupid to think on their own, but you can go to Nokia, Amazon, Newegg, or Dell to get the phone. Don’t be stupid like Vikingfan

    • mmmmaxsooner

      Jusy wanted to say that the n900 is showing tmobile 3g on new egg. The specs look 3g too. I also like the htc hd2 but its specs are murky at best and who knows when it will be released stateside, also look out for speed ratings I here the n900 is as fast as snappydragon just different chip design. As for the 9700 it will be mine or the n900 still wondering which would be best for me cause I got time, no 3g here yet. thank you mr. fed for screwing up tmo’s 3g rollout!

  • Koloheboy

    I just tried to login to and look like they having issues logging in lol

    • Kickstar13

      Refer to this post:

      I am also having trouble with logging into

      • Koloheboy

        Hey Kickstar,

        Coupon does not have the new BB9700 LOL… Darn, hope T-Mobile would honor it… Dang it expires on the Nov 18th…Ack!

      • Koloheboy

        Kickstar, Okay I sent an email about the claim. Since no BB9700 is listed in the drop down menu, you can select the BB9000 to submit the claim.

  • Kickstar13

    You guys should all post unboxing pics!
    If you don’t have an account on the forums sign up and start posting!

    Here is the thread:

  • Todd

    Vikingsfan owned by Ocho Cinco….classic.

  • Andy, Inc.

    i like it but not for $200. and I don’t want to only be able to use that $100 gift card at walmart as a rebate so i’ll wait til its around $149 =]

  • dirtybird072

    I picked mine up this morning. I have had much of a chance to play with it today. I didn’t want to not have all my apps and themes. I was the first person at the store this morning and the only one buying a phone. I can’t wait to get home and get this thing set up!!!!!

  • Danny

    Wow. Just got mine and ported my line from Verizon this AM. I bought mine at full price and I’m on that EM +plan with 500 anytime minutes and unlimited messaging/data. No more contracts for me. I’ll just buy my phone when I want to.

    Sooooo smooth. The OS flows like butter. No lag whatsoever. The optical trackpad is a blessing. No more stuck trackballs. Beautiful screen. I think I made a good decision to rid myself of that $135 plus rate plan I had with Verizon and I the Storm 2 was a major disappointment.

    Simultaneous voice and data is really cool too.

    Call quality is fantastic. My only gripe is that for some reason the ear volume for outbound calls seems too low for me. Hopefully an OS update will fix it. Speakerphone works great though.

    • Kickstar13

      Welcome to the T-Mobile club! I’m sure you will love Magenta and their low prices! :)

  • Lev

    I played with the 9700 today, great phone, however I currently have the Cliq and realize as great as Blackberries are, they are not for me, too many menus, I do think it is the best Blackberry on the market and encourage anyone who remotely likes Blackberries, get this one

  • P. J.

    I was planning on getting it today if my tmobile retailer had it in stock. maybe it isn’t met with much fanfare because it isn’t available. Thanks a lot Tmo

  • kershon

    In the phone selector I just used curve 8520 when it asked what phone I upgraded to. Didn’t seem to make a difference. I got all the forms I needed to print out. Now. I am off to the post office to send my 8900.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Kickstar13 – I just uploaded 2 unboxing pictures! They were taken with the phone itself because I have no digital camera haha so you can’t see the 9700 grr =)

  • Johny

    Got my phone today and was surprised at how the demo was not even setup. I don’t think a lot of people even knew about this release (even the Tmo rep was confused when I mentioned the bold 9700, she kept on saying behold 2 wtf?). Anyway, this is the best blackberry phone that I have used by far and it was worth every penny. My only gripe about the phone is with the hardware…kinda similar to how there was leakage under the Storm 1 keys except there is some light that protrudes from the top of the keys under the BB menu key and back key. Not a deal breaker though.

  • BBChick

    Ughh Darn T-mobile is updating their system…like really? do they have to do it today? I was talkin to a rep who was going to updgrade my 8900 and she can’t cause of the damn system!!! She told me even the retail stores won’t be able to since they use the same system…this REALLY sucks i want my 9700!!

  • Bigg

    Already bought it today, 449.99 plus tax comes out to be 481 and some change. Nice!

