T-Mobile Touch Pro2 For Free


Those of you still looking to get a Touch Pro2 for a cheap price just before the holidays, it looks like you’re in luck! Courtesy of WMdeals, you can get a brand spankin’ new T-Mobile Touch Pro2 for $0.00 (Yup that means free) with a new service activation. Also trade-in your old smartphone and get up to $100 cash back! I don’t know about you but I’d jump on this offer…like now! Beats paying the $349.99 2-year contract price T-Mobile is offering. Of course, as you probably already know, there are always requirements to rare deals like this. Hit the jump for full details!


Take advantage of this exclusive offer by calling 1-866-464-8662, press option 3 for new service, and mention promo code “Windows Mobile” when ordering. This offer is only valid via the 1-800# provided (offer not available at authorized T-Mobile retail stores).

Trade-in valid through 11/18/09 through 1/19/10

Purchase a brand new Touch Pro II device via the offer above and you qualify for HTC’s trade in program. When you’re ready to trade-in your eligible Smartphone, go online to www.htctradein.com/t-mobile and use the promo code TMOPRO2 for access. The offer is valid from 11/18/09 – 1/19/10. Fill in the required info about your used phone and print out a free shipping label. Package and send in all of the items below before: February 3, 2010


  1. To qualify for the promotion you must trade-in a working phone made by BlackBerry, Apple, and Palm and/or have a Windows Mobile or Android operating system. Visit www.htctradein.com/approved-phone-list.html to see if your phone qualifies.
  2. A copy of the UPC code from the box of your new HTC Touch Pro ll.
  3. A copy of the invoice/receipt from the purchase of your new HTC Touch Pro ll.
  4. Once the eligible used Smartphone is received at the Trade-In Center we will mail you a check for $100*.

Note: Please pack up your old Smartphone carefully. When we receive it, it must be in the same condition that you specified on the website or you will not get the $100* trade-in credit. Please read the trade-in terms and conditions carefully. HTC will not return non- qualifying Smartphone’s.

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  • watbetch

    I got mine under this deal. I had to give up the comfort of Flexpay but all in I’m paying a good amount for 2 smartphone lines with unlimited data and @home service. T-Mobile bitch slaps Verizon and AT&T’s pricing when you include @home service.

    FYI you can get an @home router for free under this deal too.

  • ND4SPD

    Ordered mine on Saturday under this deal. Only bad part is that I’ve got to pay for data…

    • BKJOE

      well no shit, you think tmobile will give you data service for free?

      • ND4SPD

        I meant that I was required to get a data plan – I haven’t needed one for the 3 smartphones I’ve had previously and I think it’s stupid that t-mobile is doing the exact same thing as att with their smartphones to get a few extra bucks

      • grayhawk

        Yeah …I agree why can’t tmobile give the same deal to loyal tmobile customer who wants to upgrade their phone????

  • J-Hop2o6

    i did this,, but under the previous $50 deal.. all i did was add a line (AAL) and cancel it.. i heard if u cancel your added line, it’ll only be around $40.. thats what happened to my girlfriend, but i had to pay $200 cuhz i was over 14 days.. if your under 14 days (grace period), it’ll be cheap

    • MHAUB

      Hey I am wondering if this is too good to be true i would undoubtedly do this if i could cancel the additional line for the nominal fee of $40. is there anything else that I need to know to do this?

    • ricr

      No it won’t be cheap. If you cancel within the remorse period (I believe 21 days for this deal in most states) you have to return the phone. If you don’t return the phone, you’re on the hook for the full cost of the phone, $549.

      • Bill48105

        That mean the deal is not available with new Even More Plus service where there is no contract? The original post mentions *comparing* to TMo’s $349 2 year pricing but I don’t see anywhere it says a contract is required on this deal.. I assumed one was but didn’t find it.

  • Jeff

    Does this deal count for upgrades ?

    • Kickstar13

      I believe its only for new activations or adding a line.

      • rossi

        That’s correct Kickstar.

  • dboy

    who cares this phone sucks anyway…

    • rossi

      What is a better free phone than this one?

    • BKJOE

      this is the best phone on tmobile, i bet your one of those little tweens that thinks the G1 is the best phone. LOL

      • rossi

        lol, agreed.

      • Brad

        I’m pretty sure your a tween/child if you post immature replies to everyone’s comments and you say “LOL”.

      • rossi

        Good one brad. You are right. Idiot.

      • rossi

        Brad, seriously, it amazes me that you can deduce my age from the use of lol. It is amazing that the use of very common internet slang tells you anything about me. Obviously your powers of deduction need some work.

