Google Maps Navigation Comes to “Donut” Android


Anyone who has been following the launch of the Verizon based Motorola Droid was bound to be envious of a major feature added in by Google. Google Navigation aka Google Maps on steroids, offers full navigation to help you find every In-N-Out Burger known to man, as pictured above.  Originally thought to be offered to all Android devices sporting 2.0 and up, Google has gone and made some happy Android users by allowing those with “Donut” based Android to grab the app from the Android Market this very moment. We know the G1 has been “running” Google Navigation for the better half of two weeks now via a little hackery, but this time it’s a legit edition and available for your road tripping pleasure. Hit up the Android Market and sound off below after you take this for a spin!

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  • kershon

    Oooh very nice. Great for all you android fans. I hope it becomes available for blackberry soon.

  • Ryan

    Sweet! That was nice of them….

  • joel2nd

    It works great!!

  • Bill48105

    Wow that almost looks usable for navigation! I’ll be sticking to my WMo phone with TomTom & $10/m data plan for now though thank you very much.

  • Seth

    Is this a sign that T-mobile won’t allow 2.0 to be pushed to current devices so Google is just doing what it can to work around it? I’m just speculating, but would anyone be surprised??

  • fort

    YES. I was thinking about buying a TomTom. “IM GOOD”!

  • Today just became awesome. This is incredible. Works very well, too. I’m seriously considering a drive around the neighborhood just to test it out. :-)

  • jeremie

    how do i get google navigation on my mytouch with android 1.6?

    • byounngg

      serch google in the market then download it

    • Anand

      If you go to the Market and then the “Downloads” page, it should tell you that Google Maps has an update available.

      One thing I noticed was it renames the icon from “Google Maps” to just “Maps” after you install the update. Scared me for a second :)

  • Jerick

    search for google maps. it is an “update” to the existing app. it’s taking a long time, but almost done!

  • What about other newly released Tmo Android 1.5 sporting devices like the Cliq? When do we get a compatible version of Google Maps with turn-by-turn navigation?!?… I’ll definitely have to think about the OS fragmentation going on in devices like this at length the next time I decide to buy another phone be it Android or otherwise (probably the middle of this coming year, and probably a HTC whatever the case). I do not like the way this playing out one bit…

  • Carl

    Very cool! Quick and easy to use. It will even auto reroute if you miss your turn!

    • Bill48105

      Sounds cool. How does it compare to something link TomTom or Garmin? As in cockpit view, turn by turn voice directions, street name voice text to speech announce, etc?

      • donosaur

        It works as good as a Garmin or Tom Tom GPS device.

      • Bill48105

        Thx donosaur! Seems that is not the same as google maps that I’ve tried on Windows Mobile then because TomTom or Garmin is 100x better than google maps on my WM phones. If it wasn’t for the rip-off data @ $25/m vs $10/m that I pay I’d probably try out an Android phone but just can’t justify the additional cost when I’m trying to prune down expenses not raise them.

  • donosaur

    Haha glad to see the xda hackers forcing Google’s hand yet again. This never would have been released for 1.6 if it wasn’t hacked to our phones first. I feel this trend will continue and somehow Google will find a way to fit 2.0 on the G1.

    • g_willi

      I don’t know donosaur. One thing about Google is they’re full of surprises and have an army of developers. I think the fact that there was only 1 Android 2.0 device on the market was what made them decide to do that… and the ‘do no evil mantra’.

  • Galen20K

    It works really well! Awesome gift google, thanks!

  • spongebob71

    I love it. I intentionally went the wrong way a few times to see how fast it would reroute and it was fast. It even showed a picture of my destination from street view.

  • DudeDu

    what happens with this thing if you lose 3g service? Or service in general?

  • FILA

    Just downloaded…incredible, cant wait till one day it comes out of BATA. I like the intro screen that says Its in BATA and dont listen to the directions as they could be dangerous, or go on farries, or wrong directions. LOL. They need to make it a way to just load maps off the card or by GPS so even if you dont have reception we can still have maps, if they do that, then thats it, that defeats almost any GPS and will knock that i thingy out of the waters. hahaha

    wait for that G1v2, its gonna be even better then any Verizon Droid device

    • Bill48105

      Oh crap I totally forgot google maps needs to be online! That is a major deal breaker for many like me who have MANY dead zones while driving.. Google definitely needs a way to at least cache some map stuff locally for that otherwise it’s not real useful because I find it hard to believe about everyone doesn’t hit a dead zone at least now & then..

      • beastly

        This man has some good ideas. He ought to write to Google and let ’em put them into action. No fair suing them for theft of intellectual property when they do so, though.

      • phonegeek

        yea everyone does hopefully they do something for that theres are some good points

  • Robin


  • joe

    this sounds awesome, can’t wait to try it out!

  • Hey guys, this app is really good. Was just able to download to my G1! Little slow, but its the G1! Really like the layers functionality. Check out the vid i shot:

  • Another important thing to remember is that it’s to Google’s advantage to push this out to as many devices as they can. Remember that they get their traffic data from phones with Maps running while driving, so the more devices that are keeping Maps open while they drive, the better data Google gets.

  • queensnewbie

    this is a pretty big deal honestly. Stand alone GPS unites will be a thing of the past in a year or two.

  • mmaxsooner

    Yeah. Let’s get this to the blackberry ASAP! This sounds pretty cool/useful just won’t give up my blackberry for it. Pronto pronto google let’s have the blackberry version!

  • Megabonix

    Oh SNAP! Just threw my old Garmin out the window! w00t!

  • JoshR

    I jsut used it last night on my way home from work.. It works great. i was able to Nav through Kansas City with no problems on my way home..

    Nice update by google.

  • Namo

    Doesn’t want to install on 1.6 CyanogenMod 4.2.5 I get a msg saying “package is not signed correctly”

  • Dalton

    aka Google Maps on steroids.
    You silly goose :P
    haha, seriously though. This is awesome. Now christmas just needs to come a lot faster so I can finally get my phone.

  • phonegeek

    ok i used this after i got home from work just to test it out an purposely went the wrong way it rerouted me quickly non glitchy either and dont worry about ” what if someone calls issue” i just called my phone while in nav mode from my house and it said subscriber does not wish to accept calls at this time sooooo happy driving everyone

  • when is the Android 2.0 coming to my phone!?

  • L0vz2t41kW31rD

    in-n-out burger is the shit

  • kEITH

    Am I the only one that is having problems with Google Navigation. Everytime i use it, I get “search for gps.” Does anybody else get this and can some one help. Google help is useless.