  • SEFan

    Not really a Blackberry kind of guy. Sure looks nice though, and the reviews have been pretty complimentary. Hope T-Mo moves a ton of them…

  • TravMobile

    Nokia n900 now has a $50 rebate if purchased between now and Dec. 16th. I am trying so hard to avoid the purchase and wait for a 1ghz snapdragon phone. Announce the god damn HTC HD2 already Tmo! It’s the only phone sexier than an iPhone and I can just bite my cheek and deal with my Curve 8900 until the new year if I know an HD2 is coming my way.

  • TOM

    was anticipating this phone for a while and then a while came too long and I heard about a phone that had sG and you could actually surf the net with out a million errors . I am waiting for the n900 now.

  • ellwooda

    Called the local store this morning. Spoke with two reps on two separate occasions who told me that there were only a few handsets left. I hadn’t planned on getting over there till after work, but after hearing this I decided to shift strategies. The urgency was pointless, however, as I was told that I was the first customer of the day to purchase the handset and that plenty are available. Rather irksome given the fact that I had to jump through some hoops to get there in a hurry.

    Other than that, the handset is everything I could have hoped for. I really need a gel skin for this unit and some screen protectors. I’m just happy that the months long wait is finally over.

  • Waiting at the t-mo store, 4 people ahead of me.

  • FILA

    Im seriously considering the N900 myself, but I kno I will miss the app store…:-( I wish Android apps could be ported to it, and maybe it will be, that will make a great device. November 30th i believe it gets released!!!

  • Kickstar13

    If anyone has any questions head over to the forums, and ask away!

    • Anthony in Utah

      I can’t put it down! HaHa so much for me to figure out! =)

      • Koloheboy

        Lucky you got your phone… I still waiting lol… It will be a few more days *sigh*

      • Kickstar13

        Luckily I’m getting mine tomorrow :)

      • Koloheboy

        @Kickstar dang!!! you are lucky lol

  • Anthony in Utah

    I don’t know if its just me, but the case I bought with it feels flimsy. (Its plastic) I am going to purchase a rubberized one from Blackberrys’ website. A blue one haha and your wait is well worth it Koloeboy, trust me =)

    • kershon

      Anthony, I have not even taken the case that came with it out of the plastic bag. I am using the bb belt clip case I had with the 8900 and it fits perfectly. And I am really enjoying my new phone! Smooooth!! The threaded text messageing is sweet!

    • Koloheboy


      I know, I getting all excited hahahahaha I looking online for the accessories for this phone. I have a rubber thnigie for my current phone, but would buy one for my new baby lol

    • Anthony in Utah

      @ Kershon and Koloheboy – I don’t recommend buying the case that’s plastic from T-Mobile. Its hard to hit the keys close to the sides because the case itself is higher than the keys you’re trying to push. The case that comed with it is nice haha I haven’t even opened mine yet Kershon! Koloheboy – rubber cases are best in my opinion because of the grip.

      • Koloheboy


        Thanks for the major tip :) Whoowhoo my phone is on its way, should be here tomorrow. :) But won’t be able to pick it up till evening time :( booo lol

  • FILA

    ehhh it has a resistance screen, the N900, new video on Engadget, its harder to press, why NOKIA , WHYYYY!?

    • Koloheboy

      I played with the n900, it’s ok… soso… :/

  • Peter

    the poll is missing an obvious selection. at least the comments reveal a few folks who seem to getting the message about the advantages of t-mobile at this time: the cheap unlimited plans with no contract that beg to be coupled with an unlocked, unsubsidized phone. saves big $$ over 2 years, even if you drop some coin on a serious phone, like, say the n900.

    i suppose it’ll take a while to see if tmo’s new approach can convince a worthwhile number of american cellphone users to wean themselves from years of addiction to carrier-branded phones, 2-year contracts, and high monthly rates that are providing a bonanza to att and verizon…what will the sheeple do?

    my n900 is on order.

  • Jeff

    I’m writing this on my new 9700. Pretty happy so far, coming from a Curve 8320… Very fast, good feel, great display, the trackpad is actually not bad. I definitely prefer the 83xx keyboard, but this is pretty close.

    Only wish I could’ve gotten the Walmart deal for 29 bucks, but I wasn’t going to give up my 49/mo unlimited loyalty plan.