        Also, I am not sure how agreeing with someone is an immature reply, but I you have it all figured out. /end sarcasm

        I was actually agreeing with the statement, “this is the best phone on tmobile”, but I would say that the 9700 shares that honor. Thanks for jumping to conclusions and allowing me to do the same about your maturity level.

    • BKJOE

      what about existing customers? i would pay about $300, since u can get one on ebay for $300-$350 range

  • siim

    If I’m eligible for. A partial upgrade , I can’t use this deal? I have a BB currve 8320 that I wanna get rid of, if anyone has a way to help me get around the “new line” activation. PLeAse Help post info. How much does the phone it cost?

    • Kickstar13

      $539.99 is the retail price tag on the Touch Pro2. But with a partial 2 year upgrade you can get it for $449.99.

      Once again this is only for a new activation or adding a new line to your account.

  • B.D.

    It’s too late here for me to think this through, so any insight would be appreciated.

    Would this work: I add a line to my existing account to get this new phone, setting the service on both lines to the same plan with data, then cancel the new line within 14 days (and pay a $40 fee), and swap the SIM card from my current phone to the new TP2 to make the TP2 my “main” phone on my current (and, in the end, my only) number. Or am I missing something?

    • Bill48105

      Did you find out if a 2 year contract is required? I don’t see a mention of it.. If not then you should be able to sign up a new Even More Plus line (I’m guessing all new account vs add a line unless that works too) and do the deal that way since there is no contract & you can cancel any time but I bet you need to keep service until everything is done & you get your check so you’re out the costs during that time but who knows maybe you don’t have to, read the fine print. :D Seems should be able to ‘upgrade’ that way though. I’ve been wondering how TMo planned to keep people from abusing the system if they offered discounts/sales on phones on Plus plans if there was no contract to keep you from canceling right away.. My guess is they’ll catch on & stop instant discounts & do mail in rebates instead, requiring you to keep service until rebate is processed to get some $ out of you & eat away at your discount.

      • beastly

        Here’s what it looks like:

        Buy a phone from T-Mobile on the Plus plan, and pay full price, with perhaps a couple of minor incentives, like the $50 holiday pricing on the 9700.

        Buy a phone from T-Mobile under any kind of substantial discount, and you will be signed up on an Even More contract plan, and locked into that contract for two years.

        Buy a phone from anyone other than T-Mobile, and T-Mobile doesn’t care which plan you sign up for, so you’re better off going Plus.

        My guess is that promotions like this are probably done in conjunction with T-Mobile somehow, and that if you take advantage of this, you will be signing onto an Even More contract, with all the ETFs that entails.

        The big change with the Plus plans was that there are no more subsidies available through T-Mobile to those on Plus plans.

      • beastly

        That’s what it looks like to me. Can anyone confirm that, or is there some sort of loophole where Plus customers can get discounted phones?

      • watbetch

        A contract is required. No way around it.

  • siim

    @ B.D. That’s exactly what I want to do also. I saw that someone answered my question from earlier. The phone would run me 400′ dollars w/partial upgrade WTF! I would be better of getting a Mytouch or another Blackberry!phones just cost too much. I think I’m going to start buying used phones off line. What’s the diff, the insurance comp sends you a refurbished phone on any claim anyway!

  • FILA

    ehh its still a WM

    come on G1v2!

    • beastly

      Dude. WM on the TP2 is dramatically different from WM on other phones. Try it out, and be amazed. My buddy has one, and it is nothing like previous incarnations of WM.

      • watbetch

        Due to TouchFlo. A cooked 6.5 rom makes the TP2 1000x better (But slower in some cases with Sense 2.5 enabled but it’s eyecandy and I can live with that).

        HTC has done great things with making windows mobile less of a turd. The apps still suck horribly.

  • 007

    One problem…
    LG phone sucks…

    • KarAnZ33

      Um, it’s not by LG…It’s HTC.

    • BKJOE

      ? We are talking about HTC here not LG.

      • anquawn

        yea i have a g1 and the new mototola cliq but the g1’s software is slow and out of date so i dnt want it and im not sure if the cliq is going to get an upgrade to androids newest software wtf so i regret i bout it…i dnt understand how u can sell a new phone but put and old os on it,..so yea i want a tp2..i love android but i do miss my t-mobile wing….the wing was just slow but the tp2 is nice…

  • nutzareus

    This is how I did it months ago as upgrade:

    1. Activate new line with wmdeals.com

    2. When you get new phone, call 611 and cancel old line and say “MSISDN REUSE” and they will know what you are talking about. You are just going to port your old number to this new line with 2-year contract.

