LTE in Late 2012?

Now, I can’t speak of how accurate this information is, so please have your salt in hand.  Deep in this 3G America document (page 3 of 3 actually) there is a line saying that T-Mobile USA will be deploying LTE in Q4 of 2012.  While this is a year after AT&T (who are just trying to play catch up with Verizon) I am not worried.  If you remember correctly, T-Mobile is setting up to flip the switch on HSPA+, which is capable of some fantastic speeds and will keep T-Mobile competitive until the new technology (if not leading the way with the fastest 3G speeds).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

3G America via HowardForums

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  • rushmore

    Sounds cool down the road, but the fact is most non- metro areas have no 3G and very littel Edge service by Tmo. Other carriers have better service now. Tmo will keeo their head above water with the cheap rates, but this will also stick them with second tier phone options- for evah!

  • rushmore

    So much for typing and not looking at the keyboard….

  • kershon

    Sounds good to me as long as they continue to widen their coverage of edge and 3g to include more than just metro areas. It is good to at least hear about lte deployment by T-Mobile. So far it has been very hush-hush.

    • Bill48105

      No kidding! Any expanded coverage is welcomed as is their openness to share where the expanded coverage is planned. I understand the carriers being secretive because of competition but for the sake of their customer’s sanity they really should have at least some sort of road maps available to ease our minds and give us something to legitimately look forward to rather than false hope that never materializes or anxiety of the unknown. The rapid succession of 3G expansion lately has been quite welcomed even if I never go to those places because to me it means they are possibly one step closer to a place I will be at at some point. :)

      • Bryan

        One of the main reasons that carriers don’t publish locations and timetables for network roll outs until they are live is that there are a lot of variables that go into it. Local zoning regulations, community protests of new cell sites, etc can all have an effect on the speed and location of network roll outs.

      • Bill48105

        Yeah I figured such but I’d much rather know that they are working on one in an area I am in or frequent even if it is far from fruitation. Seems they should be able to give you SOME idea of the timetable instead of “we don’t share that information” and leaving customers in the dark. And as far as competition, I find it hard to believe the carriers don’t have a general idea anyway since they might share future plans for possible roaming agreements or from what I can tell most towers have a few different carriers in/on them so there is a huge tell if they got people in there working. Anyway, like I said SOME info would be better than no info.

  • Bryan

    That is why implementing HSPA+ is such a great idea, it is a relatively easy upgrade path from the existing 3g, and it will put T-mobile way ahead of other carriers because it uses an existing technology and infrastructure.

    WiMax in the NW Atlanta area is only running at 5-6 Mbps in real world testing. LTE standards are still being finalized. It will be a few years before LTE surpasses 21Mbps HSPA+.

    HSPA+ is not a replacement for LTE but an intermediate step.

    ATT claims to have larger 3g coverage than Tmobile but the horrible quality of thier 3g network makes that assertion poor at best.
    Verizon has good coverage at ok 3g speeds, and will have to replace all of the hardware on their towers to transition to LTE, so they will be at a significant disadvantage due to having to maintain 3 different (1xRTT, EVDO, and LTE)technologies while they roll out LTE.
    Sprint is the only carrier in the US using WiMax, and clear has already stated that their towers are able to convert to LTE.
    Tmobile is well positioned to make big advancements during the 3g to 4g transition.

    • Bryan

      One last thing that will effect Verizon’s coverage is that currently CDMA networks can cover more area with a tower than GSM networks. Because GSM is TDMA based there is a limit to how far a phone can be from the tower before there is data corruption in the transmission, CDMA networks do not suffer from this and can maintain both voice and data coverage at greater distances from a tower. Verizon can not simply retrofit existing towers with LTE hardware, they have to add new towers to maintain 4g coverage in existing areas that are currently covered by EVDO 3g.

      • watbetch

        The quality of T-Mobile’s 3G is great, but it’s the quantity. It needs more time and expansion.

  • Cybersedan

    @Bryan Good point on cdma vs tdm, besides mergers, that is the other prime reason why big V has broader coverage. LTE will help to level the playing field in coverage.

  • obe1

    thats sucks hopefully they deploy before the end Dec 22, 2012 so i can atleast say i had 4g in my next life(sarcasm).

  • FILA

    aint gonna matter anyway, cuz we all gon die December 21st, 2012, lol

    but in the mean time till that date, can you just please leak the G1v2 already!

    • PiLk

      agreed. lol i was bout to put this if noone put it.

  • 30014

    This is good news, but we’ll still be behind the other carriers. Verizon plans on completing the lte rollout shortly after tmo just starts rolling out theirs. I hope this hspa+ can keep tmo in the game until our lte launch.

  • Julacho

    Hey Guys,

    T-Mobile Germany on page 2:

    I guess they will have it 1 year before, could it be for testing?