    Fyi, I was told I could keep my existing 19.99 data plan, then got a call from the kiosk where I bought it saying they had to change me to the new 24.99 BB plan, but I could call 611 and complain. I did and they happily changed it back to my old plan.

  • kate

    I love this phone, i’ve been playing with it nonstop all day. I love everything about it! I just need to figure out how to take my contacts from my mytouch and save it to outlook on my laptop and then sync with my BB. Should be great fun haha

  • Ariel

    Hmmm, I just noticed the price went up on the even more plus price for the 9700, now it says $499 when you add it to the cart, it was $449 earlier, odd.

  • John

    I like this phone. The only thing is I wished that when I lock it, it would go to that full screen clock. I like that.

  • Mikey

    So I looked at today and the front page says “Important Update: Blackberry Trade-In Promotion ends early 2010”

    Just FYI for those of you stressing over it ending tomorrow.

  • Maleliss

    OMG, got my BB 9700 yesterday on my lunch break, but i called as soon as the tmo store opened and told the rept to put one on hold for me cus i would b there at 12ish n that i had a limited time so please process watever u can cus i dont plan on staying there no more than 10 min he told me there were something he could process cus he had to see me in person n needed to see my id and i told him well im just gonna upgrade my phone and extent the contract so he sed he would try his best so when i was headed over there i call him n told him i was on my way n by the time i got to the store he had everything ready he just checked my id and i sign the and pid for the phone and i was outta there!!!!!! LOL now about the phone everything is so different i was so used to my 8900 dat i was so lost that i wanted to cry, i got so stressed dat i even was nauseas, the text messages come in form of an instant message and other things like that, and to top it off i didnt even know the blackberry internet wasnt working so i thought o crap this fone has a glitch cus i had the 3G and it was so slow and there where times that it would load anything, so it shoes on the pictures of the fone that it would b compatible with the myfaves feature but when i called tmobile blackberry support they sed that da fone doesnt have that feature, it was just too much for me in one day!!!! Im a pro typing fast but these keys are kinda hard. So lets see how it goes for me from now on.

    • Awesomus Prime

      If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? I don’t know what I just read, but I can feel my IQ drop as I continue, line after line.

      Even if you typed and posted all of this through the phone, there is no excuse for this tragedy.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying your phone, and I hope to pick up mine soon, but, damn, your post shows that the 9700’s quirks are the least of your problems, or should be.

      /grammar police

    • Koloheboy

      Wow, what a story lol

  • Jim


    You really shouldn’t miss a dose of your Ritalin. That was over 250 words without a period!! I was out of breath just reading it.

  • Anthony in Utah

    I have a question regarding the BB APP World Store! Is this somewhere on my BB already pre-installed? If it is, can you tell me where it is?

    Thanks in advanced,

    – Anthony


    Do I need a paypal account OR is that only for paid applications? I was reading that for free apps, you would not need one.

  • Felicia

    Anthony- I tried to download the app pack on my phone, but got an error about my system requirements do not support BB App World. WTF?

    • Anthony in Utah

      WOW really? I am confused! This is my first BB and I have SO many questions, but mostly about the app world. I don’t know if it is ALREADY on the phone or I need to download it. I am at the download page, but I don’t want to do it IF its already on my phone somewhere.

      There is also this box that is above the download button that you can check. It says “Set Application Permissions” and I do not know whether or not to check this. I have asked my friend who have blackberrys and they don’t know what I am talking about because they don’t remember it.

      • Johny

        Anthony, my old 8900 had AppWorld pre-installed on it but for some reason, the 9700 does not have it. You’ll need to download it from the website. Even if you think you are double installing an app, they phone will know and asks you if you want to replace the old version. Also, when you get the application permissions screen, just hit the back key and save. It’s just a screen asking you for your permission to get your location via GPS.

      • beastly

        You may want to check out Crackberry’s guide for new BB users:

        The site has a lot of good info for Blackberry lovers. You can also check out the BB app site at:

        Finally, if you have questions about how to use your Blackberry, don’t be afraid to call 611 and ask for Blackberry support. They can usually answer your questions, and it’s pretty much their job to make sure you’re happy with your phone.