    3.Wait a day or so, you will get your old number with the new Touch Pro 2 and new contract. Too easy, enjoy!

    • craig

      @nutzareus is that first portion of that a word or just letter I say and then reuse? Thanks

    • Bill48105

      Wow nutz that is a kewl trick if it works! Makes sense it would, though I wonder about Family plan but in that case I assume you can just sign up a new line on new acct then merge it with the family after..

      • nutzareus

        You can still do it with family plan, I did it with myFaves Family Plan. Added a new line of service, ported the number, and dropped the “old” line after it converted over. Really it works, just say “MIZZDIN” reuse with 611.

  • Mobilemoll

    I jumped on the deal when it was free after $50 rebate (You wait 3 months for credit). I love this phone and made it main phone (Have the G1 as well). This is a great deal and if you don’t want the data you can get unlimited messaging instead.


    i got this phone for $200, i got it for free then canceled my contract and paid the $200 ETF

  • CallawayBomber

    Oh where oh where is the 6.5 release???

    And before you utter the words “cook the rom”, if you carry the insurance, they’ll deny it if something happens to it.

    As always, last to the party.

    • J-Hop2o6

      then u can just flash it back to the Stock Tmo Shipped ROM (which i did)

      • Bill48105

        Might be tough to flash back if the phone is dead. ;) Or if there is no official stock rom released in which case you still need a rebuilt (iow still cooked) rom & spl left on it.. I can see it now, they get the dead phone you had put hard spl & custom rom on and they get it working & say “Hmm I see their warranty is void!” just like they do with those pesky water sensing stickers. They DO inspect them with a fine toothed comb. Not saying most of the time you can’t flash it back & sneak by but it is safe to say if you hack yer phone you should assume there is a chance you could be SOL for warranty claims. Not trying to rain on yer parade, just contemplating possibilities.

    • watbetch

      Run it over with the car, Assurion won’t be able to tell what kind of phone it is. If you’re talking about “warranty” it’s another story.

  • IWantToKnow

    i just hope the same deal goes on when the hd2 comes out well thats if we get it

  • eli_the_great89

    This phone is HIDEOUS!!!!
    Who on earth at T-Mobile’s Cooperation approved of such an UGLY body revamp of such a classy, high-end, glossy original look.

    VZW, Sprint and At&t only changed the COLORS and the most the BACK COVERS of the TP2 and they still look like high end phones not to mention T-Mobile was the first to issue this phone to the public and the first to put an unbelievable $349.99 price tag.

    Once again a high end phone turns KIDDISH on T-Mobile’s Portfolio.

    • watbetch

      WTF is “Kiddish”? It doesn’t come in hot pink. This makes it look more like the business, and less like it’s trying to be something it’s not (AKA stylish, it’s too fat for that).

  • Meph

    I called about this deal on the 11/26. I knew I wouldn’t pass the credit check for the contract and phone but decided to see what they had to say and see if there was a catch since I knew the phone was normally $350 with the 2 year contract. To my surprise after the guy ran the credit check he came back on the phone and said “you didn’t qualify for the contract but we can sign you up for a 2 year agreement on a flex pay account and have the phone out to you by next week” Needless to say I nearly shit! Even though I already had a flex pay account with Tmobile, it wasn’t tied to my ss# so I just have to put up with the hassle of getting a new phone number. The guy said if my current account had been tied to my ss# I would have had to cancel service and wait 90 days before I could qualify.

    • princesssj7

      How much is the phone on a flex pay contract?

      • Meph

        It was free.

  • Rusty

    There is so, so, much confusion at TM right now about what can, & cannot be done with the contract plan holder, + upgrades versus the even more plus plans. So as briefly as possible here’s my story. Finally, after online & on phone run around: upgraded from family plan 1000 min (contract),3 dumb phones to: even more+ 1500 min, full data for 2 smart phones1 $119, & $5 for 3rd line,got the Moto Cliq for $149 & the HTC TP2 for free(thru WMdeals), no $200 disconnect on the old contract, & I only had one upgrade coming!So… hang with tmobile people, be polite, & don’t take no for answer!

  • beeinformed

    I ordered the touch pro 2 yesterday at the t-mobile business telephone number to get the free phone plus the free activation, shipping and bluetooth headset. I currently have the $39.99 individual phone plan pus $9.99 @home service. I added the 500 minute $39.99 plan plus the $9.99 unlimited text messages plan so that I could get the touch pro 2 offer. I was told that if I cancel the 500 minute $39.99 phone service plan after 30 days I would incur a ETF fee of up to $200.00 for canceling the phone plan. Is this true that if I decide to cancel the phone plan after 30 days that I would incur a ETF fee of up to $200.00?