  • Ed

    GREAT! I am so happy for those that are going to be enjoying LTE. However, I’m sitting here right now in Louisville with my new 9700 with NO 3G COVERAGE anywhere in the state!

  • Damian Wayne

    Great article by CNET about 4G vs 3G. They make some convincing points about 3G not going away anytime soon.

  • Damian Wayne

    Hurm, just re-reading the article and these quotes are excellent:

    “By 2014, mobile devices are expected to send and receive more data in one month than in all of 2008”

    “Of course, it’s true that current 3G technology is considerably slower than 4G networks. Today’s 3G technology, whether it is HSPA or EV-DO, offers typical download speeds of between 400 Kbps to 700Kbps. But the latest version of HSPA, called HSPA Plus, offers average download speeds between 4 Mbps and 6 Mbps. This is the same download speed range that Clearwire’s WiMax service offers today”

    There’s also quotes from Neville Ray (T-mo U.S. exec) about 3G and 4G. Very good read… notice you never read really insightful things like this on enCrapget or Boy Retard Report…

    • kershon

      That was an excellent read. Very informative. And I agree: you wouldn’t find this on most other blogs. Looks like the big Magenta ship is going to sail on into the future with full canvas. Thanks for posting the link.


    This past Monday I had a long talk with my good friend at T-Mobile who is an engineer with the company here in southern California. Straight from his mouth…not some vague speculation this is what’s going to happen. By the end of Q1 HSPA+ should be completely switched on….they’re running late with meeting the end of 2009 deadline. By the summer of 2009 HSPA+ is going to be running at speeds near 56Mbps. That news was unbelievable to me but he says that’s the plan coming from T-Mobile. He did say LTE was very much in their future but didn’t have a date on when it would be deployed. It’s possible that late 2012 could be the time.

    He also confirmed the rumors about DT’s dissatisfaction with US operations and news of swift changes would occur in 2010. A lot of the concerns around T-Mo US and it’s weak marketing and failure to garner better handsets in this market.

    He did say he was sad to hear from some other friends of ours that I had left T-Mobile and my reason for leaving was the same as many others. Weak 3G coverage and competitive handsets. He did like my Droid alot.

    I hope T-Mobile picks up the pace is migrating from HSPA+ to LTE.

    • 30014

      I hope your friend is right about DT making major changes at the top of tmo usa. The current leadership is out of touch with what consumers want. Tmo went from “the carrier that could? to “the carrier that doesn’t know how”.

    • J

      I would just correct one thing. The 56mb/s is not per user. That is the bandwidth going to any given 3G node. Its like hooking a wifi switch onto a 56MB/s connection. That being said, that is a minimum bandwidth they have set. High traffic sites may be upwards of 200 or higher. The user will likely get 10-15Mb/s.

  • kershon

    Wow Maximus. That was very informative. What u said about changes at the top confirms what I have been thinking for quite a while. Perhaps the job opening in another post goes along with this? And those speeds scheduled to deploy next year. I can’t wait for 2010. This really should be a banner year for T-Mobile.

  • matt

    I was a tmobile user since the voicestream days. I said the same things as all of you. The coverage will get better and the rates are cheaper, etc…. I could have dealt with all of that, but the lack of handsets I crave finally became to much to overcome. I went to big red, got a droid and a droid eris( one for me one for my wife) and couldnt be happier. 3g everywhere I go, the devices I really crave, and based on the rate plan I chose when I compare the two, its a very very very small difference in price( which I am happy to pay for due to the 3g coverage, and overall coverage). I know the tmobile fanboys out their will say that they are glad to see me go, however tmobile is bleeding badly, and I was the type of customer they wanted. Data, a basically 200 a month bill, etc… I didnt leave because I wanted to, I left because I got tired of waiting for things to come to tmobile, or thinking to myself I could by the hero on ebay and use it(no 3g but would work) Its just bs. They needed to do something in the fourth quarter, and they couldnt even get the fender edition mytouch 3g out ( keep in mind this is what the phone should have been at release, but thats another story). The final straw was how much they charge for devices compared to other carriers. Do I want to pay 200 for that pos behold2 or 100 for the eris(hero) come on. Enough was enough. I only wonder why I didnt do this sooner. Good luck tmobile, but unless you are merged or you have a huge shake up at the top, you wont see 2012.

  • mssensational

    I agree with you Matt. I too had been a long time customer of TMo with three lines and data plan. My bill also ran close to 200. I too was fed up with the so called new handsets. I’ve had just about every phone they have put out and none of yhem did it for me…. So I broke my contracts and went to The Big V also. I love my Droid. TMo really needs to step up.

    Ex-TMo customer

  • Sanjay

    Well that means Louisville will see LTE late in 2015.