      • Anthony in Utah

        @ beastly –

        Thank You VERY much! This information helps! I also like the 101 tutorials and all the nifty shortcuts you can do in the applications! I am surprised at how much usage a person can get out of this. I was told by many people to NOT purchase a BB because I would hate it so much. Either way I am stuck with this phone unless I sold it because I already went through 2 upgrades and returned both after a few days of their testing out. I guess T-Mobile has a policy on how many phones you can go through for the testing period…. which is reasonable because it is such a hassle to get the billing corrected and return the phone back.

        Thanks for all the information everyone else! Can you tell I can’t get enough of this blog? P.S. everyone that isn’t already signed up in the T-Mobile forums on here should do so! I am learning a ton. =) Thanks Kickstar13!

  • Anthony in Utah

    Johny: Thank you! So don’t check the box? Its on the same screen as the download page.

    • Johny

      I don’t recall getting anything with a box to check when downloading apps, so you should be fine with just bypassing that part.

      • Anthony in Utah

        @ Johny – Yes, thank you for that info. (I didn’t click it and everything works great!)

  • Mr. Texas

    I plan on grabbing my 9700 on Friday. It will be my first experience with a Blackberry. I chose the iphone 3g over the Bold 9000, and currently own a 3GS. It will be difficult to get rid of it, but I’ve been coveting a berry for a looooong while. I called 611 to see what kind of options they had for me (I’m currently on flexpay). Looks like i’ll be going to the even more plus plan, with 0 down on the phone, and approx $23 a month. I’m pretty pumped about this phone.

  • I work for T-mobile and haven’t had time to play with the Bold yet, but it looks pretty sweet. I really like the cliq brings you as close to the twitternet and possible.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Thank you Johny! I just downloaded it without checking the box and everything worked just fine! My phone froze yesterday on the first day I got it and it did it again today. When I restart the phone it gives me an error message about the BB messenger timing out or something to that effect. Are you having that issue as well?

    I need to write up a review of this phone! :-)

  • Maleliss

    For the person that insulted me about my IQ wow if you only knew what i did and how old i am, i just felt like writing that way thats the way i write on my BB, and sorry for being such a drama queen but i am a perfectionist and i like everything to work perfectly, i am getting the hang of it now, ive had blackberrys since the 1st decent size ones came out. The internet is still slow i guess because of the internet issue all the BBs are having. Have a great day everyone, sorry if i exhausted anybody with my story but thats how i felt.

    • Anthony in Utah

      @ Maleliss – No worries, HaHa, we all have our perks and such! You were just overly excited and such… like a kid in a candy store who couldn’t find his golden ticket in the Wonka Bar!

      P.S. – Were all friends here right? =)

    • Awesomus Prime

      If that’s “the way you write” on your device, then I am neither worried about your age, nor am I worried about your occupation. I am just out that your lack of punctuation, spelling, and just plain disregard for the English language made your comment very difficult to read, and brings up questions regarding your credibility and your maturity.

      I don’t think perfectionism means what you think it does. A perfectionist would have spent more time to gather their thoughts and format them properly, rather than spewing out something that resembled the likes of Yahoo or Youtube.

      Either way, I’m glad you are enjoying your 9700, It’s a great device and gets right to the point as to what a smartphone should be. I will probably pick one up as well very soon.

  • Artem

    so i went out on monday and purchased myself the new blackberry bold 9700. Unfortunately i am not a happy camper.
    After using it for the past 3 days the internet is on and off, giving me problems non-stop. i am returning this device.

  • Mark

    Got the new Blackberry 9700 yesterday, it is really nice. First impressions:
    – The difference between EDGE and 3G is noticeable.
    – T-Mo 3G coverage (about 12 miles south of Boston) is great. 4 bars inside my
    house! 2 bars in my cellar)
    – Size: I thought it was going to be bigger than my 8320 Curve but its almost
    exactly the same size. (a little longer vertically but skinnier)
    – Keyboard: Is taking a little bit to get use to. I would relate this to using
    the Curve keyboard for 2.5 years.
    – Look and feel: My Curve always felt solid my hand. The Bold feels the same
    except the battery door isn’t exactly flush with the battery and can be pushed
    – Feel – part 2: It may be the newness of the phone but it is very slippery.
    The battery door is a leather (pleather?) material which gives you something to
    grip but the sides aren’t and is quite smooth except for the buttons.
    – USB – they changed the USB miniport just enough so that my Curve adapters
    don’t work..
    -Trackpad – I’m liking the trackpad

    Overall, I’m very happy with it. I have to load some of my apps back on but
    that’s not a problem.