    • Craig

      yes you will have to pay 200 ETF. if you do concellation. and keep your phone without sending it back you will be charged the full price of that phone. OUCH!! that would hurt.

      • rossi

        If you are past your buyer’s remorse period you will not have to return the phone or pay the full price of the phone when you cancel the contract, but you will pay the $200 ETF. Obviously check your contract, but this is the way it works for normal lines of service through tmobile (which this appears to be if you call the number). Tmobile’s policy only includes return of the handset to avoid charges when within the remorse period.

        This loophole is exactly why verizon has raised its ETFs to $350.

      • rossi

        Here is the policy as found on the new activation contract:

        Cancellation and Return Policy. For contracts of 1 year or more, I may cancel my service without** paying a termination fee if I return** all phones I acquired with my activation within** 14 days from my activation (Return Period). The Return Period may be longer in some states. I may have to pay a restocking fee for any phone I return. If my service (voice or certain data services or Add-On Features) is canceled AFTER THE** Return Period, I will be required to pay an EARLY TERMINATION FEE** OF UP TO $200 PER LINE OF SERVICE on contracts of 1-year of more.

        Basically, if you choose to abuse this wmdeal, you could get the phone (and bluetooth headset or car charger) for ~$250 and no contract if you choose to pay for one month’s service (39.99 500 min + $10 unlimited text) followed by cancellation of the contract. It’s a great deal, but I think it’s a bit shady. :)

  • KEssex

    Why can’t tmobile jus work out a deal for its already loyal customers who want an upgrade!?

  • victorczx3

    Like most of you I have been doing my homework on this deal to see if i can take advantage of the free touch pro2,this is my story.
    I have the “even more plus” family plan with 2 lines.all have unlimited calls and text.
    I called the number and it was very simple, because i was OOC they could not add 2 more contracted lines to my current account. but he said ” will just open a new seperate account”. before he went further I asked if for any given reason I decided to cancel my OOC lines could i transfer the numbers to the new contracted TP2 phones….he answered “sure thats not a problem” now I read in another forum where this was confirmed for another 2 people…..so at that moment i got a HUGE smile in my face!!
    now here is the plan….once i get these phones i will call in to have 2 OOC lines canceled and have those phone #’s ported to my TP2’s ….i dont mind the 2 year contract..been with TMO since voicestream….plus u only need to have 10$ text per line to have this phone work. ( 79 family plan + 20 unlimited text= 100+ tax and fees) …only diff is that in my old plan i had unlimited talk and text and under this plan I have 1500 min and unlimited tex….again no big deal all my contacts basically have tmobile!
    Tmobile.com and even Amazon (who has a price of $150) they both force u to have web. now before u go and say ” why would u have this with out web” then u must have never heard of WIFI.
    So….2 TP2’s, free activation, free bluetooth headsets,free shipping. can port # to old contract account (if u are OOC) to me equals an AWSOME DEAL! now for those who dont like a contract …then wait the 21 day period trial dont use the minutes on that phone too much, cancel the lines and pay ETF of 200$ per phone …still a great deal!!!

    WIN WIN for all!

  • Deals… i love em’

    I got 5 under a family plan for free with 5 free bluetooth headsets!!!! LOVE TMOBILE I JUST LEFT ATT TODAY! oh happy day

    • kershon

      Five! WoW! Welcome to the T-Mobile family!

  • kennyB

    that brown color is disgusting. it looks prehistoric, more of a vintage. why cant they go with the more sleek juvenile silver. so we can all do like Kaiser Permanente and “Thrive”

  • Pat

    so excited my new free phone is on it’s way and I can’t wait!! Oh and it has a bluetooth headset!!!! Yea, not going to wait for HTC HD. Merry Christmas to me. There is a Santa.

  • grayhawk

    guys! did anybody knew about HTC HD2 coming to mobile pretty soon? I heard early next year? anybody knows the exact date? just asking

  • I went to the dealer down the street from me..i have a katalyst and want to upgrade..with my discount i can get the htc hd2 or touch pro for 199.00 with only 79.00 bucks up front..However if i add a line for 5$ i can get either phone for free..guess what i did!? bottom line here is go to the dealer if you want the deal..your not going to get it online….

  • Mike


    Wait for the Win 7 phone……te processor is SOOOOOO SLOWWWW>..you will be unhappy once you get your contacts and email on it….them it slows down…


  • Mike

    Even free…it is not worth the headache!…way too slow to be a phone!