  • Kickstar13

    Share Your Favorite BlackBerry Themes/Apps!

  • Chris

    just got rid of my curve 8900 (which I loved) and got the bold 9700 on friday and I have to say its a nice looking phone (similar to the curve 8900) love the look and feel. keyboard is much better and I love the trackpad, apps load faster and comes with more memory which is always good. I actually got the phone for the 3G service but to be honest I don’t see any difference and to me it seems slower than the EDGE network. It takes forever to load pages and sometimes pages don’t even load completely and when I try to stream radio on my phone it will take 2 or 3 minutes buffering before it starts and with the curve the streams will usually start immediately. I always have all the bars up so i don’t understand, maybe there’s isn’t that much 3G coverage where I live (Tampa, FL)? another thing the volume on the phones its very low. I have changed all the settings so that the volume is all at the maximum and the volume is still not loud. If anybody can help me with the Internet and Volume problems I have (its kinda of buggin’ me) I would appreciate it. Other than than the phone is good and I don’t regret buying it.

    • Papesh69

      Its not just you, just look at my opinion of the phone a few comments below yours…

  • Edrees

    Hello i have a little situation here and really need help.
    Well i really want this phone but im on a family plan. My brothers line is the only one that is upgradable. I called in to 611 and they said that ill have to get a data plan for it and if i take it off they will charge me a 200 termination fee.
    So if i get the phone for the subsidized price using my brothers line i need to add a data plan.
    If i call in the next day or two and take off the data plan will they really charge me?
    they are telling me its a new thing on the contract.
    thanks for helping.

    • Chris

      ok since u on the family plan with your brother… see if your brother will upgrade his phone to the Bold 9700 (with the intentions of giving you the phone when it arrives) and once he gets the phone just switch the sim card on the phone and that’s it. he might have to pay a small fee for the phone so just give him the money for it. t-mobile usually doesn’t take your old phone so he will be able to keep the phone he already has unless he also wants the Bold 9700, lol. if so then yeah you will have to add another line to your family plan… that’s what i had to do because i wasn’t eligible for an upgrade. you gonna have to add another line with a 2yr contract to get the phone with a discount and yes if you decide to cancel your contract they will charge you $200 for termination fee and if you don’t pay they won’t terminate your contract meaning you will have a monthly bill building up for that line and if they were to cancel your contract i believe they give you a month or two to pay the $200 or they will report you or the person responsible of the account to the credit ppl which is not good. hope this helps.

      • Edrees

        no i understand. what i want to do is.
        Using my brothers number on our family line get this phone. If i get this phone ill have to add the blackberry data plan to his line. they say i cant take off the blackberry data plan off his line and ill need to keep on paying for it even though ill be changing sim and putting mine in.
        so my line will have the blackberry data plan. i dont want his line to have it too….
        you get what im trying to say?

    • Bill48105

      @Edrees Unfortunately adding the data plan to the line the phone was ordered on is a requirement on many phones like the crackberry so your brother’s line would be stuck with a data plan even if he gave you the phone. In the end $25×24 or $600 over 2 years is a lot to spend to get the discount on the phone vs $200 early term fee even.. So unless your brother needs the data plan you’re better off eating the early term fee, paying for the phone entirely without a contract or finding one on ebay but you’d have to compare pricing & make the decision of which you’re most comfortable with.

  • HoOn

    I was going to the get the Bold but ended up picking up a Nokia N900 on Friday at the Nokia Flagship Store in NYC. Awesome device! ;)

  • Papesh69

    I got my 9700 6 days ago and I’m sending it back!! I bout it because I wanted a BB and I NEED 3G, but EDGE is faster than 3G on this phone! I called T-mo and had them do some trouble shooting and still nothing.

    I went to the T-mo store by my house and talked to a worker that has the phone as well and he has the same problems. If it worked like it should, I would love it, but I cant deal with EDGE being FASTER then 3G.

    I seen in the comments on this and other sites that many have the same problems, you would think with it being the 1st T-mo BB to have 3G, they would have tested it better, or realized that this is a problem before they released the phone…

    Long story short, I am VERY dissapointed!!!